March 8th – Auction #868

Lot noDescriptionImageLot descriptionEstimateResult
1A set of Peter Pan crackers in Peter Pan's Little House on the Tree Tops, manufactured by A J Caley & Son Ltd, fleur de'lys and St James's Works, Norwich England, in presentation box, the Little House, 11in w, 9in h.TOYS120-150140
2A Bowman Express locomotive no.234 O gauge steamer 440 manufactured by Bowman models Dereham, Norfolk, with original wooden box and instructions, the train 12in l.TOYS350-400Unsold
3A collection of Cunard memorabilia relating to the RMS Queen Mary, News of the World Christmas Cruise 1965, comprising forty four luncheon and dinner menus, five breakfast menus, six programme for today, copy of the RMS Queen Mary wine list in hardback folder, tickets and travel documents, a passenger list, postcards, souvenir folder together with two Cunard paper folders, signed by entertainers and others on the cruise including Tom Jones, Max Jaffa, Jack Byfield, and a metal toy souvenir of RMS Queen Mary, all in Chirstmas Cruise travel bag.EPHEMERA50-80Unsold
4A collection of ephemera relating to the Ealing Studios Film 'Scott of the Antartic', it includes a copy of the Daily Mirror 21st May 1913, together with two letters from Ealing Studios to a Mrs Roberts thanking her for providing the newspaper during the production of the film, they provided her with a black and white photograph signed by John Mills, the lead in the film, and express their thanks for allowing them to inspect the newspaper which contained certain information they were not aware of. In addition there are two copies of the Royal Command performance Scott of the Antartic.EPHEMERA150-200Unsold
5A collection of letters and documents relating to the Ambassador Service of the Greek Minister Monsieur Simopoulos who was the first Greek ambassador in London proposed by and accepted by His Majesty's Government and listed on the official foreign office list of the diplomatic corps and Greek Ambassador. The letters relate to his service in this position together with those of his death and letters of sympathy received by his wife, which includes a letter of sympathy from King George together with black and white photographs and a hand written notebook relating to dinners, lunches etc.EPHEMERA200-250280
6An 18c hand written book being the remarks and observations on the war between England, France and other European powers abstracted and translated from the following newspapers by George Mackereth, Gazettes of Constantinople, Vienna, Petersburg, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Harlan and Ghent, the journal of Frankfurt Rapporteur, the gazettes of Naples, Rome and Venice and other European publications including the Times, Morning Post and Chronicle, Sun and Star of England and being Volume l and ending 31st December 1799. The pages numbered 2373, velum covered boards and dust cover.BOOKS150-200350
7A late 19c hand written diary of a shooting trip to Ladak, Summer 1899, Northern Tibet, using yak's and ponies for transport. The diary details progress, locations, materials and costs there of.BOOKS50-70240
8A book from the Shelley Societies publications forth series no.8 being an essay on Percy Bysshe Shelley, by Robert Browning, published for the Shelley Society by Reeves & Turner, 196 Strand, London, 1888. in which is attached a hand written copy, limited to 500, of a letter addressed to the editor, 29 De Vere Gardens, W. January 16 1889, from and signed Robert Browning. Also headed in Robert Browning's hand with the editors kindest regards June 10th 1904.BOOKS200-300200
9An early 20c photograph album including views of Pluckley Village circa 1920/30 together with various black and white portrait photographs, having twenty one leaves with photograph cut outs and descriptions, within a mother of pearl diamond cut cover panel with enamel foliate formed corner mounts and central motif. The spine and back board covered with blue velvet and having a gilt metal clasp, 12.5in x 9.5in.BOOKS100-150330
10Five books - Born Under a Bad Sign by Tony Palmer, first UK edition, signed by Ralph Steadman, The Best of the Best Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, Ralph Steadman Still Life of Bottle, first UK edition, signed, 'Little.Com' first UK edition, signed, and The Grapes of Ralph by Ralph Steadman, first UK edition, signed.BOOKS60-8070
11Six books - 'The Devils Dictionary', Ambrose Bierce first UK edition signed by Ralph Steadman, 'A Hard Day at the Holy Office' by Roger Jones, first UK edition, Ralph Steadman 'Between the Eyes' first UK edition, singed, Ralph Steadman 'I Leonardo', first UK edition, signed, Ralph Steadman 'The Big I Am' first UK edition, signed and 'Dieu' Ralph Steadman, French edition, signed.BOOKS80-120230
12Seven books - 'Midnite' by Randolf Stow, Australian edition, book illustrated and signed by Ralph Steadman, 'Midnite' first UK editions illustrated and signed by Ralph Steadman, Adrian Mitchell 'For Beauty Douglas' pictures by Ralph Steadman, George Orwell 'Animal Farm, first US edition, illustrated and signed by Ralph Steadman, 'The Hunting of the Snark', US first edition, illustrated and signed by Ralph Steadman, 'The Hunting of the Snark' UK edition and 'The Complete Alice & The Hunting of the Snark' by Lewis Carroll, illustrated and signed by Ralph Steadman, first UK edition.BOOKS80-120300
13Eight books by Ralph Steadman - 'Dogs Bodies', first Uk edition signed, 'A Leg in the Wind' first UK edition, signed, 'Quasimodo Mouse' Barnard Stone & Ralph Steadman, 'Book of Cats' first UK edition, signed, 'Chiens' French edition, signed, 'Book of Dogs' singed, 'Extinct Boids' first UK edition, signed, and 'Nextinction' first UK edition, signed.BOOKS80-120190
14Eight books - illustrated or by Ralph Steadman, Richard Carrickford 'This is Television', 'Garibaldi's Biscuits', first UK edition,signed, 'Perspective', first UK edition, signed, ''The Curse of Lono', 'Still Life with Raspberry or The Bumper Book of Steadman', first UK edition, signed, '' first UK edition, signed limited edition of 300, 'Drawing the Line', and 'Cherrywood Cannon' first UK edition,signed.BOOKS100-150240
15Eight books - by Ralph Steadman, 'The Jokes Over' first edition, signed, 'America' first US edition, signed 150/500, 'Star Strangled Banger' first US edition, signed, 'Steadman @77' catalogue edition, signed, 'Gonzo The Art' x 2, 'Stabbed in the Front' cover by Ralph Steadman, and 'America' US edition, signed.BOOKS80-120160
16Ten books - illustrated or by Ralph Steadman, 'Bumper to Bumper book for Children' signed, 'The Bridge' UK edition, signed, 'Zwei Katzen in Amerika' first German edition, signed, 'Treasure Island' Robert Louis Stevenson, UK edition, signed, 'The False Flamingoes', first US edition, signed, 'Zwei Esel und eine Brucke', Swiss edition, signed, 'Daux anes et un Pont' French edition, and three copies of 'The Little Red Computer'.BOOKS150-200220
17Seventeen books - 'Weisst du Wo Die Teddys Sind',German edition, signed, Pas Assez de Place' French edition, signed, 'The Yellow Flowers' first UK edition, signed, 'Das ist Papa' German edition, signed, 'Teddy Waar Ben Je?' Dutch edition, signed, 'The Tale of Driver Grope' by Richard Ingrams and Ralph Steadman, signed, 'No Room to Swing a Cat', UK edition, signed, 'Quasimodo Mouse', Australian edition, signed, 'No Good Dogs' first US edition, signed, 'Bumper to Bumper Book for Children', UK edition, signed, 'Emergency Mouse' by Bernard Stone, signed by Bernard Stone and Ralph Steadman, 'Bluman Fur den Mond'. Swiss edition, signed, 'Veel Te Klein!' Dutch edition, signed, 'M'n Kamer is te Klein!' German edition, signed, 'Teddy Where are you ?' UK first edition, signed, 'Ralph Steadmans Jelly Book' first UK edition, signed and 'Emergency Mouse' Australian edition, signed.BOOKS150-200270
18Five books - A Story for Children by C S Lewis, first editions, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, 1950, The Silver Chair, 1953, The Magicians Nephew, 1955, The Last Battle, 1956, and undated Prince Caspian The Return to Narnia, all dust covers, slightly dusted with edge rubbing, one with slight tears, all in fair to good condition.BOOKS500-6006200
19A book - Ralph Steadman 'Proud to be Weird', first edition, signed, boxed, limited edition.BOOKS100-150120
20An Oriental red silk suit comprising trousers, jacket and waistcoat, all dragon embroidered.TEXTILES100-150120
21A 19c Continental lace runner, 64in x 15in.TEXTILES100-120Unsold
22A 19c silk lined cotton waistcoat with gold metallic thread embroidery.TEXTILES100-12030
23An alpine black silk embroidered apron.TEXTILES40-6010
24A 19c silk piano shawl, Oriental embroidered with garden scenes, flowers and insects having long tassels.TEXTILES50-8045
25Four early 20c silk ladies scarves.TEXTILES50-80Unsold
26A Victorian black silk long skirt, cotton lined and with velvet bound hem with a black velvet shawl cape with beadwork and feather collar together with a pair of hand croqueted white cotton summer gloves.TEXTILES80-10030
27An early 20c pink silk kimono floral decorated.TEXTILES50-80Unsold
28A Liberty of London all silk green ground headscarf with lily decoration.TEXTILES70-10020
29An Edwardian black lace shawl , 68in l.TEXTILES50-7020
30An early 20c infants top with blue silk embroidery and pleated panels.TEXTILES30-4015
31A Paisley shawl with tassels.TEXTILES90-12045
32A late Victorian embroidered fawn ground cape with silver turquoise set buckle.TEXTILES90-12020
33No LotTEXTILESUnsold
34No LotTEXTILESUnsold
35A 19c American Starrs percussion revolver c.1868 - rare Civil War - in need of restoration, the barrel 6in l, 12.5in overall.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-200480
36A mid 19c Enfield .577 volunteer rifle by R Jackson, Edgware Road, with a 33in two banded barrel with iron furniture, chequered stock and iron ramrod, circa 1855.GUNS AND MILITARIA500-700500
37A late 18c sixteen bore flint lock sporting gun by Stanton with full stock and brass furniture and having a 31in barrel, circa 1790.GUNS AND MILITARIA500-700Unsold
38A late 19c British Naval midshipman's dirk with crowned anchor and Royal Crest amongst scrollwork on blade, acorn finials to guard and having wired fish skin handle and lion mask pommel in leather brass mounted scabbard, blade 17.5in l, sword 23.25in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA300-500220
39An early 20c British Naval officers sword of the Royal Naval Reserve, retailed by J R Gaunt & Son, late Edward Thurkle of London & Birmingham, with engraved blade, wire whip fish skin handle, full guard, lion mask pommel with knot, the blade incised 14789, with leather brass mounted scabbard, 31in blade, 36.5in l overall.GUNS AND MILITARIA200-300180
40A Fijian Ula or throwing stick, 29.5in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-200Unsold
41A Fijian Ula or throwing stick, 31in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-200Unsold
42A 19c African Ashanti carved wood ceremonial stool, 23in w, 18in h.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-20040
44A 19c hedgerow knobkerrie, 23in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA70-100Unsold
45A 19c African battle axe with carved shaft, iron axe head and spike, 22in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA70-10030
46A 19c African battle axe, the head of the shaft carved with roundels, the axe head with simple incised decoration and with spike, 21.5in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA90-12035
47A Zulu Ikiwa, 11.5in steel blade, 36in shaft.GUNS AND MILITARIA90-120Unsold
48A Zulu Ikiwa 14.5in steel blade, 31in shaft.GUNS AND MILITARIA100-15070
49A late 19c African carved wood and painted face mask, 16in x 7.5in overall.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-200Unsold
50A late 19c/early 20c African carved wood face mask with monkey features and a domed forehead, decorated with cut metal bands and an iron nose ring, 15in x 10in overall.GUNS AND MILITARIA250-300Unsold
51A stuffed and cased fox in a naturalistic setting with a rabbit in a burrow, glazed, 48in w, 32in h.TAXIDERMY150-200140
52A red deer stag's head wall mount with twelve pointer antlers, in the previous ownership of the 7th Earl of Orkney, 29.5in spread.TAXIDERMY200-25070
53An 18c stoneware deep sink, 32in x 26in, 13in deep, supported on four baluster columns with a platform base, 38in h overall.GARDEN STATUARY300-400Unsold
54An early 19c stoneware well pump catcher, 21in l, 19in w.GARDEN STATUARY100-15050
55A 19c stoneware well pump catcher, 20in l, 19.5in w.GARDEN STATUARY100-15055
56A late 18c/early 19c lead figure of an angel on a stoneware plinth - angel requiring some repair, 34in h overall.GARDEN STATUARY150-200Unsold
57A late 18c/early 19c stoneware drinking trough, raised on two stoneware columns on a platform base, the trough 33in l, 12.5in deep and standing 22in h overall.GARDEN STATUARY250-300100
58Late 18c/early 19c stoneware crucible with two iron lifting rings, 17in diam, 15in h.GARDEN STATUARY100-150Unsold
59A late 20c Italian mantel clock, the gilt metal case in the form of a lyre flanked by two satyrs holding a swag. The clock stands on a marble base which stand on a gilt base with paw feet. The 4in diam. white enamel dial is signed 'Imperial' and fronts a German two train movement with balance wheel escapement. The clock strikes the half and hour on two bells and stands 26in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS300-400Unsold
60A late 20c Matthew Norman carriage clock in oval glazed brass case, the rectangular white dial marked for the retailer H.A Byworth & Co. The two train movement has a lever platform escapement and strikes the hours and halves on a gong. The clock stand 8in tall (handle raised).CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200120
61A small French carriage timepiece in English silver repousse case hallmarked for 1900 and stamped for Henry Matthews. The entire case is covered in scrollwork and has similar handle and round bun feet. The 1.5in diam. white enamel dial has Roman numerals and the single train French movement has a lever platform escapement. 4in tall (handle raised).CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200260
62An early 20c dial clock with 12in diam. flat painted dial marked Garrard in a stained hardwood case and having a spun brass bezel and Roman numerals to the dial. The movement has a barrelled spring directly driving the train and anchor escapement and the plates are stamped Garrard. Clock is 16in diam. overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-250Unsold
63A late 19c German bracket clock by Winterhalder & Hoffmeier in oak architectural case with pedimented top, rusticated brickwork decoration and fluted pilasters flanking the rectangular brass dial which has a silvered chapter ring and chime/silent and pendulum regulation subsidiary dials. The case has fretted side doors and a grilled back door and the barrelled spring movement Ting Tang strikes on two gongs. The clock stands 17.5in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS500-600Unsold
64An early 19c English travelling clock by Thomas Moss of Ludgate St. London. It has a watch type movement with lever escapement and plain balance and a 2.5in diam. brass dial with separate seconds ring and engine turned dial centre. It is contained in a rectangular brass carrying case with fixed carrying handle and floral engraving to the front, sides and top and circular brass feet. Clock 6in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200130
65A mid 19c boardroom type bracket clock by Joseph Eglese & Son, Bishopsgate St. London. The substantial triple fusee movement quarter chimes on eight bells and hour strikes on a gong. The pointed arch silvered dial has Gothic Roman numerals and subsidiary chime select, chimes/silent and pendulum regulation dials. It is contained in a Gothic style golden oak case with carved pointed top with three turned finials. Plain columns flank the dial and Gothic tracery is placed over the pointed arch front door. The stepped base has another line of tracery and carved bun feet and the case sides have wooden sound frets. The clock has a substantial wall bracket which needs repair to loose mouldings. The clock (without bracket) stands 29.5in tall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS600-7002400
66A late 19c American ship's clock by New Haven, the 8in diam. painted dial signed for the retailer, Rodgers of Hayle. The open spring movement has a lever escapement and the dial has Roman numerals and a seconds dial. It is contained in a black metal drum case, 9.5in diam with a brass cast bezel.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-15040
67A mid 18c Dutch eight day longcase clock, the unsigned 13in arched silvered brass dial having moonphase, date, alarm set and seconds indicators as well as segments indicating day of week and month of the year. The dial corners have spandrels indicating the four seasons and the dial centre is engraved and has ringed winding holes. The movement has Dutch striking on two bells and has a separate alarm mechanism. It is contained in a marquetry case with arched hood surmounted by figures of Atlas and two angels. A sound fret runs around the hood, above the dial and the sides of the hood also have frets. The hood door and columns are inlaid with marquetry as is the long trunk door which has an arched top and a glazed lenticle, the frame of which has a depiction of an angel. The substantial bombe base is marquetry inlaid and has large paw feet. The clock stands 103in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS3,000-3,500Unsold
68A late 18c eight day longcase clock, the 14in square brass dial signed Charles Craig, Dublin and having Turks head spandrels, seconds ring and date aperture. The movement has ringed pillars, anchor escapement and rack strikes on a gong in the back of the case. The wood rod pendulum is suspended from the back of the case and the weights are brass bound. It is contained in a mahogany case with swan neck pediments to the hood and a heavy convex leaf carved moulding above the hood door with a central lions head. The hood has attached fluted columns with Corinthian capitals and the rectangular trunk door is glazed and has canted outer edges. There is a rectangular fixed panel below the dial and the base has a similar applied panel and bracket feet. The clock stands 95in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS500-700920
69A late 19c aneroid barometer by Adie of 395 The Strand, having a 4.5in diam. silvered dial, the scale from 23 to 31in of mercury is graduated into 100ths an inch and the fine blued steel indicator has a brass tell-tale hand. It is contained in a plain brass 5in diam case with loop hanging handle.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS80-10020
70A late Victorian cylinder music box, the walnut case with ebonised banding, 10in w, the cylinder 4.5in l - no tune indicator.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200160
71An early 20c Marratt & Short brass pillar microscope, in original box with slides and tweezers and additional slides, 6in h.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS70-10065
72A William IV period steel fender rail of serpentine form, cast with scroll leaf and flowers with fixed andirons together with a set of three fire irons, 53in w.METALWARE100-15040
73An early 19c steel footman, 12.5in w, 11.5in h.METALWARE40-60Unsold
74A pair of 19c French bronze garniture urns cast with a band of naked warriors and maidens and being of baluster form, each with two handles and supported on circular cast feet, 7in h.METALWARE150-200Unsold
75A pair of Meiji period patinated bronze metal two handled vases being of baluster form with tapering flared necks, finch and floral cast with dragon handles, 11.5in h.METALWARE50-8050
76A 19c American steam whistle manufactured and stamped 'Crosby Steam Gauge and Valve Co, Boston USA patent January 30th 1877' and incised 34260, made in USA, 9in l overall.METALWARE300-400Unsold
77A set of 19c French bronze cup weights incised with capacity and license marks, comprising eight graduated cups from 3.25in diam to 2.7in diam. - the lead weight is missing.METALWARE100-14040
78An 18c hollow cast bronze Buddha raised on a cushion plinth - some casting faults, 9in w, 10.5in h.METALWARE200-250110
79An Art Deco period French champleve enamel breakfast set of blue ground, decorated with white spring flowers on a gilt lattice background and comprising six egg cups with turquoise blue interiors and bases, mostly with some crazing on bases and with edge damage, together with six egg cup dish stands, one seriously a/f, an egg bucket, a bowl and cover, a box and cover with enamel loss to underside of lid and with edge losses to the lid, on a stand together with one jug and two bowls - seriously damaged. The egg cups 2.75in h, stands 6in diam, egg bucket 6.25in to top of handle, box and cover on stand 6in w.METALWARE150-200Unsold
80A pair of Meiji period enamel cloisonne vases of quatrefoil baluster form, panel decorated with exotic beasts, each 8.5in h.METALWARE150-200230
81An early 20c Newlyn copper matchbox holder with beaten and studded decoration carrying a military crest, 5in l.METALWARE80-10085
82A Victorian toleware two handled flower bin painted 'Flour' with a wood plank and floral background, having a hinged split cover, 14in w, 23in h.METALWARE100-140180
83A Meiji period enamel baluster vase of red ground with finch and floral decoration, 9.75in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS150-200160
84A pair of 19c French ormolu three branch candelabra with porcelain floral painted collars, cherub columns, leaf and foliate cast sconces and supported on stepped foliate cast bases each with four scrolling feet, 13in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS200-300180
85An 18c ivory fan, the paper leaf painted with a family group in a garden setting within gilt borders, with pierced and gilded sticks and guards, prepared in high relief decoration, 10in l, framed and glazed, 24in x 13.5in.DECORATIVE ITEMS120-180110
86An late 18c ivory fan, the paper leaf painted with a shepherdess with her flock in a landscape setting with pierced sticks and guards, 9.75in l, framed and glazed, 22in x 13.5in.DECORATIVE ITEMS120-180100
87A 18c mother of pearl fan, the silk leaf painted with a musical soiree, cameo panels of classical subjects and cherubs with intricate pierced and figuratively carved gilded sticks and guards, 10in l, framed and glazed, 23in x 13in.DECORATIVE ITEMS120-180Unsold
88An Art Deco period green patinated bronzed dancing figure of a lady after Carlier, supported on a veined pink marble base, the figure 13in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS200-250280
89A late 19c French patinated bronze figure of Mercury on a circular turned plinth, figure 11.5in h, overall 15.5in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-15090
90A Victorian octagonal brass needlework cushion material clamp formed by a sprung hand securing the material on the pin cushion, 7in w.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-14050
91A Victorian brass wall hanging letter clip with a sprung clip formed by tendril and leaf with an agate bodied bee, 5.25in l.DECORATIVE ITEMS60-8045
92Two Victorian wall hanging letter clips, one formed as a bird, the other a butterfly on flowers, 4in & 4.5in l.DECORATIVE ITEMS60-7040
93A pair of Victorian patinated bronze and porcelain garniture urns, the porcelain bodies painted with finches and birds nests within wild roses with beaded and relief cast upper rims on square stepped bases each with four circular feet, 9in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-15040
94A Chinese tigers eye libation cup, dragon carved, 5.5in w, 5.5in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS250-300100
95One hundred mother of pearl fish counters together with seven oval and thirty six circular.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-150150
96Luciano Benomi - Ascot, a brass composition sculpture 1987, cased, 18in x 8in.DECORATIVE ITEMS500-800Unsold
97Will Maclean- The Last Voyage of Henry Hudson l, a mixed media construction, signed and dated 95, framed, 16in x 29in.DECORATIVE ITEMS1,200-1,500Unsold
98An Arts & Craft copper pot and cover with beaten decoration throughout, having a lift off domed cover with horn finial, base stamped 'WG', 6in h overall.DECORATIVE ITEMS50-70100
99A 19c mahogany facet formed two handled tray with a raised gallery, 17in w.TREEN AND BOXES50-80100
100A 19c oak maids box of two compartments with scroll carved border and chip carving to the edges, with a central carrying handle, 13in w, 10.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES40-60120
101A pair of early 19c coromandel veneered travelling boxes with wreath and roundel mother of pearl motifs to the hinge covers and escutcheons, fitted and with spring base drawer and having various bottles with silver plated covers, both in need of restoration, 12.5in w, 7in h.TREEN AND BOXES400-500Unsold
102A late Victorian oak writing cabinet with side carrying handles, having hinged rising cover over letter compartment, two porcelain inkwells and one small dish and three short drawers enclosed by a glazed fall front, 14.5in w.TREEN AND BOXES120-15095
103A late Georgian rosewood red silk and paper lined needlework box fitted with a lift out tray, open and lidded compartments, over a well with hinged cover, 12in w.TREEN AND BOXES100-140Unsold
104A mid 19c mahogany braid mill, 10in x 5in, 9.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES80-10040
105A late Georgian mahogany apothecaries box with fitted upper shelf containing various bottles and stoppers over a pull out base drawer, with fitted compartments with a pair of balance sscalesa and weights, the lid and front drawer with brass recessed handles, 8.75in w, 7.75in h.TREEN AND BOXES150-200140
106A mid Victorian coromandel veneered travelling box with eight fitted clear glass bottles and containers, all with silver covers, London 1875 and including a small selection of pearl handled manicure tools, blue velvet lined and having full front enclosing two drawers, one fitted with a blue tooled leather writing slope over a velvet lined and fitted jewellery drawer, 13in w, 8.25in h.TREEN AND BOXES300-400Unsold
107A Regency period simulated rosewood and satinwood needlework box of rectangular slight concave form, the pink silk interior enclosed by a hinged cover with an applied coloured print of the Brighton Pavilion on the inside, painted with the chain pier Brighton, published by W Upton and having one long base drawer and two painted circular motifs of the Brighton Promenade and beach - carrying handle missing, 8in w, 3.75in h.TREEN AND BOXES100-140220
108A 19c prisoner of war carved wood snuff box, 3in w.TREEN AND BOXES40-6030
109A 19c turned walnut coffee mill of stepped bulbous ring turned design with an acorn finial, 10.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES100-150310
110A late Georgian black lacquered counter box fitted with five lidded compartments decorated throughout with fruit vine within scrolling outer borders, both box and lids of compartments with an oval crest depicting a sabre sword carrying arm emerging from a heart, this repeated on the mother of pearl counters contained therein, containing twenty plain circular counters 1.25in diam, and thirty one engraved 1.4in diam, forty eight ovals 2.4in w, fourteen rectangular with shaped edges, and not with crest, 1.5in x 1in, twelve rectangular without crest but engraved, 2.4in x 0.6in, seventeen rectangular approx. 2.2in w, forty eight rectangular with crest 2.5in x 0.75in and six inscribed with love birds 1.5in l, one containing a pack of playing cards. The box in need of a little edge repair, 11.5in x 10in.TREEN AND BOXES200-300650
111A late 19c Oriental carved hardwood walking stick of tapering form, panel carved with animals in jungle settings and with a lion mask handle, 38in l.TREEN AND BOXES70-100100
112A 19c Oriental hardwood walking stick with a twist carved handle carved as two monkeys, 34.5in l.TREEN AND BOXES100-15090
113A processional staff, dark green painted and of tapering form with crest and gilded St. B. H - Sir Roger Ormrod, 73in l.TREEN AND BOXES50-8050
114A Chinese white bone simulated bamboo walking stick, circa 1900, each segment with incised and inked decoration depicting a lady in a garden setting and with carved horn seal top handle, 33in l.TREEN AND BOXES200-300Unsold
115A late 19c marine vertebrate walking stick with a tooth handle and steel core, 35in l.TREEN AND BOXES100-15045
116An Oriental nut and horn walking stick, the staff formed by foliate carved roundel nuts on a metal stem with horn handle and tip, 32.5in l.TREEN AND BOXES200-25070
117An Edwardian flute walking stick with silver embossed and chased knop handle, 36in l.TREEN AND BOXES300-400190
118An early 20c ebonised swagger stick, the brass handle embossed with a scene of two early aircraft, 31in l.TREEN AND BOXES60-8045
119An Edwardian specimen wood walking stick with coiled and polished tapering stick and bone inlaid handle, 32.5in l.TREEN AND BOXES90-120140
120A bamboo silver mounted walking stick with silver ferrule and embossed and chased silver handle depicting a courtier and his lady in a garden setting, 34.5in l.TREEN AND BOXES70-10070
121An early 20c Oriental mah jong set with painted bone playing pieces contained within five long drawers, with markers, the box with twin carrying handles and metal corner mounts, 9in w, 7in h.TREEN AND BOXES100-150140
122A late 19c Oriental mah jong set contained in a red lacquered box with incised script and landscape decoration, the lid up front cover enclosing five drawers, four of which with bone playing pieces and the base fitted and with marks, having twin carrying handles, 10in w, 7in h.TREEN AND BOXES140-180170
123An Edwardian easel dressing table mirror with a shagreen border and being of arched form, 13.5in h, 9in w.TREEN AND BOXES80-100110
124A 19c tortoiseshell two compartment tea caddy inlaid with mother of pearl depicting a finch in leaf and blossom and supported on turned bone ball feet, 6in w, 6in h.TREEN AND BOXES140-160140
125A late 19c Indian micro mosaic decorated box of rectangular form fitted a drawer, slight a/f, 10in l.TREEN AND BOXES50-8075
126A 19c green shagreen powder compact, 3in w.OBJETS D'ART50-8030
127A Sterling silver and green enamel cigarette box with a gilt lined interior, 3in w.OBJETS D'ART60-8045
128An early 20c silver and yellow enamel panelled paper matchbox, 2.25in w.OBJETS D'ART60-8055
129An early 20c S Mordan & co three piece desk set comprising dip pen, propelling pencil and a letter opener with a 9ct gold blade, each item has an trefoil leaf engraved clear glass handle.OBJETS D'ART200-250300
130An Edwardian gilt metal propelling pencil with hexagonal barrel and seal top terminal, 5in l open.OBJETS D'ART40-6090
131An Edwardian S Mordan & Co propelling pencil engraved and with a stone set seal top, together with S Morgan & Co silver dip pen in tube, both 3.5in l.OBJETS D'ART50-70Unsold
132A Mont Blanc .585 gold dip pen with retractable nib, engraved barrel and cover, 4in l closed.OBJETS D'ART250-3001150
133Two tokens manufactured by L Ottley Medallists Birmingham, one indicating the Miles distant from London, the other chronology of the reigns of England and bearing the Royal Coat of Arms, both 2in diam.OBJETS D'ART70-10025
134A late Georgian travelling face screen with brass adjustable height stand and green silk pleated circular screen, 10in diam, open and standing 14in h, in leather pocket box.OBJETS D'ART70-100Unsold
135A late 19c French ormolu and porcelain two handled decorative urn on onyx stand, the urn with hinged dome cover with female bust finial, having two handles and supported on a short column with circular stepped base, the porcelain body painted with cherubs and bouquet of flowers with gilt highlights, 6in h.OBJETS D'ART150-20050
136An early 20c European secessionist carved ivory ladies box, supported on four ball feet, decorated with gold and ruby set mounts, stamped 585, makers mark FJR in mono, 5in w, 4..5in h.OBJETS D'ART500-700750
137A Victorian ruby glass inkstand of circular dish form with a large central inkwell with a hinged cut domed cover, 9in diam, 6in h.OBJETS D'ART70-10035
138An early 20c horse and jockey table lighter painted, the jockey in racing colours, 17in w, 7in h.OBJETS D'ART100-150130
139A meersham pipe carved as two horses with amber mouthpiece, 4.25in l, in leather case.OBJETS D'ART50-8020
140An Oriental ivory fan with a gilt floral painted leaf and chinoiserie decorated guards, 10.5in w.OBJETS D'ART70-10060
141A Meiji period ivory revolving happy/sad in a stand, inscribed and inked as a kimono, 5in h.OBJETS D'ART150-200140
142A Japanese Meiji period carved seated figure holding in the right arm a turtle, in the left a dish and at his feet a basket and water bottle, base signed, 2.5in h.OBJETS D'ART150-200170
143A Meiji period Japanese Tanto, mounted in bone and carved with monkeys in various scenes and with masks, the blade 8in l and being 15.5in l overall.OBJETS D'ART400-600400
144A 19c Oriental carved ivory figure of sage with fan in left hand and in the right a scroll accompanied by a figure at foot offering up a double gourd bottle, 11in h.OBJETS D'ART150-20090
145A Meiji period ivory shoe horn, the handle profusely carved in relief with dragons, 11.5in l.OBJETS D'ART80-10030
146A Meiji period ivory puzzle ball on a figurative stand, 10in h overall.OBJETS D'ART60-8050
147A carved ivory figure of a Hindu Goddess Lakshmi on a carved wooden stand, the figure 5.75in h.OBJETS D'ART50-8035
148A collection of sixteen 19c carved miniature ivory elephants, 2in h to 2.5in h.OBJETS D'ART70-10045
149A late 19c Indian ivory cocktail stick stand with eight sticks with animal and bird carved terminals, supported on a circular stepped base with elephant carved circular stand, 6in h.OBJETS D'ART40-6020
150Horris Hone - portrait of Joshua Clibborn, born 1770, died Brooklyn State of New York 1845, watercolour, signed and dated 1802, framed and glazed, 4.5in x 3.75in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS200-25040
151A series of four late 19c Grand Tour Indian oval miniature paintings on ivory including the Taj Mahal and interior scenes in carved ebony easel frames, each framed 2in x 2.5in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS150-200140
152A 19c wax bust of Mr Pepys, circular framed and glazed, 6in diam.MINIATURE PAINTINGS100-12050
153An early 19c black and white engraved oval portrait of Mr William Shipley in a black ebonised frame, 3in x 2.25in. Accompanied by a memoriam locket.MINIATURE PAINTINGS70-10030
154A 1930's Swiss gents wrist watch by the West End Watch Co . in Trench type case, the dial marked 'Matchless' and having black arabic numerals and separate seconds dial. The movement has a bi-metallic balance and lever escapement and the stainless steel case is numbered 3437027, case 1.25in diam overall.WATCHES70-10035
155A ladies wrist watch by Rolex in 9ct gold case, hallmarked for 1915. The faded dial has black arabic numerals with a red twelve numeral (faded) and the movement has a bi-metallic balance and lever escapement. The case back is numbered 675138 and the watch has a black leather rope type strap.. The watch 1in diam overall.WATCHES150-20080
156A 1950's chronograph Swisse gentleman's watch, the case with two tone gold dial and 18ct gold back. The chronograph movement has the usual fly back centre seconds with side operated push pieces and separate seconds dial and minute counting dial. The movement is anti magnetic and has a bi-metallic balance and a lever escapement. The case 1.5in diam. overall.WATCHES400-600350
157A gentleman's English lever pocket watch, the movement signed H.R Goodwin, Macclesfield and numbered 30583. The movement has round baluster pillars, a plain balance and engraved balance cock and is fitted with an internal dust cover. The completely gold dial is in three shades with raised Roman numerals, a separate seconds dial and and engine turned centre. It is contained in an 18ct gold case, hallmarked for 1851 which has an engine turned back and edge. Case 2in diam. overall.WATCHES400-500770
158A Jaeger Le Coultre 9ct gold ladies wrist watch with silver circular dial having Roman numerals (face cover missing) and having a dense plaited strap.WATCHES450-550Unsold
159A Lambert & Rawlings of London 18ct gold open faced pocket watch with white enamel dial, black Roman numerals and with a seconds ring. The engine turned back cover hallmarked for Sheffield 1848. The watch 1.7in diam. overall.WATCHES400-500380
160An early 20c miniature carriage type clock with a watch movement in a brown leather gull wing case, the clock 2.5in h with handle raised.WATCHES100-150220
161An early 20c silver and enamel bedside clock with silvered circular face, the enamel in shades of blue and green and having watch movement in gilt metal case, 2.25in diam. dial and being 4.25in w overall.WATCHES70-10040
162An Omega Geneve gentlemans gold wrist watch movement with leather strap.WATCHES400-500Unsold
163A collection of medals, citations and records relating to Flight Sgt. Wilfred Fletcher Hill DFM - 1600374 formally of 6 Christchurch Gardens, Middlesex, including a Distinguished Flying Medal awarded April 1946, together with a copy of the accompanying letter from the Record Office, Royal Airforce Gloucester, together with the Kings letter from Buckingham Palace, a Burma Star with ribbon, Service Star and ribbon, and General Service Medal 1939/45, Relations WW1 Service medal and five other civil medals, together with an RAF ladies Wings badge. Documents include Royal Canadian Airforce pilot flying log book, Royal Airforce service and release book, collection of photographs including personal and group photographs, two singed Wings graduation banquet docs. which list the graduating classes, two Royal Canadian Airforce material badges, other material badges, two British passports and other associated booklets relating to service in Burma and Far East. The award of the DFM had the following citation, Flight Sgt. Wilfred Fletcher Hill RAF vr. who attended Ward Street Central School from 1933 to 1936, and resided at 17 Freeman street, Higginshaw, has been awarded the DFM, he joined the RAF in October 1941 and served with his brother, and served with both bomber and transport commands. The majority have been flown in bad monsoon weather over difficult mountainous terrain. He is described as a keen pilot of outstanding skill who had always displayed determination to complete his allotted task and great courage and devotion to duty.COINS AND MEDALS900-1,2001900
164Three late Victorian memoriam bracelets, each with plaited hair wristbands in gold mounts (gold not tested), two photographic portraits of a lady and gentleman, the third with memoriam feathered hair.JEWELLERY200-250320
165A late Victorian memoriam brooch within a gilt metal scrollwork frame with a printed portrait of a gentleman, on the reverse a feathered hair memoriam panel, 2.25in diam.JEWELLERY100-150270
166An early 20c Oriental jade bar brooch carved with a hare, fruit and flowers, 3in w.JEWELLERY100-150100
167A pair of 19c Continental silver paste set costume or shoe buckles, 1.5in diam.JEWELLERY100-15020
168A 19c Indian green stone and gold mounted cornucopia brooch, seed pearl set, 2.25in l.JEWELLERY70-10060
169A pair of early 20c Vatican silver brooches, with painted oval centre panels, one of La Madonna Soccorso, the other, La Madonna del Crevelli, painted by Louisa Pestellini, both with outer filigree borders set with coral beads, each 1.5in diam.JEWELLERY150-200150
170A 19c coral brooch carved as cherub with a dolphin, 2.4in w.JEWELLERY200-3001600
171A Victorian three piece gold and cameo jewellery set, the white on black cameos within pierced oval seed pearl mounted, comprising one pendant brooch and a pair of earrings of similar design, the brooch 2in w.JEWELLERY1,400-1,6002300
172A late Georgian gold blue enamel and diamond set pearl ring.JEWELLERY200-250400
173An Edwardian gold bangle with a beaded plaque, line filigree and seed pearl set.JEWELLERY120-150100
174An Edwardian period black and white cameo pendant and matching pair of earrings, both with borders of seed pearls.JEWELLERY200-300140
175A Georg Jensen sterling silver brooch with a bird and floral spray.JEWELLERY60-80160
176An Oriental lobed iolite pendant carved with a frog and leaf, 1.75in w.JEWELLERY150-200250
177A white metal sapphire set pierced circular pendant brooch, 1in diam.JEWELLERY100-150100
178A Georg Jensen sterling silver brooch of circular formed as a bird within a circular wreath, 1.2in diam.JEWELLERY60-80130
179A diamond white gold set bow brooch, 1.5in w.JEWELLERY250-300620
180A yellow gold cut aquamarine set pendant with gold chain.JEWELLERY170-200750
181A yellow gold diamond and sapphire set bar brooch, 1.6in w.JEWELLERY140-180100
182A yellow gold cut brooch, 2.25in diam.JEWELLERY140-180220
183A gold multi coloured stone set brooch of circular form, 1.4in diam.JEWELLERY250-300100
184A yellow gold diamond and sapphire set crescent brooch, 2.25in w.JEWELLERY300-400400
185A Georges Fouquet gold pendant set with enamel and pearl, signed G Fouquet and numbered 10891, 2.2in l, 1.8in w.JEWELLERY2,000-2,50011500
186A white gold diamond set cluster ring.JEWELLERY2,000-2,500Unsold
187A platinum three stone set ring.JEWELLERY600-800480
188A platinum three stone diamond set cross over ring.JEWELLERY400-600520
189An 18ct white gold ring set with one central sapphire flanked by two diamonds in a raised setting.JEWELLERY800-1,0001550
190An 18ct gold platinum set diamond solitaire ring, approx 1carat.JEWELLERY500-7001650
191An 18ct gold ring set with central sapphire flanked by two diamonds, each approx 0.58 carats.JEWELLERY900-1,2001250
192An 18ct white gold diamond set ring.JEWELLERY900-1,000Unsold
193An 18ct white gold emerald and diamond set daisy ring.JEWELLERY600-700Unsold
194An 18ct white gold diamond set ring.JEWELLERY800-900Unsold
195An 18ct white gold aquamarine and diamond set ring.JEWELLERY600-700750
196An 18ct white gold sapphire and diamond set ring.JEWELLERY1,300-1,500Unsold
197A pair of gold diamond set ear studs.JEWELLERY700-800Unsold
198A pair of early 20c white metal and marquetry pince nez with floral bouquet.JEWELLERY40-6050
199A late Georgian silver caddy spoon with shell shaped bowl, London 1825, 2.25in w.SILVER30-4045
200A late Georgian silver table spoon, fiddle and thread, makers mark for Paul Storr, London 1820, 8.5in l.SILVER30-4085
201A 19c Russian silver gilt sifting spoon, the handle and bowl with foliate engraving and pierced, 6.25in l.SILVER40-6040
202An 18c silver sugar caster, makers mark for Richard Gurney & Thomas Cook, date letters rubbed, 5in h.SILVER50-7055
203A collection of three pair of silver sugar nips, one pair by Peter Anne & William Bateman, London 1802, the other two pairs with marks rubbed.SILVER60-8045
204Two 19c Dutch silver serving forks, both with broad engraved handles, marks rubbed, each 7in l.SILVER40-60Unsold
205A Victorian Stilton cheese scoop, the silver stem with makers mark for George Unite, date letters rubbed and with twist bone handle, 8in l.SILVER60-80100
206A late George lll silver Old English serving ladle with cherub terminal and gilt lined bowl, London 1814, 8.75in l.SILVER50-8060
207A late Georgian style sterling silver candle snuffer, the bell shaped snuffer with scrolling arm,having a turned wood handle, 12in l.SILVER40-6025
208A boxed set of six silver cocktail sticks with enamel game cock terminals, by Mappin & Webb with makers mark Adolf Scott, Birmingham 1927, in original box.SILVER50-8060
209A George V silver christening set comprising pusher and spoon and a tankard, makers mark for Henry Wigforce, Sheffield 1916, tankard 3in h, in original boxSILVER50-7035
210A boxed set of six Kings pattern teaspoons, makers mark for Hampton Utilities, Birmingham 1959, in box.SILVER40-6030
211A set of six seal top silver coffee spoons, makers mark for Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1927, in box.SILVER40-5022
212A boxed set of six seal top silver teaspoons, makers mark for Cooper Bros & Sons Ltd, Sheffield 1962, in box.SILVER40-5030
213A boxed set of six silver coffee spoons with Art Deco style enamel terminals, makers mark for william Hair Haseler, Birmingham 1937.SILVER50-7055
214An Art Deco period silver cigarette box, engine turned, makers mark for Aldie Bros, Brimingham 1928, 5.5oz, 4.25in w.SILVER50-7040
215A Georg Jensen silver infuser, the hinged cover and bowl both pierced and with tapering handle and flame final, makers mark for Georg Jensen, .925, 5in l.SILVER70-100155
216A silver King and Queen salt and pepper in the form of chess pieces, makers mark for A C Co London 1973, 2.3in h.SILVER40-50140
217A silver model of a bull elephant, makers mark for A C & Co, London 1986, 3.5in l.SILVER40-60145
218A silver figure of a reclining China man, makers mark rubbed, London 1978, 3in w.SILVER30-5055
219An Edwardian silver pocket flask with leather covered shoulders,having a pull off tot with a knob screw top, makers mark for A Barrett & Son, Birmingham 1900.SILVER100-150130
220A George V silver pocket flask with leather covered shoulders, pull off tot and hinged screw top, makers mark for William Cottonbird, Birmingham 1911, 6.25in l.SILVER80-100150
221A late Victorian pocket flask with silver lattice shoulder decoration and having two viewing windows with pull off tot and hinged dome cover, makers mark rubbed, London 1890, 6.25in l.SILVER200-250250
222A Asprey & Co pocket flask, the clear glass body with stylistic floral engraved decoration, having a pull off silver tot and a domed hinged cover, 5.25in h.SILVER200-250180
223A set of six fish knives and forks with silver Kings pattern handles, Sheffield 1927, makers mark for Kurby Beard Ltd, in presentation box.SILVER70-100Unsold
224A 19c Dutch tobacco box of rectangular form with rounded corners, profusely engraved and chased with shipping and canal scenes with in scrolling leaf and foliate borders, 6.25in w.SILVER70-100150
225A 19c Dutch silver tea caddy of hexagonal form with lift off domed cover, the sides with embossed and chased pastoral, fishing and dancing scenes, German .800 standard, 4.25in h.SILVER120-160200
226An Edwardian seven piece silver condiment comprising four salts of baluster form supported on three legs together with two peppers with domed pierced covers and a mustard with flamed finial, makers mark for Charles Edwards, London 1904.SILVER80-100140
227A boxed set of six silver soup spoons, makers mark for R F Mosley & Co, Sheffield 1934,15oz, each 7.75in l, in presentation box.SILVER150-180120
228A set of six silver condiments comprising two peppers, two salts and two mustards, makers mark for Mappin & Webb, London 1926, in presentation box.SILVER70-10060
229An Edwardian silver condiment set comprising four Georgian style table salts, two with blue glass liners together with two salts and one mustard, all of bombe form with four scrolling legs, makers mark for John Round & Son, London 1903,in presentation box.SILVER120-160140
230A boxed set of yellow enamel backed and silver brushes and a comb, makers mark for Daniel Manufacturing Co, Birmingham 1932, in original presentation box.SILVER150-200140
231A set of six Edwardian silver serving spatulas with Old English handles, manufactured by Holland Aldwinkle & Slater, London 1903, 16oz.SILVER140-170110
232A pair of Russian silver contemporary goblets with bright cut and niello decoration to the ovoid bowls supported on short stems with stepped circular domed bases, in presentation boxes, each 6in h.SILVER100-15090
233A Georgian style silver salver of circular form with a raised and shaped border, supported on three scrolling feet, makers mark for Thomas Bradbury & Sons, London 1927, 13.5oz.SILVER130-150130
234An early 20c Dutch style silver casket, the hinged slightly domed cover with a figurative finial, the base with embossed and chased panel decoration of festivities, harvest time and musicians, with mask corner mounts and supported on paw feet, import mark for Buoaz Moses Landeck, Chester 1910, 15oz, 5in w, 5in h.SILVER150-200300
235An Edwardian silver epergne with four trumpets supported on a circular domed base, makers mark for Joseph Glocester, Birmingham 1905, 9.5in h.SILVER120-150170
236An American Gorham sterling silver Georgian style sauce boat with gadroon upper rim, double scroll handle and supported on cast pad feet with scrolling legs, 13oz, 8in w.SILVER150-200Unsold
237A late Victorian sugar caster of cylindrical form, chased and embossed with flowers and foliage, having a pierced domed lift off cover, makers mark for George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, Chester 1899, 4.7oz, 6.25in h.SILVER70-10070
238A pair of Edwardian silver bonbon dishes of pierced boat shaped form, supported on oval domed and pierced bases, makers mark for Goldsmith & Silversmiths Co Ltd, London 1903, 9.2oz, each 6in w.SILVER140-160100
239A late Victorian easel photograph frame, the silver mount pierced with trailing trefoil leaf and with an open sheild shaped pediment plaque, makers mark for Lawrence Emanuel, Birmingham 1896, 6.5in w, 8.5in h.SILVER70-10070
240A late 19c Continental .800 std silver condiment formed by two fir cones with hinged covers, supported on a leaf and foliate embossed shaped base on for short legs, 6inw, 5.25in h.SILVER250-300Unsold
241An Omar Ramsden circular dish with a threaded border and with a raised centre rose, base inscribed 'Omar Ramsden ME FCT.', London 1923, 4.25in diam.SILVER200-300310
242An Omar Ramsden silver goblet of beaten form with a shaped upper rim, lion mask collar on a circular domed base, inscribed 'Omar Ramsden ME FECIT, London 1924, 5.9oz, 4.5in h.SILVER600-800800
243A pair of Omar Ramsden silver candlesticks with wide drip pans, ringed soccles with spreading columns, having a lion mask knop on circular bases, base inscribed 'Omar Ramsden ME Fecit', both with brass base weights, London 1924, 4.5in h.SILVER800-1,2001450
244A late 19c German Hanau Neresheimer silver man of war sailing vessel on a scrolling leg formed column with a circular stepped base, import marks for John George Smith, London 1900, 37 oz,10in w, 12.5in h.SILVER500-7001300
245A pair of late 19c Indian silver peacock candlesticks by Oomersi Mawsi, stamped OM Bhuj, 17oz total, 6.75in h - small solder repair to secure candlestick soccle to the hoop above peacock head.SILVER3,000-4,0002900
246A 19c Continental silver fruit dish of oval pierced form, the base embossed and chased with two lovers accompanied by peacock with temple beyond, marked 835, 10.5oz, 10in w.SILVER120-150120
247A late Victorian fruit basket heavily embossed with scrollwork, leaf and flowers with swing handle, makers mark for W G Keight, Birmingham 1899, 15.4oz, 9.5in w.SILVER150-180120
248A pair of silver trumpet vases makers mark for James Dickson & Sons, Sheffield 1972, 7.75in h.SILVER100-14095
249A late Victorian Christopher Dresser design claret jug with a cut glass baluster body, cylindrical neck with silver mounts and angular handle, pouring spout and hinged cover, makers mark for Mappin Bros, London 1898, 9in h.SILVER120-150310
250An Edwardian easel photograph frame with a gadroon and beaded embossed border containing a portrait of a lady in a ballgown, Birmingham 1905, 12.5in x 8in.SILVER100-140Unsold
251A late Victorian cut glass cluck cluck decanter with a quatrefoil pouring spout, having a lobed globular stopper, makers mark for Thomas Russell & Co, Sheffield 1894, 12in h.SILVER120-160150
252An Art Deco period silver four branch epergne the trumpets of angular tapering form with flared upper rims, supported on a square base, makers mark for Hukin & Heath, Birmingham 1924, 12in h.SILVER200-250200
253A late Georgian style three piece silver tea service comprising teapot, sucrier and cream jug, the teapot with a hinged dome cover having a pineapple finial, all pieces with an upper band of leaf and scrollwork and with wreath motifs, makers mark for Thomas Bradbury & sons, Sheffield 1924, 26.5oz, teapot 10.5in w.SILVER200-250280
254A late Georgian style silver fruit basket of boat shaped form with a raised pierced border, makers mark for Herbert Edward Barker and Frank Barker, Chester 1920, 12oz, 12in w.SILVER120-150140
255A late Georgian style four piece silver tea service comprising tea pot, coffee pot, sucrier and cream jug, chased with scrollwork and flowers, having angular handles, the tea and coffee pots with lobed domed hinged covers, makers mark for John Round & Son Ltd, Sheffield 1909, 61oz, teapot 10.5in w, coffee pot 10.5in h.SILVER500-700600
256A mid Victorian fruit basket with swing handle, the basket with pierced rolling border embossed and chased with wheatears and having engraved presentation script to base, makers mark for Edward Barnard, London 1863, 29.9oz.SILVER350-400340
257An Italian Lavorato a Mano silver fruit bowl with a wide pierced border cast with flowers and wheatears, supported on three legs, 20.5oz, 11in diam.SILVER200-300180
258A Georgian style circular salver with a raised beaded border, having a central shield shaped motif with mongram S, makers mark for Barker Bros, Birmingham 1924, 28oz, 12in diam.SILVER300-350Unsold
259An Edwardian silver teapot on stand with burner the teapot lobed and with a hinged dome cover, having scrolling handle, supported on oval stand with four legs and burner, makers mark for Henry Wigfull, Sheffield 1902,39oz, 12.5in h.SILVER400-450370
260A late Victorian four piece silver tea service, all embossed and chased with scrollwork and flowers, the globular teapot 10.5in w, coffee pot 11in h, both the sucrier and cream jug gilt lined, makers mark for Richard Martin & Ebenezer Hall, Sheffield, 1897, 73oz, and contained in a specially constructed oak cabinet, velvet lined and enclosed by two panel hinged doors.SILVER1,200-1,5001350
261An early 20c silver pocket flask with hinged screw top, engine turned panels to both front and back, makers mark for James Dixon & Sons, 6in h, 4in w.SILVER200-250235
262A late Victorian cut glass pocket flask with silver plated tot and hinged screw top, 6in l.SILVERPLATE60-8020
263A boxed set of silverplated dessert servers comprising knife and spoon,both bright cut and gadroon edging,makers mark for S N & Co, in presentation box.SILVERPLATE40-6020
264A boxed set of Art Nouveau silver plated dessert servers comprising serving knife and a spoon, both with stylistic foliate decoration, in original box.SILVERPLATE50-7050
265A pair of 19c Bristol blue glass rinsers, 4.75in diam.GLASSWARE30-5020
266A pair of Victorian opaque yellow glass baluster vases with tall tapering single knopped necks, painted with corn flowers and fern, each 18.5in h.GLASSWARE150-200Unsold
267Four mid 19c rummer glasses, facet cut and supported on short columns with facet cut knop and slightly domed circular bases - one with slight edge chip, each 6in h.GLASSWARE80-10080
268Two 19c clear glass bird feeders of circular tapering form, 7.75in & 8.5in h.GLASSWARE40-6018
269A pair of late Victorian Bohemian green and white cut overlay baluster vases with slender necks and flared rims on circular bases, 10.25in h.GLASSWARE70-10080
270An early 19c clear glass water jug of baluster form, facet cut rim to base and collar and double knopped neck, the pouring spout facet cut and with trailed handle, 9in h.GLASSWARE50-80Unsold
271A late Victorian cut glass water jug with trailed handle on a circular star cut base,8.5in h.GLASSWARE50-70Unsold
272A pair of early 19c cut glass liqueur decanters and stoppers signs of use, 5in h.GLASSWARE50-7010
273A set of six early 19c ice plates, frosted and with star cut base, 6.75in diam.GLASSWARE40-60Unsold
274Seven late Georgian wine glass rinsers with a Greek key engraved band and star cut bases, 4.75in diam.GLASSWARE60-80Unsold
275A mid 18c wine glass with bucket bowl on an air twist stem with domed circular base, 6in h.GLASSWARE150-200170
276An 18c cordial wine glass with an opaque white double twist stem and a slightly domed circular base, 5.75in h.GLASSWARE150-200200
277A Victorian ruby overlaid pickle jar with stopper, 6.25in h.GLASSWARE20-3020
278A pair of 19c Bohemian ruby overlaid decanters and stoppers of baluster form, with double knop necks and stoppers, 8.5in h.GLASSWARE50-8025
279A 19c Bohemian ruby overlaid and cut beaker with oval facet form windows, 4.75in h.GLASSWARE40-6020
280A Victorian pink opalescent epergne with four trumpets, having frilled edges and applied clear glass moulding on a dish domed base, this too with frilled edge, 21in h overall.GLASSWARE150-20080
281A Siddy Langley oval vase with blue, green and pink clouded decoration with white spots, signed to base and dated 2008, 9in w, 5.75in h.GLASSWARE80-12060
282A Siddy Langley Dungeoness bowl with red, yellow mottle decoration with blue and white streaks, signed to base and dated 2007, 9in diam, 6.75in h.GLASSWARE100-15045
283A Siddy Langley freeform vase with purple and white speckled decoration with yellow spot, signed to base and dated 2001, 9.5in h.GLASSWARE60-8025
284A Siddy Langley glass vase of ovoid form decorated with a blue mottled ground with green flower bud motif, signed to base and dated 2001, 8in h.GLASSWARE70-10030
285A Siddy Langley blue glass vase of baluster form decorated with lizards, signed to base and dated 2003, 5.25in h.GLASSWARE80-10040
286A Siddy Langley iridescent glass vase of ovoid form, signed to base and dated 2002, 6in h.GLASSWARE80-12045
287A Siddy Langley iridescent onion shaped vase, signed to base and dated 2002, 5.75in h.GLASSWARE80-12055
288A large French Daum clear crystal floriform vase, signed to base, 15in h.GLASSWARE100-150105
289A 1920's WMF Myra iridescent bowl on stand, 7.5in diam, 5.5in h.GLASSWARE80-12030
290An Orrefors clear glass Zenith bowl, signed to base, 7.5in w, 4in h.GLASSWARE40-6010
291A Lalique clear Dauphins vase, signed to base 'Lalique France', 6.75in h.GLASSWARE400-500Unsold
292A Daum crystal bear and cub figure group in green, 4in h.GLASSWARE150-200190
293A French Baccarat clear crystal eagle perched on rock, 7in h.GLASSWARE80-120125
294A set of six Roland Ward Safari shot glasses, each engraved with animals, Roland Ward stamped to base, 2.25in h.GLASSWARE60-8070
295A 1930's Kosta Boda baluster vase with an oval cut motif depicting the head of a Grecian warrior, base incised 'Kosta 1938BKK', 9in h.GLASSWARE90-12025
296Twelve early 20c Continental engraved glasses comprising six 4.5in wines, and six 5in wines with bell shaped bases, engraved with animals, buildings, leaves and flowers with blue stained bases and rims.GLASSWARE80-120130
297A Chinese Han Dynasty 'Hu' jar, golden brown glazed, circa 100BC, 12.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-300200
298A Korean, late Goreo Dynasty 14c/15c celadon bowl, with lotus petal moulding to the exterior, 6.75in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-200Unsold
299A Chinese green glazed ox cart, 12in w, 6.25in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS70-100Unsold
300An unusual and important votive jar and cover, the pottery body decorated with calendrical zodiac figures and animals, glazed interior, 13in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS600-800Unsold
301A Chinese Han Dynasty rare and unusual tomb guardian figure of Cixi, the double headed serpent/dragon, Oxford T test, 9.5in l overall, 4.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS600-800Unsold
302A set of six Japanese Meiji period black lacquered papier mache dishes , 7.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-140Unsold
303A Chinese Tang Dynasty Lokopala standing on a dwarf, 7c/8c AD, 16in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-200Unsold
304A Chinese large Tang Dynasty Courtier figure, 7c/8c, 21in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400Unsold
305A Chinese Song Dynasty 10c/11c green glazed jar and cover with calligraphy to interior, possibly Sanskait, 10.5in diam, 14.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400Unsold
306An 18c lotus moulded porcelain teabowl and saucer having chevron shaped borders and painted with figures and goats and supported on lotus bud feet, a/f, saucer 4.5in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-20085
307A small Chinese teabowl and saucer painted with flowers, cockerel and butterfly in bright enamel colours, saucer 4in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-150120
308An 18c Chinese porcelain cream jug painted in gilt, brown and iron red with Oriental flowers within a blue patterned border, no cover, 3.75in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS70-9040
309An 18c coffee cup and saucer decorated in underglaze blue and famille rose with a flower spray within shaped reserve together with two other cups, saucer 5in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS120-160120
310An 18c Chinese low sauceboat decorated in underglaze blue and pink, the interior with floral spray, a/f, 8in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS70-8060
311A small oval Imari dish with lobed side outlined in blue, 6in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS50-6060
312A pair of 19c Imari vases of baluster form, decorated in typical palette with panels of trees on a ground of stylised flowerheads, 7.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-20050
313An 18c Chinese blue and white oval meat dish with shaped border, the centre with figures in a boat between two rocky pagoda islands, 15.5in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-22070
314A Chinese blue and white meat dish of shaped rectangular form decorated with a large temple and figures on a bridge, a/f, 18in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-150Unsold
315A 19c Oriental charger of underglaze blue ground, decorated with a large stag with in swirling ribbon in a landscape, three character marks to reverse, 21in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400Unsold
316A Japanese Satsuma pot pourri pot of square form with a pierced dome cover (finial missing), the pot decorated with panel depicting samurai warriors, village scenes, angry faces and geisha girls, 5.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS90-12030
317A 19c Cantonese blue and white wine jar of cylindrical form with spout and lift off cover, decorated with shishi in the clouds, a/f, 5.75in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS50-7020
318A 19c Cantonese cylindrical vase decorated in shades of blue with prunus blossom on cracked ice, full character marks to base, a/f, 10in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS70-10055
319A 19c Cantonese famille rose baluster jar with gilt reptiles to the shoulder and opposing lions to the neck , a/f, 17.75in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-20035
320A 19c Chinese stoneware garden seat of underglaze blue ground decorated with sprays of white flowers, having side carrying handles and being of bulbous hexagonal form, 19in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-20050
321A 19c Chinese blue and white decorated cylindrical vase decorated with figures in a garden setting amongst bats, four character marks to base, 9.75in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-200170
322A Bristol cup, saucer and milk jug, all painted with green leafy garlands within a gilt dentil and gilt line borders, all a/f, jug 3.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-12060
323A Bristol teapot stand painted with flower sprays within a gilt and diaper pattern border, 6in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-120110
324A Bristol lattice moulded coffee cup painted with puce flowerheads, together with a similarly moulded Bristol coffee cup painted with a flower garland, a/f, each 2.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-120140
325An 18c Bristol teabowl painted with a flower spray within a brown line border, 1.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-90130
326A Bow blue and white child's mug decorated with a fence, peony and birds, 2.25in h, glaze crack.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120260
327A Liverpool blue and white teabowl and saucer painted with the 'Bird on a Branch' pattern, saucer 4.75in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-9080
328A Plymouth child's teabowl and saucer painted with two birds, rock, flowers and insect, teabowl with glaze specks, saucer slightly a/f, tin mark to both bases, saucer 4in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS140-160250
329A Lowestoft blue and white moulded saucer of Hughes type, together with a Liverpool moulded coffee cup, saucer with small rim chip, saucer 4.75in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-150160
330An 18c coffee cup painted in the Oriental style with flowers and insects and use of white enamel, possibly Worcester or Liverpool, 2.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-8030
331A Worcester fluted teabowl and saucer decorated in the Sevres style with a border of puce garlands and green and gilt diaper pattern, saucer 4.75in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS140-180210
332A Penningtons Liverpool saucer dish painted with exotic birds, 6.75in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-8045
333A Ridgway coffee can together with a Pinxton coffee can, numbered 13 in black and decorated with Chantilly type sprigs and blue line rim border, 2.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-15040
334A first period Worcester blue and white cylindrical tankard painted with the rare 'The Angler' pattern, a/f, 4.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200340
335A pair of 18c Worcester table knives, the pistol handles painted in blue and white with scroll and shell pattern, a/f, 8.25in l.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-20050
336Six items of Salopian ware being a teabowl, three cups and two saucers, one a/f, all with underglaze blue marks, saucers 5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-12050
337A New Hall teabowl and saucer painted with pattern no.173, no mark, saucer 5.25in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS30-5032
338An early 19c Spode creamer painted in brown with a landscape within gilt borders, 5.75in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-6070
339A pair of early 19c leaf shaped blue and white butter boats transfer printed with cell and scroll borders, each 3in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-12050
340An 18c Penningtons Liverpool teapot and cover, the vertically lobed body printed in blue with a flower within a shell and flower border, a/f, 8in h overall.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-12065
341An early 19c oval porcelain desk stand of celestial blue ground, having pierced puce and gilt border and ornate gilt leaf and berry handles, the border with four reserved flower sprays, the stand having two inkpots and covers, two candlesticks, a pen or quill rest and a central stand. The blue ground painted with two reserves of exotic birds and gilt sprays, the base with four gilt decorated horseshoe shaped feet, no mark, very a/f, 16in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-16030
342An early 19c black basalt teapot moulded with classical figure and acanthus leaf borders and having a domed strainer and hinged lid (hinge rod missing), a/f, 6.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-7020
343A Wedgwood pearlware dessert set decorated in the Oriental style in Imari colours and gilding and comprising eighteen 8in plates, two covered sauce tureens and stands, one large shell shaped tureen and stand, four shell shaped dishes, two 12in oval dishes and two 13in oval dishes, all impressed 'WEDGWOOD' in upper case.EUROPEAN CERAMICS1,200-1,500Unsold
344An early 19c creamware nursery plate with 'My Brother' verse and the two young children, a/f, 4.5in.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-6010
345A Spode blue and white pearlware circular chestnut basket and stand transfer printed with the 'Castle' pattern, a/f, basket 9.25in diam, stand 9.75in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-150130
346A Wedgwood Majolica figural table salt being a putto holding a basket, impressed Wedgwood and year marks AVO, 5.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-8050
347An early 19c Derby two handled chocolate cup and cover painted with bands of Billingsley type roses on a white ground with gilt diamond trellis, no saucer, cover with gilt ring handle, chip to flange, 4.5in h. overall.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-30085
348An early 19c pearlware blue and white meat dish transfer printed with Oriental scene being a man and child, a large pagoda and a river scene in the background, 16in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300Unsold
349Two small 19c Ironstone plates with floral decoration, printed and impressed marks, each 5.25in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS30-40Unsold
350A late 19c Belleek chamberpot with moulded exterior, the interior base transfer printed in black and white with a portrait of Gladstone, Belleek mark in black to base, 5.25in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-350Unsold
351A Wedgwood creamware part dessert set with brown oak leaf borders and comprising ten 8in plates, one 7.5in plate and one 9.5in shaped rectangular dish, all impressed 'WEDGWOOD' in upper case.EUROPEAN CERAMICS400-600Unsold
352A Swansea porcelain creamer painted with pink roses and blue convulvulus and gilt leafy fronds within gilt line borders, 6in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-250Unsold
353A Victorian Staffordshire figure of Gladstone, standing next to a plinth with right hand on two books, 12in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-250Unsold
354Two Victorian Staffordshire figures, one of General Simpson on horseback with flag, the other Officer G Brown on horseback with flag, each 13in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-15090
355An 18c Tournai dish, decorated with under glaze blue floral sprays, mark to base, 9in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-10030
356A mid 19c English porcelain two handled loving cup painted with a bouquet of flowers and named in gilt lettering 'Mary Plant Eccleshall, 1855', 10in w, 5.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-10020
357An English Porcelain commemorative tankard with a black and white panel of the Building for the Exhibition in 1851, the Works of Industry of all Nations and being a view on the road from Hyde Park Corner, named on base, Green London 75883, with date registration mark, 3.2in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-6010
358A large Troika cylinder vase decorated on a brown ground with bands of circles and lines, singed to base, 14.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-15080
359A collection of 1930's Art Deco Clarice Cliff Crocus tablewares comprising six conical cups, saucers and side plates, cups 2.25in h, saucers 5.75in diam, side plates 6.5in w, one milk jug 4.75in h, four egg cups 1.75in h and a three piece cruet comprising conical salt and pepper 3in h, and a mustard pot 1.75in h. Some pieces a/f.EUROPEAN CERAMICS300-500920
360A 1930's Art Deco Clarice Cliff Bizarre trees and house circular fruit bowl, signed to base,11.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200210
361An early 20c Copeland Spode vase of lobed form with flared neck and supported by three ball and claw feet, decorated on a blue ground in Eastern style with flowers and birds with gilt highlights, pattern R5981, 7.8in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-80Unsold
362A 1930's Art Deco Carltonware Babylon fruit bowl, pattern no.4125, 3.75in h, 8in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-150130
363A set of six Royal Crown Derby Imari trios, pattern no.2451, cups 2.25in h, saucers 5.25in diam., side plates 6in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-12025
364A Macintyre Moorcroft baluster vase decorated with tube lined lilac panels, signed and stamped to base, 6in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300330
365An Art Nouveau Ernst Wahliss Vienna hand painted portrait plate with pierced and floral border, stamped and numbered on reverse, 10.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-15050
366An Art Nouveau Ernst Wahliss Vienna hand painted porcelain portrait plate with pierced floral border, stamped and numbered on reverse, 13in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-15080
367An Austrian Vienna porcelain vase embellished in relief with roses and adorned with two female figures in flowing gowns with gilt highlight sprays, base with 'Vienna EW' mark and impressed 'Made in Austria 4872', 14.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-180180
368No LotEUROPEAN CERAMICS100-150Unsold
369Peter Hayes Studio pottery bottle shaped vase, Raku fired, signed to base, dated 89, 7.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-200180
370A pair of 19c Pinder Bourne & Co ceramic chargers , hand painted with nesting birds in blossomed branches, both signed on reverse 'T G White 1880 & 1881', 13.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-20030
371A 19c Staffordshire King of Clubs double headed water jug, 9in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-150120
372A late 19c Vienna porcelain hand painted plate with a girl picking flowers from a rose bush, the border with three cherub panels and gilt decorated, titled on reverse 'Keine Rosen Ohne Dornen', blue underglaze 'Bindenschild' mark, 9.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200130
373An early 20c Ernst Wahliss Vienna hand painted portrait plate with gilt tooled border, titled 'Liebe', dated December 1921, 9.75in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-20060
374A late 19c hand painted Vienna Psyche & Eros plate of octagonal form with a blue gilt decorated border, signed 'Koller', blue glazed Bindenschild mark and titled on reverse, 9.5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200180
375A late 19c Vienna hand painted porcelain lidded tankard, title to base 'Amor u Psyche' with blue underglaze Bindenschild mark, 6.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300240
376A large late 19c capodimonte porcelain table casket moulded in relief and hand painted with classical figures and battle scenes, underglaze mark to base, 9.75in w, 7in h, a/f lid broken and re-glued.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300Unsold
377A Meissen porcelain figurine of an angel holding a muff and wearing skullcap and preaching bands, mark to base, 3.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120Unsold
378No LotEUROPEAN CERAMICS300-400Unsold
379A material and painted paper composition - Miss Macarthy as Mary Maybud, published by J T Marks, being no.2 in a new series, circa 1900, framed and glazed, 9in x 7.25in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS50-7020
380Unsigned - a 19c painting on metal panel of crescent form depicting a lady in classical costume standing by a vase of flowers supported on a plinth in a landscape setting, framed and glazed, 6.25in x 12.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS50-80Unsold
381A 19c needlework map of the British Isles by Harriet Beard aged twelve years, worked in gold and black thread within an outer floral border, oval framed and glazed, 21.5in x 19in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250Unsold
382A 19c wool and stumpwork picture depicting a swan amongst the bullrushes, framed and glazed, 17in x 21in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-30080
383A 19c needlework alphabetical and numerical sampler worked by Anne Fogarty's at Mrs Doyles Seminary, Wellington Place, Kilkenny, November 1832, framed and glazed, 16in x 16.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250180
384A 19c alphabetical numerical sampler with verse, worked with a central tree of life amongst symbols and birds within an outer border, by Elizabeth Orbell aged ten years, October 12th 1843, framed and glazed, 15in x 11.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-25080
385A 17c John Speed map of Cornwall, hand coloured with English text on reverse, inset with map of Launceston, The Hurlers and The Chesewring with crowned Coat of Arms. Published by John Sudbury & George Humble, framed and glazed, 15in x 20in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS300-400680
386A 17c German map Nassovia Comitatus by J Blaeu, circa 1635, with Notularum Explicatio, framed and glazed, 15in x 19in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150Unsold
387A 17c German map - Saxonia Superior, Cum Lusatia et Misnia, by W Blaeu circa 1638, hand coloured, framed and glazed, 15.5in x 20in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150Unsold
388A John Speede hand coloured map of Britain as it was divided in the time of the English Saxons especially during their Petarchy. From the first edition published in 1611, produced for John Speede's theatre of the Empire of Great Britain and first published by John Sudbury & George Humble 1612, with printed pages from the type of the Heptarchie pages 3& 4, to reverse, framed and glazed, 15in x 20in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS300-400400
389A Robert Morden map of Hertfordshire, hand coloured and with scale, framed and glazed, 14in x 17.75in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS120-160140
390A map of the County of West Moreland from an actual survey made in the years 1822 and 1823 by C & J Greenwood, published by the proprietors Greenwood & Co, 13 Regent St. Pall Mall, London, and engraved by J & C Walker with explanation and a printed coloured view of Appleby, framed and glazed, 22.5in x 26.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-200Unsold
391A Robert Morden map of Cumberland, hand coloured, framed and glazed, 14in x 16.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-140130
392A road map from the road from London to Buckingham continuing to Banbury with standard distances from the Head of Cornhill, London, framed and glazed 6.5in x 8.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS50-8090
393A Robert Mordan map of Buckinghamshire, hand coloured and with side scales indicating minutes of time from London, framed and glazed, 8.5in x 6.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS50-8045
394A map of West Moreland from the best authorities, engraved by J Carey, hand coloured and with references to the wards, framed and glazed, 16in x 19in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-10030
395A collection of fifteen coloured prints from the series 'The campaign in India 1857/58' from drawings made during the eventful period of the great mutiny by George Francklin Atkinson Captain, Bengal engineers, illustrating the military operations before Deli and its neighbour with descriptive letter press. Comprising title page together with prints numbers 2,4,5,6,7,9,13,15,16,18,20,21,23,24, and 26, framed and glazed, approx 19in x 12.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-2501050
396A 19c print on glass - The Dutch Merchant printed for John Bowles, Cornhill, framed, 14in x 10in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS40-60Unsold
397A collection of six late 18c Italian black and white engravings depicting locations in Rome and including Piazza Navona, Fontaina di Trevie, Basilica di S.Maria, Basilica S.Pietro In Vaticano, Piazza di Monte Cavallo and Veduta del Campiedoglio sul Monte Capitolino, by Francesco Morelli, Pietro Ruga & Francesco Morel, circa 1790/1800, each framed and glazed, approx 14in x 18.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-300100
398W L Wyllie - busy riverscape, black and white engraving signed in pencil, frame and glazed, 11in x 15.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS250-300Unsold
399A late 19c/early 20c Oriental coloured print on paper of various vases of flowers, 43in x 20.5in, rolled.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-15055
400A collection of five French advertising prints, coloured and comprising Saxoleine, Job Hors Concurs Paris 1889, Centenaire de la Lithographie after Hugo D'Alesi, Exposition des Oeuvresde Charlet after original by A Willette, Tournoi de Lutte Liege a la Fontaine, framed and glazed, each approx 13.5in x 10in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-180Unsold
401Joan Miro 1893/1983 - abstract composition, lithograph printed by Mourlet 1975, framed and glazed, 12.5in x 19in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-20080
402Joy Gregory 2004 - abstract print signed in pencil, mounted, 11.5in x 10in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS90-120Unsold
403Frank Martin - Dolores Costello, black and white engraving with watercolour highlight, 35/50, signed and titled, framed and glazed, 14.5in x 10.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-100250
404Phillip Sutton 1976 - two lithographs, grasses 109/150, and flowers 38/150, signed and dated, unframed, 8.5in x 15in & 23in x 50.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-300100
405A Coloured battle print being the Battle of Donwert, 2nd June 1704, between a detachment of ye allies and the body of French and Bavarian troops - For Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr Rapin's history of England, framed and glazed, 15.5in x 18in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150Unsold
406A framed and glazed hand coloured battle print being a plan of the glorious battle of Hochstet, gained by the allies on August 13th 1704 - For Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr Rapin's History of England, framed and glazed, 19in x 15in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150Unsold
407A book containing a set of six pictures with stories by Gekko Ohashi Shinagawa's woodblock prints by Kyotohanga in Kabuki.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-100Unsold
408A framed Ralph Steadman poster - The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved, signed in black ink, 16.5in x 10.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS40-6010
409A framed Ralph Steadman poster - That's my Dad, signed in pen, 17.25in x 11.5in./NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS40-6070
410A framed Ralph Steaman poster 1989 - A Touch of Gothic, signed in black pen 'For Dave Smith, Ralph Steadman 2010', 16in x 11.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS40-6020
411A framed Ralph Steadman poster - Steadman @ 77, retrospective 2013, signed in black ink, 23.5in x 16.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS50-8020
412A framed Ralph Steadman poster - I Leonardo, paintings and drawings by Ralph Steadman, signed in black ink 'For Dave Smith from Ralph Steadman 2018', with drawing, 23.25in x 16.25in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS80-12030
413A framed Ralph Steadman poster - Third Festival D La Caricature Politique, signed in black ink, 23.25in x 15.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-10025
414A framed Ralph Steadman poster - Where with Buffalo Roam, signed in black ink 'For Dave Smith From Ralph Steadman 2010 Bad Craziness!!!', 29.5in x 19.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS80-12025
415A framed Ralph Steadman poster - Admiral Lord Nelson 1995, National Maritime Museum, signed in black ink 'For Dave Smith From Ralph Steadman 2010, 27in x 19in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS70-10040
416A framed Ralph Steadman poster - Rock on Film, National Film Theatre, signed in pen, 29in x 19.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS60-8080
417A framed Ralph Steadman poster - Sharmanka Edurad Bersudski, signed in black ink, 23in x 14.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS60-8020
418A framed Ralph Steadman poster - Steadman at Once, retrospective exhibition of graphic works 1830 gallery, signed in black ink, with drawing, 24.5in x 17.75in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS80-12025
419A framed Ralph Steadman poster - Avec Nous la Lecture Cest Pas Soscier, signed in biro, 27.75in x 19.75in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS60-8030
420An unframed Ralph Steadman print - Pennies from Heaven, limited edition, signed in pencil 27/30, 14in x 12.75in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS40-6020
421A Ralph Steadman poster - Who? Me!! No!!! Why Not?, signed in black ink, 36in x 21in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS40-6020
422A framed Ralph Steadman print - Blank Canvas, signed in ink, 15.5in x 22.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS60-8025
423Three Ralph Steadman posters WH Smith Illustration Awards 1987, Victoria & Albert Museum, 13.5in x 20in, Visagen Und Visonen, 21in x 14.75in, and unframed Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, 22in x 16.25in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS60-8020
424A framed Ralph Steadman print - Leonardo Wine Bottling, signed in pen 'Leonardo De Steadman, 15in x 12in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS80-10035
425A framed limited edition Ralph Steadman print - Leonardo V Michaelangelo, signed in pencil, no.113/250, 15in x 21in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-15040
426A limited edition Ralph Steadman silk screen print - Vintage Dr. Gonzo, signed in pencil by Hunter S & Ralph Steadman, no.150/500, 18.5in x 16.25in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS1,000-1,500Unsold
427A framed Roy Lichenstein poster - Luisianna, 33in x 24in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS50-8080
428A framed and glazed Salvador Dali print - Tauras Horoscopos, artists proof, signed in pencil with certificate, 13.5in x 10in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS300-400280
429George Thomas Rope 1845/1829 - horse grazing in a river meadow, signed, pen sketch, framed and glazed, 6.25in x 6.75in.WATERCOLOURS70-10045
430John Townshend 1814/1850 - alpine summer landscape pencil sketch, signed and dated 1816, framed and glazed, 5.5in x 9.25in.WATERCOLOURS70-100Unsold
431W Leech? - 19c three figures in a boat on a river, pencil sketch, signed, framed, 8in x 10in.WATERCOLOURS70-100Unsold
432Myles Birket Foster - Gulf of Spezia, signed in mono, watercolour, framed and glazed, 6in x 9in.WATERCOLOURS200-300380
433Alfred H Vickers 1853/1907 - Swiss landscape Beroem, signed in mono, watercolour, framed and glazed, 5in x 13.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-140Unsold
434William Henry Chambers - early 19c harbour with sailing vessels and a steam tug, signed in mono, watercolour, framed and glazed, 9.75in x 13.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-140110
435Unsigned 19c - a cathedral archway, unsigned watercolour, framed and glazed, 13in x 9in.WATERCOLOURS70-100Unsold
436Signed in mono HS 19c - Normandy street scene with cathedral in background, watercolour, framed and glazed, 15in x 10.5in.WATERCOLOURS70-100Unsold
437Alfred Hartford 1848/1915 - Scottish loch with sunlight over the mountains, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 14in x 20in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
438August Schlutter1858/1920 - 'The Hectmarkt' Frankfurt on Maine, watercolour, label to reverse, framed and glazed, 12in x 16in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
439- Bartlett - unloading the fishing boat, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 14.5in x 11in.WATERCOLOURS70-100Unsold
440Maston, Price - a pair, 19c in shore fishing boats, signed, framed and glazed, 10.75in x 14.5in & 11in x 14.5in.WATERCOLOURS70-10035
441- Walter - unloading in shore fishing boats, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 10.75in x 14.5in.WATERCOLOURS50-80Unsold
442Peter De Wint 1784/1849 - the hay cart, label to reverse, watercolour, framed and glazed, 2.5in x 2.75in.WATERCOLOURS100-150140
443David Cox 1783/1859 - coastal scene with distant cliffs, watercolour, framed and glazed, 4.5in x 6in.WATERCOLOURS200-250230
444William James Muller 1812/1845 - the farmstead, watercolour,framed and glazed, 6.5in x 9.5in.WATERCOLOURS150-200100
445John Terris - old church, Alcester, September 13 1892, signed and dated, framed and glazed, 6.5in x 4.5in. Together with a reverse watercolour, 'On the road to Alcester', signed and dated, framed and glazed, 6.5in x 4in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
446Sir J Gilbert - three knights on horseback in a woodland setting, signed in mono JG, watercolour, framed and glazed, 9in x 13.5in.WATERCOLOURS200-250220
447E J Skill - collecting water at the well, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 9in x 11in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
448S J Hodson - Dieppe , signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 10in x 7in.WATERCOLOURS100-140Unsold
449J A Fitzgerald - portrait of a seated lady with a basket of flowers, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 13.5in x 9.25in.WATERCOLOURS250-300550
450L Lewis - a pair, Southern European lake scenes with boats and figures on the bank and distant mountains, signed, watercolours, framed and glazed, 9.25in x 21in.WATERCOLOURS200-250200
451E H Marten - village of Kingston, near Lewes, Sussex, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 14.5in x 21in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
452E H Marten - spring morning on the Arun at Stoke, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 14.25in x 21in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
453Signed indistinctly - five Generals, pen and ink with colourwash, signed, framed and glazed, 6in x 7.5in.WATERCOLOURS50-70150
454Wiliam Frances Marshall - three portrait illustrations, the lady in blue, the lady in pink with her cat together with lady in blue accompanied by a gentleman, signed in mono FM, each framed and glazed, approx. 12.5in x 10.25in.WATERCOLOURS250-30050
455F A Betteridge 1998 - Cley, Norfolk, watercolour, signed and dated, framed and glazed, 11.5in x 17.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-15045
456Ernesto R Garcia - Tres Hombres en un Boat, watercolour, signed in mono 'ERGS', framed and glazed, 11in x 8.5in. Together with copy of the book by Jerome, this picture illustrating the front cover.WATERCOLOURS100-15045
457M T Praed - moonlit harbour, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 22in x 15in.WATERCOLOURS400-500Unsold
458William Archibald Gunn - Clodgy Point, St. Ives, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 16in x 23in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
459A Handcock 1900 - autumn woodland setting, signed, watercolour and dated, framed and glazed, 19in x 29in.WATERCOLOURS200-250190
460Mark Chester 1991 - American Kestrel, acrylic, signed and dated, framed and glazed, 14.5in x 11.5in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
461Hui Chi Mau - a pair, grapes and songbird & squash and ladybug, signed, watercolours, framed, 20.75in x 17.75in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
462Harry Sheldon - The Morning Break, Berkhamsted School 1993, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 9.5in x 13in.WATERCOLOURS100-150160
463Harry Sheldon - Castle Wharf, Berkhamsted 1993, signed, watercolour, 7.5in x 13.5in.WATERCOLOURS90-120100
464Harry Sheldon - Sunlight by St Peters, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 7.5in x 14in.WATERCOLOURS90-120125
465Harry Sheldon - Saturday morning, Berkhamsted 1992, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 12.5in x 19.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-150160
466Mick Ewins - The Three Horseshoes, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 13.5in x 20.5in.WATERCOLOURS90-12030
467J H Gaymer - highland sheep, oil on board, signed to reverse, framed, 9.5in x 12in.OIL PAINTINGS100-150Unsold
468Raymond Dearn 1858/1925 - a pair, Scottish highland landscapes, oil on canvas, framed, 5.25in x 9.5in.OIL PAINTINGS100-150Unsold
469Henrick Joseph Dillens 1812/1872 - gentleman sitting holding a child by a roadway, signed, oil on board, framed, 8in x 10in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
470In the manner of H Koekkoek 1815/1882 - 19c shipping in an estuary with figures on the beach, oil on board, framed, 7.75in x 15.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-180130
471Paul Schneider 1884/1967 - study of a Rabbi, signed, oil on board, framed, 11.5in x 9.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-300Unsold
472Mark Spain - flamenco dancer in red, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 19in x 19in.OIL PAINTINGS600-800Unsold
473In the manner of Peter Breugel - peasants rebelling outside a country inn, oil on board, framed, 15in x 19in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
474Walter Barend Shaeffer - a Normandy street scene with figures trading in the street, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 19in x 14.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
475Unsigned 19c Dutch - a busy town waterway with estuary beyond, unsigned, oil on canvas, framed, 19in x 31.5in.OIL PAINTINGS400-500Unsold
476Mono BC 1859 - a Scottish loch with figures in boats and distant mountains, signed in mono and dated, oil on canvas, framed, 16.5in x 26.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-300Unsold
477C. Batc- - 19c watermill with sheep grazing in the valley, signed, oil on canvas, framed and glazed, 15.5in x 25.5in.OIL PAINTINGS400-500Unsold
478Unsigned 19c derelict bridge over a river, unsigned, framed, 17.75in x 24in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200130
479T Spinks 1887 - a quiet Scottish loch with stone croft and hayrick in the foreground, signed and dated, oil on canvas, framed, 13.5in x 19.5in.OIL PAINTINGS250-300Unsold
480Alfred De Breanski - a showery day on the East Lyn, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 15.5in x 21.5in.OIL PAINTINGS2,000-2,500Unsold
481J C Burgess 1823 - a vase of flowers, signed and dated, oil on canvas, framed, 32in x 24in.OIL PAINTINGS400-600Unsold
482Unsigned 19c - portrait of a gentleman, oil on canvas, framed, 27.5in x 22.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-300Unsold
483Unsigned 17c Dutch - portrait of a lady wearing pearls and dressed in costume of the period, oil on board, framed, 15in x 12in.OIL PAINTINGS200-250950
484W R Waters 1847 - portrait of a young lady with her dog, signed and dated, oil on canvas, framed, 35.5in x 27.5in - canvas damage.OIL PAINTINGS1,200-1,5002900
485William Hughes - still life, oranges and grapes, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 17.5in x 13.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200180
486Charles Thornely 1858/1898 - French crabbers, oil on panel, signed, framed, 5.75in x 7.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-250Unsold
487Fritz Authaus - East Ogwell nr. Newton Abbot, signed, oil on board, framed, 5.5in x 8.75in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400140
488William Gear 1915/1997 - black composition on red, oil on paper, signed, framed and glazed, 12.25in x 17.25in.OIL PAINTINGS1,500-2,000Unsold
489Bruno Tinucci - poppy field, signed oil on canvas, framed, 9.5in x 13in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400290
490William Gear 1915/1997 - autumn study, (provenance the estate of William Gear), signed and signed to reverse, oil on canvas, framed, 26in x 21.25in.OIL PAINTINGS8,000-10,00010500
491Markey Robinson, Irish School - figures on a pathway approaching a village with distant lake and mountains beyond, signed, oil on board, framed, 18in x 15in.OIL PAINTINGS500-700Unsold
492A mid Victorian rosewood marble top mirror back credenza, the shelved interior enclosed by two mirrored doors with carved and moulded decoration and supported on a shaped plinth, 62.5in w, 63in h.FURNITURE300-400100
493A late Victorian mahogany side cabinet fitted three shaped shelves with material lining enclosed by a single glazed hinged door with carved upper panel and scrolling raising bars, supported on base with carved slight cabriole legs and pointed feet, 32in w , 71in h.FURNITURE200-30090
494An Edwardian period mahogany Georgian style standing corner unit fitted with open shelves and central cupboards under a dentile moulded frieze and supported on square straight legs with block, 40in w, 78in h.FURNITURE200-250Unsold
495A 19c mahogany bookcase fitted shelves and enclosed by two astragal glazed door under a moulded cornice, supported on a base with four square carved cabriole legs, 44in w, 69in h.FURNITURE150-20050
496A late Georgian mahogany chest on chest, the upper section of two short and three long graduated drawers under a dentile moulded cornice on a base with three long deep drawers and supported on bracket feet, 43in w, 73in h.FURNITURE400-450140
497A Victorian mahogany cylinder top pedestal desk, the cylinder top rising to reveal a fitted interior with eight open pigeon holes flanked by six short drawers over writing surface with hinged slope over well, each pedestal having three short drawers with turned bun handles and supported on plain moulded plinths,60in w, 48in h.FURNITURE350-400140
498A Victorian Carter of London music table of adjustable height, with cast iron stand on four legs with paw feet, having a brass adjustable height column supporting a circular table top and adjustable oak lecturn with brass arm, with labels, table top 10.5in diam, music lecturn extending to approx. 24in, table max height approx 27in.FURNITURE200-250320
499A late Georgian figured mahogany serpentine sideboard fitted with central drawer over shaped apron, flanked by two cupboards and supported on six square tapering legs with spade feet, 48in w, 35in h.FURNITURE200-25080
500A mid 19c mahogany chest on chest, the upper section with two short and three long graduated drawers over a slide, the base fitted three long graduated drawers, slight bow fronted betwixt reeded columns and supported on turned pointed bun feet, 51.5in w, 66in h.FURNITURE400-600260
501A French marble top chest with ormolu mounts and brass fittings, having three long drawers, chequered marquetry decoration and supported on four cabriole legs, 24in w, 30in h.FURNITURE100-150Unsold
502An early 19c Irish mahogany sideboard with central drawer flanked by two cupboards with fan carved brackets, applied mouldings and supported on bold ring turned legs, 72.5in w, 33in h.FURNITURE300-400Unsold
503A George III mahogany chest on chest, the upper section under a dentil moulded cornice having two short and three long graduated drawers on a base with slide and three long graduated drawers, all with brass swing handles and supported on bracket feet, 44.5in w, 76in h.FURNITURE400-500220
504A mid Victorian figured mahogany extending dining table, the table top with moulded edge and rounded corners, having four extra leaves and supported on baluster ring turned and carved legs with white china castors, 130in l extended, 42in w.FURNITURE500-700290
505A Victorian mahogany twin pedestal desk, fitted central drawer flanked by eight short drawers, all with turned bun handles, the desk top with tooled leather insert within a moulded outer border and supported on plain plinths, 50.5in w, 30.5in h.FURNITURE300-350430
506A 19c mahogany lamp table with candle slide and gallery, supported on splayed square tapering legs with under tier shelf, 9.5in w, 29in h.FURNITURE90-12050
507A Victorian circular tilt top pedestal table with twist carved column on a tripartite moulded base, the table top crossbanded in specimen woods with a central foliate motif, 19in diam, 28.5in h.FURNITURE100-15080
508A George III mahogany circular fold over card table, crossbanded and line inlaid, having a deep frieze and supported on fluted tapering legs, fixed and with two loper legs, 32in w, 35in h.FURNITURE200-25040
509A late Georgian mahogany D end dining table with shallow frieze supported on fluted tapering legs with castors, 70in l, 42in w.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
510An E J Riley snooker room oak cabinet together with a fitted scoreboard with colour and number indicators, the cabinet with two short drawers over open shelf and base cupboard, 53in w, 73in h overall, and including an oak snooker cue stand, eleven cues and three rests.FURNITURE300-350550
511A pair of mid 19c mahogany hall chairs with shaped carved back panels, solid seats and supported on turned front legs and rear sabre legs.FURNITURE100-12060
512A late 17c Dutch walnut veneered side table fitted one long deep drawer supported on cup carved legs with shaped platform stretcher rails and bold ball feet, 33in w, 38.5in h.FURNITURE200-250150
513A Regency period mahogany twin flap pembroke table of square form with moulded edge, fitted two end drawers and supported on square tapering legs with original castors, 28in w, 29.5in h.FURNITURE300-35080
514An 18c figured walnut chest on stand, the chest under a moulded cornice with three short drawers over three long graduated drawers raised on a stand with moulded edge and line inlaid panelling, supported on reverse cut carved legs with shaped platform box stretcher rails and bun feet, 40in w, 56in h.FURNITURE500-700400
515A mid Victorian mahogany bed table of adjustable height being a rectangular form, supported on a ring turned pedestal column on a shaped platform base with compressed bun feet, 36in w.FURNITURE150-20050
516A George III mahogany bow front hanging corner cupboard, fitted shelves and two short drawers within reeded pilasters, under a moulded cornice, 30in w, 44in h.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
517A Regency rosewood twin flap sofa table with classical brass rail and motif inlay, fitted two side drawers and supported on a raised quatrefoil platform with four splayed legs and castors, 56in w, 26in h.FURNITURE400-600130
518A late Georgian mahogany fold over card table of rectangular form with rounded corners, the top with deep crossbanding and line inlay, having deep frieze and supported on square tapering legs with block feet, 34in w, 30in h.FURNITURE150-20050
519A Regency period mahogany twin flap sofa table, crossbanded and line inlaid, fitted two side drawers and supported on stretcher frame with turned stretcher rail, splayed legs with brass capped castors, decorated with ebony panels, 55in w, 27in h.FURNITURE300-350820
520A William IV rosewood fold over card table with circular gilt tooled leather insert, with rounded corners, deep frieze and leaf carved motif on a gun barrel pedestal with lobed carved collar on a circular base, supported by four bold paw feet, 38in w, 29in h.FURNITURE300-350Unsold
521A late Georgian mahogany fold over tea table fitted one frieze drawer with fluted fixed legs and two hinged loper legs, 33.5in w, 28.5in h.FURNITURE200-250Unsold
522A late Victorian turned mahogany single fold airer with splayed legs, 46in w, 42in h.FURNITURE80-10060
523Two Dutch 18c style oak fold over circular tables with deep frieze, lobed and scroll carved, each supported on four legs with open brass paw capped castors, 19in w, 29.5in h.FURNITURE500-700800
524A George III mahogany bureau with fall front and fitted interior over four long graduated drawers and supported on bracket feet, 38in w, 41in h.FURNITURE300-40050
525A Late Georgian mahogany three tier revolving pedestal book stand of circular tapering form, supported on a baluster ring turned column with four fluted and splayed legs with brass castors - in need of restoration, 27in maximum w, 50.5in h.FURNITURE1,000-1,200Unsold
526A Victorian mahogany two tier buffet trolley table of rectangular form with moulded edge, having three quarter gallery, side supports and supported on shaped and carved platforms with lobed feet and castors, 39in w, 37in h.FURNITURE200-30050
527A George III mahogany bow front hanging corner cupboard fitted shelves, 26.5in w, 43.5in h.FURNITURE150-20030
528A Victorian mahogany four tier stand with shaped aprons and square legs, 19in w, 49in h.FURNITURE100-15075
529A Victorian figured walnut music cabinet satin wood line inlaid with corner motifs, the interior with original named leather stamped shelves enclosed by a single hinged door on plain plinth with castors, 22in w, 38in h.FURNITURE200-30080
530A late 18c/early 19c Lombardy cabinet on stand fitted two long drawers and decorated with coloured woods, inked white bone depicting hunting scenes, 47in w, 38.5in h.FURNITURE900-1,200950
531A pair of late Victorian carved and turned oak upholstered circular footstools.FURNITURE90-120Unsold
532A George III mahogany serpentine chest of four long graduated drawers with a slide, within column pilasters and supported on ogee bracket feet, 33in w, 30.5in h.FURNITURE800-1,000700
533An early 19c mahogany bow front dressing table fitted one central drawer over kneehole flanked by four short drawers and supported on square tapering legs with spade feet, 40.5in w, 30in h.FURNITURE200-25050
534A 19c kingwood vitrine cabinet with ormolu mounts, satinwood line inlay, crossbanded and with material lined cabinet enclosed by hinged lift up glazed cover supported on slight cabriole square tapering legs with brass galleried under tier shelf and having cast brass scrolling feet, 19.5in w, 28.5in h.FURNITURE500-700Unsold
535A 19c mahogany music stool with adjustable height, being of square form and with a buttoned leather seat.FURNITURE70-10020
536An early 19c figured walnut veneered serpentine small chest of four long drawers, the top with reeded edge and having shaped apron and bracket feet, 24in w, 30.5in h.FURNITURE300-400130
537A 19c Oriental marble top pot stand with a well carved hardwood frame, the slight cabriole legs with lion mask terminals and supported on bold claw feet, 28in w, 24in h.FURNITURE300-400250
538An Arts & Craft oak circular pedestal table, the table top with carved edge supported on facet carved pedestal raised on four square carved splayed legs, 24in diam, 28in h.FURNITURE150-200270
539A 19c Oriental style three fold screen with paper panels, decorated with Samurai warriors, Geisha girls, animals, birds, insects and symbols and with script panels, 90in w open, 72in h.FURNITURE300-400Unsold
540A 19c French Table a Ecrire of mahogany construction with a three quarter gilt metal raised gallery with tooled leather insert having one central drawer over kneehole flanked by three short drawers and supported on straight square tapering legs with three quarter stretcher rails and decorated with ormolu mounts, 36in w, 31in h.FURNITURE300-400Unsold
541A 19c French bureau plat of kingwood construction and of serpentine form, with a central hinged writing slope with ratchet over one central drawer and flanked by two pink silk lined compartments, one with fixed metal inkwell enclosed by hinged covers, both with oval marquetry panels depicting fable scenes, the frieze and drawer front with continual marquetry landscape scenes and supported on slight cabriole fine tapering legs with cast brass capped castors, 27.5in w, 27.5in h.FURNITURE600-700520
542A Louis XVI style large vitrine cabinet with marble top, stepped cornice over a gilt feathered frieze, having an oak carcass, burr wood veneered with central cupboard enclosed by a gilt and glazed grill flanked by side cupboards with pull out shelves enclosed by hinged doors and supported on pointed tapering feet. Decorated in late Empire style with ormolu mounts, 58in w, 67in h.FURNITURE1,000-1,500Unsold
543Two 19c hall chairs of similar design with shell carved and scroll formed back panels, having solid seats and sabre front legs and rear swept legs, one chair on castors.FURNITURE100-150130
544A mid Victorian figures mahogany secretaire bookcase, the upper section under a moulded cornice, shelved and enclosed by two hinged, glazed doors with moulded glazing bars over secretaire fitted two pigeon holes and six short drawers with fall front and writing surface, this over a fitted cupboard base having three pull out shelves, open shelf over a deep bottle drawer with original lead lining enclosed by two panel doors with column pilasters and supported on a plain plinth, 36in w, 80in h.FURNITURE300-350300
545A late Georgian mahogany wine cellarette of octagonal form with original fittings and lead lined interior, 11.5in w, 16in h.FURNITURE200-300420
546A mid Victorian mahogany roll end settee supported on baluster ring turned legs, 47in l, 16in h.FURNITURE200-250320
547A Victorian figured walnut music stand with a revolving table on an iron column with four cast splayed legs having lion paw feet and castors, being of adjustable height with a music lecturn on adjustable gilt brass arm, table 14.5in diam.FURNITURE100-150120
548An Edwardian period Oriental red lacquered chinoiserie decorated easel mirror of serpentine form, 21in w, 28in h.FURNITURE150-200160
549A mid Victorian mahogany cheval mirror of arched form with moulded surround with a bold carved frame with four reeded trumpet carved legs on castors - the mirror surround in need of some attention, 39in h, 63in w.FURNITURE300-400350
550A Georgian giltwood wall mirror with reeded supports and leaf terminals, having an upper painted panel with gilt centre boss flanked by two stars under a ball formed cornice, 18in w, 32in h.FURNITURE150-200200
551A 17c turned oak coffin stool, 18in w, 20in h.FURNITURE200-25060
552A late 17c/early 18c oak three panel coffer, lozenge carved, moulded and supported on straight stile legs, 41in w, 26in h.FURNITURE300-350Unsold
553A late 18c/early 19c miniature mule chest, panel decorated, having two short base drawers under coffer box enclosed by a single hinged cover and supported on carved bracket feet, 25in w, 19in h.FURNITURE200-300210
554A 19c oak and pine flight of twelve drawers with seven open pigeon holes and central cupboard on a stand, 36.5in w, 37in h.FURNITURE200-250110
555A late 19c Arts & Crafts oak side table with copper stylistic floral stamped back panel under a canopy shelf with florette side rails and having two drawers and supported on square tapering legs with H stretcher rail, 44in w, 46in h.FURNITURE200-250780
556A late 17c/early 18c oak occasional table of pegged construction with bobbin turned legs and moulded stretcher rails, carved frieze and having a square top with moulded edge, 19.5in w, 27in h.FURNITURE150-20040
557A late 17c/early 18c oak gateleg table on baluster ring turned legs with moulded stretcher rails and ball feet, fitted one end drawer, 41in w, 29in h.FURNITURE200-30040
558A late 18c ash and elm spindle back Windsor armchair with saddle seat, pierced vase splat, shaped top rail and supported on splayed turned legs with H stretcher rail.FURNITURE200-250680
559An early 18c oak three panel mule chest, lozenge carved bearing the date 1743, having two base drawers and supported on ogee bracket feet, 54in w, 35in h.FURNITURE300-400Unsold
560A late 17c/early 18c oak wall cupboard fitted shelves and enclosed by a single hinged panel door, being of pegged construction, 24in w, 30.5in h.FURNITURE150-20040
561A late 17c oak oval gateleg dining table of pegged construction and supported on bobbin turned and carved legs with bun feet, 40in w, 29in h.FURNITURE250-300Unsold
562A late 17c/early 18c oak single flap side table of rectangular form, fitted one end drawer, supported on bobbin turned gateleg frame with moulded stretcher rails and bun feet, 36in w, 21in h.FURNITURE250-300300
563A late 17c style oak side table fitted one long drawer with geometric carving, supported on baluster bobbin turned legs with moulded box stretcher rails on ball feet, 26in w, 28in h.FURNITURE150-200250
564A late 19c walnut spindled armchair with upholstered back panel and arm rests, over a shaped and upholstered seat and supported on slight cabriole front legs with pad feet and rear swept legs.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
565A late 17c Joint stool, the rectangular seat with moulded edge, supported on simple turned legs with moulded box stretcher rails, 15in w, 10.5in h.FURNITURE100-1501600
566A late 17c oak joint stool, the seat of rectangular form with moulded edge, having lunette carved frieze, pegged and with ring turned baluster legs and moulded stretcher rails, 17.5in w, 22.5in h.FURNITURE200-2501200
567A late 17c oak joint stool, the seat with moulded edge, having carved frieze and supported on ring turned baluster legs with moulded stretcher rails, 19in w, 22.5in h.FURNITURE250-300500
568A 17c oak three panel coffer with hinge cover with lunette carved front frieze and arched carved panels, supported on stile legs, 51.5in w, 23.5in h.FURNITURE250-300120
569A 19c Mendlesham type Windsor open armchair with scrolling arms and supports, having spindle back and pierced bar splat betwixt ball separated horizontal rails and supported on baluster legs.FURNITURE90-120350
570A matched set of six early 18c single dining chairs, four with solid vase splats, two with pierced vase shaped splats, all with shaped horizontal top rails, solid seats and supported on square straight front legs and rear sabre legs.FURNITURE300-400Unsold
571A mid Victorian upholstered ottoman box of serpentine form with a rosewood frame, supported on scroll carved feet with castors, 42in w, 17in d.FURNITURE100-150220
572A late 19c upholstered armchair with wooden frame, short legs and castors.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
573A pair of Carolean style upholstered high back armchairs with carved oak frame, turned front legs and stretcher rails and having straight rear chamfered legs.FURNITURE250-300250
574A Victorian rosewood serpentine two seater settee with carved show frame, buttonback and supported on front scroll carved feet and rear swept legs with castors, 65in w.FURNITURE300-400300
575A pair of Victorian show frame and upholstered buttonback armchairs scroll and foliate carved, scroll carved front legs and rear swept legs on castors.FURNITURE250-300400
576A Victorian Windsor ash and elm spindled wheelback childs high chair with front rail and foot rest, having shaped arms, turned baluster legs and H stretcher rail.FURNITURE100-150Unsold
577No LotFURNITURE0Unsold
578No LotFURNITURE0Unsold
579An early 18c walnut open armchair with shaped and moulded top rail, later cane back and seat with downswept scrolling arms on baluster supports with bull turned baluster front legs and rear tapering and block carved legs having arched moulded front stretcher rail, front legs on circular pad feet, 24in w, 49in h.FURNITURE150-200110
580An early 18c oak single chair with a solid bar splat, shaped top rail having lift out seat and supported on block carved baluster turned legs, 18.5in w, 38in h.FURNITURE60-8035
581A pair of Johansson 'Arena' revolving chairs, red leather upholstery, supported on brushed steel pedestals with wide circular bases.FURNITURE200-250Unsold
582A Herman Miller aluminium and chromium framed upholstered revolving chair, frame stamped 938-139.FURNITURE200-250Unsold

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