June 14th – Auction #876

Lot noDescriptionImageLot descriptionEstimateResult
1A wooden model of a four wheeled horse drawn timber wagon, 22in l.TOYS70-100Unsold
2An Attenborough teddy bear by Portobello Bear Co, being an exclusive limited edition of only one, complete with cotton shorts, neck scarf, birds egg and binoculars complete with certificate and together with a high chair, 15.75in h.TOYS100-15090
3A Britains ten wheel lorry with two pounder and light anti aircraft gun in red box.TOYS80-100190
4A boxed Britains army ambulance with driver and wounded man, in red box.TOYS40-6035
5A Britains armoured car with swivelling gun in red box.TOYS40-60140
6A Britains army staff car, with two officers in red box.TOYS30-50190
7A Britains Royal Artillery Howitzer, Royal Artillery Limbar and an Airforce Equipment Search Light, all in red boxes.TOYS70-100Unsold
8A Britains Army lorry with driver, in red box.TOYS40-60130
9A Britains British Army Beetle lorry, light troop transport and general service truck, in red box.TOYS40-5020
10A boxed Crescent Toys Royal Engineers field telephone sets together with a Britains Airforce Equipment sound locator no.1638.TOYS50-6038
11A Dinky Toy's no.62T Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Bomber, with RAF camouflage, boxed.TOYS30-4018
12Collection of cold painted military and army figures and vehicles including cannons and truck,some by Britains.TOYS80-10040
13A Britians General Purpose plough with two horses no.6F, in green box.TOYS50-8020
14An early 20c Hess clockwork tin plate model Dreadnought, 8in w.TOYS100-120140
15A Marklin model steam factory with 11in boiler, driving twin pulley wheels, each 4in diam.TOYS200-300210
16A model steam factory with a 9in boiler connected to a 5.75in single pulley wheel.TOYS200-300190
17A Allchin-M-E. 1 1/2in scale traction engine, constructed by Adam Pearson, 25.5in l, 17in h, together with the plans being A Hughes design and copyright Percival Marshall & co Ltd 19/20 Noel Street, W1.TOYS1,200-1,5001980
18A book - The Sleeping Beauty, a composition of related works with a pen and ink hand written version of The Sleeping beauty, January 1882, those taking part principally the Sidebotham family together with friends.BOOKS100-14035
19A book - The Irish Rebellion or A History of the Beginnings and First Progress of the General Rebellion, raised within the Kingdom of Ireland 1641, by John Temple Kt. printed in London 1646, with leather boards and spine.BOOKS70-100280
20A book - The New British or A Complete Modern Universal Display of Great Britain and Ireland, published under the inspection of George Augustus Walpoole, c.1781, containing maps and illustrations.BOOKS200-250170
21An early 20c Chinese picture story of silk worm and raw silk.BOOKS50-80Unsold
22A book - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and other Rights and Ceremonies of the Church of England together with Psalms of David, published in London 1717 in the former ownership of the Earl of Abbingdon, leather boards and spine.BOOKS70-100160
23A book - Poems of James Russell Lowell containing the Vision of Sir Launfal, a Fable for Critics, the Biglow Papers, Under the Willows and other Poems, published in London by Henry Frowde 1912, leather covered boards and spine.BOOKS40-60Unsold
24A collection of German Military emphemera relating to Heinrich Heinen to include War Merit Cross Class 1 Certificate, Certificate of the Cross of Honour of the Garman Mother and an Artillerie passport.BOOKS180-200Unsold
25A late 19c/early 20c Afghan child's waistcoat profusely embroidered in gold thread, together with a pair of leather decorated shoes.TEXTILES80-100Unsold
26An RSVP Los Angeles gold and black Las Vegas Hilton promotional jacket on the back promoting the Tyson vs Bruno Heavyweight championship February 25th 1989, size large.TEXTILES90-12030
27An Edwardian silk shawl with embroidered flowers and fauna throughout, with tassels, 56in sq.TEXTILES50-8050
28Two Indo-Persian shields, (Dhal) of circular form, brass faces engraved with animals, birds and figures within scroll work and leaf and having four bosses, 13.5in diam.GUNS AND MILITARIA100-15045
29An Indo-Persian painted papier mache shield of circular form with centre spikes surrounded by five bosses, 14.5in diam.GUNS AND MILITARIA60-8090
30A 19c Tower Proof percussion musket with walnut stock, the barrel 39in l, with original ram rod.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-200Unsold
31A Caucasian, Russian short sword with steel blade, 16in l, with silver cased handle with niello incised decoration and with a silver cased wooden sheath, the silver chased and pierced with scrollwork, leaf and flowers and having a fish head terminal, 24.75in l overall.GUNS AND MILITARIA200-300Unsold
32A 19c Caucasian Russian riding whip, the whip handle bound with silver niello forming a chequered pattern handle with knop, the handle 15.75in l, the leather whip 16in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA100-15080
33A Caucasian Russian silver niello applied leather belt, 32.5in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA200-300Unsold
34A 19c French Cavalry Officers sword, 37.5in blade, engraved on back 'Mfture Imple Du Klungenthal Octobre 1813', triple bar brass hilt, wire bound leather covered grip, in its steel scabbard, 45in l overall.GUNS AND MILITARIA200-250Unsold
35A Polynesian carved hardwood paddle club, 44in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA300-400520
36A ball head throwing club, 19.5in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA100-15050
37A carved wood club in the form of a sword, 30in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-200130
38An African steel sword with a leather whipped handle, 24in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA70-100Unsold
39A 19c African steel long handled ladle decorated with simple engraving and with a white metal knop, 34.5in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA100-140Unsold
40A 19c carved wood paddle token, 10in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA40-5025
41An African carved wood face mask, 18in h.GUNS AND MILITARIA70-100Unsold
42An African carved wood face mask, 14in h.GUNS AND MILITARIA60-80Unsold
43A 19c African carved wood and stained fertility figure, 18in h.GUNS AND MILITARIA100-140Unsold
44A 19c African carved wood standing female figure, 14in h.GUNS AND MILITARIA60-80Unsold
45A 19c African coastal region carved wood mask, decorated with shells, 11.5in diam.GUNS AND MILITARIA70-100Unsold
46A 19c carved wood throwing club with turned wood handle, 12in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA100-150Unsold
47Two 19c metal slave bangles.GUNS AND MILITARIA50-8035
48A 19c coiled iron slave bangle, 11in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA100-15085
49An Ashanti carved wood stool, 17.5in w, 13in h.GUNS AND MILITARIA100-150Unsold
50An Ashanti carved wood tribal leopard stool, 25in w, 22in h.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-200100
51A 19c African milling table of circular form with raised border, carved and supported on four legs, 51in diam, 10in h.GUNS AND MILITARIA100-150Unsold
52An Edwardian cased display of two roach in a naturalistic setting, the case 21in w, 11in h.TAXIDERMY60-80210
53A late Victorian display of exotic birds under glass dome, 24in h.TAXIDERMY150-200180
54A late 19c mantel clock retailed by Liberty & Co in rectangular pewter case with shallow carved sides and bun feet. The 2in diam. dial has a blue enamel centre and silvered chapter ring with Roman numerals. The single train German movement is by Lenzkirch and has a cylinder platform escapement. The clock stands 4.25in tall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200520
55A late 20c striking carriage clock retailed by Garrard & Co, the movement by Epee and having a rectangular white dial with Roman numerals, outer five minute figures and moon hands. The movement has a lever platform escapement and strikes the hours and halves on a gong. It is contained in a glazed brass 'corniche' style case with cast handle, 7in tall with handle raised.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-150130
56A late 19c Black Forest chalet style cuckoo mantel clock retailed by Camerer Kuss & Co. The wooden framed double fusee movement should strike and cuckoo on the halves and hours but at present is jammed. The walnut case is profusely carved with vines and has bone numerals and hands and has a shingled roof and a cuckoo which appears above the dial. The clock stands 14.5in tall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS250-300460
57A late 19c French mantel clock in case with boullework front and having gilt mounts and feet. The 4in diam dial is of embossed gilt brass with enamel numeral plaques and has a glazed panel below to view the starburst pendulum. The case is surmounted by a gilt knop and the sides and back of the case are ebonised. The two train movement strikes on a gong at the hours and the clock stands 16in tall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-250340
58A late 19c French mantel clock in tortoiseshell case with cast gilt mounts and feet. The case sides have gilt sound grilles and the top has four finials and a central cherub with his bow. The 3.5in diam white enamel dial has black Roman numerals and arabic outer five minute figures. The movement is two train and strikes on a gong. The clock stands 16in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-250220
59A late 19c German mantel clock by the Hamberg American Clock Co in a walnut portico type case comprising four fluted columns on a stepped base supporting the walnut drum holding the movement and having flat top over. The 5in diam dial is of cream enamel with arabic numerals and a gilt centre. It has a flat glass and ribbed brass bezel. The brass pendulum bob swings free below the dial and the movement strikes on a bell, the clock is 12in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-15060
60A late 19c French mantel clock, the brass drum of the movement supported on two variegated marble columns with gilt capitals and bases on a rectangular variegated marble base sitting on a stepped gilt base with bun feet. The drum is surmounted by an eagle and the two piece dial has a cream enamel chapter ring with arabic numerals and a gilt centre. The single train movement has a pendulum which swings free below the movement, the clock 13in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-20075
61An early 20c German bracket clock by Winterhalder and Hoffmieir in oak case with round top and stepped base and having florally carved front corners and top arch. The sides have pierced oak side frets (one a/f) and the round top silvered dial has Roman numerals and strikes/silent and the pendulum regulation dials. The barrelled spring movement has a Ting Tang strike on two gongs and the clock stands 18.5in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS300-350160
62A late 18c/early 19c Friesland wall clock, the clock having a weight driven posted frame movement and verge escapement. The movement strikes on a bell and has an alarm mechanism (chain missing). The dial has nautical themed decoration and is flanked by mermaids and has a pierced decorative frets above and below it. The clock sits on a hooded wall bracket which has timber fretted and painted mermaids flanking it and a cast metal fret to the front of the top hood. Both case and bracket have polychrome decoration around them. Clock 25in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS600-800Unsold
63A mid 18c eight day longcase clock, the 12in dial brass dial signed Hampson, Wrexham No.807 and having Turks head spandrels, engraved dial centre, ringed winding holes and date and seconds indications. The four pillar movement has ringed and knopped pillars, rack strike and anchor escapement and is contained in an oak case crossbanded with walnut. The hood has a caddy top (loose) and two gilt finials and a band of fretwork above the dial. The hood door has attached columns and the long rectangular trunk door has a walnut crossbanded edge. The base has a rectangular applied panel with crossbanded edges and bracket feet and the clock stands 87in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-250580
64An eight day longcase clock with 12in arched brass dial composed of parts from other clocks. The associated movement is four pillar and rack striking on a bell and has anchor escapement. It is contained in an oak case crossbanded with mahogany. The arched hood has swan neck pediments and the fluted columns have Corinthian capitals. The long trunk door has a double pointed top and is crossbanded in mahogany and it is flanked by fluted quarter columns. The base is plain and has a plinth with bracket feet, 85in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-150100
65An early 19c Scottish eight day longcase clock, the unsigned 13in arched painted dial having a representation of 'Burns and his muse' in the arch and Scottish characters in the corners. The dial has Roman numerals , brass hands and seconds and date dials and the movement has four pillars, rack strike and anchor escapement. It is contained in a typically Scottish mahogany case with tall flat topped hood and no columns flanking the dial. The long trunk door has a moulding over it with a central finial, and half columns flank the door with finials top and bottom. The base has an inset rectangular panel and a plain plinth. The clock stands 81in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS500-700Unsold
66An early 19c eight day longcase clock, the 13in arched painted dial signed John Holmes, West Hampton, and having floral corners, arabic numerals and a vignette of a young woman in the arch. The four pillar movement is countwheel striking on a bell and has anchor escapement. it is contained in a mahogany case with swan neck pediments to the hood and fluted columns flanking the dial. There are bands of vertical inlay below the dial and the trunk door has a wavy top, shell inlay to the centre and swagged chequer inlay to the sides. The trunk has attached fluted quarter columns and the base has canted corners and a rectangle of inlay with fan corners and bracket feet, the clock stands 89in tall overall, (the clock is lacking its hands).CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS400-500Unsold
67A mid 18c Dutch eight day longcase clock, the unsigned 13in arched silvered brass dial having moonphase, date, alarm set and seconds indicators as well as segments indicating day of week and month of the year. The dial corners have spandrels indicating the four seasons and the dial centre is engraved and has ringed winding holes. The movement has Dutch striking on two bells and has a separate alarm mechanism. It is contained in a marquetry case with arched hood surmounted by figures of Atlas and two angels. A sound fret runs around the hood, above the dial and the sides of the hood also have frets. The hood door and columns are inlaid with marquetry as is the long trunk door which has an arched top and a glazed lenticle, the frame of which has a depiction of an angel. The substantial bombe base is marquetry inlaid and has large paw feet. The clock stands 103in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS1,500-2,5001850
68A mid 19c cistern barometer, the open silvered plates signed Davies, Derby and having a visible tube and vernier adjustment. It also has a Fahrenheit mercury thermometer and the flat mahogany backplate has vertical fluting parallel to the tube and flower heads and moulding around the plates. The circular cistern cover has a bullseye design on it and the barometer is 34.5in tall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-20050
69An early 19c bulb cistern barometer with broken pediment and glazed door protecting the register plates. These are signed M Weller Birmingham and are silvered and have a vernier adjuster and an alcohol Fahrenheit thermometer. The body of the barometer is veneered in herring bone pattern mahogany with boxwood line inlay. The cistern cover golds a hydrometer (which is a/f) in its centre and the barometer is 40in tall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-250Unsold
70A 1920's Pixie Perophone portable gramophone 'The Grippa' in its oak box with 6in turntable, gramophone head and aluminium horn, complete with winding handle, a supply of needles and about ten 6in 78 records and about sixteen 10in 78 records. Box 11in long.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-150140
71A 1920's American gramophone by the International Zonophone Co. in a stepped timber case with 10in diam turntable, the Zonophone sound box and a bright red horn with convex petal ends, complete with winding handle and one Zonophone record. Box 12in square.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200320
72A 1980's German sextant by Carl Zeiss of Jena, no.871891, in fitted case containing the sextant with detachable telescope, wrench for mirror adjustment and official GDR certificate and operating instructions. Box 13in long.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-150160
73A Meinel & Hoffmann Dublin 1920 violin with two bows in case.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS600-800800
74An imitation of Paolo Magin violin, manufactured in Dresden, with bow and case.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-15090
75A Michael Poller violin, bow and case.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-250Unsold
76A Gescher bohemian cased violin and bow, early 20c.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-150100
77A set of eight copper aspic moulds in the form of lion paw feet, two impressed S.F London, 2.75in diam.METALWARE100-15040
78A set of six late Victorian copper aspic moulds in the form of flower buds, 2.25in diam.METALWARE90-12030
79A late 18c wrought iron fire grate, 32in w, 27in h.METALWARE150-200200
80Two Victorian cast iron boot scrappers, each approx 12.5in w.METALWARE70-10055
81A Victorian brass fuel box of oval form with a lattice and floral pierced border, lion mask ring pull side handles and cast paw feet, with liner, 19in w.METALWARE70-10030
82A Victorian jardiniere stand with an ovoid copper bowl supported in a cast iron formed tripartite frame with mythical beast ring pull terminals and paw feet, 20.5in h.METALWARE100-150140
83A Georgian copper boiling pan with lift off cover, iron swing handle, 17in w.METALWARE100-15065
84A Victorian brass water can with side and central carrying handle and with hinged cover, 15.5in h.METALWARE40-6030
85An early 19c brass and steel trivet, 15in w.METALWARE50-70Unsold
86Three 19c brass wall pockets of crown form, scroll cut and cast, one formed by two opposing stags, each 10in to 12in w.METALWARE150-200Unsold
87A 19c Dutch copper household/shop two handled milk container of lobed baluster form, profusely engraved and chased throughout with scrolling leaf and flowers, with a hinged circular lobed and domed cover, galvinised interior, 16in w, 22in h.METALWARE300-400Unsold
88A late Georgian brass and steel long handled toasting fork, 26in l.METALWARE30-4010
89A late 19c Art Nouveau copper and brass jug of tapering form, decorated with incised brass bands of animals and birds in naturalistic settings, repeated to the pouring rim, with a scrolling flower bud handle, 14in h.METALWARE70-10020
90An Oriental style bronze two handled vase, enamel decorated in high relief with birds and animals and Colonial subjects - no base, 9.75in h.METALWARE100-150150
91A pair of 19c French candlesticks with vine leaf cast columns with rams head cast soccles, supported on bases formed by three lions, 13in h.METALWARE150-200170
92A 19c bronze two branch candelabra supported by an ogre, naked and with trailing robe standing on a stepped base on four paw feet - converted to electrolier, 16.5in h.METALWARE150-200230
93A pair of 19c French porcelain jardinieres of ovoid form, painted with figures in a garden setting and a mountainous landscape and signed A Daret, having lift off covers and mounted with gilt brass Bacchus handles, supported on short cast spreading columns on stepped octagonal bases, 10.5in h.METALWARE150-200160
94An Oriental bronze wine kettle of ovoid form with a buffalo pouring spout, central handle and lift off cover, 9in w.METALWARE50-8030
95A Victorian cast iron tortoiseshell dog bowl, 8in w.METALWARE40-6020
96A 19c Oriental pull along metal ceremonial carriage being pulled by a pair of horses, all on wheels, 14in l overall.METALWARE100-15055
97A late 19c glazed pottery plaster bust of an Arab impressed for Van Hasselt & Co on ebonised base, 13.5in h overall.METALWARE90-120Unsold
98An Art Deco period green patinated bronzed dancing figure of a lady after Carlier, supported on a veined pink marble, the figure 13in h.METALWARE200-250180
99A green patinated metal figure of a semi naked dancing figure mounted on a circular stepped marble electrolier base with brass column fitting, the figure 9.75in h, electrolier 16in h overall.METALWARE140-160150
100Edward McCartan 1879/1947 - a bronze patinated female torso sculpture supported on a veined marble base, sculpture 8in h, 11in h overall.METALWARE300-400350
101After and signed P Lenodez - patinated bronze figure group of a saddled stallion and a dog, 10.5in w, 7.5in h.METALWARE300-350280
102A patinated bronze figure group 'A Gentleman in Kharki', being copyright to Mappin & Webb Ltd, 9.5in h.METALWARE400-500420
103Auguste Rodin (1840/1917) - a bronze, the head of Eustace de Saint Pierre. signed 'A Rodin' and with inscribed foundery 'L. Perzinca Versailles Fondeur', the head 13.5in h, supported on a green veined marble plinth.METALWARE20,000-25,00018000
104A pair of late 18c/early 19c Chinese 'Dogs of Foe', 5.5in h, 5.5in w.METALWARE250-300100
105Luciano Benomi - Ascot, a brass composition sculpture 1987, cased, 18in x 18in.METALWARE300-400Unsold
106Will MacLean - The Last Voyage of Henry Hudson I, a mixed media construction, signed and dated 95, framed, 16in x 29in.METALWARE700-900Unsold
107A pair of Salter's Improved circular spring balance, no.60, with brass face and with steel hanger and pan.METALWARE60-80Unsold
108A pair of copper and brass two branch candelabrum electroliers, each 21.5in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS200-250Unsold
109A brass framed Art Nouveau style hall lantern, 15in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-150110
110A 19c brass and silver plate students candle lamp, 12in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS50-8070
111A late 18c/early 19c Indian pottery wick lamp with carrying handle and cut copper mounts, 4in diam.DECORATIVE ITEMS80-100Unsold
112A late 18c/early 19c Indian pottery floating wick lamp with copper mounts and carrying handle, 4in diam.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-140Unsold
113A late Victorian oil lamp with a brass column on a circular dome base with a facet cut font, together with a replacement funnel and shade, 27in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS50-8080
114A late 19c/early 20c triptych marquetry panel - 'The Fete', by A.J. Rowley, 67in w, 35in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS200-300170
115A 19c Oriental singing bowl, with incised decoration of dragons amongst clouds, 10.5in diam.DECORATIVE ITEMS50-7035
116An Arts & Craft copper jewellery box of rectangular form, having beaten panels with swelling motifs, the hinge cover studded and with raised enamelled centre, on four pad feet, 7.25in w.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-140320
117A First World War commemorative silver plate on copper cigarette box designed by R Caton Woodville and with verse by Rudyard Kipling 'who stands if freedom, fails who dies if England live'. The lid with embossed and chased decoration depicting soldiers attacking a gun placement, the side with panels of the allies, on paw feet, 7.75in w.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-150190
118A 19c brass alms dish of circular form, embossed and chased, 15in diam.DECORATIVE ITEMS50-7020
119A late 18c/early 19c brass alms dish of circular dished form with a writhen lobed centre surrounded by two bands of script, 17in diam.DECORATIVE ITEMS60-8025
120An early 19c framed Table of Prices of Candles, regulated from the average price of Tallow, from the Tallow - Chandlers' Hall August 19 1801, framed and glazed, 13.5in x 9.25in.DECORATIVE ITEMS40-6020
121A 19c brass and iron crimping machine, hand operated with turned bone handle and supported on cast iron stand and with adjustable press, 13.5in w, 8.25in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-15045
122A Victorian egg iron together with a mushroom iron, both on stands, 8in & 7.5in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS50-7090
123A Victorian iron and brass goffering iron with a plug, being of small proportion, 3.75in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS30-5045
124A pair of Edwardian Salters letter balance, together with three late Victorian/Edwardian brass quatrant letter balances.DECORATIVE ITEMS90-12035
125An early 20c simulated tortoiseshell ear trumpet, 12in l extended.DECORATIVE ITEMS30-5055
126An early 19c Persian dowry flask of heart shaped form, the wooden body decorated with cut brass, carved and with a turned horn stopper, 8.75in h.TREEN AND BOXES150-200Unsold
127Two late 18c/early 19c Dutch brass tobacco boxes of rectangular form with cut off corners, one incised with a farming scene with plough man, cattle and drover, the other with two figures in a garden setting and on the reverse a quayside scene, both with script, one with lid hinge a/f, 5.5in & 6in l.TREEN AND BOXES100-150Unsold
128An early 19c walnut Dutch jardiniere banded and with lion mask ring handles, on four bracket feet, 11in diam, 10in h.TREEN AND BOXES150-200120
129A 19c turned wood 'cat' plate stand, with turned and carved column on tripod legs with pad feet, 16in h.TREEN AND BOXES100-150Unsold
130A 19c mahogany coin collecting cabinet, fitted compartments and with sorting rack, 14in w, 13in h.TREEN AND BOXES60-8085
131A Victorian figured walnut table top writing box with brass Gothic tracery mounts, opening to reveal a slope rising over well, which is maple lined, the pen and ink compartments with two wells enclosed by a hinged domed cover, 12.75in w.TREEN AND BOXES150-200130
132A George III walnut brass mounted four bottle decanter box with flush fitting central carrying handle and corner mounts, 8in w, 9.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES100-15075
133A Victorian ebonised table top writing box, the hinged rising cover with a central oval painted panel of figures in 18c costume close to a lake with distant mansion beyond. Fitted with letter compartments, having a base pull out drawer containing pen and ink compartments together with two wells, the whole with brass rail inlay and carved etches to the upper part, 11in w, 8in h.TREEN AND BOXES150-200100
134A 19c Dutch four bottle marquetry tantalus with hinge rising cover and side carrying handles and containing four gilt decorated decanters with stoppers, 7.25in w, 8.75in h,TREEN AND BOXES250-300230
135A 19c Erhard & Sohne jewellery casket, two handled and with lift out velvet lined trays, the whole decorated with brass marquetry, the side panels depicting Grimms Fairytales - lid slightly a/f, 15.5in w, 8.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES400-500720
136A 19c Korean/Chinese jewel casket, shargreen panelled within engraved brass applied panels, with a Chinese style lock, 7in w, 5in h.TREEN AND BOXES300-4001900
137An 19c Indo-Chinese hardwood box fitted compartments, the box with a hinged cover, all profusely carved in relief with dragons and script and having a central European Coat of Arms under crown, the reverse bears a paper label 'Ahad Khan et Jubbar Khan & Son State wood carvers and papier mache makers 2/3rd Bridge, Srinagar, Cashmere', 12in w.TREEN AND BOXES100-150110
138A late Georgian blond tortoiseshell two compartment tea caddy of serpentine form, the caddies with lift off covers (lining missing), decorated with pewter line, the face with panels of other of pearl and bird inlay, supported on four ball feet, 7.5in w, 4.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES300-400150
139A 19c Irish book stand, the base carved a central harp, hinged rising end supports in ebony, carved as a harp and three feathers, 19in w.TREEN AND BOXES100-150100
140A Victorian rosewood writing box with ink compartments, the hinge cover decorated with polished steel pins, the central word souvenir, having base pull out letter drawer, 10.75in w.TREEN AND BOXES70-100100
141A late Victorian Winsor & Newton artists box, fitted and containing tray of watercolour tablets and tubes of students watercolours with locking pin, the base drawer contains ceramic mixing bowls, in mahogany box, 9in w.TREEN AND BOXES70-100120
142A 19c Apothecaries pill maker, 14in l, 7in w.TREEN AND BOXES150-20030
143Two painted carved wood bird decoys on stands, each 10.5in l.TREEN AND BOXES90-12045
144A Victorian painted wooden police truncheon, 15.5in l.TREEN AND BOXES40-6020
145An early 19c tortoiseshell tea caddy of cylindrical octagonal form with a hinged dome cover, with shield and wreath motif, 3.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES150-200180
146A 19c toleware letter rack, black lacquered and gilt decorated with flowers and insects, supported on ball feet, 7in w.TREEN AND BOXES60-8045
147A late 19c brass quandrant letter balance in a mahogany stamp box, the box 4.5in w.TREEN AND BOXES40-6050
148A 19c rosewood tunbridgeware go to bed, a/f, 2.25in h.TREEN AND BOXES40-5025
149A 19c rosewood shoe snuff with pinned mother of pearl and bone decoration, a/f, 4in l.TREEN AND BOXES50-80120
150A 1930's black plastic timbres stamp box of rectangular form with lift off cover and fitted interior, designed by Dr. Zizine, the lid with pewter inlaid panel of train, boats and aircraft, 5in w.TREEN AND BOXES40-6028
151A bead and seed pearl decorated Belgin evening purse together with one other of white bead and quill like design.TREEN AND BOXES70-10020
152An Edwardian coloured beadwork Dorothy bag.TREEN AND BOXES40-6026
153An Early 20c North American leather pouch with drawstring, coloured bead decorated , 7in x 4.5in overall.TREEN AND BOXES100-15090
154A Etienne Aigues black leather hand made handbag.TREEN AND BOXES80-100Unsold
155A crocodile skin handbag with gilt metal fittings, carry handle and strap.TREEN AND BOXES200-250Unsold
156A bamboo walking cane with silver knop handle, 35.5in l.TREEN AND BOXES40-6030
157A Brigg of London sporting bamboo walking stick with silver band, the handle containing a pull out pencil, 37in l.TREEN AND BOXES40-6085
158A walking stick with silver band, the handle carved as a seated monkey, 38in l.TREEN AND BOXES50-8065
159A walking cane painted with commemorative 1940 locations and having a carved bone lion handle, 34.5in l.TREEN AND BOXES100-12035
160A stained bamboo walking cane with gold band and handle terminal, 39in l.TREEN AND BOXES140-180Unsold
161An ivory carving of Jurojin standing with staff, accompanied by a bird, he with seed in his right hand, Meiji period, 7in h.OBJETS D'ART100-140Unsold
162A Japanese carved ivory figure group of a fisherman seated on a rice bale together with a child training three fishing birds, base signed, Meiji period, 4in w.OBJETS D'ART150-180Unsold
163A carved ivory figure of a turtle seller, standing with turtle in left hand together with one in basket and two at foot, Meiji period, base signed, 5.25in h.OBJETS D'ART90-12040
164A Japanese carved ivory figure of a gentleman with monkey on his back accompanied by a dog, Meiji period, base signed, 5in h.OBJETS D'ART140-17050
165A Japanese carved ivory figure of a standing figure with a brush, Meiji period, base signed, 4.25in h.OBJETS D'ART70-100Unsold
166A Japanese carved ivory cylindrical pot, pierced and carved with village scenes, 4in h.OBJETS D'ART50-7065
167A carved ivory figure standing robed, 3.25in h.OBJETS D'ART40-5020
168A Japanese Meiji period card case, ivory carved in relief with figures in village settings, 3.25in w.OBJETS D'ART70-10085
169A Japanese carved ivory figure group of two kneeling girls playing a frame of bells observed by a boy wearing skullcap, supported on wooden base, 5in w, 5in h.OBJETS D'ART400-500Unsold
170Four carved ivory netsukes including Jurojin, figure carrying a very large fish over the shoulder, two mice and a monkey figure in an open hand, signed to base, all approx. 1.75in h.OBJETS D'ART120-15050
171A Japanese carved ivory figure of an Alchemist, he standing on seaweed rock and being attacked by a serpent, Meiji period, a/f, 7in h.OBJETS D'ART150-200Unsold
172A Japanese carved figure group of a gentleman accompanied by a child both carrying bunches of fruit, base signed, 4.75in h.OBJETS D'ART80-100Unsold
173A carved ivory figure of a lady standing playing a string instrument, she being a god with four arms, 4.75in h.OBJETS D'ART60-80Unsold
174A Japanese carved stained ivory netsuke figure of bird with broom, base signed, Mieji period, 2in h.OBJETS D'ART50-7065
175A Japanese carved ivory netsuke in form of a lady and gentleman embracing, base signed, 2.25in h.OBJETS D'ART50-80Unsold
176A Japanese carved ivory netsuke in the form of a lady and gentleman seated and observing, base signed, 2.25in w.OBJETS D'ART60-80Unsold
177A Japanese carved ivory figure group of a family of travellers, she carrying pots and a baby, he seated and smoking a pipe with a bale of rice, base signed, 2in w.OBJETS D'ART60-8050
178A Japanese carved and stained ivory netsuke in the form of a farmer, base signed, 2in h,OBJETS D'ART60-80Unsold
179An ivory box in the form of a wicker basket, the lid profusely carved in relief with fruit - hinge repair required, 3.25in w.OBJETS D'ART100-140120
180A Japanese carved ivory shoe horn, incised and decorated with a mystical beast with turned stone handle, 12in l.OBJETS D'ART80-100Unsold
181An 19c Oriental ivory snuff bottle carved as a rat eating fruit, with stopper, 2.75in h.OBJETS D'ART150-20040
182A 19c Japanese carved coral netsuke of Jurojin seated in a large leaf, 1.5in w.OBJETS D'ART150-200Unsold
183A 19c jade netsuke in the form of a locus emerging from a pupa, 3in w.OBJETS D'ART200-300Unsold
184A Japanese Meiji period carved wood netsuke of a seated monkey, seal mark to base, 2in h.OBJETS D'ART100-150Unsold
185A Japanese Meiji period carved wood netsuke in the form of a monkey seated cross legged and eating a fruit clasped in the hands, base signed, 2in h.OBJETS D'ART100-150Unsold
186A late 19c wooden card case, carved in relief with animals and birds in a floral background, 4in x 3in.OBJETS D'ART50-7045
187A late 19c Oriental wooden card case carved in high relief with birds and animals within scrolling leaf and flowers, 5in x 3in.OBJETS D'ART90-12080
188A late 19c tortoiseshell card case, pewter lined and with hinged cover, decorated with mother of pearl floral panels, 4in x 3in.OBJETS D'ART100-14045
189A Victorian mother of pearl cube work card case with a central incised white metal motif, 4in x 3in.OBJETS D'ART60-80Unsold
190A late 19c abalone and pearl shell cube work decorated card case, 4in x 3in.OBJETS D'ART80-10030
191A late 19c mother of pearl diamond decorated card case with white bone end panels, 4in x 3in.OBJETS D'ART70-10030
192A late 19c mother of pearl and tortoiseshell diamond decorated card case, 3in x 4in.OBJETS D'ART100-12040
193A late 19c mother of pearl diamond decorated card case, 3in x 4in.OBJETS D'ART70-10020
194An early 20c Japanese gilt metal slightly curved cigarette box with inscribed niello type decoration with pagoda to the front cover and to the reverse birds and foliage, 3.25in x 3.5in.OBJETS D'ART250-300300
195A Japanese Meiji period tortoiseshell card case with lift off cover, profusely decorated with relief gilt panels of an exotic bird and a stork in naturalistic settings, lid slightly a/f, 4in l.OBJETS D'ART150-200240
196A Japanese Meiji period Inro with five pull off compartments decorated in relief with pheasants amongst foliage, signed, pull string missing, 3.5in w.OBJETS D'ART150-180360
197A Japanese Meiji period five compartment Inro, black lacquered and painted with wild horses, 3in w.OBJETS D'ART150-200520
198A late 19c Japanese five case Inro decorated in relief with three birds on a rocky background, 3.25in h.OBJETS D'ART200-250320
199A Victorian Sheffield plate scissor case, pierced and scrolling with shell and motif, having carrying chain and belt clip, velvet lined, 6.5in h.OBJETS D'ART70-10025
200A 19c Indo-Persian brass casket inscribed and decorated with copper and white metal scrollwork and with script to locking plate, 2.75in w.OBJETS D'ART50-8075
201A 'Mr & Mrs Maymore' bronze novelty paperweights produced and stamped 'May & Padmore Ltd, Birmingham, Xmas 1923 and 1925', each 3.25in h.OBJETS D'ART200-250Unsold
202A 19c soapstone carving of a goat and two kids on a wooden stand, 6in w.OBJETS D'ART60-8030
203A Commemorative weighted walnut paperweight decorated with brass Gothic style tracery and bearing an inscription 'purchased at Charles Dickens sale, 9th July 1870, lot 72', 5.5in w.OBJETS D'ART80-100120
204A late Victorian brass souvenier opening key, cats and engraved and bearing a plaque 'Presented to J.W Sidebotham Esq. MP, on the occasion of the opening of the Bredbury Conservative Club, 2nd August 1890', 5.25in l.OBJETS D'ART50-7028
205A 19c Polynesian devil nut mask carved amongst clouds and stars and being of ovoid form, 3.75in h.OBJETS D'ART40-7060
206A 19c horn and tortoiseshell carved circular box and cover with a watercolour insert of a priest praying, 2.5in diam.OBJETS D'ART70-10045
207A 19c J. Bramah patent dip pen, the bone pen shaft decorated with gold pin work, 6in l.OBJETS D'ART70-10030
208A Greek terracotta figure of a bird, late 6c BC, 3.5in l.OBJETS D'ART150-200Unsold
209A Bilston yellow ground enamel patch box with floral sprig decoration, the lid with internal mirror and decorated with the scene of two figures on the quayside within a border 'Remember me when this you see', 1.5in w.OBJETS D'ART90-120170
210A Bilston enamel patch box of blue and white ground, the lid with internal mirror and with the words 'Within you'll see what pleases me', a/f, 1.5in w.OBJETS D'ART50-8020
211A Victorian memoriam oval miniature portrait of a lady in a gilt frame with a memoriam lock of hair to the reverse, the miniature signed - Taylor, frame 2in x 1.75in.OBJETS D'ART120-150120
212A 19c miniature portrait of a gentleman in a gilt brooch frame and named Thomas Moffat, 1.75in x 1.5in.OBJETS D'ART150-180130
213A 9ct gold cased pendant cigar trimmer with steel blade , 1.25in w.OBJETS D'ART100-14070
214An Asprey 9ct gold cased key holder with propelling pencil and steel blade, 4.75in w open.OBJETS D'ART150-200160
215A late 18c/early 19c miniature portrait of Elizabeth Powell of Holt, 1751/1821, watercolour and pastel, framed and glazed, 2in x 2.5in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS100-140100
216A pair of late 19c miniature portraits of Thomas Robert and Samuel Sidebotham of Holt, watercolour and pastel, framed and glazed, each 3in x 2.5in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS150-200160
217An oval framed miniature portrait of a young girl, c.1910/20, watercolour, framed and glazed, 3.5in x 3in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS60-80Unsold
218An oval framed miniature coloured photographic portrait by Jonathon Baume of Jon Samuel Sidebotham, framed and glazed, 3.5in x 2.75in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS40-60170
219Three black and white silhouette portraits of Joseph Sidebotham, Gibraltor, c.1823, John Watson Sidebotham, 1836 together with a lady, two 4in x 3.5in and the other 3in x 2.5in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS80-10070
220A collection of twelve late 19c Oriental paintings on rice paper of both ladies and gentlemen in costumes of the period, each framed and glazed, approx, 4in x 2.5in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS200-300220
221V.A Hogg - miniature of a lady in a wide brim hat with a basket of fruit, watercolour, framed and glazed, 4.5in x 3.5in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS100-14075
222An English silver pair cased verge pocket watch by R. Orson of Grantham with flat balance and engraved balance cock and with white enamel dial with black Roman numerals all within plain silver pair cases, hallmarked for 1824, 2in diam overall.WATCHES100-15045
223An English lever pocket watch by J.W. Bensor of London with plain balance and internal dust cover. The white enamel dial has an inset seconds dial and Roman numerals and is contained in a silver case with engine turned back, all hallmarked for 1879 and has a silver chain attached, 2in diam overall.WATCHES120-160100
224An early 18c pocket watch movement (without dial or case) by John Everell by Ye New Church in 'Ye Strand' with baluster pillars, verge escapement and chased and pierced balance cock, together with an outer case for a pair cased clock in gilt and shargreen, 2in diam overall.WATCHES150-200250
225A Swiss gentleman's full hunter pocket watch in 18ct gold Continental case c.1925. The keyless movement indicates day of the week, day of the month, month of the year, seconds and moon phase and has a centre seconds chronograph and strikes on two gongs. Case 2.25in diam overall.WATCHES700-1,0001850
226A 2008 Tah Heuer gents quartz wrist watch, the Senna limited edition (no.400/610) with stainless steel waterproof case to 200m and Tag Heuer stainless strap. The black dial has silvered batons and hands and indicates date and seconds. Complete with presentation box with instructions and guarantee card.WATCHES200-250140
227An early 20c French Argentan cased pocket type travel watch automobile regulateur, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals in green enamel backing - movement requires attention, watch in a velvet lined silver cased box, Birmingham 1915, a/f, watch dial 2.25in diam.WATCHES150-20045
228A Bulgari automatic Swiss made, steel cased, gentleman's wrist watch, Fabricque en Suisse, back plate impressed BB38SSCH L15357, the strap stamped 'Bulgari'.WATCHES700-1,000Unsold
229A Britannia 2004 gold proof ten pound coin, no.0290, boxed with certificate.COINS AND MEDALS100-150120
230A 2002 Golden Jubilee gold sovereign, boxed.COINS AND MEDALS220-250200
231A Victorian 1864 gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-250250
232A 2002 Golden Jubilee gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-250Unsold
233A 2005 gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-250220
234A Victorian 1872 gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-260280
235A 1911 gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-250210
236A 2005 half gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS100-120100
237A 2005 gold sovereign, boxed.COINS AND MEDALS220-250230
238A 2002 Golden Jubilee half gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS100-120100
239A 2007 gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-250200
240A Victorian 1877 gold sovereign with the Sydney Mint mark.COINS AND MEDALS220-260280
241An 1838 re-strike gold sovereign, boxed and with certificate 78/100.COINS AND MEDALS220-250400
242A 1982 gold proof sovereign, boxed and with certificate.COINS AND MEDALS220-260230
243A 2003 gold proof half sovereign, boxed and with certificate.COINS AND MEDALS100-120100
244A 24ct gold Milestone of the Millennium Victoria's Una and the Lion 1/4 ounce gold coin.COINS AND MEDALS220-250180
245A Victorian 1889 gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-260200
246A George III 1804 1/3 golden guinea.COINS AND MEDALS100-120160
247An 1892 gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-250210
248An 1899 gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-250210
249A 2006 gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-250210
250A 2006 half gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS100-120100
251A 1925 gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-250200
252A Victorian 1866 half gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS120-150100
253A 1912 gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-250200
254A Victorian 1896 gold sovereign.COINS AND MEDALS220-260240
255A Perth Mint Centenary sovereign, proofed and boxed.COINS AND MEDALS240-260250
256A 1979 Jamaica 10th Anniversary of Investiture of Prince Charles 1969/1979, one hundred dollar proof gold coin, boxed and with certificate.COINS AND MEDALS240-270200
257An 1854 Napoleon III gold five franc piece.COINS AND MEDALS100-150150
258A 9ct gold droplink necklace, 79.5g, 18in l.JEWELLERY700-800800
259A 9ct gold cigarette case, engine turned, Birmingham 1929, 149g, 5in w.JEWELLERY1,400-1,6001500
260An 18c gold cased pocket watch, total weight with movement 116g.JEWELLERY300-400400
261An 18ct gold watch chain, 69g, 17in l.JEWELLERY1,200-1,5001480
262A 14k gold cased hunter pocket watch, movement by American Waltham Watch Co, the case impressed 'Benedict Bro's, New York'.JEWELLERY500-600600
263An 18c gold signet ring set with a bloodstone seal.JEWELLERY120-150210
264An 18c gold signet ring engraved and set with a solitaire diamond.JEWELLERY200-300260
265A gold diamond and sapphire set bracelet.JEWELLERY400-500920
266A gold and aquamarine set bracelet.JEWELLERY300-400420
267A gold seed pearl and amethyst set pendant necklet together with a pair of matching earrings, these too seed pearl and amethyst set.JEWELLERY250-300400
268A gold diamond cushion set ring, the central stone .75ct.JEWELLERY800-1,0001720
269A diamond platinum set ring of Art Deco style with a rectangular setting, having three central principal stones.JEWELLERY800-1,000820
270A platinum and diamond set bracelet, the diamond set within one central daisy setting, flanked by eight principal stones, 6.75in l.JEWELLERY1,800-2,0002600
271A white gold pearl and diamond set cross over ring, the two pearls flanked by six diamonds.JEWELLERY400-600Unsold
272A white gold solitaire pearl and diamond daisy set ring.JEWELLERY300-400Unsold
273A Platinum and diamond set Art Deco ring having one central solitaire diamond .75ct flanked by two baguette diamonds in a raised open setting.JEWELLERY500-7001300
274An early 20c silver souvenir brooch with a central painted Taj Mahal panel.JEWELLERY50-70Unsold
275A 9ct gold and enamel commemorative brooch for HMS Submarine E14, Sea of Marmara, May 13th 1915, being a gift from Reggie to Gladys on his wedding to Phyllis 10th August 1918. HMS E14 served in the First World War, two of her captains were awarded the Victoria Cross and many of the officers and men were decorated, she was sunk by shell fire from coastal batteries in the Dardanelles on 28th January 1918.JEWELLERY100-150180
276A silver and enamel Art Nouveau style brooch, designed by Norman Grant, Edinburgh.JEWELLERY50-7020
277A Victorian gilt metal seal stamp together with one opaline glass and one gilt metal and amethyst .JEWELLERY70-10030
278A Norwegian sterling silver enamel backed silver harp pendant with necklet by Bjorn Sigurd Ostern c.1966.JEWELLERY200-300200
279A Turler of Zurich ladies 9ct white gold diamond set wrist watch.JEWELLERY250-350250
280An early 20c sterling silver small box and cover decorated with a musical interlude together with musical instruments, sterling silver, 2.5in w.SILVER50-70110
281A late Victorian vesta box chased with leaf and scrollwork, Birmingham 1897, 1.5in w.SILVER30-5035
282An Art Nouveau style perfume bottle of circular form with screw on cover, embossed and chased with lilies, marks rubbed, 1.75in diam.SILVER50-7085
283A Continental silver vesta box in the form of a Swiss chalet, 2.25in x 2.25in.SILVER50-7095
284A George III circular box and cover, the box with a fluted band, the lift off cover with garland and ribbon, London 1794, 3in diam.SILVER90-120190
285A Continental silver communion cup of egg shaped form, in a stand supported on three legs, 3.75in h.SILVER50-80190
286A childs silver rattle in the form of a squirrel with mother of pearl chew and a ring, makers mark for Crisford & Norris Ltd, Birmingham 1926, 7in l.SILVER100-150100
287A silver model of a stag, makers mark for B.S.E Products, London 2004, 5.25in w.SILVER150-200230
288A Norwegian Jacob Tostrup silver and enamel condiment in the form of a lady with a long skirt and an orb, .925 standard, 2.5in w, 1.25in h.SILVER70-100110
289A presentation silver rowing oar, presented on the 5th March 1859 - Trinity Hall, Head of the River, London 1834, the oar 8in l, in presentation box with plaque.SILVER120-150500
290A set of six late Victorian silver buttons, makers mark for Levi & Salaman, the buttons embossed and chased with angel faces, Birmingham 1901, each 1.5in diam. In presentation box.SILVER100-150120
291An early 20c late Georgian style cream boat, Chester 1912, 5.25in w.SILVER60-8045
292A late Victorian, late Regency style, sugar basket with a blue glass liner, Birmingham 1887, 5.25in w - liner with edge chip.SILVER120-15070
293A late Georgian silver toddy ladle with coin insert, having a turned wood handle, 10.25in l.SILVER40-6030
294An Edwardian paperknife with tortoiseshell blade, the handle embossed and chased with two figures in a woodland setting, London 1902, 15in l.SILVER120-150Unsold
295A late 19c/early 20c Continental silver box with hinge cover, embossed and chased with scrollwork, birds and flowers with two musical cherubs to the slightly domed lid, 5in w.SILVER100-15090
296A boxed set of six Australian silver coffee spoons with opal set pierced feathered terminals, sterling with Australian makers mark for Flynn. In presentation box.SILVER90-12075
297A set of six Continental silver apostle spoons, makers mark for Wiborg (Finnish/Russian), each 7.5in l.SILVER400-600Unsold
298A glass pocket flask with sterling silver fruiting vine cut casing and pull off tot, 6.75in h.SILVER120-16080
299A silver pocket flask with hinge screw dome top, having pull off tot, Birmingham 1919, 5.5in h.SILVER150-200180
300A set of six Old English silver table forks, London 1808, 14oz.SILVER110-130160
301A set of six late Georgian silver dinner forks, London 1796, 15oz.SILVER100-140180
302A set of six late Georgian fiddle pattern table spoons, London 1797, 14oz.SILVER120-150160
303A set of twelve late 19c continental silver tea spoons.SILVER80-10070
304A set of eight dessert spoons, two table spoons and two ladles, mixed late Georgian and Victorian dates, 17.6oz.SILVER140-160200
305A collection of eight Old English pattern late Georgian and Victorian table forks together with six Fiddle pattern dessert forks, mixed dates, 26.5oz.SILVER200-250240
306A collection of Edwardian Fiddle pattern silver cutlery comprising twelve dessert spoons and six table spoons, twelve dinner forks and twelve dessert forks, London 1902/04, 81oz.SILVER650-700720
307A collection of twenty eight Georgian and Victorian Fiddle pattern tea spoons, mixed dates, 17oz.SILVER130-150150
308A boxed set of six late Victorian silver tea spoons with twist handles and shell bowls, in presentation box, London 1891.SILVER50-7040
309A boxed set of twelve silver seal top coffee spoons, London 1934.SILVER90-12070
310A late Victorian canteen of twelve silver fruit knives and forks with mother of pearl handles, Sheffield 1897.SILVER100-150280
311A Garrard & Co Ltd part canteen of silver cutlery comprising twelve table spoons, a soup ladle, a fish carving knife and fork, a gravy spoon, two ladles, a sugar sifter, six egg spoons, six teaspoons, twelve dessert spoons, twelve dessert forks, twelve table forks, a pickle fork with accompanying carving knives and forks, principally London 1913, silver content 128oz.SILVER1,000-1,2001400
312A Georgian silver sugar shaker of squat baluster form with a pierced dome cover, markers mark for Thomas Wallis II, London 1810, 6.5in h.SILVER150-200240
313An early 19c Irish silver teapot with a straight pouring spout, hinge cover with wooden finial and handle, makers marks rubbed, 8.5in w.SILVER120-150110
314A late Victorian two bottle ink stand with pierced gallery, having three clear glass bottles with silver covers and pen rack, supported on a rosewood base, makers mark for John Grinsell & Sons, London 1900, 9in w.SILVER140-160180
315A pair of silver postal scales by George Betjamin & Sons on onyx base, with a set of weights, London 1918, 7.5in w.SILVER200-250240
316A pair of late Victorian Georgian style sauce boats, makers mark for Thomas Bradbury & Sons, London 1897, 12oz, each 6in w.SILVER150-180130
317An Edwardian Georgian style sugar castor with a dome pierced cover having flame finial, chased and engraved with scrollwork and flowers on a circular base, makers mark for Thomas Hayes, Birmingham 1905, 6.75in h.SILVER90-12080
318A late 19c/early 20c Dutch cigarette box of rectangular plain form with beaded and gadrooned borders, 6in w.SILVER90-120150
319A pair of late Victorian fish servers, the knife with pierced blade engraved with a fisherman, both with carved bone handles, makers mark for Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Sheffield 1885, 14in l.SILVER100-15090
320A late 19c Anglo Indian two handled bowl on stand, embossed and chased with scrollwork and flowers, 9in w.SILVER120-150120
321An Edwardian incense dish of boat shaped form, on stand with circular base, makers mark for John Bodman Carrington, Bir,mingham 1905, 6.75in w, 5.5in h.SILVER150-200150
322A pair of 19c Continental two branch candelabra of rococo form with a cherub mounted column, import marks for Edwin Thompson Bryant, London 1897, 25oz, 8in h.SILVER200-300430
323An Anglo Indian silver bowl on stand, the bowl profusely decorated in relief with figures and animals, 10oz, 7.25in diam.SILVER100-150120
324An Edwardian fruit dish on stand, the dish of oval pierced form with a scroll and leaf cast border on a short baluster column with a pierced oval base, makers mark for Fattorni & Sons Ltd, 28oz. 13.5in wSILVER350-400360
325A silver presentation dish on stand, the dish of circular form, embossed with flowers and roses within a ribbed outer border supported on three legs with a beaten and domed circular ribbed base, makers mark for Mappin & Webb, London 1912, 20oz, 9in h.SILVER150-200280
326A William IV silver fruit basket with swing handle, the basket lobed and with a bold leaf and bud moulded border on a circular lobed base, makers mark for Jonathon Hayne, London 1830, 28oz, 11in w.SILVER300-350400
327An early 18c silver coffee pot, makers mark for Isaac Cookson, Newcastle 1739, 28.5oz, 10in h.SILVER600-700680
328A Georgian two handled silver trophy cup with a lift off dome cover, chased and embossed with scrollwork, fruiting vine and flowers, 48.5oz, 11.5in h. on an ebonised plinth with a silver plaque indicating this to be the Romsey Agricultural and Horse Show Society. The Presidents Cup for the Best Animal in the Cattle Classes given by Rear Admiral The Earl and Countess Mountbatten of Burma, 1948.SILVER500-700550
329An Asprey leather travel bag, fitted with gentleman's toiletries, cut glass jars and the hip flasks with silver tops, London 1897 and also containing needle case, a pin block, visiting card case, ink container, curling tong stand, writing pad/blotter and various bone back brushes.SILVER150-200Unsold
330A Christopher Dresser silver plated six division toast with a central carrying handle being of triangular rod form with T bar handle, signed to base 'Ch Dresser', c.1879, 6.25in w.SILVERPLATE300-400320
331Two 19c Central Asian silver plated skull caps, profusely chased and embossed, each 6.75in w.SILVERPLATE100-150Unsold
332A late 19c/early 20c cruet stand comprising two ruby fluting incised claret jugs together with two pots and covers, both with spoons, the stand with a central carrying handle, 11.5in h.SILVERPLATE90-12055
333A late 19c French gilt metal serving spoons and a sifting spoon, all three with Fleur de Lys and lion cast terminals , in box, spoons 9in l.SILVERPLATE90-10045
334A pair of late 19c Elkington candlesticks with leaf formed soccles, fluted tapering columns, each supported on tripartite lion paw feet with applied shell panels, 12.5in h.SILVERPLATE100-150110
335A 19c Sheffield plate three piece tea service comprising teapot, sucrier and cream jug, all with gadroon cast upper borders, the bodies embossed and chased with leaf, flowers and fruiting vine, the teapot with dolphin formed spout, the teapot 11in w.SILVERPLATE100-150Unsold
336A pair of late19c Sheffield plate two branch candelabrum, 20in h.SILVERPLATE150-200130
337A pair of 19c Sheffield plate double knop chandlesticks, embossed and chased with applied floral and leaf bocage, on circular base, 9.75in h.SILVERPLATE100-15070
338An Edwardian silver plate two bottle ink stand with pen rack and two lift out ink wells and with a stag mount, 7.25in w.SILVERPLATE100-14080
339Fiix cut steel curved wine bottle tickets with chains.SILVERPLATE100-120100
340A Victorian bread knife, with steel blade and a carved maize cob handle, 13.5in l. in presentation box.SILVERPLATE40-6028
341Two late Georgian clear glass decanters, facet cut with double ring necks and having mushroom stoppers, 11in h.GLASSWARE60-80Unsold
342A late Georgian cut glass caddy mixing bowl, slight chip to base rim, 5in h.GLASSWARE30-4010
343Three 19c ale flutes on circular bases with single knop to stem, each 7in h.GLASSWARE70-100Unsold
344A late 18c/early 19c French clear glass water jug engraved with fern, 9in h.GLASSWARE40-60Unsold
345A pair of late 19c green glass baluster vases with Mary Gregory type enamel decoration, having brass mounts, supported on three feet, 6.75in h.GLASSWARE50-80Unsold
346An 18c Russian amethyst wine glass engraved with the monogram for Paul I, with an opposing eagle under crown, dated 1797. The glass has a bucket shaped bowl on a bubble blown stem with a circular domed hollow base, 7.25in h.GLASSWARE300-400350
347Two late 18c/early 19c olive green glass kick in wine bottles, 9.25in & 5.5in h.GLASSWARE200-300220
348A collection of four Murano Sommerso vases, three rectangular and one octagonal, together with a Exbor Somerso prism shaped vase, vases from 5in to 11in h.GLASSWARE80-12040
349A collection of five Murano Sommerso vases, prism and rectangular shaped, from 5in to 8.5in h.GLASSWARE70-10070
350A Murano tear shaped Sommerso vase together with a cylindrical Murano facet cut vase with windows, 6in & 9in h.GLASSWARE40-6030
351A Hadeland Willie Johansson clouded blue and swirl vase of ovoid form, signed to base, 8.25in h.GLASSWARE40-6075
352Two Kosta Vicke Lindstrand seaweed vases, signed, 7.5in & 10in h, together with one other vase by Vicke Lindstrand, 4.5in h.GLASSWARE70-100160
353Two Kosta Vicke Lindstrand vases, to incl Zebra vase, both signed, 3.25in & 4.75in h, together with one cased unsigned vase of ovoid form, 5in h.GLASSWARE80-120160
354A Lalique clear moulded Dampierre vase, signed by base 'Lalique, France', 4.75in h.GLASSWARE60-8055
355A 1930's Lalique Chataignier vase, stencil signature to base 'R Lalique', 4.75in h.GLASSWARE100-15060
356Four Finnish Iittala vases, three by Timo Sarpaneva, including two Orchidea vases and a heart shaped vase, vases from 2.25in to 6.25in h, together with a faceted vase by Tapio Wirkkala, 3.75in h.GLASSWARE150-20035
357A 19c concentric Millefiori paperweight of domed form, together with a lady Scottish paperweight, both 3in w.GLASSWARE80-120Unsold
358A Monart model pink vase of baluster form with splashes of yellow and blue with original coded ladel to base, 6in h.GLASSWARE70-10045
359A paperweight, facet cut circular windowed with cased bubbles, purple ion colour, 4.25in w.GLASSWARE40-60Unsold
360A set of six Moser clear crystal wine glasses with facet cut stems and bell shaped bowls, each signed to base, each 6in h.GLASSWARE70-80Unsold
361A Mozer square based clear crystal decanter and stopper in original box, signed to base, 10in h.GLASSWARE80-120Unsold
362A John Ditchfield glasform irrescent paperweight in the form of a cow, being a limited edition 14/85, signed to base, 4.5in h.GLASSWARE70-10090
363A late 18c/early 19c Persian tile painted with a parrot eating fruit in a tree, 11.5in x 11.5in.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-200170
364A pair of 19c Egyptian glazed terracotta oil jugs, 9.5in l.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-140420
365A 19c glazed terracotta pottery ewer jug, moulded and brown glazed with twist form handle, 12.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS50-7030
366A Chinese glazed pottery figure of a buffalo, 17.5in l.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-300200
367A Chinese green glazed ox cart, 12in w, 6.25in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS50-80Unsold
368An unusual and important votive jar and cover, the pottery body decorated with calendrical zodiac figures and animals, glazed interior, 13in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS400-600Unsold
369A Chinese Han Dynasty rare and unusual tomb guardian figure of Cixi, the double headed serpent/dragon, Oxford T test, 9.5in l overall, 4.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS400-600Unsold
370A Chinese Tang Dynasty Lokopala standing on a dwarf, 7c/8c, 16in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS80-100Unsold
371A Chinese large Tang Dynasty Courtier figure, 7c/8c, 21in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-300Unsold
372A Chinese Song Dynasty 10c/11c green glazed jar and cover with calligraphy to interior, possibly Sanskait, 10.5in diam, 14.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-300Unsold
373A Chinese Celadon glazed censor, Ming 15c/16c, 12in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS700-1,000Unsold
374A 19c Chinese copper/red glazed baluster vase, 16in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS400-500250
375A 19c Japanese Imari dish of large proportion with red background, decorated with three ladies playing musical instruments within an outer panels of flowers and finches, 20in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400Unsold
376A pair of 19c Satsuma vases of baluster form with restrained bamboo panel decoration, clouds and fauna, the necks with ringed designs, impressed base marks, 13.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS250-300750
377An 18c Chinese pottery jar, blue on white decorated with Dogs of Foe amongst the clouds, character marks to base, 7in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS350-400Unsold
378A 19c Japanese Imari dish decorated in typical palette with panels of birds in garden settings within a blue border, 16in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-300Unsold
379A early 19c Cantonese octagonal serving dish, blue and white decorated with pine tree and fence pattern, a/f, 16.5in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS50-8050
380A late 18c/early 19c Chinese wash bowl, of circular form, inside decorated with many figures in a garden setting in famille rose palette within an outer floral and scroll border with blue rim, no outside decoration , 11in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400520
381A 19c Imari vase of baluster form with a domed cover, decorated with floral panels in red and blue palette, 14in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-300Unsold
382An early 19c Oriental large crackleware baluster vase, famille rose decorated with a battle scene, with applied moulded neck with reptiles and beasts, 24in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400Unsold
383A late 18c/early 19c Chia Ching baluster vase, decorated in famille verte palette with travellers and entertainers, 18in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-4001100
384A 19c Satsuma baluster vase of large proportion, gilt and polychrome decorated with Samuari warriors in a woodland setting close to a lake, 18in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400Unsold
385A pair of 19c baluster vases decorated with lake side scenes, each with two storks amongst flowers in blue and red on a brown background, the vases with moulded lion masks, character marks to base, 12.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400520
386A pair of 19c Oriental crackleware baluster vases, blue on white decorated with birds in blossom, inscribed character marks to base with domed hinged covers, one a/f, 10.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-150Unsold
387An 18c Chinese white glazed baluster vase moulded in low relief, a/f, 9in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-15090
388A pair of Japanese Meiji period Satsuma tea caddies of square form with lift off covers, one with inner liner, the other liner missing, both decorated with gilded scenes of figures beside a lake, a/f, each 3in sq.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-150Unsold
389A Chinese novelty pot and cover of blue ground in the form of a Dog of Foe, 5.75in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS50-7035
390A Japanese Meiji period plate decorated in blue and white with various insects and snails, character marks to base, 7.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS70-10065
391A pair of 19c Oriental blue and white decorated plates with base marks, a/f, 8.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS50-7030
392A 17c dark brown glazed Bellarmine jug with mask and three cartouches, 9in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300280
393An 18c Continental green glazed water jug, chip to footrim and glaze chips, 11in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-90Unsold
394Two 17c Montelupo chargers painted with a rifleman and a drummer in typical costume and palette, very a/f, 12.25in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS300-400280
395A tin glazed lobed dish of blue/green ground painted with yellow and black stylised flowers, 9.75in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-100Unsold
396A pair of 18c Strasbourg faience two handled vases painted with scattered flowers and having twig handles with leaf terminals, one a/f, 7in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-100Unsold
397An 18c Strasbourg Armorial desk stand, having two candle holders, two inkwells with liners and covers, one heart shaped insert (wrong cover) with a drawer under and two pen recesses, the whole standing on four feet, 9.5in w, 4.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-350Unsold
398An 18c Strasbourg Armorial tea cannister of canted rectangular form with cover, all painted with flowers, glaze chips, 5.5in h overall.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-15060
399An 18c Delft bottle vase painted in manganese with Oriental figures on a white ground, these being an opium smoker and two porters, the base drilled for a lamp, chip to base, a/f, 9in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-9065
400An 18c Pearlware water jug with serpent spout and handle terminals and having moulded scrollwork handle, glaze chips and firing cracks, 10.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-8065
401A pair of 18c Wedgwood creamware sauce tureens on fixed bases, the oval tureens and covers with flower finials outlined in brown and having brown line borders, one a/f, 8.5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-15045
402A late 18c Prattware 'Woodcock Shooting' jug decorated in relief and typical Pratt colours with figures, dogs and trees, 6in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-10065
403An early 19c Spode part teaset, pattern no.878 and consisting of six cups, six coffee cans, eleven saucers, one saucer dish and one milk jug.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-100Unsold
404A late 19c Charles Ford plate painted with flowers and insects within a pierced scroll and gilt rope border, 9in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS25-3525
405A pair of early 19c Spode embossed gilt and white cups and saucers, painted marks in red to base, pattern no. 3782.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-6025
406Two Meissen Marcolini period cups and saucers painted with flowers and green leafy fronds, one cup with angular handle, one with entwined twigs handle, both a/f.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300170
407A late 18c Sevres part teaset of Gros Bleu ground with gilt pattern and fleur de lys in white relief enamel and consisting of a teapot and cover, two cups, two saucers, a milk jug, a slop bowl and a sucrier lid, each painted with members of the French Royal family and courtiers being 'The Child King Louis XVII, Madame de Montesson, Madam de Genlis, Marie Antoinette, Madame Elizabeth and Madame de Lamballe', considerable old restoration.EUROPEAN CERAMICS300-500700
408A pair of 18c Meissen figures of flower sellers on circular mound bases applied with flowers, both with underglazed crossed swords mark in blue and incised letters, old restoration, 14in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS2,000-3,000480
409A pair of 19c Meissen figures of children with grapes on circular gilt decorated bases, crossed swords marks in blue with incised and impressed numerals, 6.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS400-600Unsold
410A pair of 19c Meissen Schneeballen bowls and covers applied with yellow birds and gilt trailing leaves and stalks and supported on four scroll feet, cross swords in blue to base, each has two small firing cracks to base rim and very slight a/f small petal edge loss in two visible instances, 3.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS800-1,0001300
411A pair of 19c Meissen Schneeballen bowls and covers, supported on gilt leaf circular stem bases, the covers applied with yellow birds and green glazed leaves on stems, cross swords mark in blue to bases, very slight a/f to petals, 5.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS800-1,0001350
412A pair of 19c Meissen Schneeballen vases of trumpet form applied with yellow birds and gilt trailing leaves and stalks, blue cross sword marks to base with incised numerals, slight a/f to petals, 5.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS800-1,0001300
413.A 19c Royal Copenhagen two bottle inkstand, blue fluted lace pattern, marks to base, 8.5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-10040
414A late 19c Jackfield black cat with gilt highlights, seated on a cushion, 7in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-8075
415A 19c Vienna porcelain two handled vase and cover , the tooled gilt central band painted with classical scenes on a dark blue and white jewelled ground. The base with two classical scenes in reserves, the cover with gilt bud finial, a/f, beehive mark in blue to base, 17.5in h overall.EUROPEAN CERAMICS600-800Unsold
416A KPM Berlin oval two handled basket with open work sides outlined in gilt, the base painted with flowers in puce monochrome, the whole highlighted with gilding, sceptre mark to base, 9.75in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-15070
417A pair of 20c Meissen figures from the Comedia Dell Arte being Pantalone and Columbine, crossed swords mark in blue to bases with incised and impressed numerals, each 5.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS300-400Unsold
418A pair of blue and white pottery cornucopia wall pockets with transfer printed scene of cherubs with fruit within moulded reserves, 10.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-150Unsold
419An early 19c Pearlware meat plate, decorated with a lady with attendants and parasol, 12.5in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-60Unsold
420A 19c Staffordshire figure 'Empress of France', firing crack, some paint loss, 11.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-5030
421A 19c Staffordshire figure of C.H Spurgeon, the baptist preacher, 12.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-50260
422Two 19c seated Staffordshire figures being of Lord Byron and R. Cobden, each 7.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-80280
423A 19c Staffordshire figure group 'Grace Darling'.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-50170
424A late 18c/early 19c English Delft bowl, decorated on the outside with a band of polychrome flowers and on the inside streaks of blue flowers, a/f, 9in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-300Unsold
425An English Delft bowl, polychrome decorated with islands and cottages on the outside and on inside base a lake scene with small islands, a/f, 7.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200Unsold
426An early 19c creamware serving dish with a wide moulded and pierced outer border, 11.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-8030
427Four Troika cubed vases in shades of blue and brown, each factory and artist signed to base, each 3.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200220
428A small Troika cylinder vase by Louise Jinks, together with a rectangular vase with a glazed finish with stamped factory mark to base, 4.75in & 5.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-10060
429Two Troika cylindrical vases of abstract banding on green and blue grounds, factory and artist signed to bases, each 7.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS120-150110
430A 1930's Moorcroft Pomegranate vase of baluster form, 9.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200110
431A 1930's Moorcroft Pomegranate vase of baluster form, 9.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200130
432A pair of 1920's Ruskin mottled lavender lustre candlesticks, stamped to base and dated 1923, 6.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-10080
433A late 19c Martin Brothers vase of tapering form, incised with oval panels of birds within foliage decoration, glazed in shades of green and blue, signed to base R W Martin, Southall, 1878, a/f rim missing and cut down, 19.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS300-500Unsold
434A late 19c Martin Brothers aquatic jardiniere incised with fish and weed, signed to base and dated 1893, 5.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS500-800880
435A late 19c Doulton Lambeth match holder titled 'Saved' modelled as a man clasping a lifebuoy, 4in w, together with a parrot open salt and a hen pepper pot, 2.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-20080
436A Doulton Lambeth tankard, 'Bred at Pleasure, Drink by Measure', 4in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS30-5032
437A Grainger & Co Royal Chinaworks Worcester Jardiniere, relief moulded on a lime green ground, gilt lined foliage design, stamped to base, 8.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS80-120Unsold
438A pair of Royal Worcester Bringaree Indians, both male and female, model no. 1242 & 1243, male with date code for 1912, the female for 1892, 8.5in & 9in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-250Unsold
439A Royal Worcester figure of an Indian craftsman model no.1207, date code for 1887, 5.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-80Unsold
440A Royal Doulton Tommy Bulldog wearing a trenchcoat and tin helmet, registration no.662746, green factory stamp to base with registration number, 6.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300310
441A South African Roukes Drift Dinah Molefe fish head spouted jug with incised geometric decoration in shades of blue, green and brown, signed to base and dated 1982, 7.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-6050
442A Studio pottery vase by C.D Knowell, Prestbury of baluster form with a blue crystalline type glaze together with a green circular bowl,both signed to base, vase 6.5in h, bowl 7.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-60Unsold
443A Royal Doulton figure group - Charge of The Light Brigade, model HN3718, designed by Alan Matslankowski from the Men of History Series, being a limited edition piece no.18/67, complete with certificate of authenticity, 17in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS3,000-4,0002700
444A Soviet porcelain plate by the Imperial Porcelain Factory, decorated by the State Porcelain Factory, Petrograd 1921 inscribed in Russian , Russa 1917/21, hand painted with a stylistic bouquet of flowers with hammer and sickle, after a design by Rudolph Vilde, hand painted blue underglaze hammer sickle and cog mark to base, Imperial Porcelain Factory marks masked, dated 1921, impressed with number 12, 9.75in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS10,000-15,00031000
445A Medieval pottery circular plaque, green glazed, pierced and moulded with the Lamb of God and supported on three short stub legs, 6.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS250-300180
446A 19c needlework map of the British Isles with a county index, delineated boundaries, all within an outer floral border, framed and glazed, 16in x 12in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-200Unsold
447Two framed and glazed needlework samplers possibly of family connection, one named L Hill 15th September 1809, the other Louisa Hill 1867, both in one frame, glazed, 8in x 7in & 7in x 9in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS120-15070
448A late 19c needlework panel depicting an exotic bird in foliage which grows in a flower pot, worked in gilt coloured metal thread on silk, framed and glazed, 20.5in x 18in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150140
449A series of fifty black on white book prints from the book 'Military Antiquities respecting a History of the English Army from Conquest to the present time by Frances Crofe Esq. being the new edition with material editions and improvements contained in volumes I & II, printed 1801, a folio book contains thirty eight prints and there are twelve framed and glazed, each approx. 9in x 6in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-300Unsold
450A series of four prints of the first Steeple Chase on record, drawn by H Alken and engraved by J Harris, published March 1st 1839 by Benjamin Brookes and being plates I, II III & IV, all with commentaries taken from the Sporting Review, January 1839, each framed and glazed, 14.5in x 16.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-200Unsold
451An antique map of Hertfordshire actually surveyed and delineated by John Seller, Hydrographer to the King, circa 1730, coloured, framed and glazed, 16.75in x 20.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150350
452An antique map of Somersetshire by Johannes Blaeu circa 1730 - Somerset/Tensis Comitatus with Coat of Arms and scale, framed and glazed, 16in x 20.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-200120
453A John Speede antique coloured map of Flintshire, circa 1610, with plan of Flint and St. Winferids Well together with St. Asaph, framed and glazed, 15in x 19.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-200Unsold
454A coloured antique map of Hampshire by Johannes Blaeu, title 'Antonia Sive Southantonsensis Comitatus Vulgo Hant-Shire' with Coat of Arms and scale, framed and glazed, 16.75in x 20.25in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS150-200120
455A Chirstopher Saxton antique map of Denbigh Comitatus Pars Olim Ordovicum, framed and glazed, 10.5in x 12.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS90-120Unsold
456A G & J Blaeu antique coloured map of Bedfordshire titled 'Bedfordiensis comitatus Anglis Bedford Shire' with Coat of Arms and scale, coloured, framed and glazed, 6.75in x 9.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS90-120Unsold
457John Speede map of Buckinghamshire c.1666, hand coloured with inset map of Buckingham and Redding together with arms of those honourable families which have born titles of Buckingham, framed and glazed, 15in x 20in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS120-150140
458W L Wyllie - black and white etching discharging a cargo into barge and bunkering from a whipping-out barge at the stern, signed in pencil, framed and glazed, 5in x 13.25in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150Unsold
459WL Wyllie - black and white etching, Norwegian timber ships leaving the Thames with ships awaiting their turn to enter the upper reaches, signed in pencil, framed and glazed, 56in x 13.25in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150Unsold
460I Henner - 'Fabiola', coloured print, framed and glazed, 18.5in x 14in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150Unsold
461A Chinese coloured print of two ladies in winter costume, one carrying and one walking a dog, with script, framed and glazed, 20.5in x 15in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-15080
462Paul Jenkins - 'Veil Before', coloured print, signed in pencil, framed and glazed, 13in x 9.75in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS60-80Unsold
463Miro - abstract coloured print 17/25, signed in pencil, framed and glazed, 21.5in x 14in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150720
464Jack Vettriano - Defenders of Virtue, a giclee paper with silk screen varnish print, 116/295, framed, 20in x 22.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250Unsold
465P Boeuff - portrait of a lady 170/195, signed, oiled print on canvas, framed, 32.5in x 26in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250Unsold
466H Lisz - Westminster, 125/195, oiled print on canvas, unframed, 23.5in x 63in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250Unsold
467Paul James - Urban Gorilla, 6/20 A/P, a giclee paper box canvas print, signed, framed and glazed, 23in x 30in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250Unsold
468Paul Corfield - sunrise over the village, 33/150, canvas print on board, signed, framed, 40in x 20in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS80-12060
469Fabien Perez - For a Better Life VI, 58/195, hand embellished giclee canvas print, framed, 22in x 16in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250200
470Fabien Perez - Time For a Light, 37/495, giclee canvas print, signed, framed, 19.5in x 15in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250Unsold
471Fabien Perez - El Baile del Flamenco en Rojo I, A/P, 3/20, hand embellished giclee canvas print, framed, 16in x 22in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250190
472Fabien Perez - Rojo y Azul, 37/195, hand embellished giclee canvas print, framed, 30in x 24in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250240
473Fabien Perez - The Proposal, 86/195, hand embellished giclee canvas print, framed, 20in x 30in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250270
474Fabien Perez - El Baile del Flamenco en Rojo II, 35/195, hand embellished giclee canvas print, signed, framed, 16in x 22in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250230
475Fabien Perez - Valerie, 48/195, hand embellished giclee canvas print, framed, 16in x 22in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250Unsold
476Fabien Perez - Cynzia de las Brujas, 14/50 A/P, giclee print on paper, signed in pencil, framed, 14.5in x 18in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250Unsold
477Eileen Cooper - Mooring, 9/50, coloured print, signed, dated and titled in pencil, framed and glazed, 13in x 17in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150370
478Eileen Cooper - Come About, 9/50, coloured print, signed and titled in pencil, framed and glazed, 13in x 17in.`NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150280
479Victor Vasarely - abstract, Diminishing Circle, screen print, framed and glazed, 32.5in x 28.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250Unsold
480Unsigned - interior scene with lady relaxing on carpet, Japanese watercolour, octagonal framed, 10.5in x 10.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-15080
481Hewitt - Otter, 19c watercolour, signed and titled, framed and glazed, 6.5in x 5in.WATERCOLOURS50-8050
482Unsigned, in the manner of Hewitt, 19c The Head of a Zebra, titled, framed and glazed, 4in x 5in.WATERCOLOURS50-80Unsold
483Samuel Daniell 1779/1811 - African man standing hands on hips, pencil and grey wash, framed and glazed, 8.75in x 5.75in.WATERCOLOURS500-700820
484Samuel Daniell 1779/1811 - African man, pencil and wash, framed and glazed, 8.75in x 6in.WATERCOLOURS500-700500
485Samuel Daniell 1775/1811 - Xhosan boy, pencil and sepia wash, framed and glazed, 7.75in x 6.25in.WATERCOLOURS500-7001100
486Samuel Daniell - bushman with bow, pencil drawing, signed mono 'SD', unframed, 5.5in x 6.75in.WATERCOLOURS500-700500
487Samuel Daniell 1795/1811 - African woman standing wearing long garment, pencil drawing, unframed, 11in x 6in.WATERCOLOURS500-700700
488Samuel Daniell 1775/1811 - seated African man with blanket, pencil drawing, unframed, 7.5in x 5.25in.WATERCOLOURS500-700520
489Frank Bennett - portrait of a lady wearing a shawl, pen and ink, signed and dated 23, unframed, 7.5in x 6.25in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
490Sidney Causer - collection of four unframed watercolours, the river at Richmond Yorks, Morning at Lyme House Reach, Morning near Annunciada and a busy harbour scene, all signed, unframed, each approx, 10.5in x 13in.WATERCOLOURS250-300Unsold
491Archibald Thornburn - wild flowers, poppies and cornflowers, unsigned, pencil on blue paper, framed and glazed, 10.5in x 7.75in.WATERCOLOURS200-300Unsold
492Bermo Fischer - seated girl, watercolour, signed, framed and glazed, 7.25in x 6in.WATERCOLOURS150-200160
493Unsigned - Windsor Castle, watercolour and pastiche, framed and glazed, 5.5in x 7.25in.WATERCOLOURS70-100Unsold
494Thomas Churchyard 1798/1865 - a wooded pool, unsigned watercolour, framed and glazed, 7.5in x 9in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
495Signed in mono ETD (Edward Thompson Davis) - Shepherd calling his flock at sunset, watercolour, framed and glazed, 6.75in x 9.25in.WATERCOLOURS100-15070
496William Davison 1830/1842 - a pair, sailing boat & fishing boat both in choppy coastal waters, watercolour, signed in mono WD 1830, framed and glazed, each 6in x 10in.WATERCOLOURS200-250Unsold
497John Varley - Arab street market, watercolour, signed, framed and glazed, 10in x 7in.WATERCOLOURS150-20090
498Claude Cardon - a pair, Grimshill near Whitstable, Kent & Fordwych near Canterbury, signed and dated 1910, watercolours, framed and glazed, each 10in x 14.75in.WATERCOLOURS250-300Unsold
499David Muirhead 1867/1935 - landscape with marshland in foreground, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 9.5in x 15in.WATERCOLOURS120-160Unsold
500Sylvester Stannard - a pair, rural landscapes, thatched cottage with figures & cottage and buildings with chickens, signed watercolours, framed and glazed, each 9.5in x 16.5in.WATERCOLOURS400-450Unsold
501G Morris - 19c landscape with cottage, ponds and figure on a pathway in a Welsh setting, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 11in x 9in.WATERCOLOURS120-160Unsold
502V Allan - a pair, River Wye near Chepstow & Colwall Rocks on the River Wye, signed watercolours, framed and glazed, each 8.5in x 14in.WATERCOLOURS300-350Unsold
503Cornelius Varley 1781/1873 - the Sleeping Shepherd (from the collection of the late Alfred Henry Varley, grand son of the artist), signed in mono, watercolour, framed and glazed, 13in x 10in.WATERCOLOURS200-250250
504Adolph Jentsch - South West African landscape, signed in mono, watercolour, framed and glazed, 10in x 17in.WATERCOLOURS500-700400
505Unsigned 19c lady on a village street carrying a basket, watercolour, framed and glazed, 8in x 11.5in.WATERCOLOURS70-100Unsold
506Henry Macbeth Raeburn 1876/1947 - Wild Gean tree folage in autumn, signed in mono, watercolour, framed and glazed, 13in x 19.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
507Edward H Thompson - Wastwater, watercolour, signed, framed and glazed, 9.75in x 16in.WATERCOLOURS120-160140
508Edward H Thompson - Emmerdale with the Pillar Rock 'clearing after a summer shower' 1928, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 10in x 13.75in.WATERCOLOURS120-160120
509William Fleming Vallance - on Loch Earn, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 17in x 27.5in.WATERCOLOURS200-250Unsold
510C Pearson 1879 - two figures in conversation on a rocky outcrop in an expansive valley setting, signed and dated, watercolour, framed and glazed, 13in x 26in.WATERCOLOURS300-400Unsold
511J Holland - fishing boats at anchor in the mouth of the river, signed, black chalk and colour wash, framed and glazed, 13in x 17.5in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
512Paul Braddon - three figures on the college green, signed watercolour, framed and glazed, 21.5in x 14.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
513WI Hodgson - between two stools, signed watercolour, framed, 21in x 30in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
514WI Hodgson signed in mono WIH 04 - Superfluous Information, signed and titled, framed and glazed, 14.5in x 20in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
515WI Hodgson - arrival of the coach at the Pigeon Pie Inn, watercolour, signed, framed and glazed, 15.58in x 23.5in.WATERCOLOURS200-250Unsold
516J Hall - clipper ship 'Glencairn' Tom Fawcet Capt. signed and titled watercolour, framed and glazed, 19in x 27.5in.WATERCOLOURS200-300210
517Thomas Bush Hardy - Calais 1874, signed, titled and dated, framed and glazed, watercolour, 9.25in x 13.25in.WATERCOLOURS200-250Unsold
518Robert Oscar Lenkiewicz - three pencils drawings of dogs heads, signed, framed and glazed, 14.5in x 10.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-150130
519A MacCallum - Watergate, Norwich 1980, signed and dated, titled watercolour, framed and glazed, 15.5in x 41in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
520Thomas Heaphy 1775/1835 - Military officer in the Peninsula Campaign, watercolour, signed and dated 1815, framed and glazed, 19.5in x 16in.WATERCOLOURS300-4001250
521Mono H.S c.1910/11 - seasons of the year, a collage of four paintings, signed in mono, watercolour, framed and glazed, overall 13in x 20in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
522Unsigned 19c - figure on a mountain pathway, framed and glazed, watercolour, 16in x 21.5in.WATERCOLOURS200-300200
523Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera - the Hanna Barbera Yogi Bear, drawing in graphite and blue pencil, 10in x 12in.WATERCOLOURS90-12080
524Alik - World Cup 66, artists impression, pen and ink, signed, framed and glazed, 18in x 23.5in.WATERCOLOURS90-120Unsold
525Edith Craig - the head of Jacob Kramer, sepia crayon, signed and titled in pencil, framed and glazed, 17in x 11in.WATERCOLOURS50-8050
526HMC (Horace Mann Livens) - early 20c street scene, signed in mono, framed and glazed, 15in x 10.5in.WATERCOLOURS60-80120
527Howard Latham - Amberley Wild Brooks, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 9.5in x 15in.WATERCOLOURS70-100Unsold
528Sonil Das - a wild horse, signed, black chalk and colourwash, framed, 28.5in x 23.5in.WATERCOLOURS600-800Unsold
529Ian Gardener - Teal Bay, Lancashire, signed and dated, framed and glazed, 15in x 51.5in.WATERCOLOURS300-400Unsold
530Lawes 01 - London night time street scene, signed and dated, pastille, framed and glazed, 18in x 26in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
531Rory J Browne - sunset at Hickling, Norfolk, watercolour, pen and ink, signed and titled, framed and glazed, 15in x 11.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-150210
532Rory J Browne - The Field, signed and dated 2000, watercolour, pen and ink, framed and glazed, 14in x 10in.WATERCOLOURS100-150200
533Rory J Browne - The Path, Hertfordshire, acrylic and ink, signed, framed and glazed, 36in x 31in.WATERCOLOURS200-300150
534Cedrick Dawe - The Mary Rose, signed and dated 1985, watercolour, framed and glazed, 39in x 29in.WATERCOLOURS200-300Unsold
535A 19c book containing thirty nine mounted watercolours of various subjects throughout Europe and Great Britain, including works by H. S Grimshaw, H Van de Velde 1878, R. Lightbody and Robert Hampson together with others.WATERCOLOURS250-300820
536M M Jacobi - a pair, thatched cottages in rural landscapes, signed, oil on board, framed and glazed, each 5.25in x 8.25in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
537P Carlsen - coastal fishing, signed, oil on board, framed, 8in x 11.5in.OIL PAINTINGS100-15070
538Henry T Jarman - Kempsey on the Severn, signed, oil on board, framed, 11.5in x 17in.OIL PAINTINGS200-300Unsold
539J Westhall - On the Usk, signed, oil on canvas, framed and glazed, 7.5in x 15in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400Unsold
540Van de Velde - sailing vessel in distress in rough water, oil on board, framed and glazed, 9.5in x 13.5in.OIL PAINTINGS900-1,200500
541Hermann Kern (Austrian 1838/1912) - a pair, two old topers, one signed, oil on boards, framed, each 18in x 12in.OIL PAINTINGS2,500-3,000Unsold
542Hugh Bellingham-Smith - portrait of a lady, signed, oil on canvas, framed and glazed, 19.5in x 14in.OIL PAINTINGS400-500400
543Winterhalter - Charles Cecil Cope, third Earl of Liverpool GCB, born 29th May 1784, died 3rd October 1851. Label to reverse indicates that this painting was the gift of Her Majesty Queen Victorian, August 1852. It was given to Lady C J V Harcourt, oil pastiche on board, framed and glazed, 12in x 9.75in.OIL PAINTINGS5,000-8,000Unsold
544Thomas Faed - lady seated reading a book accompanied by maid servant, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 23.5in x 19in.OIL PAINTINGS1,500-2,000Unsold
545Unsigned late 18c/early 19c - portrait of a Cardinal, oil on canvas, framed, 28in x 22.5in.OIL PAINTINGS300-4001050
546Afred Louis Vigny Jacomin - The Troubadors, signed, oil on board, framed, 17.5in x 14.5in.OIL PAINTINGS600-800Unsold
547William MH Mander - stone cottage in the highlands next to a river with two figures in the garden, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 23.5in x 35.5in.OIL PAINTINGS1,000-1,500Unsold
548D Sherrin - Brathay Bridge, Ambleside, Cumberland, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 23.5in x 35.5in.OIL PAINTINGS500-700Unsold
549Edwin Ellis - The Young Shrimpers, signed, oil on canvas, framed and glazed, 15.5in x 29.5in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400220
550F Walters - a pair, the harvest field & sunset, signed, oil on canvas, framed, each 19.5in x 29.5in.OIL PAINTINGS500-700380
551B Sands - Bay horse in stable with a dog, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 17.5in x 23.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-250900
552M Mairs 1908 - still life, fruit on a table, signed and dated, oil on canvas, framed, 22.5in x 16.5in.OIL PAINTINGS100-150Unsold
553Unsigned 19c - Disembarking at Naples, oil on board, framed, 10in x 8in.OIL PAINTINGS70-100110
554FM Richter-Reich - Dutch quayside flower market, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 27in x 38.5in.OIL PAINTINGS350-400Unsold
555No LotOIL PAINTINGS400-600Unsold
556F Challa - Kentish Oast house, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 19.5in x 29.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-250Unsold
557In the manner of John Theodore Heins 1697/1756 - a portrait Peter Harvey Esq. born 1709, died 1751, third son of J Harvey of Beacham Well, Norfolk, oil on canvas, unframed, 50in x 40in.OIL PAINTINGS700-1,0001350
558A 19c unsigned portrait of a young boy, oil on canvas, framed, 19in x 14.5in.OIL PAINTINGS800-1,000950
559H P Bone - a portrait of Elizabeth Powell of Holt 1751/1821, unsigned, oil on board, framed, 14in x 11.5in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400Unsold
560H P Bone - portrait of Thomas Robert Sidebotham, born 1798, unsigned, oil on board, framed, 14in x 11.5in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400Unsold
561H P Bone 1825 - portrait of Samuel Sidebotham, born 1791, unsigned, oil on board, framed, 14in x 11.5in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400Unsold
562James Nasmyth - two figures of a pathway in woodland setting, information to reverse, c.1869, oil on board, framed and glazed, 13in x 16in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400480
563Jean Francois La Belle - An exhibition of sculptures, oil on board, gilt framed, 2.75in x 5in.OIL PAINTINGS600-800Unsold
564Abdel-Kader - a winter landscape, oil on canvas, signed, framed, 15in x 23.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-250Unsold
565A Jenkins 1871/1940 - pond in a parkland landscape, oil on board, signed, framed, 13.5in x 17.5in.OIL PAINTINGS100-150Unsold
566J Hilliard 87 - last light of the day, oil on board, signed, framed and glazed, 9.5in x 11.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200130
567Donald Ayres - approaching storm with hound tor and haytor in the distance, signed, oil on board, framed, 15.5in x 19.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
568Nigel Hemming - Alaska dawn, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 23.5in x 35in.OIL PAINTINGS200-300Unsold
569Alex Echo - Into The Night, signed and titled to reverse, oil on board, unframed, 24in x 40in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
570Brenda Lenaghan - the sun worshippers, signed, oil on panel, framed and glazed, 30in x 30in.OIL PAINTINGS400-500600
571Mark Spain - flamenco dancer, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 19in x 19in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400290
572Eileen Seyd - Corsican cafe, signed, oil on board, framed, 20in x 23.5in.OIL PAINTINGS100-15080
573Eileen Seyd - Vielle Rue Cagnes, labelled to reverse, oil on board, framed, 13.5in x 17.5in.OIL PAINTINGS100-120Unsold
574Philip Evergood - Beautiful Morning, signed, oil on board, framed, 23.5in x 17in.OIL PAINTINGS150-2001050
575Max Chapman - On the Couch, oil on canvas, framed, 39.5in x 52.5in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400Unsold
576Wilfred - the city, impressionist oil on canvas, singed, unframed, 35.5in x 47.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200180
577Max Chapman - abstract panel, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 41.5in x 47.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200450
578Cedric Dawe 1983 - Thames barges at Portslade Harbour, (This picture was awarded first prize in the annual exhibition of the United Society of Artists in the Mall Galleries 1984), signed and dated, oil on board, framed, 32.5in x 41.25in.OIL PAINTINGS600-800Unsold
579Cedric Dawe 1983 - Moored sailing barge, signed and dated, oil on board, framed, 32.5in x 41.5in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400Unsold
580Lee Reynolds - racing yachts, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 39.5in x 49.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-300Unsold
581William Gear 1915/1997 - black composition on red, oil on board, signed, framed and glazed, 12.25in x 17.25in.OIL PAINTINGS700-1,0001050
582A 19c figured mahogany dining room cabinet with shelved cupboard enclosed by two panelled and crossbanded doors under two long drawers and supported on short carved tapering legs, 44in w, 38.5in h.FURNITURE250-30090
583A late Georgian mahogany secretaire cabinet, the secretaire with fall front and fitted interior over a cupboard base enclosed by two doors and fitted with eight short drawers. With marquetry decoration, side carrying handles and supported on ogee bracket feet, a/f, 42.5in w, 45in h.FURNITURE300-400Unsold
584A late Georgian mahogany chest of three long graduated drawers, crossbanded and line inlaid with oval brass back plates and swing handles with shaped apron and supported on splayed legs, 34in w, 33in h.FURNITURE200-300Unsold
585A late Georgian mahogany bookcase shelved and enclosed by astragal glazed doors under a dentil moulded cornice on a cupboard base enclosed by two panelled doors, on bracket feet, 43in w, 77in h.FURNITURE250-300200
586A late Georgian mahogany bow front chest on chest, the upper section with a crossbanded line inlaid frieze under a shaped pediment and having two short and three long graduated drawers on base with three long drawers, with original cast brass drop handles and supported on splayed legs, 46in w, 76in h.FURNITURE400-600100
587A mid Georgian oak bureau bookcase, the upper bookcase under a dentil moulded cornice, shelved and enclosed by two panel doors on a base with fall front and fitted interior over four long graduated drawers and bracket feet, 38in w, 84in h.FURNITURE400-500Unsold
588A late 19c/early 20c walnut cabinet fitted on open shelf over two short drawers adjoining one cupboard enclosed by a panelled door, on a curved and turned spindled base with short legs with pad feet, 31in w, 53in h.FURNITURE200-250Unsold
589A 19c walnut and giltwood stand of rectangular form, the frieze decorated with gilt panels, supported on splayed legs with scrolling leaf and flower brackets, 43in w, 50.5in h.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
590A late Victorian walnut pedestal desk, the desk top of rectangular form with moulded edge, having two raised cupboards with brass gallery and a short spindled backboard. It has one central drawer over kneehole flanked by eight short drawers on short turned legs with castors, 48in w, 36in h.FURNITURE350-400Unsold
591A 19c mahogany campaign desk of rectangular form with moulded edge having three frieze drawers, supported on two pedestals, each with three short drawers, all with flush fitting brass handles and supported on a plain plinth, 51.5in w, 31in h.FURNITURE300-400180
592A George III Irish mahogany serving table with short backboard and plate rack, the table top with side and front moulded edge over two frieze drawers, lunette carved and supported on straight square chamfered legs, 57.5in w, 36in h.FURNITURE400-600380
593A Georgian mahogany twin flap extending dining table with one leaf, having turned corners and moulded edge, supported on reeded splayed legs with brass cap castors, 69in l open, 45in h, 44.5in w.FURNITURE350-400300
594A George III figured mahogany bureau with fall front and fitted interior having four long graduated drawers and supported on bracket feet, 43in w, 46.5in h.FURNITURE300-400Unsold
595A 19c figure mahogany collectors cabinet, crossbanded and with central fan motif and corner mounts, fitted five long drawers enclosed by two hinged doors, both with two handled urn central motifs, 16in w, 10in h.FURNITURE120-160150
596Am Edwardian period mahogany jardiniere stand with turned spindled side panels, support with cross framed supports and shaped platform stretcher, 24in w, 30in h.FURNITURE150-20090
597A 19c Japanese marriage bed headboard, ornately carved and shaped and with panels of mother of pearl flowers and insects, 32in w, 16in h.FURNITURE400-600520
598A late 19c Oriental carved hardwood marble top pot stand, 15in w, 36in h.FURNITURE120-160220
599A late 19c/early 20c Arts & Craft mirrorback side cabinet with a heart carved backboard over the mirror, the cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors with anodised metal fittings over open base, supported on square legs with moulded cap feet (two require repair), 47.5in w, 51.5in h.FURNITURE400-500300
600A 19c lazy susan carved with oak leaf and acorn, fruiting vine, roses, thistle and holly, 23in diam, 8.5in h.FURNITURE100-150190
601A George III figure mahogany kneehole desk of rectangular form with moulded edge, having one long fitted drawer with pen and ink compartments and pull put shelf over one central drawer and cupboard kneehole flanked by six short drawers, supported on bracket feet, 47in w, 33in h.FURNITURE400-600Unsold
602A late Victorian walnut triptych occasional table profusely carved with leaf and berry and supported on three pierced and carved legs, 20in w, 22in h.FURNITURE100-140100
603A Victorian figured walnut refectory style games table, crossbanded, the table top with a pewter inlaid chess board having duel turned side supports on platforms with scrolling legs, 36in w, 28in h.FURNITURE250-300250
604A 19c rosewood needlework table of serpentine form, the hinged table top with large central scrollwork and leaf motif opening to reveal a well fitted interior with central oval pocket surrounded by seven lidded compartments, with a material fringed pocket, supported on four scrolling supports on a facet carved baluster column with three splayed and carved scrolling legs with floral inlay, 21in w, 30in h.FURNITURE350-400Unsold
605An early 19c black lacquered and painted open armchair, with upholstered shaped seat and supported on slight cabriole legs.FURNITURE150-200200
606A 19c mahogany folio stand with metal fittings, folding and supported on castors, 33in w, 40in h.FURNITURE300-350280
607A 19c painted satinwood three seater caned sofa, 73in w.FURNITURE500-700Unsold
608A 19c Oriental black lacquered and pearl inlaid coffer with camphor wood lined interior with a sliding tray, supported ogee bracket feet, 40in w, 25in h.FURNITURE400-500Unsold
609A 19c rosewood desk with a central leather lined ratchet operated writing slope, with twin flap table top extensions having two long frieze drawers and short side drawers, supported on straight circular tapering brass rail inlaid legs with castors, 33in w, 32in h.FURNITURE350-400310
610An Edwardian inlaid and glazed standing display cabinet, fitted shelves and cupboard enclosed by a single door under a domed top with marquetry frieze, supported on straight square inlaid tapering legs with platform stretcher,25 in w, 70in h.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
611A 19c giltwood mirrorback wall bracket, 13in w, 39in h.FURNITURE70-10040
612An early 19c painted pictorial wall mirror with an arched painted panel of two war ships in combat, 11in w, 29in h.FURNITURE200-250Unsold
613A 19c Irish oval wall mirror, ebonised and with gilt bands, mounted with cut glass beads (eleven beads missing), 25in x 21in.FURNITURE100-200150
614A William & Mary style fret cut walnut wall mirror with a gilt griffin mount, 20in w, 36in h.FURNITURE100-150Unsold
615A 17c nine panel back oak settle with downswept arms, supported on square stile legs and stretcher rails, 112in w, 39in h.FURNITURE700-1,000Unsold
616A mid Georgian walnut chest of two short and three long graduated drawers with fluted column corners, on bracket feet, 36in w, 31in h.FURNITURE250-300240
617A 17c oak coffin stool of pegged and turned construction with H moulded stretcher rail, 17in w, 18in h.FURNITURE300-400Unsold
618A late 17c oak three panel coffer with lozenge and rose carved panels within scrollwork stiles and frieze, 49in w, 26in h.FURNITURE250-30070
619An 18c oak and walnut armoire enclosed by two carved panel doors under a moulded cornice, being of pegged construction with shaped front apron and short carved legs, 55in w, 73in h.FURNITURE400-600Unsold
620An early 18c oak country armchair of pegged construction, solid vertical panel splat with shaped top rail, moulded support and with downswept arms, on solid seat with square slightly chamfered legs.FURNITURE100-150100
621An early 18c oak linen press of triple panel construction, the upper section with two hanging cupboards under a moulded cornice supported on a a base with six short drawers, side panelled and supported on short stile legs, 70in w, 78.5in h.FURNITURE500-700Unsold
622An 18c oak English dresser, base fitted two short and one central short drawer over a cupboard base enclosed by two panelled doors with short stile legs, with a boarded shelved rack, 58in w, 73in h.FURNITURE400-500190
623A late 18c/early19c elm dough bin on stand, 39in w, 32in h.FURNITURE200-250160
624A Victorian conversation piece with three upholstered seats, having button backs and supported on three short carved legs with castors, 54in w.FURNITURE200-300320
625A set of eight (6+2) mahogany Hepplewhite style dining chairs with upholstered drop in seats.FURNITURE300-350Unsold
626A set of ten (8+2) late Victorian oak framed green studded leather upholstered dining chairs.FURNITURE300-400150
627A late Victorian walnut framed and upholstered bow back armchair with scrolling supports, inlaid and with rear swept legs and front slight cabriole chamfered legs on pad feet.FURNITURE100-140Unsold
628A 1960's teak Robert Heritage 'Hamilton' cabinet, 35in w, 45in h.FURNITURE300-400320
629A Tree Couture's 'The Lime Tree Coffee Table', the base walnut and of cantilevered design with a lime shaped green glass top, 56.5in w, 14in h.FURNITURE600-800Unsold

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