November 23rd – Auction #860

Lot noDescriptionImageLot descriptionEstimateResult
1A mid 20c steam factory driven by two boilers named Charlotte and Ida with a 10in pulley wheel on a platform, 34in x 8.5in.TOYS300-400920
2A collection of four Doors of Hope dolls brought back from China by the Rev. Charles Headward Wilson, who held the position of General Secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society from 1906 to 1912. Together with Rev. William Young Fullerton, Pastor of Melbourne Hall Church Leicester, was sent on a deputation tour of Provenances in Northern China in 1907/08. It involved visiting Shanxi and Shendong and also Shanghai, the dolls have carved wooden heads with features and material bodies, they are dressed in costume of the period, from 8in to 11in h, and included with are five items of costume.TOYS300-4001250
3An early 20c composite bodied Scottish boy doll dressed in traditional costume, 9.5in h.TOYS40-60Unsold
4An early 20c German Heubach costume doll with bisque head, sleeping eyes and open mouth, having a composite body with wooden arms and legs in original costume, 17in h.TOYS80-120Unsold
5An early 20c Armand Marseille death doll with open eyes and mouth, circa 1910 and numbered 390, with kidd leather body, reticulated arms and legs, 21in h.TOYS150-200Unsold
6Two early 20c Heubach - Koppelsdorf 320.6 boy and girl dolls with bisque heads, composite articulated arms and legs, in costume of the period, 19ni h.TOYS200-300Unsold
7An early 20c Armand Marseille girl doll with bisque head, sleeping eyes and open mouth, with kidd leather body, arms and legs, with porcelain hands and dressed in costume of the period, 19in h.TOYS90-120Unsold
8A Mae Star phonograph doll with composite body, working and with two cylinders, 31in h.TOYS250-300Unsold
9A linen backed ambulance diagram designed under the direction of Sir John Collie MD, being no.1 The Skeleton, produced by George Gill & Sons Ltd, London, rolled and wall hanging, 29.5in w, 68in h.EPHEMERA100-15030
10Four books being volumes I to IV, The Rural Encyclopedia or a General Dictionary of Agriculture and of the Arts, Sciences, Instruments and Practice necessary to the Farmer, Stock Farmer, Gardener, Forester, Land Steward, Farrier etc. Edited by the Rev. John M Wilson, printed and published in Edinburgh by A Fullarton & Co, Stead's Place and 106 New Gate St, London 1841.BOOKS100-150Unsold
11Two books - The Muscles of the Horse accurately delineated with references by which the muscles and tendons are clearly exhibited together with The Anatomy of the Horses Foot with an accurate representation of the blood vessels, ligaments, cartilages, bones etc. and particularly the hoof, published by Fores at his sporting repository, 41 Piccadilly.BOOKS70-100100
12A book - Wonderings in South America, The North West of the United States and the Antilles in the years 1812, 1816, 1820 and 1824, by Charles Waterton, printed in London for J Mawman, Ludgate St, 1825.BOOKS100-150110
13A book - A 19c Grand Tour watercolour scrap book of many scenic and important locations, particularly around and in Napoli, Capri, Island of Piocida, Vedutad di Fontana, Medina and many others. With fifty four watercolour paintings, all with pen and ink descriptive location, each approx 3in x 4in, c.1750/60.BOOKS400-5002200
14A book - Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson, published by Chatto & Windus in association with Longman's, Green & Co and being number 288 of 500 printed copies and dated 1912.BOOKS80-100Unsold
15A book - Das Lacheln der Sieben Buddha Von Paul Cohen-Portheim (The Smiles of the Seven Buddhas) with illustrations, signed by the artist.BOOKS150-200Unsold
16A book - An Impartial History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England during the Reign of King Charles I, with the happy end and conclusion there of by the restoration of King Charles II being volume II by Jacob Hooper Esq. - leather front board well rubbed and spine missing.BOOKS40-50Unsold
17A letter - A typed letter from Bing Crosby, On Bing Crosby National Broadcasting Company Hollywood headed paper dated January 8th 1944, directed to a Mr Nash, which stated that Bing Crosby cannot send any more photographs because of the shortage of paper and is asking that Mr Nash will bear with him until Victory is ours. He also indicates that their next picture is Going My Way with Leo McCarey as the director, signed Bing, framed and glazed, 10.5in x 7.25in.BOOKS100-150Unsold
18A book - A Sport's Mans Bag by Lionel Edwards published by Country Life, Tavistock Street, London, numered edition being 444 of 650, containing 18 coloured plates.BOOKS100-140110
19A 19c Fijian club with a lobed carved head and simple chip carved handle, 16in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA200-300280
20A late 19c Indian Sword stick, ebonised and with a bone inlaid handle and brass pommel, the steel black 24in l, stick 33in l overall.GUNS AND MILITARIA70-100Unsold
21A late 19c ebonised thorn walking stick with a Russian silver enamelled handle, inscribed 'Mare from Per 10.8.96', 36in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-200270
22A 19c Polynesian ceremonial wooden sword, the blade with a band of panelled scrollwork, the handle with a pommel in the form of head with a pierced head dress, 29.5in l overall.GUNS AND MILITARIA200-300190
23A Nazi German Naval Officers dagger with gilt metal mounts, bone grip, with gilt metal sheath, blade 8.5in l, dagger 12.75in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-200550
24A late 18c/early 19c Light Cavalry Officers sabre, curved blade, 30 in l, with carved bone grip, knuckle guard and lion mask pommel, in leather and brass mounted scabbard, sword 34in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-200320
25A London Scottish Regiment leather and horse hair sporran, manufactured by J S & W Lawson, 27 Union St. Glasgow, approx 17in l overall.GUNS AND MILITARIA70-10050
26An Edward VII Cavalry Officers silver mounted full dress shoulder belt and pouch of 20th Hussah's, 46in l overall.GUNS AND MILITARIA200-25080
27A Victorian Naval Officers cocked hat with gilt braid and epaulettes with original box labelled 'Gieve Matthews & Seagrove Ltd, Hanover Square', the hat 6 7/8in, in tin box 18in w.GUNS AND MILITARIA200-250210
28A collection of First World War memorabilia relating to Private H Banister, which includes two service medals, a marble printing block 'Elverdinghe Nov. 1917', a brass mounted printing block, the panels based upon the Tree of Life, one with mono 'HB' on shield within a tree, the other 'Banister' on a scroll within a tree, a metal printing block 'I H Banister' lady filling a kettle on a fireplace and gentleman in armchair, Queen Victoria Emperess 1887 and a drawing book containing numerous pencil and pen sketches of First World War locations and events including the ruined church at Ytres, landscapes of the Coulomby District and many others.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-180Unsold
29A WW1 wooden aeroplane propeller incised Lucraf & Westcott no.762, and AD 543RH 90HP Curtiss X2JN4D2520P1580, some edge losses to both blades, 93in w.GUNS AND MILITARIA300-400280
30A mounted fox head on an oak plaque, labelled Shardeloes, March 5th 1928'.TAXIDERMY90-120Unsold
31A human skull, 7in w.TAXIDERMY90-120230
32A pair of 19c lead two handled garden urns, the S scrolling handles with griffin terminals with short single knop stems on circular bases - one a/f.GARDEN STATUARY200-250200
33A pair of green hard stone Grand Tour style obelisks of square tapering form on square bases, 42in h.GARDEN STATUARY250-300Unsold
34A late 19c clock/barometer desk set, the silver case in the form of twin shields joined by tracery designs. Within one shield is a 30 hour German desk clock with silvered dial and Gothic arabic numerals and the other contains an aneroid barometer, both 2in diam. The case has an easel type stand in silver case. The case is hallmarked for London 1896, 5in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS120-150180
35A late 19c French carriage clock timepiece in an oval glazed brass case with four turned feet. The single train movement has a lever platform escapement and a rectangular white enamel dial with Roman numerals. the case has a shaped looped handle and stands 6.5in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-150110
36A small Edwardian English bracket clock with single train fusee movement and 5in wide brass dial with silvered chapter ring and winged cherub spandrels. The chapter ring has Roman numerals and spade hands and the movement has chain drive. It is contained in an oak bell top case with brass bracket feet, and cast brass wheatear decoration to the front door. The bell top has a cast brass winged cherub and the top corners of the case have pointed brass finials and a central carrying case, 15in h handle raised.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200200
37A late 19c German bracket clock by Winterhalder & Hoffmieir and retailed by Johnston & Co. Glasgow. It has a barrelled spring Ting Tang movement striking on two gongs and a brass arched dial with silvered chapter ring and brass spandrels. The arch contains a pendulum regulation dial. It is contained in an oak architectural case with a crenellated top and turned columns flanking the dial. The lower rear corners have buttresses and the top has a rectangular central tower with a shield to the front, 19in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS250-300Unsold
38A late 19c English skeleton clock with single fusee scroll frame movement with passing strikes on a bell. It has a silvered scalloped edge dial with Roman numerals and four-spoke wheels. It is mounted on a white marble base and has an oval glass dome over (slightly a/f), 18in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-300170
39A late 19c French mantel clock in a green and gold Paris porcelain case surmounted by an associated Chantilly figural group comprising a dancing couple with a blind folded male figure kneeling before them. The clock mechanism has a 3.5in diam. white enamel dial with Roman numerals and moon hands. It is stamped for Milroy Freres and is rack striking on a bell. The clock stands 15in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-300130
40A mid 18c English 'hook and spike' 30 hour wall clock, the 10in sq. brass dial signed Richard Webb, Stowerton and having vase spandrels, a matted centre with two birds and having a single hand. The birdcage movement has the monograph J & W on the front frame and has anchor escapement and countwheel striking on a bell. The movement is chain driven and is lacking its pendulum and weight.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200320
41A mid 20c carriage clock timepiece retailed by Garrard & Co. of Regent St. and contained in an oval glazed and gilded brass case with satin finished bands above and below the dial and having four turned feet. The single train movement has a lever platform escapement and a rectangular white dial with Roman numerals. The case has a shaped looped handle and stands 6.5in t overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-15085
42An early 20c German night clock with 30 hour mechanical, balance wheel movement mounted within a battery powered projector which projects am image of the clock dial on the ceiling. The projector is mounted on a Morocco covered wooden box with removable base for holding the battery. The clock has a 2in diam. cream enamel dial with arabic numerals and the top lens of the projector is adjustable for focus, 7in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS90-120100
43A late 1920's French 'Bulle' electric mantel clock with the movement mounted on a brass rod and cylinder and having a 6in diam, cream dial with arabic numerals and central cut out to view the movement. The pendulum swings on a carved central solenoid and the clock is mounted on an 8.5in diam. polished wood base with battery compartment under. It is covered with a glass dome and stands 15.75in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS120-150250
44A mid 20c Swiss travelling compendium clock by Angelus comprising a travelling clock having the following indications: Time, Day, Date, Month, Moonphase and Alarm and having next to it a connected world time dial indicating current time at various world cities. The 8 day movement has 15 rubies and it and the time dial are contained in gold plated connected cases, with silvered dials and gilt hands, numerals and world maps. The outer carrying case is covered in tan leather and folds open to make a bedside stand. Case 6.25in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-150480
45A late 18c eight day longcase clock, the 12in arched brass dial signed Valentine Downs of Louth and having scroll spandrels (one detached) seconds and date indications and unmatched steel hands. The movement is rack striking on a bell and has anchor escapement. It is contained in a plain oak case with flat swan necked pediments to the hood,with a central brass ball and spire. These are fluted columns flanking the hood door which have Corinthian capitals. The long plain trunk has an arched top and the plain base has a wavy plinth, 88in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS300-400280
46An early 19c eight day longcase clock, the 12in arched brass dial signed Matthews, Leighton and having fan corners and a rural architectural scene to the arch. The dial has Roman numerals and seconds and date rings and matched steel hands. The standard four pillar movement has anchor escapement and rack striking on a bell. It is contained in a plain oak case with full arched hood with fluted columns flanking the dial. The long trunk door has and an arched top and the plain base has a small plain double plinth, 82.5in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS250-300Unsold
47A mid 19 eight day longcase clock, the 14in arched painted dial indistinctly signed and having depictions of the four continents in the corners and a moonphase dial in the arch. It has Roman numerals, seconds and date dials, and matched brass hands. The standard movement is rack striking on a bell and has anchor escapement. The large northern style case is of mahogany with boxwood inlays and stringing and has swan neck pediments to the hood and heavy barley sugar twist columns flanking the dial. The trunk has a short trunk door with triple arched top with inlaid panels above and below it and this and the base have short barley sugar twist columns to their edges. The centre of the base has a shell inlay within a large oval and has Sheraton style foot with a wavy plinth, 97in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS300-400Unsold
48A late 18c eight day longcase clock, the 12in arched silvered dial signed Thos. Wilks Stratford and having Roman numerals, outer arabic five minute figures and date and seconds dials. The corners and dial centre are engraved with flowers and the arch bears the makers name. The standard movement is rack striking on a bell and has anchor escapement. It is contained in an oak case with mahogany crossbanding, the hood having tall swan neck pediments with three ball and spire finials. The hood columns are fluted and have Corinthian capitals and the long hood door has a wavy top and mahogany edge crossbanding. The base has a raised rectangular panel with indented corners and the base has front bracket feet and is a 'leaner' and so has no rear feet, 93in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS250-300Unsold
49An early 19c eight day longcase clock with 12in arched painted dial, indistinctly signed. it has shell corners and a boy and his dog in the arch and has Roman numerals and seconds and date indications. The standard movement has rack strike on a bell and anchor escapement. It is contained in a mahogany case inlaid with boxwood stringing, the hood having slim swan neck pediments, and fluted columns flanking the dial. The trunk door is rectangular with a line of stringing around it and a horizontal line above and below it. The base has a rectangle of stringing and as solid plinth, 87in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-30050
50A late 19c English system 48 key concertina by Wheatstone no.2435 in hexagonal rosewood case with ivory buttons and four fold bellows and contained in its original rosewood veneered carrying box, box 6.75in h overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-300150
51A Rowe-Ami Cadet Jukebox in a formica chrome and metal cabinet. Playing 50 records currently of freeplay, together with service and workshop information, 32in w, 47in h, 25in d.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS500-700500
52A 1940 Mills USA 'Throne of Music' Jukebox phonograph in a walnut veneered cabinet with amber and red lucite panels. Playing 20 records currently on freeplay, workshop manual included, 38in w, 22.5in d, 57in h.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS1,200-1,500980
53A 1901 Wilcox & White harmonium organ with roll play in a carved and fretted flame mahogany case. The keys supported on carved griffin volutes and including a matching stool and a collection of rolls, 55in w, 63in h.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS400-500780
54A Zetter & Winklemann pianola in a mahogany case together with a collection of rolls, 63in w, 54in h.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS300-400Unsold
55An Edwardian brass Adney Level Inclinometer in original leather case, the instrument incised R S A, mark for MK.IV B4273, the instrument 4in w.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-15065
56A 19c toleware fuel bin, two handled and painted with holly and mistletoe on a black background with cast feet and dome lift off cover, 21in w, 19in h.METALWARE100-15070
57A Victorian copper helmet coal scuttle with swing handle and circular stepped base, 18in w.METALWARE50-8050
58A Victorian brass fender rail together with three fire tools comprising poker, tongs and shovel, the fender 53in w with 12in return rails.METALWARE90-120Unsold
59A pair of Emperor gilt bronze four branch wall sconces, (one sconce arm requiring repair), 24in h, 15in w.METALWARE150-200Unsold
60A pair of late 18c style gilt wood wall brackets with scrolling leaf supports, 12in w, 14.5in h.METALWARE90-12045
61A Victorian brass and iron stick stand with twelve compartments within a rod frame with urn finials on a cast iron base, 19.5in w, 24in h.METALWARE100-150150
62A pair of 19c steel and brass steelyards with a chain copper weighing pan, scale bar 34in l.METALWARE100-15040
63A 19c copper two handled pan, 19in w.METALWARE50-80Unsold
64A 19c brass boiling pan with cover and iron swing handle, 16in w.METALWARE40-6035
65A late Victorian brass coal purdonium with carrying handle, the hinge cover with an embossed and chased leaf and flowers panel with lift out liner on ball feet, together with a shovel, 11in w, 17in h.METALWARE70-100Unsold
66A Victorian brass jardiniere having two ring pull handles and being of squat bulbous form with turned upper rim, 18in w.METALWARE40-60Unsold
67A 19c copper cylindrical wall hanging candle box with hinged cover, 10in w.METALWARE50-7045
68Three Victorian copper jelly moulds, one lobed turret, an oval and a stepped tower, two 7in diam, tower 4in diam, 4.25in h.METALWARE100-12085
69Four 19c aspic moulds, two fluted 2.25in h, one strawberry embossed 2.75in diam, and a stepped tower 3in h.METALWARE70-10070
70Two 19c brass funnel strainers, 5.5in h.METALWARE60-8030
71An 18c bell metal mortar together with a bronze pestle, one terminal lead, mortar 5in x 4.25in.METALWARE40-60Unsold
72A Victorian brass kettle with a turned wooden handle and dome lift off cover, 8.5in w.METALWARE30-40Unsold
73A Victorian white enamel egg carrier, 9in w.METALWARE30-40Unsold
74An early 19c hog scraper steel candlestick, 7.5in h.METALWARE40-5030
75A pair of Victorian brass leaf formed curtain rail holders, 7in w.METALWARE40-6035
76A late Victorian brass small dressing mirror of cheval form, 9in h.METALWARE30-5038
77An Art Nouveau cast iron fire surround with stylistic floral bosses and swirling leaf designs, with tapering side support with foliate base panels and stylistic floral terminals under a stepped cornice, 45in w, 55in h, the fire place 32in h, 23in w.METALWARE400-500350
78A David Marshall aluminium and bronze garniture of two candlesticks and one fruit bowl, the candlesticks 9.5in h, the bowl 10in w.METALWARE150-200150
79A Victorian oil lamp with a cut glass font supported on a reeded brass column with domed base, with brass burner, funnel and original globe, 27in h.METALWARE90-12080
80A pair of Japanese Meiji period patinated bronze censors in the form of two handled baluster vases with pierced domed covers, each with Dog of Fo mounts, the vases cast in relief with exotic birds, each 14in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-150110
81A pair of Meiji period bronze vases of baluster form engraved and cast with rough seas and entwined by relief dragons, on wooden stands, the vases 14in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS300-400Unsold
82An Oriental Ghandara sculpted grey stone fragment featuring three figures emblematic of harvest, 11in w, 5in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS250-300Unsold
83A 19c green Parian ware relief panel - Diana the Huntress inscribed H Makourt, 18in w, 9in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-150120
84A pair of Tiffany Studio's New York gilt metal bookends, panel cast with tracery and scroll work, inscribed and numbered 2028, 4in w, 5.5in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS150-200170
85A late 19c French figurative bronze candlestick standing with a raised left hand supporting the socket and standing on a rococo base, 8.5in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS90-12070
86A 19c Grand Tour Phoenician bronze female figure standing and partially robed, 6.25in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-140Unsold
87A pair of Art Deco period marble book ends, mounted with patinated bronze figures of Chinese students, the girl seated and studying a book, the boy being inquisitive and discarding his books by Hester White, c.1920's, boy standing 8.5in h, the gilt seated 5.5in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS250-300480
88A pair of 19c gilt and patinated bronze candlesticks with fluted columns, capital leaf formed drip pans and cast soccles, supported on cast gilt metal formed base with three paw feet on tripartite stands, 12in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS150-20080
89A hollowcast patinated bronze Buddhas head, on wooden block plinth,10.5in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS300-400180
90A 19c patinated metal figure of an angel with outstretched wings, she carrying a spear with an outstretched laurel wreath, standing on a sphere with square stone base, the figure 23in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS150-20090
91A bronze statue by Byron Howard 'Head of Nureyev', a limited edition being 3/15, on marble plinth, 11.5in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS500-700Unsold
92A bronze statue by Tom Merrifield 'Alexander Sombart', being 1 limited edition of 9, on marble base, 28in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS3,000-3,500Unsold
93A resin cast of Mary Acombwe by Byron Howard, on wooden plinth, bust 25.5in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS500-700Unsold
94A pair of Indian folding screens with painted and cut panels depicting Indian tea ceremonies with foliate and exotic bird borders.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-150180
95A pair of late 19c/early 20c clear cut glass two branch table lustres with star finials, trailing drops and supported on cut baluster columns with square star cut bases, 20in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS150-200150
96A bottle of Haig's blended scotch Whisky, gold label John Haig & Co Ltd owning Haig & Haig Ltd Distillers Markinch Scotland 70% proof, circa 1946.DECORATIVE ITEMS150-20080
97A bottle of Haig's blended scotch Whisky, gold label John Haig & Co Ltd Distillers Markinch Scotland 70% proof, circa 1940/50.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-15050
98A bottle of Black & White Special Blend of Choice Old Scotch Whisky, by appointment to HM The King and being 70% proof.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-150120
99A bottle of Black & White Special Blend of Choice Old Scotch Whisky, by appointment to the late King George VI and being 70% proof.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-150110
100An early 20c Persian prayer rug worked with a figure of an elder within outer floral borders - shows sign of wear, each 21.5in x 30in.DECORATIVE ITEMS90-120300
101An Edwardian mahogany table top revolving book stands, crossbanded brass line inlaid and with brass edging, 9in w, 11.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES90-12070
102A late 19c hat makers straw plait stand with revolving dolly, 37.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES50-7050
103Am 18c Japanned table top desk with fall front enclosing a fitted interior, having a fitted base drawer and supported on bun feet, 15in w.TREEN AND BOXES150-200Unsold
104A 19c coopered plunger churn, 34in h.TREEN AND BOXES100-15090
105A 19c child's wheelbarrow with slatted platform, single turned wood wheel with leather rim, 30in l.TREEN AND BOXES100-15080
106A late 18c/early 19c oak wall hanging candle box, 21in h.TREEN AND BOXES90-12070
107A late Georgian mahogany box, crossbanded and line inlaid with diamond shape motifs the the hinged cover and box face, supported on bracket feet, 11in w.TREEN AND BOXES90-12060
108An early 20c carved wood fairground horses head, 19in w.TREEN AND BOXES70-100290
109A Burroughes & Watts C Harverson billiard cue in a leather box, c.1915/20, box 33in l.TREEN AND BOXES90-120480
110A Victorian wall hanging coat rack with four cast iron hooks and with china bead decoration, 3.75 in w.TREEN AND BOXES50-8050
111A Victorian rosewood travelling box with lift out shelf over well and containing clear glass containers with pierced and engraved covers, cut glass jars and three tools with jewellery tray and letter compartment under lid, velvet and tooled leather lined, 11.5in w, 7in h.TREEN AND BOXES100-150140
112A Victorian green tooled leather writing box with a mahogany fitted interior, fall front, rising surface over a well, folding and locking with a steel carrying handle, 12in w.TREEN AND BOXES150-180Unsold
113A 19c red tooled leather travelling box with fitted pull out shelves having a hinged cover and fall front, the brass fittings and corner mounts and central carrying handle, 14in w.TREEN AND BOXES140-180Unsold
114An early 19c rosewood jewel box of sarcophagus form, the hinged cover with gadroon edged upper panel and central mother of pearl motif on base with gadroon moulded edge and ring and ring pull carrying handles, 11in w.TREEN AND BOXES100-140120
115A mahogany and satinwood sarcophagus tea caddy with gilt metal lion ring pull handles and paw feet, 10in w.TREEN AND BOXES60-8040
116A Victorian rosewood ladies needlework box decorated with brass line wrigglework, having abalone shell and brass corner mounts and a central motif, opening to reveal a silk lined interior, fitted and containing mother of pearl spools and various tools together with silks and associated items, 12in w.TREEN AND BOXES90-12085
117A late 19c/early 20c figured walnut drawing instrument box with metal corner mounts and motif, fitted and with a lift out shelf containing various drawing instruments, the interior with retailers name 'A G Thornton, St Mary's St, Deansgate, Manchester', 8.25in w.TREEN AND BOXES100-150110
118A 19c rosewood sarcophagus two compartment tea caddy with mother of pearl floret inlays, supported on compressed bun feet, 7.75in w.TREEN AND BOXES100-150160
119A 19c walnut dome topped box with cut brass mount and escutcheon, silk lined and containing two opalescent white glass scent bottles with gilt metal star and trellis casing and having hinged floret covers, 5.5in w.TREEN AND BOXES150-200190
120An Art Deco period cigarette dispenser case constructed as a sideboard with hinged and opening cover over ashtray and hinged side cigarette dispensers and having two short drawers, 6in w.TREEN AND BOXES40-6025
121A Mouseman carved octagonal stand, 7.25in w.TREEN AND BOXES50-8070
122An Edwardian military mahogany box of scales and rules, stamped 1467, 13in l.TREEN AND BOXES40-6040
123A turned wood lace makers candle light with glass globe, 12in h.TREEN AND BOXES70-10025
124A set of Staunton ebony and boxwood chess pieces with black ink signature to label 'H Staunton', retailed by J Jaques & Son, London, in mahogany box, king 3.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES200-300650
125A late 19c spice box of circular form with seven lift out spice boxes, all named, the nutmeg grater missing, the box with lift off cover and decorated with mauchlinware panels including Castle Town, Tower of Refuge and on the lid 'Laxey Wheel', 6.5in diam.TREEN AND BOXES100-140120
126A Reeves & Sons superior elementary watercolors box with colour tablets, four division mixing plate, 12in w.TREEN AND BOXES70-100160
127A set of Staunton ebony and boxwood chess pieces, the king 3.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES100-150160
128A 19c straw work and bone cribbage box with carved bone miniature dominoes and markers, enclosed within sliding covers, 9in w.TREEN AND BOXES100-14090
129A Victorian tooled leather brass banded mother of pearl mounted three bottle perfume box with a hinged domed cover, studded and locking, 6.75in w.TREEN AND BOXES100-150100
130Two Victorian carved birch circular butter stamps and three wooden spoons, the butter stamps with turned handles, 4.5in diam.TREEN AND BOXES50-8050
131A 19c rosewood walking cane with gilt metal band and agate knop handle, 33in l.TREEN AND BOXES50-8050
132A 19c box wood wig powderer, 4.75in h.TREEN AND BOXES40-5022
133A Georgian steel coin balance with weights and coin checks in a carved wood box, 3.75in w.TREEN AND BOXES60-8065
134A Victorian pen wipe in a boxwood mauchlinware box with scenes of Dryburgh Abbey, Abbotsford, Melrose Abbey and inscribed 'made of wood grown in the lands of Abbotsford', 2.75in w.TREEN AND BOXES50-7020
135A late 19c Tunbridgeware ribbon box of facet form with central spindle and stamp window, 2.25in h.TREEN AND BOXES60-80100
136A 19c carved and turned Coquilla nut nutmeg grater, finial chipped, 3in h.TREEN AND BOXES90-12030
137A late Georgian carved wood love token in the form of an apple corer, inscribed 'nothing but death shall change my mind' 'Richard Young March 28 1812, Ann Markham March 28 1812' - slight split to bowl of corer, 7in l.TREEN AND BOXES70-100150
138Two 19c straw splitters, one incised J Austin, 4in h.TREEN AND BOXES60-8080
139A pair of miniature bottle vases inked with portraits of gentlemen amongst foliage, one with upper rim damaged, each 3.25in h.TREEN AND BOXES50-8040
140A 19c Oriental root wood carving with hills and caves on a base, 4in l.TREEN AND BOXES40-60350
141A 19c Tunbridgeware rule divided into inches and being 9in l.TREEN AND BOXES40-5025
142An early 19c knitting stick love token with chequered diamond banding, together with a heart and diamond motif and with a window with ink written panel 'A present for Mary Coulson Meade from year of1836' - window glass cracked, 8.25in l.TREEN AND BOXES100-150230
143An Edwardian Roberts of Sheffield boxwood folding shoe measure with calculations to size 14, 9in l closed.TREEN AND BOXES50-7020
144A Tunbridgeware nutmeg grater, 2in h.TREEN AND BOXES70-10025
145A pair of Stephen Houghton of Ormskirk late Georgian coin scales folding and in mahogany box, 5in w when closed.TREEN AND BOXES50-7050
146A late 19c/early 20c magnifying glass in a stained and turned beech frame, 11.5in l, the lens 5in diam.TREEN AND BOXES70-100Unsold
147A Victorian satinwood cribbage score board of octagonal form with a central hand coloured print of Brighton Pavilion surrounded by painted flower sprays and the outer scoreboard, 8in w, 5.25in h.TREEN AND BOXES50-7045
148A Charles Sykes chromium flying lady car mascot positioned on a radiator cap, 3.75in w, 6in h.OBJETS D'ART150-200Unsold
149A collection of three Victorian letter clips, two in the form of oyster shells together with a laced shoe, two 3.75in w, shoe 3.5inw.OBJETS D'ART60-8040
150A pearl handled fruit knife, button hook, pearl handled silver blade fruit knife and a bone handled quill cutter, all in leather boxes.OBJETS D'ART90-120130
151An early 19c horn beaker incised with a carriage drawn by four horses passing along a road and houses, 4in h.OBJETS D'ART50-70110
152A Victorian commemorative welcome medal commemorating the visit of Her Majesty to the city of London, November 9th 1837, 2.3in diam.OBJETS D'ART50-8065
153A Victorian brass skirt lift, 5in l.OBJETS D'ART30-4028
154A late Victorian entomologist field magnifier with adjustable platform and bone handle, 2.5in l.OBJETS D'ART40-6075
155A collection of two black lacquered pewter inlaid papier mache snuff boxes, one black lacquered pearl and pewter line inlaid snuff box 2.5in w and a papier mache simulated tortoiseshell and pewter line inlaid snuff box, 3in w.OBJETS D'ART80-10030
156A 19c carved bone netsuke in the form of a sage, 3.5in l.OBJETS D'ART70-10045
157An Oriental 19c netsuke in the form of two moles in combat, 1.5in diam.OBJETS D'ART70-100110
158A Meiji period carved bone netsuke in the form of a messenger with scroll in one hand together with a staff, 1.75in h.OBJETS D'ART50-70Unsold
159A 19c tortoiseshell heart shaped box and cover, the cover with silver rim with later inscription 'January 27 1926', 2in w.OBJETS D'ART50-8035
160A 19c Chinese tortoiseshell circular box with lift off cover, profusely carved in relief, the cover with pagoda and figures in a plantation setting, the base similarly carved, within a simulated bamboo base rim, 3in diam.OBJETS D'ART150-200650
161An early 19c English enamel snuff box, the hinge cover decorated with a boxing bout in a ring and titled 'Set To', 2in diam.OBJETS D'ART150-200140
162A set of Maundy money 1899/1901 in original box.OBJETS D'ART60-8060
163A Victorian amber cigar holder with 9ct gold band in original leather box, 3.25in l.OBJETS D'ART70-10035
164An early 19c gilt metal seal fob, the quartz setting engraved with a ladies head wearing tiara, 1.25in w.OBJETS D'ART70-100210
165A Victorian ruby glass cruciform quadruple scent bottle with engraved brass centre, each bottle with embossed and domed screw off covers, a/f - one bottle fixture requiring attention, 4.25in h.OBJETS D'ART150-200550
166A 19c red boullework table top snuff box interior edge engraved 'Vervelle Fabricoint', 3.25in w.OBJETS D'ART200-250140
167A 19c French tortoiseshell line circular box and cover, gilt metal banded, the cover with an oval portrait miniature on ivory of a lady, 3in diam.OBJETS D'ART150-200240
168A 19c white bone relief bust of Richard Fallier President of the RSA, oval framed, 2in x 1.5in.OBJETS D'ART100-150Unsold
169An Art Deco period blue enamel and silver gilt ladies compact, the hinge cover with interior mirror, 1.75in diam.OBJETS D'ART100-150190
170An Edwardian Continental lace hand fan with mother of pearl sticks, 9in l, in original box.OBJETS D'ART80-100100
171A pair of Victorian beaded wall pockets, each 8in l.OBJETS D'ART50-8030
172A Japanese Meiji period ivory carving of a spray of flowers with a large bloom, the square base engraved with leaves and with red seal mark to base, 9in w, 5.5in h.OBJETS D'ART250-300Unsold
173A 19c ivory card case, carved in high relief with village scenes and having a lift off top,3in w, 4.5in h - the cover with one side panel missing.OBJETS D'ART100-150Unsold
174A Meiji period ivory ink well carved as a ball of flowers and petals with hinge cover on three leaf feet, 2in diam.OBJETS D'ART100-15075
175A Japanese Meiji period ivory card case carved in high relief with village scenes comprising many buildings, bridges and figures and with lift off cover, 2.25in x 3.75in.OBJETS D'ART100-15080
176A Meiji period ivory nestuke carved as two figures trading, seal mark to base, 2in w.OBJETS D'ART100-14070
177A 19c Oriental carved ivory figurative netsuke standing robed and holding a scroll, signed, 1.5in h.OBJETS D'ART90-12090
178A Meiji period ivory netsuke carved as a cook securing a lid to a large vessel - damage to one foot, base signed, 2in h.OBJETS D'ART90-120Unsold
179A Meiji period ivory netsuke carved as a quail perched on large fruits or corn cobs, 2.75in w.OBJETS D'ART120-160150
180A Meiji period ivory seal stamp carved as a snake coiled on a skull , 1.75in h.OBJETS D'ART150-200200
181Two Meiji period ivory puzzle boxes with playing pieces, requiring re-assembly, both 2.25in sq.OBJETS D'ART70-10050
182A 19c European ivory figure carved as a tramp with an injured arm standing, 4.5in h, mounted on an oval ebonised plaque with label to reverse 'Mendiant D'Apres Van Ostende - Avorio, 253'.OBJETS D'ART200-250Unsold
183A late 19c/early 20c carved ivory figure of Spinario on a stepped wooden plinth, the figure 4.5in h.OBJETS D'ART150-200160
184A late 19c/early 20c oval ivory plaque carved as the seduction of Diana, mounted on velvet backing, the plaque 4.5in x 3.25in.OBJETS D'ART150-180Unsold
185A late 19c/early 20c carved ivory figure of Pan - flute missing, on a turned ebonised base, figure 3.5in h, 5in h overall.OBJETS D'ART100-15075
186An early 19c Continental Prisoner of War bone snuff box of oval lobed form with a hinged cover, engraved and inked with a gentleman and his lady, the box with horses and wagon together with accompanying script, 2.75in w.OBJETS D'ART200-250Unsold
187A late 18c/early 19c ivory snuff box of rectangular form, the hinged cover carved in high relief with the scene of hunting dogs attacking a wild boar, 3.5in w.OBJETS D'ART200-250160
188An 18c tortoiseshell oval table snuff box of oval form with an ivory cover, carved as Phaethon and his Zuadriga hurled into the river Eridanus by Jupiter, 3.5in w.OBJETS D'ART300-350240
189J J De Groot 1806 - a basket of grain, signed and dated, watercolour, framed and glazed, 4.25in x 3in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS50-80240
190Michael Bayley - The Woodman in the One Hundred and Fourth year of his age, signed with explanation and history to reverse, circa 1813, framed and glazed, 4.5in x 3.25in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS70-100200
191Anthony E. - a dog barking, inked on reverse 'drawn with a pen by a celebrated foreigner', signed, oval framed pen and ink, 2.25in x 1.75in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS50-8075
192Unsigned early 19c - a drover with two cows, framed oval miniature watercolour, framed and glazed, 2in x 1.75in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS40-6030
193Unsigned late 18c/early 19c horse drawn vehicles and figures outside a church, pen and ink, framed and glazed, 2in x 2.75in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS40-6055
194A Richard - figures beside a lake with country residents in the background, unsigned, pen highlighted in watercolour, framed and glazed, 3in x 4.25in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS60-80120
195Unsigned 19c man with top hat smoking a clay pipe, oil on board, framed, 5in x 4.25in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS90-120110
196A late 18c/early 19c miniature watercolour painting of corn thrashing, signed J J De Groot 1806, framed and glazed, 4.25in x 3in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS70-100Unsold
198A framed oval miniature picture of a fierce dog, signed Anthony E to the reverse written by pen by a celebrated foreigner, framed and glazed, 2.25in x 2in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS40-60Unsold
199A framed oval miniature watercolour painting of a drover with two cattle, framed and glazed, 1.75in x 1.5in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS40-60Unsold
200A miniature watercolour painting of a carriage and people outside a church, framed and glazed, 2in x 3in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS40-60Unsold
201An late 18c/early 19c miniature watercolour painting of picnicking and parading in a park, close to a country residence and with label to reverse, by A Richard father of John - Richard RA, framed and glazed, 3in x 4.25in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS70-100Unsold
202A series of four late 19c Grand Tour Indian oval miniature paintings on ivory including the Taj Mahal and interior scenes in carved ebony easel frames, each framed 2in x 2.5in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
203A 19c framed oval portrait miniature on ivory of a lady, framed, 2.5in x 2in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS100-120250
204A framed oval miniature oil painting on panel of a 19c gentleman wearing a top hat and smoking a clay pipe, framed, 5in x 4in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS90-12060
205A ladies dress watch retailed by Garrard & Co, Regent St,, the 0.75in sq dial bordered in diamonds, the plain numberless dial seemingly part of the 18ct satin gold strap. The hands are blue steel and mechanical movement is wound and set from the rear. Complete with original presentation box.WATCHES1,800-2,000Unsold
206A ladies Omega wristwatch in gold 'tank' shaped rectangular case, the movement numbered 1602 335 and dating from approx 1898. It has a silvered dial with black Gothic arabic numerals and gilt hands and has a black leather strap, watch 1in l.WATCHES100-12080
207A gents Omega Seamaster wristwatch in 'Polaris' steel and yellow gold case waterproof to 120 metres. The grey dial has gold hands, centre seconds, date aperture and diamond five minute markers. It has its original stainless steel expanding bracelet. Watch 1.25in w.WATCHES200-250Unsold
208A gents Omega Constellation watch in stainless steel case with white gold bezel. The calibre 751 movement is of chronometer standard and is automatic and has a day/date calendar and centre seconds. It was made c.1970 and has its original stainless steel bracelet. Watch 1.5in w.WATCHES300-400170
209A ladies Omega wristwatch in 9ct gold square case with silvered and gold numeral batons and hands and integral 9ct gold strap. The movement is numbered 24521690 and dates from approx 1966. Watch 0.5in sq.WATCHES300-400250
210A ladies Bueche-Girod wristwatch inset into an 18ct gold strap, the clasp set with diamonds and having a gold chain fringe to the opposite end. The tiny watch movement has a dial 3/8in sq. which is satin gold with polished gold batons and hands, strap 0.5in w.WATCHES800-1,0001050
211A gents Omega Constellation wristwatch in 18ct gold case with 18ct gold textured dial and gold batons and hands. The winding crown has an inset tigers eye cabochon. The movement is of chronometer standard and has automatic bumper winding. The watch dates c.1973 and is 1.25in w.WATCHES300-400560
212A gents Rolex Seamaster wristwatch, calibre 355 in gold case and with automatic bumper wind. The textured gold dial has polished gold batons and hands and date aperture at figure 6. it has a gold chain bracelet and was made approx 1954.WATCHES600-8001150
213A ladies keywind English lever pocket watch by William Owen of Coventry with plain balance and engraved balance cock and with two colour gold dial with gold raised numerals and florally engraved dial centre. It is contained in an 18ct gold case with florally engraved back and is hallmarked for London 1852, case 1.5in diam.WATCHES250-300220
214A late 19c Swiss ladies pocket watch with 3/4 plate level movement with bi-metallic balance and keyless wind. It has a two colour gold dial with black Roman numerals and florally engraved centre and is contained in a Continental 18ct gold case with florally engraved back and case edges, 2.25in diam overall.WATCHES200-250190
215A mid 19c gentlemans pocket watch with 3/4 keywind lever movement and plain balance (balance staff a/f), the movement and dial signed J &L Mole, Birmingham and having a white enamel dial with separate seconds ring. It is contained in an 18ct gold case with engine turned back and edges, hallmarked for London 1852. Case 2in diam overall.WATCHES600-800580
216A gents pocket watch signed James Weir, Glasgow and having a 3/4 plate keyless lever movement with bi-metallic balance and white enamel dial with separate seconds ring. It is contained in an 18ct gold full hunter case hallmarked for Birmingham 1904. Case 2in diam overall.WATCHES500-6001200
217An Omega silver watch box of oval rectangular form with a hinged cover, engine turned and with the Omega symbol, 6.25in w.WATCHES90-120400
218A Douglas Bader gold piedfort one pound piece 2016, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS250-300Unsold
219A King George V gold sovereign 1925, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS200-250Unsold
220A 2017 UK 200th Anniversary date stamp sovereign, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS250-300Unsold
221A collection of three one pound gold proof coins including 2015 VE Day 70th Anniversary, 2015 Battle of Britain and 2015 Churchill 50th Anniversary, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS500-700Unsold
222The RAF Centenary gold proof five pound coin, in box.COINS AND MEDALS800-1,000Unsold
223A one quarter ounce Krugerrand, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS200-250Unsold
224A 2015 Queen Elizabeth II one pound gold proof coin, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS180-200Unsold
225A 2016 Remembrance Day gold proof sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS200-250Unsold
226A 2017 fractional Krugerrand four coin set, comprising quarter ounce, one tenth ounce, one twentieth ounce and one fiftieth ounce, mint, boxed.COINS AND MEDALS300-350Unsold
227A Remembrance 2017 full sovereign, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS200-250Unsold
228A Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary full sovereign 2015, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS200-250Unsold
229A UK 2018 date stamp sovereign, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS200-250Unsold
230A 2017 Elizabeth II Bailiwick of Guernsey ten pound piece with enamel poppy.COINS AND MEDALS90-120Unsold
231A 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo 2015 UK five pound silver proof coin, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS40-60Unsold
232A Queen Elizabeth II Gibraltar 2017 silver crown - We Will Remember Them, with poppy emblem.COINS AND MEDALS50-80Unsold
233A Queen's Beasts, The Lion of England 2017 UK quarter ounce gold proof coin, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS200-250Unsold
234A Queen's Beast, The Red Dragon of Wales 2018 UK quarter ounce gold proof coin, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS200-250Unsold
235A Queens Beasts, The Unicorn of Scotland 2017 UK quarter ounce gold proof coin, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS200-250Unsold
236A Queen's Beasts, The Black Bull of Clarence 2018 UK quarter ounce gold proof coin, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS200-250Unsold
237A gold sovereign 2016, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS200-250Unsold
238A BBMF 60th Anniversary silver proof five ounce coin, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS100-150Unsold
239A Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary commemorative silver and bronze set, mint, in box.COINS AND MEDALS150-200Unsold
240Four albums of early 20c worldwide share certificates including the British Motor Cab Co. Ltd. Shanghai Municipal Council, Roan Antelope Copper Mines, Federate States America Loan and the County Council of the West Riding of Yorkshire and many others, about eight six.COINS AND MEDALS300-400Unsold
241An 19c Bank of South Australia five pound transferred to the Bank of South Australia London, no.568, signed by manager and accountant.COINS AND MEDALSUnsold
242A Bank of Australia no.2031 one share of Bank Capital Stock totalling one hundred pounds sterling, registered in the name of Thomas Dela Condamin at Folio 119 of the stock ledger 2031, under date 1st day of July 1833, signed by four directors.COINS AND MEDALS300-400520
243A State of South Carolina fifty dollar note marked 2nd 1872, a twenty dollar State of South Carolina Revenue Bond Scrip, March 1872, three States of Confederate America one hundred dollar notes, February 17th 1864 and a 1938 German twenty marcs note, June 1938 and a Bank of England ten shillings note, Z21X1000000.COINS AND MEDALS200-250Unsold
244A mid 19c stamp letter from the Southern Bank of Scotland to a Mr John Thompson, dated 6th May 1840 with two Dumfries payments stamped marks.COINS AND MEDALS50-80Unsold
245A boxed set of six late 19c/early 20c Italian silver micro mosaic buttons, one named Roma, two with the Colosseum and Pantheon and three with white doves, boxed.JEWELLERY150-200140
246A gold diamond and ruby set spray brooch, 6cm l.JEWELLERY500-700Unsold
247An Edwardian gold pearl and amethyst set oval brooch 3.5cm x 2.5cm.JEWELLERY350-400300
248A gold and pearl set spray brooch.JEWELLERY100-150Unsold
249A gold setter dog brooch with safety chain, 4cm l.JEWELLERY100-150120
250A gold diamond turquoise set bar brooch, 4cm l.JEWELLERY150-200220
251A gold ruby set songbird brooch together with one seed pearl set fern brooch.JEWELLERY120-15050
252A gold diamond and blue enamel pendant brooch of oval form with mono FC under a crown, 5cm x 3.5cm.JEWELLERY500-700880
253A gold ruby and sapphire set Cartier style panther brooch, 4cm l.JEWELLERY300-400Unsold
254An Oriental amethyst sculpted pendant with white gold mount and link chain, 4cm x 2cm.JEWELLERY500-600Unsold
255A gold diamond ruby set bracelet.JEWELLERY300-400Unsold
256A 19c gold memoriam set comprising a seed pearl set ring together with a similar pendant brooch and a leaf shaped brooch.JEWELLERY200-250320
257An 18c white gold diamond amethyst and citrine set bracelet.JEWELLERY800-1,000Unsold
258A pair of gold knot solitaire diamond set earrings.JEWELLERY150-200280
259A gold diamond half eternity ring, size S/T.JEWELLERY400-500Unsold
260A gold diamond sapphire cushion set ring, size R/S.JEWELLERY200-300Unsold
261A platinum three stone diamond and sapphire set ring, size Q/R.JEWELLERY400-500380
262A gold diamond sapphire set ring, size R/S.JEWELLERY200-300200
263A platinum diamond set eternity ring, size R/S.JEWELLERY250-300220
264A gold diamond solitaire set ring.JEWELLERY400-600Unsold
265A gold diamond solitaire sapphire set coronet ring, size S/T.JEWELLERY700-1,000Unsold
266A gold diamond solitaire set ring. Size Q/R.JEWELLERY1,500-1,8001380
267A gold diamond tiger eye set ring, size L/M.JEWELLERY500-700420
268A gold diamond and sapphire set ring.JEWELLERY200-300220
269A platinum diamond solitaire set ring, size Q/R.JEWELLERY400-6001550
270An 18c white gold diamond solitaire set ring, approx 2carats.JEWELLERY4,000-5,000Unsold
271An 18c Welsh gold band, 9.9g.JEWELLERY400-500Unsold
272A gold guilloche Welsh gold ring, Size R/S.JEWELLERY250-300Unsold
273An 18c Welsh gold five stone diamond set ring, Size S/T.JEWELLERY500-800Unsold
274A platinum solitaire diamond set ring, size N/O. GI certified, 0.51 carats.JEWELLERY1,000-1,200Unsold
275An 18ct white gold and diamond set earrings.JEWELLERY400-500Unsold
276A platinum diamond solitaire set ring, 0.5carats, IGI certified, Size N/O.JEWELLERY700-900Unsold
277An 18ct white gold ruby and diamond set ring, approx 0.85carat, size O/P.JEWELLERY1,200-1,500Unsold
278An 18ct white gold diamond and aquamarine set ring, size O/P.JEWELLERY700-900Unsold
279An 18c white gold Bulgari Pareutesi ring.JEWELLERY400-500Unsold
280A platinum emerald and diamond set ring. Size O/P.JEWELLERY600-800Unsold
281A Furrer Jacot platinum band, set with nine diamonds together with one sapphire.JEWELLERY500-700Unsold
282A pair of 18c white gold earrings by Fope.JEWELLERY500-600480
283An 18c white gold aquamarine and diamond set ring of octagonal form.JEWELLERY600-800Unsold
284An 18c white gold princess cut diamond solitaire ring, size P/Q.JEWELLERY700-900Unsold
285An 18ct white gold half eternity diamond set ring by Cassandra Goad., Size N/O.JEWELLERY400-500Unsold
286An 18ct white gold and ruby and diamond set half eternity ring by Sheldon Bloomfield.JEWELLERY700-900Unsold
287A platinum and diamond cluster ring, the principal diamond 0.8carat.JEWELLERY1,600-1,800Unsold
288An 18ct white gold and diamond Pave set dress ring, size Q/R.JEWELLERY400-500Unsold
289An 18ct white gold diamond pendant on chain.JEWELLERY400-500420
290A platinum marquise diamond set ring, GIA certified.JEWELLERY1,600-1,800Unsold
291An 18ct white gold diamond heart pendant and chain.JEWELLERY600-700480
292An 18ct white gold three stone set ring, marquise cut, size O/P.JEWELLERY900-1,200Unsold
293A platinum band ring by Furrer-Jacot, set with a diamond and nine sapphires.JEWELLERY400-500Unsold
294A platinum diamond and sapphire set ring, size R/S.JEWELLERY800-1,000650
295A gold diamond set eternity ring, size R/S.JEWELLERY200-300380
296A graduated cultured pearl three strand necklace with a gold pearl and amethyst clasp, each strand approx 15.5in l.JEWELLERY400-600Unsold
297A late Georgian presentation spoon, the bowl engraved on reserve with a date 1793, the handle cast with an apostle terminal, 7.25in l, together with a similar spoon with the bowl engraved with presentation to reserve with a date 1782, handle twist cast with a crown terminal, 6.25in l.SILVER50-7060
298A 19c Continental cream jug with a facet panel body, chased and embossed with scroll handle, 4.75in w.SILVER40-6035
299Two late Georgian Old English table spoons, the handles bright cut, one engraved with date 1792 with mark Exeter 1792/3, the other London 1778, total weight 4oz, each 8.5in l.SILVER50-7035
300An Edwardian pig pin cushion, Birmingham 1905, 2.25in l.SILVER50-8095
301A late Georgian Stilton cheese scoop, with push and shaped bone handle, markers mark for John Thropp, Birmingham 1808, 7.5in l.SILVER70-10065
302A George IV small cream ladle, London 1826, together with a 19c Russian preserve spoon and a late Victorian snuff spoon with pearl handle, London 1893.SILVER70-10040
303A pair of late 19c Oriental silver baluster vases, profusely embossed and chased with flowers, finches and foliate cartouche, 3.25in h.SILVER100-140130
304A George III silver two handled loving cup of plain form with heraldic shield crest under coronet having ribbed scrolling handles, makers mark for J Marshall, London 1762, 2.8oz, 3in h, 5.25in w.SILVER150-200Unsold
305An Edwardian silver snuff box of rectangular form, the lid with engine turned decoration, Birmingham 1910, 3in w.SILVER60-8040
306Two George III silver marrow scoops, London 1778, makers mark for George Smith, the other, makers mark IM, other marks rubbed, together with a Victorian marrow scoop fork.SILVER120-150140
307A set of six 19c German silver serving spoons, 12oz.SILVER100-12090
308A set of six late Victorian silver dessert spoons, Sheffield 1900, 10oz.SILVER100-12085
309A set of six French late 19c silver dessert forks, 10oz.SILVER80-10080
310A set of six late Victorian Kings pattern silver tea spoons, London 1872, 6.7oz.SILVER60-8055
311A set of twelve Scottish silver tea spoons, with beaded handles, Glasgow 1870, 6.6oz.SILVER70-10060
312A set of six late Victorian silver tea spoons, London 1897, 4.7oz.SILVER50-70Unsold
313A set of six Victorian Fiddle pattern silver dessert spoons, London 1856, 9.2oz.SILVER80-10080
314A set of six William IV Old English silver tea spoons, London 1831, 3.6oz.SILVER40-6038
315A set of six early Victorian Fiddle pattern silver tea spoons, London 1856, 4oz.SILVER50-6040
316A collection of four pairs of Georgian silver sugar tongs, including two pairs by Hester Bateman.SILVER80-10065
317Two jockey cap silver caddy spoons, Sheffield 1967 & 1969.SILVER60-8040
318Two George III silver jockey cap caddy spoons, 1805.SILVER100-150Unsold
319A George III silver leaf and berry caddy spoon, Sheffield 1926, makers mark for Thomas Bradbury.SILVER60-8040
320A late Georgian silver leaf caddy spoon, London 1797.SILVER60-80120
321A late Victorian silver shovel caddy spoon, embossed and chased, London 1896.SILVER40-6035
322A George III silver fiddle and thread caddy spoon, makers mark for Joseph Wilmore, Birmingham 1817.SILVER40-5042
323A William IV silver fiddle pattern caddy spoon, makers mark for John Walton, Newcastle 1831.SILVER60-80Unsold
324A George III silver Fiddle pattern caddy spoon, makers mark for William Bateman, London 1819.SILVER60-80Unsold
325A George III silver caddy spoon, London 1807.SILVER40-6065
326A George III silver caddy spoon, London 1810.SILVER60-8028
327A Victorian silver Fiddle pattern caddy spoon, makers mark for George Angel, London 1843.SILVER40-50Unsold
328A George V silver caddy spoon with shell terminal with Jubilee mark, London 1935.SILVER40-50Unsold
329A George III silver caddy spoon, the handle with bead edge, makers mark for Thomas Watts & Jonathon Hayne.SILVER50-7040
330A late Georgian silver vinaigrette with gilt interior and grill, Birmingham 1813, 1in w.SILVER60-8090
331A pair of cut glass squat baluster dressing table pots with circular mirrored covers, embossed and chased with birds in foliage, makers mark for B & Co, Birmingham 1990, each 4.25in diam.SILVER70-100Unsold
332An Edwardian triple miniature photo frame with circular windows, makers mark for Charles Penny Brown, Birmingham 1904, weighted and with leather back, 5.25in w.SILVER60-8040
333An early 20c Continental silver serving slice 6in w.SILVER40-60Unsold
334A pair of silver posy vases of circular tapering form with cast and chased collars, markers mark for Christopher Nigel Lawrence, London 1975, 9oz, each 5.5in h.SILVER100-150200
335A George V bowl on a circular base, beaten and with a relief upper rim decorated with Gothic bead, Gothic tracery and leaf, and with four abalone shell jewels, makers mark for Sandheim Bros. London 1922, 4.5oz, 4.5in diam.SILVER100-150310
336A Georgian style silver sauce boat with gadroon cast rim, open scroll handle and stepped hoof feet, with shell terminals, Sheffield 1946, 7.5oz, 7in w.SILVER60-8065
337A Georgian style silver two handled oval tea tray, with raised cast border, makers mark for Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1951, 50oz, 20in w.SILVER350-400460
338A silver christening tankard of plain concave form with engraved mono BD 31.8.21, with threaded upper rim and handle, London 1920, 2.75in h.SILVER50-70Unsold
339A late Victorian chatelaine, the cast clip with five chains with attached two black pocket knife, an aide memoire, a propelling dip pen, a pencil lead case and a pin cushion, all of similar date. The chatelaine Birmingham 1901, 11in l.SILVER150-20070
340A George IV preserve dish of shell form with cast beaded edge supported on three shell feet, London 1820, 5in w.SILVER50-7070
341An early 20c angel face hand mirror of circular form with carry handle, marks rubbed, 7.5in diam.SILVER50-70Unsold
342A late 19c/early 20c Continental oval dish with a raised embossed order, .800std, 7.3oz, 9.25in diam.SILVER60-8045
343A late Victorian boxed condiment of bulbous form, comprising four salts, two peppers and one mustard, all with ball feet, together with four mustard and salt spoons (one spoon missing), in original box, London 1899, the salts 2in diam.SILVER100-15090
344An early 20c silver vase, with a reticulated band, having foliate cast border, tapering and supported on three splayed legs, .925 std, 6.5in h.SILVER60-9040
345A pair of Edwardian silver posy vases of cylindrical tapering form, 1/3 lobed with upper embossed foliate band of swags and ribbon - weighted bases, markers mark for Robert Pringle, London 1907, 6in h.SILVER100-140Unsold
346A late 18c/early 19c Dutch silver gilt teapot of squat lobed globular form with a domed lift off cover with flower finial, embossed and chased with a family crest in relief amongst engraved cartouche with carved scrolling bone handle, 14oz, 8in w, 5.25in h.SILVER200-250380
347A 19c silver circular card tray of plain form with a raised border supported on three legs, marks rubbed, 9oz, 7.25in diam.SILVER100-120100
348A George III silver two handled loving cup with scrolling handles with a ribbed central band, supported on a circular domed base, makers mark for John Langland & John Robertson, Newcastle 1794, 5.5in h, 7.5in w.SILVER300-400300
349A mid Georgian silver tankard with scrolling handle, marks rubbed, 13.5oz, 5.25in h, 6.25in w.SILVER300-400310
350A George IV Tenier's silver teapot profusely embossed and chased in relief with tavern scenes and merriment, makers mark for Edward Farr, London 1828, 41.5oz, 11in w, 8.5in h.SILVER1,500-2,0001450
351A pair of George II Irish silver potato rings pierced and decorated with a harpist, game birds, hunters and a flutist, each with open cartouche amongst scrolling leaf and flowers, makers mark for Daniel Popkins, Dublin 1759, (no liners), each 14oz, 7.5in diam, 4.25in h.SILVER1,500-2,000Unsold
352A George III chalice with a Greek key incised band over a lobed knop with a lobed base, supported on a tapering column with a circular stepped base, with filled base, makers mark for R & S Hennel, London 1806, 7.5in h.SILVER200-250330
353A George III coffee pot of baluster form with incised Heraldic Crest, having a hinged dome cover with flame finial, scrolling pouring spout and supported on a circular gadroon formed base, makers mark for William Grundy, London 1773, 28.5oz, 11in h.SILVER400-500880
354A George II sauceboat with wide pouring lip and shaped rim, having a cast double scroll handle with three cabriole legs with pad feet and lion mask terminals, makers mark for William Williams, London 1746, 19oz, 9in w.SILVER300-400620
355An early 20c Continental silver dish of oval pierced form with carrying handles, makers mark for Herbert Hoolskaas, 9.6oz, 11in w.SILVER90-120Unsold
356A late Victorian teapot of compressed globular form, the hinged dome cover with flower and leaf finial, having scroll handles and supported on cast rococo style feet, London 1900, 21oz, 11.5in diam.SILVER150-200230
357A Continental coffee service, profusely embossed, comprising quartrefoil tray with raised border, coffee pot, sucrier and cream jug together with two coffee cups with lift out porcelain liners, .800std, 45oz, the tray 12.5in w.SILVER400-500480
358A late Georgian teapot of oval form, chased with opposing laurel wreath under a foliate upper band with hinged domed cover, composite handle and finial, makers mark for Hannah Northcote, London 1799, 15.5oz, 11.5in w, 6.75in h.SILVER150-200180
359A Georgian two handled sucrier and a cream jug, both of angular design with bands of acorn and oak leaf, makers mark rubbed, London 1800, 11.5oz, sucrier 8.5in w, cream jug 5in w.SILVER120-150120
360A mid Victorian Georgian style silver salver on hexagonal form with a raised shell case border, foliate engraved with shell work and central motif, supported on scrolling feet, Sheffield 1863, 13.5oz, 8.5in diam.SILVER130-150115
361A late Georgian silver circular salver with a raised shell and gadroon cast border, Sheffield 1816, 15.9oz, 9in diam.SILVER150-180170
362A Georgian style silver two handled tea tray with gadrooned and leaf carved edged, London 1931, 85oz, 25in w.SILVER650-750750
363An early 20c silver four piece tea and coffee service, comprising teapot, coffee pot, sucrier and cream jug, all with panel decoration, Birmingham 1925/26, 65oz, teapot 10in w, coffee pot 9in h.SILVER500-600450
364A 20c Georgian style silver rose bowl with stepped and scroll cast upper rim having carrying handles and supported on a stepped circular base, makers mark for Mappin & Webb, Birmingham 1929, 40.4oz, 10.25in w. together with a wooden stand.SILVER300-350450
365A late Georgian silver plated pap boat, 5.5in l.SILVERPLATE40-6035
366A boxed set of six late Victorian silver plated napkin rings, no.1 to 6 and with bright cut leaf decoration.SILVERPLATE40-6032
367A late 19c/early 20c silver plated two bottle ink stand of oval form with pen tray and mounted with two whippets and supported on circular stepped bun feet, 11in w.SILVERPLATE150-180210
368A late 19c/early 20c silver plate biscuit warmer, folding and fitted with pierced grills within a rustic frame with central carrying handle, 7inw, 10in h.SILVERPLATE100-150110
369A pair of late Victorian white opalescent bottle vases of baluster form with tall tapering necks painted with flowers within gilt bands and pink painted panels, each 12in h.GLASSWARE100-15090
370A pair of late 19c/early 20c Continental clear facet and diamond cut vases with short stems, on circular star cut bases, vases painted with a band of mountainous landscapes with villages amongst trees, 9.75in h.GLASSWARE150-200170
371A Edwardian cut glass small claret jug of slight baluster form with vertical cut panels and band of engraved flower heads with silver plated mount with hinged cover having cut glass finial and a threaded handle, 7.5in h.GLASSWARE40-6075
372An Edwardian cut and moulded clear glass jug with silver collar and pouring spout and having a star cut stopper, 6.5in h.GLASSWARE50-7075
373A late Victorian clear glass goblet, fruiting vine engraved, the bowl with facet cut base on a cut column with a circular star cut base, 6.75in h.GLASSWARE40-50Unsold
374A 1960's Scandinavian Flygsfors Tribal Range vase designed by Wiktor Berndt, burnt amber in colour with copper collar and protruding knobs, signed to base 'Flygsfors Berndt', 5.75in h.GLASSWARE40-6020
375A mid 20c Scandinavian Flygsfors Coquille bowl designed by Paul Kedelv, decorated in blue, pink and with white enamel, large bowl 11.5in w, together with three smaller bowls 5.25in h, each signed to base.GLASSWARE70-10040
376A mid 20c Scandinavian Flygsfors vase designed by Paul Kedelv, blue and pink with a lobed base and of tapering form, signed, 15.75in h.GLASSWARE50-8030
377A mid 20c Scandinavian Flygsfors peacock vase designed by Wiktor Berndt, colourway grey, signed to base, 7.5in h.GLASSWARE40-60Unsold
378A mid 20c Scandinavian Afors facet cut vase with clear and amber panels with engraved floral decoration, signed to base, 8in h.GLASSWARE40-60Unsold
379A Swedish Skruf Lars Hellsten clear frosted owl vase, signed to base, 9in h.GLASSWARE40-60Unsold
380A Swedish Stromberg vase engraved with birds in a tree with frosted trunk, signed to base 'Stromberg Shyttan, numbered 31145/C1254, Sweden' , 11.25in h.GLASSWARE60-8035
381An Orrefors Vicke Lindstrand Stella Polaris blue tinted vase of lobed form, together with a Sven Palmqvist vase of globular form, both signed to base, 8.5in & 6.25in h.GLASSWARE70-10035
382Three Swedish Kosta Boda clear glass vases comprising a Bengt Edenfalk Colonna vase, a Goran Warff teardrop shaped vase and one other designed by Vicke Lindstrand, vases between 7in & 10in h.GLASSWARE100-150Unsold
383A Kosta Boda cased amber rectangular vase by Vicke Lindstrand, 6.5in h.GLASSWARE40-6050
384An Orrefors Tusen Fonster clear glass panelled vase by Simon Gate, 7.5in h.GLASSWARE40-6030
385A French Daum Nancy thick walled clear glass bowl, floraform shape, signed, 6in h, 9in w.GLASSWARE50-8020
386An unsigned art glass vase, cased blue with enamel splatter decoration, 7.75in h.GLASSWARE40-6060
387A large, possibly Scandinavian, glass paperweight with central sulphide type galloping horse, the reverse with moulded carved type landscape decoration, signed indistinctly, 5in h, 5.5in w.GLASSWARE50-8090
388An Orrefors commemorative engraved vase, King Edmund Saint and Marta 1870/1970, engraved by Felix White, 7.75in h.GLASSWARE40-60Unsold
389A Kosta Boda Domino dish by Bertil Vallien, signed to base, 8.5in sq.GLASSWARE70-100160
390A Kosta Boda Bertil Vallien model of a boat, together with a wooden stand, signed, boat 7.5in w.GLASSWARE40-60230
391A 20c Scandinavian clear glass fruit bowl, etched with leaf and berry design, signed indistinctly to base, 12in diam.GLASSWARE40-60Unsold
392An Orrefors blue Sputnik bowl by Lars Hellsten, numbered 5249/13, 6in h, 7.25in w.GLASSWARE100-15060
393An Iittala Timo Sarpaneva designed Claritas vase, signed to base and dated 2005, 8in h.GLASSWARE200-300230
394An early 20c French wheel engraved cameo glass vase with floral decoration, unsigned, 8.25in h.GLASSWARE150-200350
395A 19c Continental paperweight with multi coloured ground surrounded by a rope twist border, signed indistinctly to core, 3.75in diam.GLASSWARE100-150Unsold
396A pair of 18c Chinese blue and white saucers painted with European flowers, one a/f, 5.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS30-5020
397A small Chinese blue and white plate painted with two figures in conversation by prunus root and fence, four character reign mark to base, small chips to footrim, 4in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS60-80110
398A Chinese blue and white bowl painted with figures in a garden with fence, trees and bats, Kangxi period, 6in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400100
399A Chinese blue and white bowl, the exterior painted with figures amongst trees and a flying bat, the interior with a mountainous landscape, base signed, chips to footrim, 7.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-40093
400A pair of Chinese blue and white stem cups each painted with willow tree and mountainous landscapes within blue line borders, rim fritting, 2.5in h, 3in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-300520
401A Chinese blue and white footed bowl painted with deer, insects and grasses, base signed, 3.25in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-150110
402A Chinese blue and white plate painted with exotic birds flying amongst trees and shrubs, 7in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-150110
403A Chinese blue and white teardrop vase painted with four ladies and two rabbits, two character mark to base, 3.75in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS120-160300
404A Chinese blue and white baluster vase painted with alternating panels of figures and flowers, 5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS130-150240
405A pair of Blanc de Chine stem cups moulded with butterflies and flowers, the interiors with blue and white diaper cell borders, 4.25in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-300170
406A pair of Chinese blue and white candlesticks painted with exotic birds and flowers, 6in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-17040
407A pair of Chinese blue and white vases painted with artefacts, four character reign marks to base, 6in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-200140
408A Chinese lobed bowl each side painted with figures within reserves of applied scrolls and lotus buds, firing cracks, a/f, 2.75in w, 2.75in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-15070
409A Chinese famille rose bowl painted with figures within gilt reserves and scattered flowers on a moulded bianco-sopra-bianco ground and having blue cell inner border and central flower, 5.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS180-220100
410A pair of Chinese blue and white wedge shaped weight measures painted in dark blue with Oriental flowers, 4in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS40-6090
411A Chinese famille verte plate painted with the eight horses of Mu Wang within a cell and floral border, 8.25in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS120-160320
412A Satsuma baluster vase decorated with panel of a pheasant amongst wisteria and a gathering of ladies, together with a baluster vase with tall neck and flared rim decorated with figures in a garden setting, base signed, 5in & 5.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS90-12080
413A 19c Chinese Yi-hsing teapot f compressed bulbous form, lobed, and with cane handle, incised marks to base, 6in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS40-6060
414A pair of 20c Chinese large fish bowls with famille verte decoration and fish painted interior, 20.5in diam, 18in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-300Unsold
415A 19c Chinese famille rose small teapot decorated with figures in garden settings, 4.25in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS60-80Unsold
416A 19c Chinese blue and white decorated teapot with strainer and cover, 5.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS60-8050
417An Oriental famille verte ewer decorated with panels of finch amongst blossom and figures in a garden setting, four character mark to base, 6.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-140100
418A 19c famille rose tankard decorated with four figures in an interior, together with birds and insects amongst blossom, with gilt highlights, 4.75in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS90-120Unsold
419A 19c Chinese famille rose dish of circular form decorated with four panels with figures flowers and birds, 11in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-140Unsold
420A 19c Oriental famille verte dish decorated with flowers, birds and insects with gilt metal rim and base stand, seal mark to base, 10.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-120Unsold
421A 19c Oriental charger profusely decorated with birds, figures and insects and figurative panels, 16in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400Unsold
422A 19c blue and white foliate decorated small dish globed and with seal mark to base, 5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS40-60Unsold
423A late 18c/early 19c Chinese relief moulded teapot decorated with insects and foliate sprays, with blue border to pot and cover, 8in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-150160
424A 19c small Chinese famille rose dish painted with a panel of fisherman within blue decorated outer border spaced with gilt ducks and birds, a/f, 10in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS50-8040
425A 19c Oriental tea cup and saucer, both lobed and decorated with fruiting blossom in Imari colours, a/f.ORIENTAL CERAMICS40-50Unsold
426A pair of famille verte baluster vases decorated with panels of figures in village settings, six character marks to base, one with a domed lid a/f, each 7.25in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS70-100Unsold
427Two Kangxi period baluster vases, one painted with a lady teacher and children, the other two panels of lady and child in garden setting, both with domed covers and four character mark to bases, a/f, each 9.25in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-250Unsold
428An Oriental fish bowl in famille rose colours, inside painted with three fish, 11in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS70-100Unsold
429A pair of 19c Chinese famille rose baluster vases, the neck and shoulders decorated in relief with gilt reptiles and decorated with panels of officials receiving subjects in a courtroom setting, each 17.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS500-700620
430An early 20c Noritake two handled vase and cover decorated in low relief with bead and giltwork and painted with lake scenes, a/f, 8in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-140Unsold
431A pair of blue glazed 19c Oriental baluster vases and covers, with beaded panels decorated with fish and flowers, each 8.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS500-700Unsold
432A 19c Canton famille rose large teapot with gilt highlights and panel decoration, 11.5in w, 8.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-3001450
433An Oriental pottery baluster vase with pronounced rim, short neck and circular base, flambe decorated in shades of red and blue, 9.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-150420
434A Chinese Northern Wei 4c/5c sculpted marble figure on a later base, 8.25in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400300
435A Chinese Tang Dynasty Lokopala standing on a dwarf, 7c/8c AD, 16in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-300Unsold
436A Chinese large Tang Dynasty Courtier figure 7c/8c, 21in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400Unsold
437A Chinese Tang Dynasty large Sancai military figure 7c/8c AD, 25.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400350
438A Chinese Song Dynasty 10c/11c green glazed jar and cover with calligraphy to interior, possibly Sanskait, 10.5in diam, 14.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400Unsold
439A Chinese Song Dynasty 11c/12c saucer, degraded glaze, 5.25in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS30-50Unsold
440A Chinese Han Dynasty figure c.220BC, 3.75in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS40-60Unsold
441A Chinese Song Dynasty 12c/13c globular pot and cover, brown glazed, possibly Southern China, 3.25in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS80-10040
442A Chinese Song Dynasty 11c/12c small saucer, celadon glazed, 3.25in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS40-50Unsold
443A Chinese Song Dynasty 12c/13c small celadon pot with pierced base, 2.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS30-40Unsold
444A Chinese Song Dynasty 12c/13c celadon jar with pinched neck and flared rim, with oil spots, 6.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-200Unsold
445A Chinese neolithic pot 3-5000BC, with random ringed decoration, 6.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-200Unsold
446A pair of Chinese Song Dynasty 10c/11c grain jars with lids, celadon glazed with figurative and naturalistic moulded decoration, the pinnacle lids with exotic birds finials, each 36in h with lids.ORIENTAL CERAMICS700-900Unsold
447A Chinese famille verte plate painted in iron, green and yellow with flowers, and an insect, rim fritting, six character reign mark to base, 8.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS120-150160
448An English Delft plate decorated in dark blue and brown with central stylised flower spray within a blue line inner and blue and brown outer borders, the plate initialled IBA and dated 1724, a/f, 8.25in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-1601500
449A pair of Bristol Delft plates c.1760 having lobed bianco-sopra-bianco borders, the centres painted in blue, green, brown and white with a figure before a pagoda and three fences, the underside painted with almond branches, small rim and glaze chips, 8.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300280
450A pair of English polychrome Delft plates painted in blue, green. brown and yellow with an Oriental lady, flowers and a butterfly, one very a/f, 7.75in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS140-160180
451A pair of English Delft plates painted in blue and manganese with a cottage within a border of sponged manganese trees, c.1750, a/f, 7.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-250160
452A 17c small blue and white Delft pot with two close handles, the base with three feet (one missing), the pot simply decorated in blue with stylised flowers and uneven blue line borders, 1.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-160220
453An English Delft blue and white mug painted with a pagoda, rock and trees, the handle with stylised flower heads, a/f, 3.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-1601400
454An English Delft blue and white water bottle painted with a mountainous landscape scene, a long Eliza type figure and a seated figure in conversation beside a fence and bamboo, a/f, 6.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-3001150
455A Whieldon type tea canister of rectangular form decorated in a mottled brown and cream tortoiseshell glaze, each corner applied with a sprigged leaf, cover missing, firing cracks, 3.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300380
456A blue and white tea canister of pavilion form, the sides painted with a pagoda, rock, trees and birds, the lobed upper part with scattered flowers and blue line borders. Replacement metal cover, hairline crack to one side, 5in h overall.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-20080
457A miniature pearlware blue and white sparrowbeak jug painted with an Oriental pagoda, fence and trees, a/f, 2.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-8040
458A mid 19c Wedgwood pearlware custard pot and cover in the form of an artichoke, the leaves outlined in blue, the cover with bud finial, impressed mark to base, a/f, 25.75in h overall.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-80290
459A late 18c pearlware mug transfer printed with 'The Tale of the Pig and the Pot' in six verses surrounding a printed and overpainted illustration of Nancy, Roger, the Pig and the Pot, a/f, 4.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120270
460An 18c creamware condiment jug with label 'Vinagre' in blue, entwined handles and flower and leaf terminals, a/f, 4.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-6020
461A first period Worcester relief moulded two handled sauceboat painted in blue with 'Two Handled Sauceboat Landscape' pattern, workmans marks to interior,small rim chip, 6.5in l.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300170
462A first period Worcester blue and white moulded sauceboat painted with 'The Man with a Bomb' pattern, crescent mark to base, 8in l.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300300
463A first period Worcester blue and white sauceboat painted with 'The One Porter Landscape' pattern, small rim chips, 6.25in l.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-350260
464A Christian's Liverpool moulded blue and white sauceboat painted with an Oriental willow, rock, flower and fence, small rim chip, 6in l.EUROPEAN CERAMICS180-220150
465A first period Worcester blue and white moulded sauceboat painted with 'The Two Porter Landscape' pattern, crescent mark to base, 5in l.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-300210
466A Worcester blue and white strap moulded sauceboat painted with 'The Little Fisherman' pattern, workman's mark to base, 6.5in l.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-250190
467A Lowestoft baluster cream jug transfer printed in blue and white with 'The Lady and the Squirrel' pattern, a/f, 3.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-150190
468A Lowestoft baluster cream jug painted in blue and white with 'The House and Bridge' pattern, 3.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200150
469A Lowestoft lobed blue and white butter boat c.1768 painted with an Oriental design, blurred, indeterminate mark to footrim, very a/f, 2in l.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-7040
470A Worcester blue and white bucket shaped creamer or milk jug painted with a dragon and flaming pearl, crescent mark to base, 3in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-2001150
471A Lowestoft blue and white cream jug with shaped and gadrooned border, painted with a version of 'The Two Porter Landscape' pattern, the porters being back to back, 5in l.EUROPEAN CERAMICS220-250160
472A first period Worcester blue and white fluted cream jug painted with 'The Hollow Rock Lily' pattern, small chip to spout, crescent mark to base, 3.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-180200
473A first period Worcester blue and white butter boat of leaf shape with angular handle, painted with 'The Cannonball' pattern, no mark, minute rim chip, 1.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-100120
474A Worcester blue and white cream jug of high Chelsea ewer form, printed with 'The Fisherman & Cormorant' pattern, minute rim chip, 3.25in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS90-12060
475A first period Worcester blue and white sparrow beak baluster cream jug painted with 'The Cannonball' pattern, 3.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-160160
476A first period Worcester blue and white feather moulded cream jug painted with 'The Feather Mould Floral Spray' pattern, 4in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS140-160140
477A Pennington Liverpool transfer printed cream jug of high Chelsea ewer form, the printed pattern showing deer and trees within decorative scrolling reserves, no mark, 3.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-250130
478A first period Worcester blue and white butter boat, leaf moulded and painted with a rose spray, 3.5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-150130
479A Worcester blue and white pickle dish painted with 'The Pickle Leaf Vine' pattern, crescent mark to base, footrim chips, 3.5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS90-13060
480A Worcester shell moulded dish painted with 'The Two Peony Rock Bird' pattern, workmans marks, chips to footrim, 3in l.EUROPEAN CERAMICS160-18060
481A Bow blue and white childs mug naively painted with a Chinaman seated beneath a Willow tree, the reverse side with a fisherman and boat, the interior with uneven blue line border, c.1754, a/f, 2.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-30060
482A Bow blue and white child's mug painted with peony and fence within a chevron border, hairline glaze crack, 2.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-350Unsold
483A first period Worcester blue and white mug painted with 'The Walk in the Garden' pattern, workmans mark to base, 4.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS220-32070
484A first period Worcester blue and white patty pan painted with 'The Peony' pattern, crescent mark to base, 4.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS140-18095
485An 18c Derby blue and white teabowl and saucer transfer printed with an Oriental figure seated beside a table with attendants within a double blue line borders, c.1770, teabowl a/f, teabowl 3.5in h, saucer 5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120200
486A first period Worcester blue and white teabowl and saucer painted with 'The Cannonball' pattern, teabowl 3in h, saucer 4.75in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-16040
487A first period Worcester blue and white fluted coffee cup and saucer printed with 'The Prunus Root' pattern, workmans marks to bases, teabowl 2in h, saucer 3.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-160210
488A first period Worcester blue and white fluted teabowl and saucer painted with 'The Prunus Root' pattern, workmans mark to base, teabowl 2.5in h, saucer 4in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-160240
489A late 18c Lowestoft blue and white teabowl and saucer painted with 'The Man on a Bridge' pattern, teabowl 3in h, saucer 4.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS160-180230
490A first period Worcester teabowl and saucer painted with 'The Waiting Chinaman' pattern, teabowl 3in h, saucer 4.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-170100
491A first period Worcester blue and white coffee cup painted with 'The Warbler' pattern, no mark, 2.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120540
492A Christians Liverpool teabowl and saucer painted with 'The Bird on the Branch' pattern, c.1766, teabowl 3.25in h, saucer 5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-13060
493A Worcester 'Fence' pattern saucer, a 'Cannon Ball' pattern saucer and a bowl, 4in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-10090
494A Worcester blue and white plate with lobed leaf and berry garland border, central spray and scattered leaf sprays, 6in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120140
495A Bow blue and white basket moulded plate painted with flowers and insects, 7.5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-180160
496A first period Worcester blue and white bowl painted with 'The Precipice' pattern, 8in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS220-300130
497A first period Worcester trio of teabowl, coffee cup and saucer transfer printed in black and white with Robert Hancock's print of 'The Milkmaids' within a black line border, c.1770, no mark.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-22070
498A first period Worcester fluted coffee cup and saucer transfer printed with Hancock's 'The Tea Party' in puce camaieu, wear to gilding on borders and to part of saucer, fret mark to cup, c.1760 cup 2.75in h, saucer 5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS220-240100
499A Dr. Wall wall period Worcester teabowl and saucer transfer printed with 'The Temple of Minerva Medica' pattern.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-300310
500A Worcester lobed coffee cup and saucer painted in puce camaieu with a chinoiserie design depicting a house, tree, rock and bird, with seated and standing figures in animated conversation, no mark, cup 2.25in h, saucer 5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-350500
501A first period Worcester scale blue ground plate with lobed border decorated with coloured transfer prints of classical ruins within gilt scroll reserves, blue fret mark to base, chips to footrim, 7.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-160240
502An 18c Worcester Blanc de Chine moulded barrel shaped teapot, the cover with bud finial, a/f, 4.25in h overall.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-300280
503Three Bristol saucers each painted with a floral spray and scattered flowers within three gilt lines entwined with a blue ribbon and having gilt dentil borders, one saucer of lobed form, each with blue cross mark and numeral 3 to base, one a/f, each 5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200130
504A first period Worcester blue and white miniature trio of teabowl, coffee cup and saucer painted with 'The Rock Warbler' pattern, workmans marks, a/f, teabowl 2in h, cup 1.3/75in h, saucer 3in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-180200
505A first period Worcester blue and white small spoon or ladle, the handle moulded, the bow painted with a single rose, 4in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-160450
506A Bristol polychrome moulded cream boat painted with a garland of flowers beneath the lip and flower sprigs beside the handle. the body moulded with fruit and having a brown line border, blue cross mark and numeral mark to base, a/f, 4.5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-35050
507A Worcester polychrome cream jug of low Chelsea ewer form, acanthus moulded and painted with flower sprays, 2.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-25065
508A late 189c Worcester sparrow beak cream jug painted in the Imari style highlighted with gilding, small chip to footrim, 3.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS140-160150
509A Lowestoft polychrome baluster cream jug painted with Oriental figures within a black line and iron red border, 3.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS180-220220
510A Newhall helmet shaped cream jug painted with pattern no.273, 4.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-12045
511A Derby shall shaped cream jug painted with flower sprays, a/f, 4in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-16060
512A first period Worcester sparrow beak cream jug of baluster form printed in black with 'The King of Prussia' pattern, a/f, 3.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-15070
513A first period Worcester early 'Smoky Primitive' pickle shell transfer printed with 'The Flute Lesson', c.1754, a/f, 3in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-350200
514A first period Worcester cylindrical mug transfer printed in black with 'The King of Prussia', 4.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-350190
515A first period Worcester lobed spoon tray painted in the Kakiemon style with alternating panels of exotic birds and flowers, fret mark to base, 6in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS140-160310
516An 18c Lowestoft mug painted in polychrome with flower sprays within a blue 'berry' border, 3.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-250190
517An 18c Pinxton porcelain coffee can painted with chantilly type sprigs within blue line borders, numeral 13 in black to base, tiny glaze chip to rim, 2.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-160140
518An 18c Worcester porcelain teapot stand painted with central flower spray and scattered flowers within a lobed gilt dentil border, 5.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-150190
519An 18c polychrome coffee can painted with a flower spray and scattered flowers within a cell and leaf border, 2.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-16040
520A pair of late 18c Derby Mansion House Dwarfs, one with inverted funnel hat draped with a ribbon and bearing an advertisement, a staff in one hand wearing a colourful waistcoat with sash, the other dwarf wearing a wide brimmed conical hat, also draped with a sash and bearing an auction advertisement, he wears a yellow shirt, colourful waistcoat and yellow cummerbund. Both figures on circular flower encrusted pad bases with incised numerals 227, one with crown and D mark, slightly a/d, 7in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS400-600300
521An early 19c Derby two handled chocolate cup and cover painted with bands of Billingsley type roses on a white ground with gilt diamond pattern, no saucer, cover with gilt ring handle, chip to flange, 4.5in h overall.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300270
522A 19c Staffordshire chamber taperstick of leaf form painted with flowers within a gilt line border and having a ring handle, 2in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-7030
523A Worcester teabowl transfer printed with 'The Fisherman and Cormorant' pattern together with a Liverpool and one other teabowlEUROPEAN CERAMICS70-9040
524An English blue and white Delft bowl painted with fence and flowers in the Oriental style a/f, 7.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-90Unsold
525A late 18c pearlware jug with entwined handles and flower and leaf terminals, the jug painted with houses, trees, flowers and birds, a/f, 6in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS90-120Unsold
526An 18c pearlware mug entitled 'The Prodigal Son Toasted on his Return'. Transfer printed and overpainted with scene of family feasting within an iron red line border, a/f, 3.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-100140
527An 18c Derby Patty Pan painted with a central flower and scattered flowers within a blue dot and line border, crown and cross batons mark with 'D', 3.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-160Unsold
528A Newhall cream jug of silver shape painted with pattern number 208, 3.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120Unsold
529A Keeling (formerly factory x) teapot of oval wrythen form painted with pattern 126, 6in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120Unsold
530A Salopianware coffee cup and saucer transfer printed with the 'Temple' pattern.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-80Unsold
531An 18c Continental porcelain milk jug and cover with entwined handle and leaf terminals, the cover and jug with gilt dentil borders, a/f, 5.75in h overall.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-6025
532An early 19c Coalport spirally fluted teacup and saucer.EUROPEAN CERAMICS30-4025
533An early 19c Derby oval dish painted with flower sprays within gilt border, puce mark to base, 8.5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120Unsold
534An early 19c porcelain vase painted with flowers and having gilt borders and circular foot, small hairline crack, 4in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-50Unsold
535A Marcolini period Meissen cup and saucer painted with flowers, the handle with upper leaf terminals, cross swords and star mark in blue to base, a/f.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-13060
536Three 19c Derby plates all attributed to William Billingsley, crown and crossed batons mark in puce to base, numeral 2 in footrims, 8.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS300-400Unsold
537A blue and white Dutch Delft plate painted with a blossoming tree and a fence within a border of stylised flowers, a/f, 9in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120Unsold
538Two Coalport dessert plates, each with central flower, green border and floral reserves with gilding, 9in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-5035
539A Vienna porcelain tea canister and cover of rectangular form painted with classical figures within gilt scroll and cell borders and gilt flowers on a dark blue ground, beehive mark to base, 5in h overall.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300Unsold
540An 18c pottery figure of a young woman in a brown bonnet and blue sprigged dress, a/f, 4.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-7020
541A pair of early 19c miniature Staffordshire figures of zebras, each on an oval green mould base, a/f, 2.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-70400
542A pair of 19c figures of red and white dogs with spotted coats on oval bases, 3in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-14030
543A Chamberlains Worcester pastille burner of blue ground, the conical cover with gilt flame finial and painted with a floral spray within gilt reserves and standing on a square base with four paw feet, Chamberlains mark to interior of cover, a/f, 5in h overall.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-160160
544A pair of 19c lilac pastille burners in the form of cottages applied with flowers and shredded clay decoration, each 4.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120Unsold
545Two 19c cottage pastille burners, a/f, 4.25in h & 3.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-7050
546Three 19c pastille burners being two cottages and one lilac castle, all applied with flowers, a/f, 3.25in, 3.5in & 5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-9060
547A pair of 19c Staffordshire greyhound penholders, on blue oval bases, a/f, 6in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-7045
548A pair of 19c Staffordshire penholder figure groups of red and white spaniels on blue oval bases, each having a standing and a recumbent dog, one a/f, 7in h & 6.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-140130
549Two Sunderland splash lustre religious plaques, 'Prepare to meet thy God' & 'Praise ye the Lord', each 9in x 8in.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-12050
550A 19c Jacob Petit vase painted and applied with flowers and supported on a blue and gilt mound and scroll gilded base, 8.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS130-160Unsold
551A Riley's semi china part dessert service transfer printed in blue and white with the 'Eastern Street Scene' and consisting of a pedestal dish with rope handles and two oval plates, all with open work borders, one a/f, dish 10.5in w, plates 9.5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-14030
552A Salopian oval lobed blue and white dish transfer printed with 'The Conversation' pattern, impressed mark to base, 10in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-60Unsold
553An early 19c blue and white pearlware plate transfer printed with 'The Boston State House' pattern, impressed mark to reverse, 8.25in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-60Unsold
554A Minton blue and white plate transfer printed with 'The Queen of Sheba' pattern, no mark, 9.25in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-50Unsold
555An early 19c pearlware plate by Henshall Williamson & Co, transfer printed with 'Audley End' pattern, 9.75in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-60Unsold
556An early 19c Elkins & Sons meat plate transfer printed with 'View of Warwick Castle', the reverse marked 'Warren' in blue, 17in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS160-200Unsold
557A Carl Thieme Potschappel porcelain figurine with mirrored base, modelled as a lady in colourful floral decorated dress holding a fan, mark to base T over fish in gilt, 8in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200Unsold
558A 19c Vienna style porcelain cream jug and lid decorated in the Oriental style, blue beehive mark to base, 3.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-8025
559A Worcester porcelain basket on stand, painted with a riverscape close to a town with cathedral, having a fixed carry handle, moulded edge and with gilt highlights, 5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-120Unsold
560A 19c Davenport stone china sauce bowl and cover of ovoid form with a dome lift off cover, having a melon finial, foliate decorated and with gilt highlights and supported on four blue glaze and gilt decorated legs, Davenport mark to base, 7.25in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-100Unsold
561An early 20c Royal worcester pot pourri vase and cover painted with fruit, Royal Worcester marks to base, date mark for 1907, 8in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300580
562A late 19c Continental porcelain lobed box and cover with gilt brass rims, the dome cover painted with the scene of courtiers and signed 'A Luc', the body painted with floral sprays betwix gilt and blue ground panels, 9.5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-100200
563A pair of late 19c Continental porcelain pots and covers of oval lobed form, the domed with gilt metal rims, the domed covers painted with floral sprays within gilt borders, this repeated to the lobed body, each 5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-120Unsold
564A late 19c/early 20c Meissen dessert set comprising two fruit bowls with reticulated shaped borders, floral painted panels within gilt reserves together with five plates of similar design, all with blue cross sword marks to base, bowls 9in diam, plates 9in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300300
565An early 19c Walton figure of an ewe and lamb, with floral bocage, signed 'Walton', 7in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-10070
566A collection of 58 blue and white tiles painted with birds and flowers, previously fire decoration and required cleaning, each 5in sq.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300180
567A French faience wine cooler, of two handled oval form with blue based white relief moulded bands of flowers and scrollwork and bearing the Armorial crest of Chateau du Versailles on opposing sides, 17.5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS300-400Unsold
568An Art Deco Clarice Cliff Nasturtium bowl, shape no.454, Bizarre stamp to base, 10in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-15090
569An Art Deco Clarice Cliff Nasturtium bowl, Bizarre mark stamp to base,7.75in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-100110
570An Art Deco Clarice Cliff Nasturtium conical sugar sifter, Bizarre stamp to base, 5.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120230
571Three Art Deco Clarice Cliff preserve pots and cover, comprising ovoid shape 5in h, cylindrical 3.75in h, and beehive 4in h, each stamped with Clarice Bizarre mark to bases.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300230
572An Art Deco Clarice Cliff 'Isis' Nasturtium jug, Clarice Bizarre stamp to base, 9.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-300320
573An Art Deco Clarice Cliff Gayday vase of cylindrical form with flared rim, Clarice Bizarre stamp to base, 6.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-8080
574An Art Deco Clarice Cliff Floreat bowl, Clarice Fantasque factory stamp to base, 7.5in diam, 3.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-150100
575An Art Deco Clarice Cliff Floreat milk jug, shape 42, Fantasque Clarice mark to base, 3.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-8060
576An Art Deco Clarice Cliff Floreat vase with ribbed and ovoid form, shape no.362, Fantasque Clarice mark to base, 8in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS180-220330
577An Art Deco Clarice Cliff Floreat conical water jug, 6.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-150190
578A Royal Worcester water jug decorated on a ivory ground with floral decoration, gilt trim and highlights, date code for 1889, 7.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-8040
579A Royal Worcester miniature ewer decorated on a blush ivory ground with floral gilt highlighted decoration and trim, date code for 1903, 6.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-8030
580A Royal Worcester milk jug decorated on a blush ivory ground with gilt coral handle and shell rim, floral decorated with gilt highlights and trim, date code for 1903, stamped to base, 4.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-6035
581A late 19c/early 20c Royal Worcester jug of globular form shape no.1376, blossom decoration with gilt highlights and trim, 5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-8040
582A Royal Worcester lobed vase coral and shell neck and rim, decorated on a blush ivory ground with floral decoration with gilt highlights and trim, shape no.1507, date code for 1893, 7.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-10035
583A Royal Worcester oval fluted sugar and cream on foot decorated on a blush ivory ground with floral and blossom decoration and gilt highlighted and with gilt trim, date code for 1892, shape no.1252, 3.75in h, 6.25in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-8040
584A small Royal Worcester hand painted Hadley Rose pot pourri, date code for 1910, stamped to base, 3in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-8025
585A Royal Worcester vase and cover of baluster form with tapering neck with hand painted floral decoration by F J Bray, date code for 1912, cover slightly a/f, 9.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-150110
586A Meissen porcelain figurine of a boy holding cane and posy, wearing a blue and white suit with gilt highlights, factory mark to base, 5.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-100Unsold
587A Meissen porcelain figurine of a girl with flowers and apron with floral dress and a vase of flowers by her side, factory mark to base. 5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS90-100100
588A mid 20c Moorcroft baluster Anemone vase decorated on a green ground, signed and impressed to base, 10in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-15090
589A Moorcroft for Liberty Edward VII Coronation mug with wording to base from Mr & Mrs Lazenby, Liberty, The Lee Manor, Bucks, 4in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-15090
590A Poole pottery Atlantis helmet lamp by Guy Sydenham 1972-1977, impressed factory mark to base with monogram, model A12, a/f, 12in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-150120
591A 19c Martin Brothers miniature vase with incised scrolled decoration on a brown ground with blue rim, dated to base 1/87, inscribed Martin Bros. London, 1.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200290
592A Beswick model of a belted Galloway bull, model 1746B, unsigned, 4.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS300-400Unsold
593A Lladro Gres figure titled 'Letters to Dulcinea', model 3509, 15.25in h with certificate,a/f.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-300Unsold
594A Lladro Gres figure titled 'A New Hairdo', model 2070, 22.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-300Unsold
595An early 19c silkwork by Elizabeth Anne Towill, December 13th 1836, taken from Kings Chapter 19 verse 5, 'And as he lay and slept under a juniper tree behold then an angel touched him and said arise and eat', framed and glazed, 12in x 11.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-100240
596A 19c woolwork picture - HMS Victory, framed and glazed, 13.5in x 17.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-100230
597A late 18c silkwork miniature sampler alphabetical and numerical with verse, flowers and birds by Anne Attfield, Ten years 1789, framed and glazed, 7.5in x 3.75in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150210
598A pair of 19c sikwork relief panels comprising a basket of flowers and a two handled vase of flowers and roses, oval framed and glazed, 10.5in x 15in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150250
599A mid 19c needlework alphabetical and numerical sampler, the work of Mary Walker, aged eleven, 1848, framed and glazed, 15in x 15in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150170
600A 19c needlework sampler with verse worked with butterflies, birds and insects, by Eliea Worbye, framed and glazed, 16in x 12.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150420
601A 19c needlework sampler, worked with a central tree of life with panels of birds, angels and bowls of fruit, by Sarah A E Phillips, framed and glazed, 10in x 12in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-10080
602A 19c Oriental silkwork panel with painted highlights depicting a family on a veranda amongst trees, birds and flowers, with script, framed and glazed, 21in x 15.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-2503200
603A 19c Oriental silkwork panel worked with a central peacock amongst flowers, birds and insects on a black silk background, signed, framed and glazed, 49.5in x 29.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS300-400400
604A late 18c/early 19c needlework sampler with verse within a border worked with a horse, deer, insects, animals, flowers and a tree of life, maple framed and glazed, a/f, 14in x 12in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-200140
605A Christopher Saxton 17c map of Lancashire, coloured, framed and glazed, 11.5in x 12in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS90-120Unsold
606Reform by W Stewkeley 1723 - a map of Roman Roads Britanniam, coloured, framed and glazed, 11.5in x 10in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS60-8065
607A map of Buckinghamshire by J Seller, framed and glazed, 5in x 5.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS40-50Unsold
608A map of Buckinghamshire by Robert Morden, coloured, framed and glazed, 16in x 13in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS90-12018
609A map of Australia, drawn and engraved by J Rapkin with illustrations by J Marchant and engraved by J B Allen, framed and glazed, 10.25in x 13in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS50-8028
610A John Speede map of Leicestershire c.1610, coloured, framed and glazed, 15in x 20in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-300Unsold
611A map of Oxfordfordshire from the Best Authorities, engraved by J Cary, published by John Stockdale 1805, framed and glazed, 21in x 16in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150Unsold
612An early 17c map of Buckinghamshire by Christopher Saxton, coloured, framed and glazed, 11in x 12in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150Unsold
613A map 'Les Environs de Londres' reformed by A Amsterdam Chez Pierre Mortier, coloured, framed and glazed, 19.5in x 22in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-200130
614An early 19c map of Hertfordshire being a Correct Map of Hertfordshire, coloured, framed and glazed, 5.5in x 6.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS40-6025
615A map of Hertfordshire, North from London with a explanatory script, W H Toms Sculpture, framed and glazed, 6in x 6in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS30-5018
616A road map of Hertfordshire with road distances from London to Wales with destinations, framed and glazed, 7in x 4in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS40-50Unsold
617A map of Hertfordshire engraved for Dugdales England and Wales, drawn and engraved by J Archer, framed and glazed, 8.25in x 9.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS40-60Unsold
618A map of the County of Hartfordshire with its hundreds and indicating the names of the hundreds, with scale, framed and glazed, 6.75in x 9in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS30-4015
619A T Kitchen map of Hertfordshire drawn from an accurate survey, coloured, framed and glazed, 7in x 9in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS40-60Unsold
620A 19c map of Hertfordshire with illustration of St Albans Abbey Church with explanation and reference to the hundreds, published by Pigot & Co London, framed and glazed, 9.25in x 14in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS60-8035
621A map of Hartfordshire described with the situations of Hartford performed by John Speede, framed and glazed, 15.5in x 20.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS120-150Unsold
622The Duke of Wellington - black and white engraving, framed and glazed, 8in x 6in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-100Unsold
623Peter Scott 1951 - Geese arriving, signed in pencil, stamped, framed and glazed, 15.5in x 21in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-100Unsold
624Craigie Aitchison- sheep in the moonlight 25/75, coloured print, framed and glazed, 26in x 21in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-200370
625Laura Knight - an infant in winter costume, black and white print, signed in pencil, framed, 12in x 11.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-100200
626A collection of six 18c black and white engravings of various gentleman, including Sir William Temple, Henry Bennett Earl of Arlington, John Duke of Lauderdale, John Dryden, Anthony Ashley Cooper Earl of Shaftsbury and Sidney Earl of Godolphin. A various collection of the Earl of Shaftsbury, the late Earl of Oxford and others, framed and glazed, 14in x 9in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-200Unsold
627Ben Herring - three 19c coloured fox hunting prints, The Meeting, The Start, and The Death, framed and glazed, each 8.5in x 15.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-100Unsold
628A series of six late 18c locations in Rome by Francesco Morelli, including Campidoglio, Basilica di S.Maria, Piazza di Monte Caballo, Piazza Navona, Fontan Dell'Acqua di Trevi and Basilica di S.Pietro in Vaticano, all circa 1790, framed and glazed, 14in x 8.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-25050
629A late 19c Japanese coloured print - picking flowers with script after Nakoijuna Saunko, framed and glazed, 10in x 7.75in together with a print of Kimono design.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-100Unsold
630Cecil Aldin - a series of six coloured fox hunting prints, no.106 published by Richard Wyman & Co, London, signed in pencil, framed and glazed, 7.5in x 12.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-20030
631A pair of coloured prints drawn on stone by J H Buckingham depicting the Triumphal Arches as erected in honour of Her Majesty Queen Victorian and Prince Albert passing through Gt. Berkhamsted to Woburn Abbey 26th July 1841 and the presentation of the address from the inhabitants of Gt. Berkhamsted to Her Majesty Queen Victorian and Prince Albert while changing horses at the Kings Arms In 26th July 1841, maple framed and glazed, each 8in x 10in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-300Unsold
632An early 19c hand coloured print with handwritten verse, titled 'The Cruse of Oil', accompanied by six biblical scenes, the handwritten script commencing 'The great business of youth is to improve their minds and morals..', Alexander Holderness, Christmas 1830 - printed and sold by E Langley, London, 18.5 in x 14.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-200Unsold
633A coloured poster print 'Daddy, What did you do in the Great War?', published by The Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, London - poster no.79. Designed and printed by Johnson, Riddle & Co Ltd, London SE, framed and glazed, 29.5in x 19.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS90-120280
634A book of 31 mini posters designed and photographed by Sam Haskins, each approx 19in x 13.75in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150Unsold
635Sam Haskins - Lady Apple, signed, framed and glazed photographic print, 22in x 21in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS50-80Unsold
636Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989) - 'The Elephant and Jupiters Monkey', framed and glazed coloured etching, signed in pencil and numbered in Roman numerals 52/120, 22.5in x 16.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS300-400350
637Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989) - 'Le Cour du Lion', framed and glazed coloured etching, signed in pencil and numbers 52/120, 22.5in x 15.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS300-400780
638John Piper - foliate heads 60/100, coloured print, signed in pencil, unframed, 17.5in x 22.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250700
639Stanley William Hayter - coloured abstract print 82/200, signed in pencil, unframed, 15.5in x 9.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-200320
640Stanley Wiliam Hayter 70 - Symmetry 98/100, signed, unframed, 23in x 19in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-300200
641George Forss - a collection of six titled monochrome photographs, Seagate 1984, 10in x 13in, Lincoln Tunnel exit 81, 8.25in x 13in, M.B 80, 7.75in x 13in, Winter - Central Park 1980, 9.5in x 13in, West New York 1981, 8.5in x 12.5, B.Bridge Linberty Centennial 1986, 7.5in x 15in, signed and titled in pencil, mounted on card.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS600-800100
642Unsigned early 19c Cufford Castle, the Chase near Chapborough and Berr Beacon from Castle Hill, watercolours, framed and glazed, each 5in x 8in.WATERCOLOURS100-15050
643Frederick E A Goff 1891/1900 - Blackfriars Bridge, St Pauls Cathedral beyond, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 4.25in x 6in.WATERCOLOURS200-250170
644Brian Irving - the sheep market, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 4.75in x 8in.WATERCOLOURS100-14050
645A 19c unsigned - a pair, Gothic cottage and fence together with park gate and pallisandes, pencil with watercolour wash, framed and glazed, each 4.5in x 7in.WATERCOLOURS40-6040
646- Hulk - early 19c washing clothes on the banks of a river, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 4in x 6in.WATERCOLOURS90-12055
647In the manner of David Cox 1783/1859 - figures on a beach close to the white cliffs, unsigned watercolours, forming part of the Anthony Belton Collection, framed and glazed, 5in x 5.75in.WATERCOLOURS200-250320
648Unsigned 19c monochrome black ink and colour wash - cattle drover close to a tower and a cottage, oval framed and glazed, 5in x 6in.WATERCOLOURS60-80Unsold
649Brian Irving - maternity ward, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 5in x 6.75in.WATERCOLOURS90-120105
650Unsigned 19c, Ship Westminster, pencil and watercolour, framed and glazed, 9in x 9.5in.WATERCOLOURS70-100Unsold
651Signed to reverse - The Reverend Mr Cook, Brook Mill, Derbyshire, unsigned watercolour, framed and glazed, 5.5in x 9.5in.WATERCOLOURS70-10040
652Unsigned late 18c/early 19c in the manner of H Alken - huntmans hound, framed and glazed, 5in x 6.75in.WATERCOLOURS100-140Unsold
653Banks and Barry Architects 1850 - Dornden view from the southeast, pen and ink highlighted in watercolour, signed and dated, maple framed and glazed, 7.5in x 15in.WATERCOLOURS100-14030
654Dame Ethel Walker - the monk and the peacocks, watercolour, information to reverse, framed and glazed, 7in x 4.75in.WATERCOLOURS100-14055
655Gabriela Rainer Istvanffy - white cat in a basket, signed on framed to reverse, watercolour, framed and glazed, 4in x 6in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
65619c Signed indistinctly - portrait of a young boy and young girl with a hoop, Henri Joseph Bemelmans and Eugene Francois Bemelmans - information to reverse, watercolours, framed and glazed, 5in x 3.75in.WATERCOLOURS100-14050
657Unsigned 19c - lady with a donkey and children on a village green surrounded by cottages, watercolour, framed and glazed, 9.5in x 14in.WATERCOLOURS100-140Unsold
658T M Richardson - On the Lochy, Inverness, signed and dated, framed and glazed, 10in x 22.5in.WATERCOLOURS300-400680
659Henry Stannard - Pheasants going to roost in a winterscape, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 13.75in x 25.5in.WATERCOLOURS200-300350
660T Mortimer - a pair, sailing and steam vessels off the coast & in an estuary setting, signed watercolours, framed and glazed, each 9in x 20in.WATERCOLOURS200-250Unsold
661A Allan - a pair, fishing boats near Galston, Yarmouth & fishing boats at Yarmouth, signed watercolours, framed and glazed, each 14in x 10in.WATERCOLOURS200-250160
662Unsigned 19c mother and child riding on a donkey being lead by the father, watercolour, framed, 24in x 27.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
663R Boys - a distressed lady at a doorway, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 19.75in x 11.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-150120
664William Ivatts - xmas 1839. Executed at Wendover Academy, the Lords Prayer, signed watercolour, maple framed and glazed, 28in x 18in, together with an explanation of the Lords Prayer executed by H Ivatts xmas 1839 at Wendover School, maple framed and glazed, 18in x 13.5in.WATERCOLOURS150-200100
665Thomas Groves 1823 - two figures on a shore line pathway with boats in the background, foxed watercolour, signed and dated, framed and glazed, 10in x 14in.WATERCOLOURS70-100Unsold
666Henry Stannard - a covey of partridges, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 13.75in x 25.5in.WATERCOLOURS150-200200
667Henry Stannard - a grouse drive, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 13.5in x 26in.WATERCOLOURS150-200250
668David Woodlock - San Georgio, Venice, signed and titled watercolour, framed and glazed, 10.5in x 7in.WATERCOLOURS90-120Unsold
669Caroline Prescott - Lake Lugano, watercolour, information to reverse, framed and glazed, 7.75in x 14in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
670A K Starre - East Anglian waterway with windmill,signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 7.5in x 17.25in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
671Leopold Rivers 1850/1905 - The Day's End, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 9.5in x 20.5in.WATERCOLOURS150-180Unsold
672JC White - a pair, Victorian rural scenes, thatched cottage and figure by the gateway & the old mill with horses fording the river, signed watercolours, framed and glazed, 6.75in x 10in.WATERCOLOURS200-300Unsold
673Stefano Legnanino 1660/1715 - a 17c medical procedure, watercolour, unframed, 7.5in x 9in, together with the holy family with apostle, unframed watercolour, 8in x 5.5in and an unsigned watercolour sketch of Albam, 7in x 12.5in.WATERCOLOURS200-300160
674John Farquharson - Cattle and drover, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 6in x 9in.WATERCOLOURS90-12035
675George Charlton - nude study of a female form, signed, pen, framed and glazed, 8in x 3.25in.WATERCOLOURS50-80Unsold
676Jacques Camus - nude study of a female, signed pencil, unframed, 15.5in x 9.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
677Ronald Searle - Now pass the rat's blood, signed ink and pencil, framed and glazed, 11in x 8in.WATERCOLOURS250-3004100
678William M Innes - Bluebell wood, signed gouache, framed and glazed, 11in x 16in.WATERCOLOURS90-120160
679William M Innes - A coastal path, signed gouache, framed and glazed, 11.75in x 16in.WATERCOLOURS90-120220
680Denys George Wells 1881/1973 - rebuilding after the war - Jermyn Street, signed watercolour and pencil, framed and glazed, 18in x 11.5in.WATERCOLOURS70-10055
681Harry Sheldon - The end of the hard, Pin Mill, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 10.5in x 8.5in.WATERCOLOURS70-10065
682E A R Ennion - Little owls and goldcrest, signed 'Ennion', watercolour, framed and glazed, 19.5in x 14.5in.WATERCOLOURS70-1001550
683E A R Ennion - Choughs, signed 'Ennion', watercolour, framed and glazed, 19.5in x 14.5in.WATERCOLOURS70-1001700
684Gordon King - portrait of Caroline Leigh Cavanagh 1997, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 26in x 20in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
685Erte no 18.602 Dez Rosen Kavalier - 2nd setting, 1st act, signed pastiche, framed and glazed, 10in x 14in.WATERCOLOURS300-400350
686C Moser 1932 - Tyrolean lady in traditional costume, signed and dated, mixed media, framed and glazed, 11.25in x 9in.WATERCOLOURS500-700Unsold
687C Plap 81 - Cockerel and three hens in a barn, signed and dated, oil on board, framed, 6.5in x 10in.OIL PAINTINGS150-20060
688A 19c signed indistinctly - a pair, timber wagon in a landscape & mother and child with cattle in landscape, oil on panels, framed, each 10in x 13.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-250Unsold
689Mono AJ 19c - a pair, three sheep in a barn, oil on board,framed, each 5.25in x 10.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-20050
690Stuart Park - pink blossom in a glass vase, signed, oil on canvas, unframed, 24in x 18in.OIL PAINTINGS800-1,000Unsold
691C W D (signed indistinctly) - Continental scene, village street in a mountain setting with a rocky back drop, signed, oil on board, framed, 12.5in x 17.5in.OIL PAINTINGS250-300Unsold
692Unsigned - still life, fruit, oil on board, framed, 11.5in x 15.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
693In the manner of G Varonne 1900 - Motio Cei Guttenstein, unsigned, oil on board, framed, 16in x 20in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
694H Markham - two cavaliers and horses, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 23in x 15.75in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400Unsold
695Unsigned 19c - still life vase of roses and flowers, oil on board, framed, 16.5in x 13in.OIL PAINTINGS200-25080
696Unsigned 19c - still life fruit and a basket, oil on canvas, framed, 15in x 19in.OIL PAINTINGS200-25090
697S Clark - thatched cottage in a river setting, signed oil on canvas, framed, 19.5in x 29.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-250Unsold
698J Langlois - two terriers ratting, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 9.5in x 13.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-300180
699J Whitelaw-Hamilton - 19c Dutch quayside setting, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 25in x 29.5in.OIL PAINTINGS300-4001450
700Zuccarelli - early 19c Continental scene with three riders resting with their horses viewing a fortified lake scene. unsigned, oil on canvas, framed, 12.5in x 16.5in.OIL PAINTINGS400-600300
701Unsigned 19c - shepherd with his flock in a woodland pathway close to a cottage beyond a pond, oil on canvas, framed, 23in x 19in.OIL PAINTINGS250-300Unsold
702R Colis - Near Llanberis, North Wales, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 19.5in x 29.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-300Unsold
703H Wenkel - Scandinavian winter landscape, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 25in x 35in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400Unsold
704Unsigned 19c - fisherman entering harbour in very rough seas, unsigned, oil on canvas, framed, 24.5in x 29in.OIL PAINTINGS400-600750
705Picard - two dandies approaching ladies in a street scene of the period, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 35.5in x 47in.OIL PAINTINGS250-300Unsold
706Unsigned - a baroque painting in the Rubens style, Mythological figures outside and approaching a cave in an Italian landscape, oil on canvas, framed, 25in x 40in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400580
707Vernon Ward - a vase of pink blossom, signed, oil on board, framed, 15in x 22in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200160
708Henry Maidment 1890/1910 - a pair, figure on a wooden bridge close to a cottage & corn stooks with figure on a working horse close to a cottage, signed in mono HM, dated 97, oil on canvas, framed, each 11.5in x 23.5in.OIL PAINTINGS400-500550
709W P Hollyer - a pair, Scotch sheep & Highland cattle, signed oil on canvas, framed, each 15.5in x 19.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-300210
710Mono HH - a 19c Rabbi wearing a tallit, oil on canvas, unframed, 42in x 28in.OIL PAINTINGS400-5001700
711Signed indistincty English School 19c - a coastal scene with village quayside and figures on the beach, 20.75in x 33.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
712Moira Thompson - no.4, signed oil on canvas, framed, 29.5in x 29.5in.OIL PAINTINGS100-150100
713Alfred Wolmark - still life flowers in a jug, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 20.5in x 19in.OIL PAINTINGS400-500600
714Adrian Stokes - lake bordered by reeds with village beyond, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 14in x 21in.OIL PAINTINGS200-3001750
715L Richmond - The Dolomites, (this painting was commissioned by the Southern Railway advertising department and used to publicise travel abroad in the late 1920's), signed, oil on canvas, framed, 14.5in x 19.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-300300
716Vernon Ward - a pair, Tribute to Leda & Tribute to Persephone, signed, framed and glazed, each 20in x 15.5in.OIL PAINTINGS400-600Unsold
717John Ambrose - summers day on the beach, signed, oil on board, framed, 11.5in x 15.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-300210
718Petre Greenham - Lindisfarne, Northumberland, signed in mono PG, oil on canvas, framed, 12in x 16.75in.OIL PAINTINGS1,000-1,200Unsold
719John Young - Chesham High Street, c.1900, signed oil on board, framed, 24in x 30.5in.OIL PAINTINGS250-300Unsold
720Roka - two children and a rabbit, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 31.5in x 25in.OIL PAINTINGS250-300260
721A late Georgian mahogany secretaire bookcase, the bookcase fitted shelves enclosed by two arch glazed doors under a arcaded moulded cornice, the pullout secretaire with fall front and fitted interior on base with three long graduated drawers with shaped apron and bracket feet, 48.5in w, 88.5in h.FURNITURE300-400100
722A 19c mid Georgian style breakfront library bookcase the upper section fitted shelves enclosed by three astragal glazed doors under a fret work carved swan necked pediment and stepped carved cornice supported on base with central cupboard enclosed by panelled door flanked by eight short drawers with gadroon moulded edge on a carved plinth, 63in w, 97in h.FURNITURE600-8001850
723A Victorian mahogany architect partners desk, the centre section with a ratchet rising table top flanked by pedestals, each fitted with eight opposing drawers, having panelled inner and outer sides and with Moroccan tooled leather writing surfaces, 84in w, 60in d, 30in w.FURNITURE500-700Unsold
724A late Georgian figured mahogany bow front sideboard crossbanded and line inlaid, fitted one long central drawer over kneehole flanked by a deep drawer and one cupboard, crossbanded and with marquetry patera corner motifs within vertical reeded panels and supported on reeded baluster legs, 63in w, 36in h.FURNITURE400-600Unsold
725A William IV mahogany secretaire bookcase, the upper section fitted shelves and enclosed by glazed panelled doors under a stepped cornice over base with fitted pull out secretaire and the base cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors between column carved pilasters on a moulded plinth, 46.5in w, 95in h.FURNITURE500-600520
726A George III mahogany bureau bookcase, the bookcase fitted shelves enclosed by two mirrored doors under a dentile moulded cornice, the bureau with fall front and fitted interior over four long graduated drawers with bracket feet, 36in w, 79in h.FURNITURE400-600Unsold
727A late Georgian mahogany crossbanded and line inlaid secretaire bookcase, the secretaire with fall front and fitted interior over a cupboard base and supported on bracket feet with shaped apron, the bookcase with fitted shelves enclosed by two hinged doors, having reeded glazing bars under a dentile cornice, 45in w, 96in h.FURNITURE500-600Unsold
728A 19c mahogany linen press fitted four central pullout linen shelves enclosed by two hinged panelled doors flanked by eight short drawers, with reeded top edge and supported on turned and pointed bun feet, 79in w, 48in h.FURNITURE400-500100
729A Regency period figured mahogany sideboard fitted two long central drawers flanked by two deep bottle drawers, all with geometric moulding, brass ring pull handles and supported on ring turned tapering legs, 69in w, 37in h.FURNITURE500-600180
730A George III mahogany chest on chest, the upper section having two short and three long graduated drawers under a dentile moulded cornice and with chamfered corners over base with slide and three long drawers on bracket feet, 44.5in w, 75in h.FURNITURE400-600140
731A mid 19c mahogany bow front chest of two short and two long drawers on turned feet, 35in w, 35in h.FURNITURE150-20090
732A George III mahogany D end dining table with a centre twin flap section on six legs, the D ends each on four ring turned baluster legs, 107in l extended, 46in w, 28in h.FURNITURE500-700400
733A 19c Oriental black lacquered circular pedestal tripod table, the table top painted and gilt decorated with two game cocks, amongst fruiting boughs and flowers, 36in diam, 30in h.FURNITURE200-250100
734A Victorian figured walnut serpentine fold over card table with moulded shaped frieze and carved cabriole legs with pointed feet, 33in w, 29in h.FURNITURE250-300200
735A Victorian mahogany stretcher table fitted one long drawer with a walnut oyster veneer table top, 32in w, 28in h.FURNITURE200-250150
736A late Georgian mahogany D end dining table, the central section on a pedestal support with four splayed legs, the D ends on straight square tapering legs and with two leaves, 124in extended, 42in w, 28in h.FURNITURE300-400280
737A Victorian mahogany sideboard designed by Phillip Webb and made by Morris. It was gifted to Sir Henry Howse from his colleagues at Guys Hospital 1881. Sir Henry Howse was knighted at the coronation of Edward VII for services to medicine. The sideboard with panelled back, having an upper shelf under a canopy fitted three short drawers over cupboard base enclosed by panelled doors and supported on square straight legs, 62.5in w, 61.5in h.FURNITURE600-800Unsold
738A pair of 19c rosewood and walnut parquetry wall brackets fitted three shelves with gilt metal banding with porcelain painted panels, 34in h.FURNITURE200-300240
739A 19c French marble top chest with ormolu mounts and brass fittings, having three long drawers, chequered marquetry decoration and supported on four cabriole legs, 24in w, 30in h.FURNITURE100-150150
740A mid Georgian style mahogany miniature bureau with fall front and fitted interior having two short and three long graduated drawers on ogee bracket feet with brass fittings and side carrying handles,16in W, 18in h.FURNITURE200-300Unsold
741A mid 18c French type upholstered open armchair with carved arms and shell and leaf carved slight cabriole front legs with pad feet and rear splayed carved legs with scroll carved pad feet.FURNITURE500-7001300
742A 19c Anglo Indian carved rosewood side cabinet with one central bow front cupboard enclosed by two shelved side cupboards profusely carved throughout, carved lion mask mounts and scrolling feet, 55in w, 47.5in h.FURNITURE500-700400
743A George III mahogany Chippendale style bureau with fall front and having a well fitted interior over four long graduated drawers and supported on ogee bracket feet, 36in w, 41in h.FURNITURE600-800150
744A George III mahogany bureau with fall front and fitted interior over four long graduated drawers on bracket feet, 37in w, 41.5in h.FURNITURE400-600Unsold
745A George III mahogany bureau with fall front with oval shell motif over a fitted interior and having four long graduated drawers on bracket feet, 38.5in w, 42.5in h.FURNITURE400-600Unsold
746A 19c oak Masonic Grand Masters chair of large proportion with carved column back supports, stepped top rail with lobed finials, green leather upholstered with open arms and leaf carved supports having bold rear swept legs and square carved front legs, 36in w, 68in h.FURNITURE500-600380
747A 19c fruitwood wall hanging corner bracket fitted three shelves, 16.5in w, 40in h.FURNITURE100-150150
748A late 19c Art Nouveau style bow back open armchair, the back panel profusely carved and with a central marquetry panel within S scrolls,having shaped upholstered seat supported on square tapering legs with spade feet.FURNITURE100-14080
749An Edwardian mahogany oval occasional table, the table top painted with an angel within roses and blossom, 20in w, 28in h.FURNITURE100-120Unsold
750A late Regency mahogany side table fitted a drawer having deep frieze and supported on square tapering legs, 32in w, 29in h.FURNITURE150-20050
751A George III mahogany secretaire bookcase, the bookcase fitted shelves and enclosed by astragal glazed doors under a short moulded cornice on a base fitted secretaire with fall front and fitted interior, over three long drawers with circular brass lion mask ring pull handles, ebony line inlaid and supported on bracket feet, 43in w, 94in h.FURNITURE500-700200
752An 18c walnut chest on stand, the chest fitted two short and three long graduated drawers on a stand with one long drawer, supported on twist carved legs with shaped platform stretcher rails and bun feet, 37in w, 55in h.FURNITURE600-800Unsold
753A Georgian mahogany wingback armchair (later upholstered )on shell and scroll carved front legs with shaped pad feet and rear splayed legs with pad feet.FURNITURE400-500Unsold
754A Regency mahogany side table fitted one long drawer, ebony line inlaid and supported on ring turned tapering legs, 24.5in w, 28.5in h.FURNITURE200-300290
755An Oriental carved elephant stool, 12.5in w, 15in h.FURNITURE100-15070
756A 19c French gilt wood and stucco framed upholstered armchair with scrolling back, leaf and floral formed on cabriole legs.FURNITURE150-200100
757A Victorian walnut tile top two tier pot table, 18in w, 27in h.FURNITURE70-10070
758A 19c Italian walnut and ebonised writing table profusely decorated with crossbanding and marquetry panels, the rising and hinged upper surface with marquetry panel of musician on a sofa surrounded by a band of wine bone florets and mask, rising to reveal a fitted interior with small drawers and fall front, the base with panel of two opposing griffins and supported on baluster ring turned and block carved legs and box stretcher rails, 35.5in w, 28in h.FURNITURE600-800Unsold
759A George III mahogany fold over serpentine card table fitted counter wells and with red baize, having deep frieze fitted one short drawer and supported on carved capped circular tapering legs with bold pad feet, 31in w, 29in h.FURNITURE400-600200
760A 19c French lamp stand on a decorated tapering painted gilt metal column with a griffin terminal, the spreading cast gilt metal base with three legs and supported on a wooden tripartite base, 63in h.FURNITURE500-600Unsold
761A 19c Continental rosewood twin flap games table crossbanded in satinwood with line inlay and painted with floral motifs, having lift out surface with chinoiserie decoration and a reverse chequer board over a well.. On straight square tapering legs with castors, 33in w, 29in h.FURNITURE300-400Unsold
762A set of four 19c Daniel Marot style single chairs with gilded backs and frames with upholstered seats.FURNITURE400-600Unsold
763A late 19c/early 20c French kingwood parquetry table top cabinet, the shaped cornice with a circular central porcelain pink rose panel over a mirror back and four short drawers, 27in w, 27in h.FURNITURE600-700Unsold
764A 20c Eames style cream leather upholstered lounge chair and ottoman.FURNITURE400-500Unsold
765A late Victorian walnut marquetry circular two tier table, the top decorated with sparrows amongst blossom and butterflies within a lily of the valley border, crossbanded and line inlaid and supported three fruitwood bobbin turned splayed legs and co-joined by an under shelf with marquetry finch and a spray of blossom, 21in diam, 27.5in h.FURNITURE200-250240
766A Victorian walnut framed stool, show framed, carved and supported on cabriole legs with pointed knurl feet and upholstered in floral needlework and beaded reserves, 28in w.FURNITURE250-300Unsold
767A 19c mahogany chest of six long drawers with lobed carved bun handles within writhen carved pilasters and with a shaped marble top, 30in w, 40in h.FURNITURE300-350450
768An early George III Cuban mahogany demi lune fold over card table with deep frieze and supported on straight circular tapering legs with bold pad feet, 30.5in w, 29in h.FURNITURE350-400600
769An early 19c mahogany bonheur du jour with an upper galleried shelf supported on baluster turned spindles over two drawers and lower shelf on base with fold over table top, green tooled gilt leather insert over long drawer and supported on fluted tapering legs with castors, 37in w, 46in h.FURNITURE400-600Unsold
770A late Georgian rosewood teapoy, the interior fitted with two lift out tea boxes with hinged covers flanking two mixing bowl recesses enclosed by a hinged lid with moulded border on a baluster column with lobe carved collar and tripartite base with bun feet, 18.75in w, 28.5in h.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
771An 18c William & Mary style walnut fret cut wall mirror, 30in h, 19in w.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
772A 19c early Georgian style fret cut wall mirror with inlaid shell motif and gilt griffin pediment, 36in x 20in.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
773A mid Georgian style gilt wood wall mirror with a temple pediment, scrolling shell and leaf formed frame together with two two branch mirrored wall sconces, the mirror 63.5in x 32in, the sconces each 36in h.FURNITURE200-300190
774A late Georgian mahogany toilet glass on base fitted two short drawers, 17.5in w, 25in h.FURNITURE50-8070
775A 19c giltwood and stucco overmantel mirror of oval form with rope twist and bow surround supported by two dolphins on a shaped base, 34in w, 24in h.FURNITURE200-300Unsold
776A 19c gilt wood and stucco oval wall mirror moulded and beaded with an ebonised inner band, 30in w.FURNITURE150-200190
777A 19c Italian giltwood wall mirror of oval form within a lobed moulded border within rope twist and fleur de lis, the mirror 21.5in x 28in, overall 35.5in x 42in.FURNITURE400-500Unsold
778A mid 18c oak chest of four long graduated drawers on bracket feet, 31.5in w, 31in h.FURNITURE300-400Unsold
779A late 17c/early 18c oak bible box with hinged slope, lunette and leaf carved on a moulded plinth, 24.5in w.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
780A 17c oak bible box with later hinged cover, the box with lozenge and chip carving, 23in w.FURNITURE100-150100
781A mid 17c oak five plank coffer with early chip carving, replacement hinging, 35.5in w, 20.5in h.FURNITURE250-300270
782A late 19c/early 20c wingback armchair, constructed in an early 18c style with fluted front pad feet and carved splayed back legs and with twist carved stretcher rails.FURNITURE200-300210
783A set of eight (6+2) late Georgian mahogany dining chairs with rectangular reeded and curved top rails, single horizontal splats, reeded supports and drop in upholstered seats with rear sabre legs and ring turned tapering front legs.FURNITURE500-7001400
784A set of six 19c Thames Valley ash, elm and beech Gothic back single chairs, the seats stamped J M.FURNITURE400-500580
785A Victorian walnut carved single chair with beaded upholstery.FURNITURE70-10055
786A Victorian beech childs correction chair with an oval cane seat, curved top rail and splat with ring turned supports on splayed legs with turned stretcher rails.FURNITURE70-10070

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