July 10th – Auction #900

1A collection of fourteen early 20c racing cars including eight Dinky's with a Bristol 450, no.163, Mercedes Benz no.237, HWM no.235 and a 23J, Alfa Romeo no.232, Ferrari no.234, Three Crescent Toy Co Ltd racing cars and a Mercedes Benz 2.5 Grand Prix , all unboxed. Toys150180
2A W Brittain coronation coach with king and queen figures, no.1470, in original box, 51cm l. Toys100150
3Five books - 'The Tale of the Turf' by G.W Knowles, with eight illustrations, published London by Philip Allan & Co, Quality Court, Chancery Lane. 'The Post and the Paddock' with a recollections of George IV, Sam Chifney and other turf celebrities by The Druid (Henry Hall Dixon), published in London by Frederick Warne & Co, Bedfore Street, Covent Garden, first edition 1856. 'Racing England' by Patrick R. Chalmers, illustrated, printed in London by B.T Batsford Ltd, first edition 1939. 'Racing Reminiscences' being volume II, printed in London by Longmans, Green & Co 1891, and 'Brown Jack' by R.C Lyle, illustrated by Lionel Edwards, printed by Putman, Covent Garden, London, first edition November 1934, prefix page signed in ink by Steve Donoghue and Fred Dated 1934 - All hard backs, in fair condition. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated90120
4Nine Books - 'The History of the Derby Stakes', by Roger Mortimer, published by Cassell, London, first edition 1962. 'Horses in Action', by Colin Davy, published by Michael Joseph Ltd, London, first edition 1938. 'From Dawn to Eclipse - The Story of the Horse', by Cecil G. Trew, published by Mathuen & Co, London, first edition 1939. 'The Derby Stakes - A Complete History from 1900 to 1953', by Vincent Orchard, published by Hutchinson, London, first edition 1954. 'The Raving Game - A History of Flat Racing', by R Rodrigo, published by Phoenix Sports Books, first edition 1958. 'Eight Flat - Racing Stables' by John Rickman, published by Heinemann, London, first edition 1979. 'Ninety Years of Horse and Hound', complied by Walter O. Case 1977. 'Them and Us, The Irish at Cheltenham', by John Scally, published by Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh & London, first edition 1999. 'Call Dawn, My National Velvet' by Dido Harding, Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh & London 1999. All in fair condition with minor rubbing to board and spine edges. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated120150
5Three Books - 'My Story' by Gordon Richards, published by Hodder & Stout of London, first edition 1955. 'Hardly a Jockey' by John Hislop, printed by Biddles Ltd, Guildford & Kings Lynn, first edition 1993 and 'The Life of Fred Archer' by E.M. Humphris, published in London by Hutchinson & Co and being the nineth thousand, foxing on the first four pages with small edge tear. Others in good order. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated4060
6Two copies of 'The Second Burst' by Sir Alfred Munnings, with one hundred illustrations by the author, published by Museum Press Ltd, first editions 1951. One copy with marks and stains boards and spine, with slight tear to base of spine, otherwise ok. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated90120
7Four Books - 'Admiral Rous and the English Turf 1795/1877' by T.H Bird, published by Putman, London, first edition 1939. 'Om and Off the Racecourse' illustrated by Eric Rickman, published by George Routledge & Sons Ltd, London 1937, first edition. 'Flat Racing Since 1900' edited by Ernest Bland, published by Andrew Dakers Ltd, London, first edition 1950, and 'Tattersalls - Two Hundred Years of Sporting History', by Vincent Orchard, published by Hutchinson, London, frist edition 1953. All in fair order. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated6080
8Seven Books - 'Donoghue Up!' - The Autobiography of Steve Donoghue, piublished by Collins, London, 1938. 'Park Top - Romance of the Turf' by Andrew Devonshire, London Magazine editons 1976. 'Homes of Sport, Horse Racing' by John Rickman, first edition 1952. 'Heard in the Paddock', a light hearted look at racing and chasing, edited by Roderick Bloomfield and illustrated by Bill Tidy, published by Stanley Paul, London, first edition 1970. 'The Stud Farm' by Vincent Orchard, published by Stanley Paul, London, first edition 1964. 'Ladies in Racing - 16th Century to the present day' by Caroline Ramsden, published by Stanley Paul, London, frist edition 1973, and 'British Blood Lines' by Charles Jerdeine & F.R Kaye, published Allan & Co, London, first edition 1955. All in fair condition. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated5080
9Four Books - 'Horse in the Clouds' by Helen Griffiths, illustrated by Edward Osmond, published by the Childrens Book Club, London 1957. 'Racing Romance' by S. Theodore Felstead, published by Werner Lauri, London, first edition 1949. 'Racecourse and Covert Side' by Alfred E.T Watson, published by Richard Bentley & Son,London 1883, and 'Far from a Gentleman' by John Hislop, published by Michael Joseph, London 1960. All in fair condition, page edges slightly dusted. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated5080
10Six Books - 'The Epsom Derby' by Roger Mortimer with Tim Neligan, published by Michael Joseph, London 1984. 'The Queen's Horse's' by Charles Mitchell, published MacDonald, London 1955. 'Royal Newmarket' by R.C. Lyle, illustrated by Lionel Edwards, published by Putman & Co Ltd London, first edition 1945. 'How to Breed a Race Horse' by M. Miller, published by Nap, Druid & Sons Ltd 1939. 'Rearing a Foal' by Jane Howell, published by Thomson, Nelson & Sons Ltd 1970, and 'A Trainers Memories' by John McGuigan, published by Heath Cranton Ltd, London, first edition 1946. All in fair condition. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated6080
11'The Stallion Book for 1991' published by Weatherbys, boxed edition. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated3040
12'Cassell's New Book of the Horse' by Charles Richardson, with coloured plates and photographic illustrations and an extensive veterinary section, being volume I, published by The Waverley Book Co Ltd 1912. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated3040
13Four Books - 'The Racehorse in Training' by William Day, being second edition 1880 - Loose spine and pages. 'Riding Recollections and Turf Stories' by Henry Custance, published by Edward Arnold, London 1894 - Foxing to prefix pages and title page. 'Robert Sangster, Tycoon of the Turf' by Roy David, published by Heinemann, London 1991, and 'Sixty Years of the Turf' by George Hodgman, published by Grant Richards, London 1901 - foxing to early pages and dusting, boards water damaged. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated5070
14Thirteen Books - 'Cope's Racegoer's Encyclopaedia', edited by Alfred Cope 1938/9, 1950, 1952/1959, 1961/1962 - All in fair condition. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated5070
15Five Volumes - 'The American Stud Book' being volume XIV - front board missing, volume XIII - spine detached, volume XX - spine loose, boards detached and volumes XXIII Part I and Part II, Part II front board detached, Part I spine detaching. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated90120
16Six Volumes - 'General Stud Book' containing Pedigrees of Racehorses, printed for James Wetherby, London 1820, volume I, second edition 1820, volume II of first edition 1822, volume III of second edition 1832, volume III of second edition 1832, volume IV of second edition 1840, together with the addition of 1808 - front and back boards detached. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated150180
17Twenty volumes - 'General Stud Book' containing Pedigrees of Racehorses etc. etc. fro the restoration to the present time, printed for James Wetherby, London 1803 including volumes one to three, four missing, volumes five to twenty one, all leather bound and in fair order, some rubbing. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated200300
18Twenty Two books - 'General Stud Book' containing Pedigrees of Racehorses etc. from the earliest accounts to the year 1912 inclusive, including volume 22, 1913 to volume 32, volume 33 to 39, volume 36 - in two parts, volume 37, 38 and 39 all in two parts. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated150200
19Eleven Books - 'General Stud Book' containing pedigrees of Racehorses etc. from the earliest accounts to the year 2004, including volumes 40 to 45, volume 40 in two parts, volume 41 in two parts, volume 42 in two parts, volume 43 in two parts and volume 44 is missing, volume 45 in three parts. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated150200
20'Ruff's Guide to the Turf' united with Baily's Turf Guide, totalling one hundred and two copies and including Spring Edition 1882, 1884 to 1900, Winter Edition 1878/1879, 1881/1884, Spring Edition 1901 to 1913, 1919 to 1923, Winter Edition 1913 to 1917 and 1931 to 1942, 1944 to 1950, 1951 to 1979 inclusive. All in fair condition. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated400600
21Thirty Seven Books - Racing Calendar 1754, 1755, 1759 to 1762, 1765, 1767, 1771/1773, 1775 to 1780, 1781 to 1784, 1785 to 1800. All tooled leather bound. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated600800
22Fifty Books - 'The Racing Calendar' from 1801 to 1850 inclusive, tooled leather bound. All in fair condition. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated400600
23Forty Five Books - 'The Racing Calendar' 1851 to 1874, 1876 to 1878, 1881, 1883 to 1899 and including 1914/1915. Books - Horse Racing, Breeding and Associated500700
24A Book - 'An Illustrated History of English Plate, Ecclesiastical and Secular in which the development of form and decoration in the silver and gold work of the British Isles' by Charles James Jackson, in two volumes, published by Country Life Ltd, London 1911 being volumes I & II, red tooled leather spines and linen boards. Books Fine Art100150
25A Book - 'Some English Gardens' after drawings by George S Elgood with notes by Gertrude Jekyll, being the fourth impression, published by Longmans, Green & Co 1906, blue tooled linene boards and spine. Books Fine Art5080
26Four Books - 'A History of English Furniture' by Percy MacQuoid, with plates in colour after Shirley Slocombe and numerous illustrations by the author and comprising the Age of Oak, The Age of Satinwood, The Age of Mahogany, The Age of Walnut. Published by Lawrence & Bullen Ltd, London 1938. Red linen tooled spines and boards. Books Fine Art150200
27Two Books - 'Pictures of Life and Character' by John Leech, from the collection of Mr Punch, published in London by Bradbury & Evans 1864, in two volumes. Leather spines marked and slightly torn at edges. Books Fine Art5080
28Three Books - 'The History of Surrey' by E W. Brayley, edited and revised by Edward Walford, in three volumes, published in London by Virtue & Co Ltd, being volumes I, II, III & IV. Gilt tooled red leather and linen boards and spines, damage to spines and one removed. Books Fine Art6080
29Two Books - 'The Book of The Farm' by Henry Stephens being volume I and II of the second edition, published by William Blackwood & Sons 1855. Tooled leather spines and boards, require repair Books Fine Art5060
30A Book - 'The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus' by Washington Irving, being volume I 1866, published by Belle & Baldy, London. Books Fine Art3040
31A Book - 'Paradise Lost', a poem in twelve books by John Milton, printed from the text of Tonson's Correct Edition of 1711, leather bound with tooled spine, wear to edges. Books Fine Art4060
32A Book - 'David Copperfield' by Charles Dickens, first edition published in London 1850. Some water staining first two pages, front board detached, three pages loose, generally marked. Books Fine Art70100
33Two Books - 'The Sea', its stirring story of of Adventure, Peril and Heroism by F Whymper, illustrated and published Castle & Co, London, being volumes I, II, III, & IV, blue tooled boards, green tooled leather spines, one worn, the other almost detached. Books Fine Art5070
34Two Books - 'British Battles on Land and Sea' by James Grant with numerous illustrations being volumes I & II, published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin of London. Some foxing in early pages, otherwise ok, both spines partially detached, one with small section missing. Books Fine Art5070
35A Book - 'Our Earth and Its Story' edited by Robert Brown, published by Cassell & Co 1889. Blue tooled leather spine and boards. Slight foxing at beginning of book, otherwise ok. Books Fine Art3050
36A Book - An Antique Ethiopian Bible, hand written on velum, the pages hand stitched to spine with leather covered wooden boards. 5in x 7in closed and including a leather hand stitched carry bag. The condition shows a great deal of use. Books Fine Art150200
37A Victorian photograph album with twenty four double sided pages, each containing four portrait frames. The first two pages with coloured plates from members of the Royal Family including Victoria and Albert, Queen Victorian with Princess Beatrice, Prince Leopold, The Princess of Wales together with others. These mostly with cut outs of letter seals. The other plates are mostly of important members of the Aristocracy. Red tooled leather bound with gilt metal mounts and strapping. Books Fine Art100150
38A Second World War scrap book of Royal Airforce personnel involved in the entertainment section and in particular the production of 'Let Us Go Gay' which included Eric Sykes and others involved with the Go Group Talent 1943.Books Fine Art100150
39George Davison - Photographer, Collection of late 19c/early 20c photographic plates including Winter on the Marsh, Meadow and Mud Flat, Liverpool Exhibition 1888. Cattle being driven on a lane in a winter setting, the stone water trough, Mrs Davison with Ruby and Ronald, and seven plates by the Foggy photography technique at Lucerne, on silk. Books Fine Art200300
40Four Books - The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testament, according to public version, with explanatory notes, practical observations and copious marginal references, being volumes I, II, III, & IV, by Thomas Scott, being a new edition with corrections by the author, published by L B Seeley, London 1812. All brown leather bound with spines embossed, 'Scots Bible'. Books Fine Art150200
41A Document - The Petition, 1747 Account of Libel case concerning fraudulent shipping of Tobacco from two creeks near Alloa. Books Fine Art3050
42A Bang & Olufsen stereo system comprising a Type 5946 Beogram record deck, a Beocord 6500, a Beo Master 6500 and a Beogram CD6500 together with two standing speakers. Mechanical & Audio500700
43A Gilbert & Barker Manufacturing Co spring filled Massachusetts hand cranked petrol pump, 200cm h. Mechanical & Audio500600
44A G&MA enamel notice no.13 'By Order of the Petroleum Authority when filling. No Smoking, Break Wheels, Stop Engine, Extinguish gas and oil lights', 38cm x 53cm. Mechanical & Audio150200
45A 1972 MGB Roadster 1.8 petrol sports car, 72,384 miles, MOT till Feb '21, with a spare set of wheels and tyres, related documents and handbooks. Mechanical & Audio50007000
46A Polynesian type ebony club, 50cm l. Guns & Militaria100150
47A German WW2 Naval ceremonial dagger with brass sheath and ring hangers, with simulated bone handle having an eagle terminal, the blade 25cm l, 42cm l overall. Guns & Militaria100150
48A collection of eighteen early 20c Military uniform and cap badges including the Royal Highlanders of Canada, 5th Battalion of the Canadian Division and Argile and Sutherland cap badges. Guns & Militaria5070
49A late 19c walnut mantel clock with ebonised base moulding and drum head case. The movement no.85432 with white enamel dial, having Roman chapter ring, the dial 8cm diam, clock 16.5cm h. Clocks Fine Art80100
50A 19c French marble mantel clock with gilt metal mounts and carrying handle. The white enamel dial 8.5cm diam, the clock, 23cm h. Clocks Fine Art120150
51An early 20c mantel clock by Lenard Hall & Son of Grimsby with a French movement in a pagoda chinoiserie black lacquered case with carrying handle and a circular dial having chinoiserie centre with Roman numeral chapter ring, 22.5cm h. Clocks Fine Art100150
52A late 19c/early 20c French style mantel clock, black lacquered and with red boullework face, having ormolu mounts. The movement inscribed 'H P & C'. The white circular enamel dial with Roman numeral chapter ring, 23cm h. Clocks Fine Art80100
53A late 19c French carriage clock in glazed brass case. The 6cm white enamel dial has Roman numerals, 18cm h. Clocks Fine Art70100
54A 19c French ormolu Cartel wall clock with circular white enamel dial and Roman numerals chapter ring and outer arabic minutes - no key, the dial 5cm diam, clock 21.5cm h. Clocks Fine Art200300
55A 19c ebonised mantel clock with figurative pilaster mounts, burr wood crossbanding and inlaid within brass rail borders. It has a Jape Freres & Co stamped movement no.16622, striking on a bell. The clock 27.5cm h, 20.5cm w. Clocks Fine Art150200
56A late Victorian chiming mantel clock for Junghans movement with brass and silvered arched dial, gilt metal spandrels within an oak case with reeded column pilasters under an arched carved moulded pediment, 54cm h. Clocks Fine Art200300
57A late Victorian walnut and oak striking drop dial wall clock, the circular bezel with white painted dial, signed Carter Bros Liverpool, 48cm h. Clocks Fine Art200250
58An early 20c oak wall time piece, the white enamel circular dial with Roman numerals and signed Field & Son, Aylesbury and High Wycombe, 36cm diam. Clocks Fine Art200250
59A late Victorian walnut cased mercury pendulum striking wall clock with a white painted circular dial, having Roman numeral chapter ring, the case chequer line inlaid with circular motifs, having open turned spindle supports and a carved fruit pediment, 90cm h overall. Clocks Fine Art150200
60A black painted arched dial mantel clock with an arched brass dial with silvered chapter ring having Roman numerals and arabic minutes under a silver plaque in the arch named A.L. Seidel. The brass movement strikes on a bell and the backplate is engraved with the face of a gentleman, a/f, the dial 16cm x 19cm, case 30cm x 30cm. Clocks Fine Art150200
61A Jaeger Le Coultre Atmos Swiss made four glass mantel clock, 21cm w, 23.5cm h. Clocks 20c250300
62A 19c aneriod barometer in brass case with ring pull handle, the silvered face named E J Dent, Paris and numbered 24389, 12 cm diam, in a walnut table top case. Instruments Fine Art120150
63A large walnut stereoscope by Rowsell with glass and card views, 59cm w. Instruments Fine Art400600
64A late 19c/early 20c clock barometer by Field & Son, Aylesbury. The clock with a white painted circular dial, having Roman numerals, the barometer with temperature gauge, all within a carved and stained wood anchor and chain frame. The clock face 9cm diam, the barometer 10cm diam, 50cm h overall. Instruments Fine Art150200
65A 19c French thermometer, the painted black and white register within a column arch, 46cm h. Instruments Fine Art80100
66A 19c rosewood stick barometer with silvered register, named Cail of Newcastle on Tyne, with thermometer gauge, 92cm h. Instruments Fine Art150200
67A 19c violin with paper label partly legible, reading Thomas - of Nambath Penrith Fecit no.454, the violin 60cm l, together with a bow in a walnut case with label Edward Withers, Leicester Sq. London, 80cm l overall. Instruments Fine Art200300
68A late 19c Swiss music box containing two 46 tooth combs with a 41cm cylinder playing on ten airs in running order, and numbered 11649 in an ebonised floral marquetry cross banded case, 75cm l overall. Instruments Fine Art500700
69A late 19c cabinet polyphone (The Imperial) in a walnut veneered and ebonised cabinet, having a clock pediment and lined fret carved frieze, 42cm w, 67cm h. Including twenty four 23cm diam. metal discs for various tunes. Instruments Fine Art300400
70Late 18c bronze skillet, the handle cast I H Fore and repaired with copper, 45cm w including handle. Metalware Fine Art5080
71A 19c Oriental copper deep circular dish. The base decorated with a band of script, scrollwork and fruit repeated to the raised rim, 32cm w. Metalware Fine Art4070
72A 19c Oriental copper dish with attached brass motifs, the base decorated with a band of script surrounding a central boss embossed with serpents. the raised flared rim decorated with grotesque masks amongst leaf and scroll work, 38cm diam. Metalware Fine Art6080
73An early 19c cast iron and brass mounted fire grate, the basket with a cast arched back plate and with scroll cast iron fixed andirons with brass globular and scroll work terminals, 100cm w. Metalware Fine Art300400
74A late 19c Art Nouveau brass fuel bin of cylindrical form with an embossed circular domed cover with flame finial, the container supported in a brass frame on pad feet, 34cm w, 54cm h. Metalware Fine Art100140
75A 19c cast iron fire surround, the panels rosette decorated with leaf and flowers, manufactured by Thomas Jeckyll, retailed by Barnard, Bishop & Barnard, Norwich, 92cm w, 96cm h. Metalware Fine Art400600
76A 19c bronze circular dish supported on four legs, incised Kain. The dish embossed and chased with a central French hunting horn, game bag and hat, surrounded by game birds, 34cm diam. Decorative Items Fine Art200250
77A pair of 19c bronze comports of circular dish form, supported on a single knop column with a stepped circular base, the comports with relief cast circular plaques of classical female head and that of a male head, 22cm diam, 15cm h. Decorative Items Fine Art200250
78An early 19c Chinese bronze urn cover, domed and cast with panels of leaf and scrollwork and with a bold finial in the form of a Shi shi, 18cm diam, 25cm h. Decorative Items Fine Art150200
79A pair of 19c bronze and marble candlesticks, the columns formed by bronze classical female figures supporting gilt metal soccles on white marble plinths with square bases, each 25.5cm h. Decorative Items Fine Art150200
80A pair of 19c gilt metal and marble lamp stands, the columns formed by cherubs supporting urns on rocky bases with sea shells, the white marble square bases supported by four scrolling feet, 24cm h. Decorative Items Fine Art90120
81A 19c French gilt bronze novelty desk stand in the form of a lady, the removable head a seal stamp, the barrel being carried forms a vesta, the bag in the right hand a pin cushion, the drum on the base an inkwell and having with open basket and pin stand, stamped A.Giroux, for Alphones Giroux, 16.5cm h. Decorative Items Fine Art200300
82A late 18c/early 19c bronze Ciborium with hinged pierced cover and scrolling handle on a circular raised base, 18.5cm h. Decorative Items Fine Art70100
83A late Victorian patinated steel tortoise clockwork automator desk bell operated by the head or the tail, 18cm l. Decorative Items Fine Art5080
84A Victorian marble bust of a female on a shaped marble base, 15.5cm w, 16.5cm h. Decorative Items Fine Art100140
85A late 19c/early 20c Venetian serpentine mirror decorated with a border of opaque glass beaded crescents and flowers - previously with a rear strutt, 31cm w, 37cm h. Decorative Items Fine Art100150
86A set of six Japanese Meiji period black lacquered papier mache dishes, each 19cm diam. Decorative Items Fine Art4060
87An Edwardian Scottish ink stand composed of a deer's cloven hoof inkwell, silver mounted and with a hinged dome cover, embossed and chased with leaf and thistle with a cut gem stone finial, flanked by two antler tip silver mounted pen racks on a thistle carved oak base with silver cloven feet, the base bearing label John o'Groats, August 1927, 29cm w, 24cm h. Decorative Items Fine Art250300
88An Art Nouveau green glass biscuit barrel of dimpled baluster form with a pinched base rim having a pewter hinge carrying handle and a stylistic floral domed cover with scrolling finial handle, 21.5cm h. Decorative Items 20c140170
89A Victorian oak smokers cabinet fitted with a pipe rack, three compartments with silver plated covers, one having a match strike to reverse, with one short drawer. Racket operated cover and fall front, decorated with silver plated cut corner mounts and motif, 24cm w, 16cm h. Treen & Boxes Fine Art90120
90A late Victorian oak two bottle locking tantalus with brass carrying handle and mounts, 24cm w, 29cm h. Treen & Boxes Fine Art6080
91A Victorian ebonised travelling box, brass line inlaid with side flush fitting carrying handles. The box fitted with five cut glass cosmetic bottles with silver tops, a lift out tray of seven cut glass cosmetic bottles and troughs, lift out box with manicure and needlework tools and a lift out leather box. The interior edge of box engraved 'Caulin De Smc. Imperatrice 131 Palais Royale', 33cm w, 15cm h. Treen & Boxes Fine Art350450
92A George III rosewood combination writing/needlework box having recessed brass carrying handles and brass strap inlay, corner mounts with cut escutcheon. Lift out needlework tray with spools and cotton drums, with a tooled leather slope, 46cm w, 16cm h. Treen & Boxes Fine Art250300
93A Japanese Meiji period black lacquered table top cabinet with gilt floral decoration, having hinged cover, eight short drawers over one deep base drawer flanking a central shrine cupboard, fitted three compartments and enclosed by two hinged doors with engraved mounts and hinge plates and painted porcelain plaques, 29cm w, 34.5cm h. Treen & Boxes Fine Art180200
94An early 20c Oriental mahjong set contained in a five drawer fitted cabinet, the cabinet carved with panels of Oriental scene, the tiles appear to be bakelite, together with three tile rests. The box 25.5cm w, 18cm h. Treen & Boxes Fine Art100150
95A late 18c/early 19c Chinese carved polychrome figure of a lady carrying a jar, 62cm h. Treen & Boxes Fine Art250300
96A Victorian figured walnut veneered locking letter box, brass mounted, 27cm w, 14cm h. Treen & Boxes Fine Art100140
97A 19c Jennens & Bettridge patent papier mache tray of serpentine form, black lacquered with a raised gilt decorated border, 84cm w. Treen & Boxes Fine Art300400
98A late Georgian mahogany tray top desk tidy, inlaid and crossbanded, having one drawer and supported on ball feet, 25.5cm w, 16.5cm h. Treen & Boxes Fine Art100150
99A Victorian oak letter box with hinged sloping cover, carved in a Gothic style, 29cm w, 18cm h. Treen & Boxes Fine Art100150
100A 19c oak stationery box with strap hinging, central carrying handle over a hinged cover fitted and with crowned monogram carved side panels on brass ball and claw feet, 30cm w. Attributed to A W Pugin by design. Treen & Boxes Fine Art500700
101A Victorian tantalus box with rising folding cover, opening to reveal a lift out tantalus frame containing four decanters and stoppers, together with a collection of small wine glasses. The box thuya wood veneered and crossbanded with brass rail inlay, ebonised highlights - in need of some restoration, 33cm w, 26cm h. Treen & Boxes Fine Art120150
102A Bagley & Wright's stained and ebonised sewing cottons table top retail box, having two long drawers, each with glass panels, gilt named sewing cottons, 54cm w, 16cm h. Treen & Boxes Fine Art80100
103Two 19c Oriental circular plaques, one of green stone, the other onyx, green stone carved with hunting scenes, the onyx with symbols, each 18cm diam. Objects D'Art Fine Art100150
104An early 20c Japanese rosewood cigarette box of rectangular form with silver plated interior, the lift off cover with copper panel engraved with a shrimp and flowers, signed, 15cm w, 10cm h. Objects D'Art Fine Art80100
105A 19c carved wood nut crack carved as the head of a sailor, 20cm l. Objects D'Art Fine Art100150
106An Edwardian horse's hoof inkwell with silver plated mounts and cover, 12cm w, 8cm h. Objects D'Art Fine Art70100
107An early 19c birch tobacco box, wooden hinged, 14cm l. Objects D'Art Fine Art6080
108A 19c horn drinking cup incised with leaf and flowers, 13cm w. Objects D'Art Fine Art4050
109A late 18c tortoiseshell and burr wood table snuff box with silver plated mounts and hinge cover, 11cm l. Objects D'Art Fine Art6080
110A French carved wooden sculpture of Napoleon, inscribed 'Charles Dessertine', 10cm h. Objects D'Art Fine Art100140
111A collection of three 19c Continental porcelain perfume bottles, one of scrolling form with gilt decorated with opposing panels of lady and gentleman in garden settings, one of baluster form with four panels of flowers within gilt on blue backgrounds and the third with cross swords mark to base and being of baluster form, painted with pink roses within gilt decorated backgrounds, two with stoppers, each approx. 12cm h. Objects D'Art Fine Art150180
112A micro mosaic miniature photo frame decorated with flowers on blue background, together with one enamel frame of rectangular form decorated with diamonds and leafy sprays, both brass framed, 6cm & 5cm h. Objects D'Art Fine Art5070
113Two Meiji period sets of six Satsuma costume buttons, one set decorated with flowers (one slightly a/f, chip to edge), the other set decorated with iris, 4.2cm & 3cm diam. Objects D'Art Fine Art120150
114A 19c Continental ceramic icon of slightly domed oval form, depicting three religious figures and within a brass frame, 10cm x 8cm. Objects D'Art Fine Art150200
115A 19c painted porcelain oval plaque depicting a lady in a white turban and gown, gilt framed, 11cm x 8.5cm. Miniature Paintings Fine Art200250
116An early 19c oval portrait miniature on ivory of a gentleman, framed, 7cm x 5.5cm. Miniature Paintings Fine Art80120
117A 19c oval portrait miniature of a young angel in deep thought, on a ceramic plaque, framed, 8.5cm x 6.5cm. Miniature Paintings Fine Art70100
118An oval framed portrait miniature of a Spanish lady, framed, 6.5cm x 8cm. Miniature Paintings Fine Art70100
119A 19c framed oval portrait miniature of a lady, she wearing a crucifix and blue bow, framed, 9.5cm x 7cm. Miniature Paintings Fine Art80120
120J Richard, (father of John Hayes Richard) - country residents with figures picnicking and walking in the foreground, pencil and black ink with colour wash, 8cm x 10.5cm. Miniature Paintings Fine Art90120
121- B Ashley - a portrait miniature of a knight in armour seated at a table with helmet, signed, framed and glazed, 14.5cm x 11.5cm. Miniature Paintings Fine Art200250
122Unsigned 19c portrait of Pope Paul Juluis II, oil on ivory, framed and glazed, 8.5cm x 7cm. Miniature Paintings Fine Art100150
123R Cauier - 19c oval portrait miniature of a lady, on ivory, brass framed, 7cm x 5.5cm. Miniature Paintings Fine Art100150
124A gilt metal framed oval portrait pendant miniature of an officer in military costume and to the reverse a memoriam panel with an enamel monogrammed central shield surrounded by seed pearls within feathered decoration, in original case, 6.5cm x 5cm. Miniature Paintings Fine Art150200
125A 9ct Gold vintage ladies watch on 9ct gold stretch bracelet strapWatches Fine Art80120
126An 18k Gold ladies bracelet watch with narrow rectangular dialWatches Fine Art200300
127A Barwyse verge pocket watch no.4123, circa 1810, in a later silver pair case - in need of restoration. Watches Fine Art100120
128A silver Brockbanks & Atkins full plate English lever pocket watch no.8006, with a silver case, makers mark for John Dyer, London 1832. Watches Fine Art150200
129A John Whitehurst of Derby silver cased pocket verge watch, the watch movement no.4012, the case London 1803. Watches Fine Art120160
130A late 19c Turkish pocket watch with decorated dial and fancy hands, circa 1890. Watches Fine Art100150
131A Davey & Sons of Lewes fusee pocket watch in 18ct gold case with white enamel circular face with Roman numerals and seconds indicator, no.22667, London 1847, 4cm diam. Watches Fine Art350400
132An Edwardian 18ct gold cased pocket watch with white enamel dial, having Roman numerals chapter ring with date and seconds indicator, watch case 5cm diam. Watches Fine Art600800
133A Sicura Automatic gents wristwatch on leather strap. circa 1970s. Gold colour face with hour and date windows.Watches 20c70100
134A 1907 boxed set of Maundy coins comprising four, three, two and one silver coins, together with a red leather drawstring purse, a Royal Maundy fee one set package and an Westminster Abbey Order of Service for the Office, The Royal Maundy, Thursday 28th March 1907. Coins & Medals130160
135An 1894 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals130160
136An 1896 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals120160
137An 1897 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals150180
138An 1899 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals130160
139A 1901 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals120160
140A 1902 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals120160
141A 1905 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals140160
142A 1904 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals120160
143A 1905 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals140160
144A 1906 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals140160
145A 1907 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals120160
146A 1908 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals140160
147A 1949 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals100140
148A 1946 Maundy money four coin set in original box.Coins & Medals100120
149A 2006 Maundy money four coin set, mint, in original box. Coins & Medals100140
150A 1706 Maundy money four coin set, unboxed. Coins & Medals200250
151A 1746 Maundy money four coin set, unboxed. Coins & Medals150200
152A 1739 Maundy money four coin set, unboxed. Coins & Medals200250
153A 1739 Maundy money four coin set, unboxed. Coins & Medals200250
154A 1746 Maundy money four coin set, unboxed. Coins & Medals150200
155A 1900 Maundy money four coin set, unboxed. Coins & Medals120160
156An 1900 Maundy money four coin set, unboxed. Coins & Medals120140
157An 1868 Maundy money four coin set, unboxed. Coins & Medals120140
158A 1903 Maundy money four coins set, unboxed. Coins & Medals100140
159A 1919 Maundy money four coin set, unboxed. Coins & Medals100140
160A Penny Black stamp circa 1840 on the fragment of a letter directed to a Mr John Seward of Bristol and having a Bristol 1840 date stamp.Coins & Medals150200
161Two Gold coins to commemorate Botswana Independence. 900 pure. Weight 11.3g approx eachCoins & Medals800900
162A gold one Deutsche Mark coin.Coins & Medals400600
163A Royal Mint 1995 Brittania gold proof £10 coin in original box with certificate.Coins & Medals6080
164An Edwardian period boxed set of six mother of pearl gold backed circular shirt studs with blue stone centres, in original box of Hugo Schaper, Berlin. Jewellery120160
165A Gents gold ring set with carved lava cameo in a circular gold mount. Ring size approx Q/RJewellery80120
166A Gold ring with set with large gemstone cut in rectangular form in a gold filigree style raised setting. Ring size approx S/TJewellery80120
167An 18ct gold buckle ring with floral engraved decoration. Ring size approx O/P. Weight approx 5.8gJewellery140150
168A 15k Gold band ring in an amateur handmade style. Ring size approx P/Q. Weight approx 8.8gJewellery180200
169A 18ct yellow gold ring set with central rectangular ruby surrounded by diamonds. Approx ring size Q/RJewellery200220
170A gents gold ring set with central bloodstone cameo on raised gold setting. Ring size approx Q/RJewellery120140
171A 14ct gold gents ring in a greek key design. Stamped 585. Ring size approx U/V. Weight approx 5gJewellery100120
172A gold sapphire and diamond ring set with central band of 3 graduated sapphires and four diamonds. Ring size approx O/PJewellery300400
173An 18ct yellow gold ring set with 6 brilliant cut diamonds. Ring size approx N/OJewellery250300
174set with central diamond daisy cluster with safety chain pin.Jewellery120140
175A gold brooch set with large central amethystJewellery80100
176A 9ct gold gold spray brooch in a leaf shaped design set with rubies and pearlsJewellery80100
177A 18ct gold brooch in a stylised crescent design set with single pearlJewellery4060
178A substantial 9ct gold gate bracelet with heart padlock. Approx 23gJewellery300320
179A 9ct gold fob chain. Approx 12.5gJewellery150160
180A large cameo brooch mounted in gold in original fitted case. Cameo size appx 2.3 inches high x 1.8 inch wideJewellery150180
181A bracelet set with micro mosaic linked panels decorated with floral designs on white metal panelsJewellery4060
182A silver square link bracelet set with amber panelsJewellery4060
183A pair of late 19c French cut and moulded glass table salts in the form of ducks with silver heads and two spoons, in original presentation box. Silver Fine Art90120
184A silver Mr Punch baby rattle with mother of pearl chew and ring, Birmingham 1933, 18cm l overall. Silver Fine Art90120
185A boxed set of four Asprey menu card holders, makers mark for Samuel Mordon & Co, Chester 1906, in original Asprey leather box, each 3cm h. Silver Fine Art200300
186A late 19c/early 20c German silver cigarette box and vesta case, both embossed and chased with mistletoe, .800 std, in original silk lined box, 2.4oz, vesta case 4.5cm l, cigarette box 8cm l. Silver Fine Art90120
187An Edwardian period Indian silver novelty wheelbarrow, the base named Krishnah Chetty Bangalore. The two handled wheelbarrow chased and embossed with Indian figure motifs, 14cm l. Silver Fine Art150180
188Five silver novelty napkin ring holders, two mounted with Scottie dogs, two owls and the other a smoking cat, makers mark H & A, registration no.767574, Birmingham 1931, each 7.5cm w, together with a silver wishbone napkin ring mounted with a Chow dog. Silver Fine Art200250
189A Gerald Benney pepper mill with a grained body, makers mark AGB for Gerald Benney, London 1971, total weight 8.4oz, 11cm h. Silver Fine Art400500
190A Gerald Benney cocktail shaker with a rock terminal, makers mark AGB for Gerald Benney, London 1973, 25cm h. Silver Fine Art150200
191A silver Jaguar car mascot, makers mark P & BH, London 1998, 25oz, 18cm l, on stone base. Silver Fine Art350400
192A pair of Edwardian Art Nouveau influenced napkin rings with stylistic floral motif, makers mark GH, Birmingham 1905, in presentation box. Silver Fine Art4060
193A George IV silver oval dish with a raised shaped border, London 1821, 17cm w. Silver Fine Art70100
194A 19c two handled loving cup, half writhen embossed and chased with flowers, marks rubbed, 14cm w. Silver Fine Art70100
195A silver shallow bowl with a lobed and raised border, Birmingham 1971, 5oz, 15cm diam. Silver Fine Art5060
196Three silver creamers, Chester 1909, 7cm h, George Unite with makers mark rubbed 8cm h and one of ovoid form Birmingham 1906, 11cm h, 6.3oz overall. Silver Fine Art90120
197A late Georgian silver tankard, London 1812 with later embossing and chasing with flowers and scroll work, 9cm h, 6oz. Silver Fine Art70100
198An early 20c boxed set of six gilt sterling silver and enamel coffee spoons, in original box. Silver Fine Art4060
199A George III presentation chalice, presented by H Fowke Esq. to the Convivial Society at The Anchor Inn, Tewkesbury, March 21st 1804, and with chased plaque Britannia Rule the Waves, makers mark for John Emes, London 1803, 9oz, 16cm h. Silver Fine Art120150
200A Victorian batchelors teapot of half lobed globular form, makers mark for Wakely & Wheeler, London 1885, 6.4oz, 17cm w. Silver Fine Art120150
201A silver trophy cup presented by the Lytham Yacht Club 1900, of chalice form, makers mark rubbed, 10.4oz, 23cm h. Silver Fine Art170200
202A pair of Edwardian Art Nouveau influenced three handled bowls on stands, makers mark for Horace Woodward & Co, London 1905, 32.6oz, each 14cm h. Silver Fine Art500600
203A late Victorian fruit bowl of pierced foliate and scroll form with a moulded glass liner, makers mark for Thomas Glaser and with import mark, London 1890, the bowl 16oz, 20cm w, 14cm h. Silver Fine Art400500
204A George III large fruit basket of oval wire form with swing handle and stands on an oval pierced base, makers mark for John Hutson, London 1804, 30.5oz, 36cm w, 30cm h with handle raised. Silver Fine Art8001000
205A mid Victorian silver gilt twelve piece fruit set, the handles embossed and chased with Indian animals and birds, together with Hindu figures, fruit and snakes, makers mark for John Figg, London 1868, in presentation box. Silver Fine Art450500
206A Victorian silver tea service, the lobed globular teapot with makers mark for Richard Sibley II and retailers Makepeace London, teapot 28cm w, together with a two handled sucrier of similar form, marks rubbed, and a cream jug, total weight of three pieces 42.5oz. Silver Fine Art400500
207A mid Georgian tankard with scrolling handle and thumb piece, having a heart shaped base terminal and dome hinged cover with ringed baluster body on a circular stepped base. The cover bears a makers mark for Richard Batley circa. 1740 and the tankard with mark of Richard Gosling circa 1749, 26oz, 19.5cm h. Silver Fine Art400500
208A Spanish silver six piece tea service comprising a two handled tray, teapot, water jug, milk jug, sucrier and two strainer with stand, circa 1960, the tray with a raised leaf and scroll work embossed border with shell shaped handles, the teapot and water jug with hinged covers and bands of scroll work and flowers repeated to the sucrier and cream jug, the teapot 18cm h, water jug 15cm h, cream jug 11.5cm h, sucrier 12cm h and the tea strainer bowl 8cm diam, 102oz. Silver Fine Art12001500
209An Art Deco style four piece tea service of faceted form comprising a teapot, water jug, sucrier and cream jug, makers mark FC, Sheffield 1943, 50oz, teapot 30cm w, water jug 18cm h. Silver Fine Art500600
210An Edwardian two handled oval tea tray with a raised gadroon border, makers mark for Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1907, 38oz, 47cm w. Silver Fine Art400450
211A pair of boxed silver berry spoons, Georgian with later Victorian embossed and chased decoration, London 1806, 21.5cm l. Silver Fine Art4060
212A set of four Victorian silver plated apostle table spoons in original silk lined box, each 19cm l. Silver Plate70100
213An Edwardian silver plated coin purse, lined and fitted with ring pull carry handle, 12cm w. Silver Plate2030
214A late Victorian silver plated ale jug of beaten tapering spreading form with hinge cover and boars tusk handle, makers mark Hukin & Heath, 23cm h. Silver Plate140160
215A Georg Jensen Mitra pattern stainless steel cutlery service comprising six dinner knives & six forks, nine dessert forks & six knives, four cake forks & one large teaspoon, six coffee spoons, twelve teaspoons, two toothed serving spoons and two large serving spoons, one large and one small ladle, a cake slice and a serving knife. Silver Plate200300
216A Bohemian glass candlestick white cut to blue hand decorated with flowers, 20cm h. Glassware Fine Art4060
217A 19c Victorian Nailsea glass flask with white ribbon decoration, 19.5cm l. Glassware Fine Art5080
218An 18c/19c Chinese Beijing amber glass floraform lobed dish, 31cm diam. Glassware Fine Art200300
219An 18c/19c green Chinese Beijing floraform glass dish, 31cm diam. Glassware Fine Art200300
220A large 18c/19c Chinese Beijing amethyst coloured circular glass dish, 31cm diam. Glassware Fine Art200300
221A carved 19c Chinese Beijing glass bowl decorated with repeated foliate design panels, 8cm h, 16.5cm diam. Glassware Fine Art200300
222A pair of 19c cut clear glass table lustres with prismatic drops and gilt highlight decoration to both base and bowl, 32cm h a/f. Glassware Fine Art100150
223A set of six Bohemian cut crystal Harlequin wine glasses, 19.5cm. Glassware 20c80120
224A mid 20c French Daum clear glass crystal table lamp, signed to base 'Daum, France', lamp 13.5cm h, 20cm w. Glassware 20c6080
225A 1920's Bohemian clear crystal cocktail set engraved with horizontal and vertical blocked lines, comprising six 10.5cm h glasses, eight 7cm h glasses and four 8cm h glasses, all with trumpet shaped bowls and square cut bases with chamfered corners together with a 26.5cm h decanter and a 23cm h jug. Glassware 20c250300
226A pair of French Legras Art Nouveau period glass vases, gilt decorated with chestnut tree decoration, both numbered to base, in gold '6', each 30cm h. Glassware 20c300400
227A 1920's Lalique Laurier opalescent cylindrical vase moulded in relief with leaf and berry, signed in capitals near base 'R LALIQUE FRANCE', 17.75cm h. Glassware 20c300400
228A Dartington crystal Suzi Kennett Brown tazza, etched with song bird design in the form of birds and musical notes, factory mark to base, signed by artist, 9.5cm h, 27.5cm diam. Glassware 20c4060
229An art glass charger decorated in relief with crystal and ice effect, signed K Murphy, 46cm diam. Glassware 20c70100
230Peter Drieser wheel engraved rummer glass decorated with pheasant in foliage, being a limited piece no.34/50, signed and numbered near base, 15cm h. Glassware 20c120150
231A Japanese Meiji period satsuma two handled vase and cover decorated overall in blue background, gilt decorated with bamboo and with two panels, one depicting a cockerel and hen together with finches in a garden setting, the opposing panel with four figures in a landscape, with dome cover, a/f - cover finial glued, 16.5cm h. Oriental Ceramics100140
232A 19c Oriental saucer dish decorated with a vase of flowers on stand, a low table with jardiniere and flowers amongst random flowers, 14cm diam. Oriental Ceramics4070
233A 19c Chinese cup and cover, the cup with entwined handle and having a lift off cover with fruit finial, the cup painted with two figures seated at a table together with two attendants, both cup and cover painted with small reserve panels of landscapes, 8cm h. Oriental Ceramics100140
234A Oriental porcelain bowl decorated with fruit and blossom with blue six character double circled character mark to base, 11cm diam. Oriental Ceramics150200
235A 19c Chinese famille rose plate decorated with leaf and flowers with an outer flowering border, 22cm diam. Oriental Ceramics6080
236A 19c Oriental famille noire pottery bottle vase of compressed baluster form with a four ring long neck and flared rim, 16cm h. Oriental Ceramics150200
237A 19c Oriental bottle vase of baluster tapering form with pinched neck, decorated in blue with cranes under and amongst pine trees which have brown highlighted trunks, 29.5cm h. Oriental Ceramics200250
238A 19c Cantonese circular dish, blue decorated with village and figures in a lakeside setting surrounded by a border of prunus blossom, 34.5cm diam. Oriental Ceramics150200
239A 19c Chinese famille rose dish decorated with domestic objects, lanterns and furnishings within an outer crescent shaped continuous border, 41cm diam. Oriental Ceramics150200
240A 19c Oriental tureen and cover decorated with panels of finches amongst blue leafy background, the lift off dome cover with dog finial, the bowl with wire carrying handles, stamped red seal mark to base, 22cm h, 21cm diam. Oriental Ceramics200300
241A 19c Chinese tureen and cover decorated in blue scrolling leaf and flowers, the dome cover with dog finial, the bowl with wire carrying handles - one handle missing, 22cm diam, 23cm h. Oriental Ceramics150200
242No LotOriental Ceramics200250
243A Chinese large celadon censor/bulb bowl incised pattern decoration, Ming Dynasty, circa 15c/16c, 35cm diam, 16cm h. Oriental Ceramics9001200
244A Korean, late Goreo Dynasty 14c/15c celadon bowl with lotus petal moulding to the exterior, 17cm h. Oriental Ceramics80100
245A Chinese green glazed ox cart, 30cm w, 16cm h. Oriental Ceramics4060
246A votive jar and cover, the pottery body decorated with calendrical zodiac figures and animals, glazed interior, 33cm h. Oriental Ceramics300400
247A Chinese Han Dynasty tomb guardian figure of Cixi, double headed serpent/dragon, Oxford T test, 24in l overall, 11.5cm h. Oriental Ceramics300400
248A Chinese Tang Dynasty Lokopala standing on a dwarf, 7c/8c, 40cm h. Oriental Ceramics5070
249A Chinese large Tang Dynasty Courtier figure, 7c/8c, 53.5cm h. Oriental Ceramics150200
250A Chinese Song Dynasty 10c/11c green glazed jar and cover with calligraphy to interior, possibly Sanskait, 27cm diam, 37cm h. Oriental Ceramics150200
251A Persian antique pottery bowl, decorated in incised olive green and brown patterns - with museum repairs, 20cm diam. Oriental Ceramics400500
252A Persian antique pottery bowl with blue lined panel decoration, with museum repairs, 20cm diam. Oriental Ceramics200300
253A Persian antique pottery bowl densely decorated in shades of brown and yellow, with museum repairs, 25cm diam. Oriental Ceramics400500
254A Persian antique pottery bowl decorated brown glazed with with a band of three figures on horseback within shield shaped panels and scrollwork, 18cm diam. Oriental Ceramics350400
255A Persian antique pot pourri type bowl with pierced decoration, blue glazed, a/f, 16cm diam. Oriental Ceramics200300
256A Spode two handled loving cup, cover and stand, the cup with gilt caryatid handles, the cover with gilt butterfly finial, pattern no.967, Spode script mark in red to base, a/f, 14cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art4060
257A Spode lobed oval dish, the centre painted with dog roses within a dark blue and gilt border having six single flowerheads, pattern no.2789 and Spode mark to base, 26cm w. European Ceramics Fine Art4060
258A pair of early 19c pink ground plates, each painted with four pairs of birds within gilt scroll reserves and having pierced and shaped borders, pattern no.1480, both slightly a/f, 30cm w. European Ceramics Fine Art5060
259Two 18c Vienna porcelain tea bowls each with incised numerals and beehive mark in blue to base, a/f, together with a Meissen saucer of dark blue ground painted with equestrian scenes, a/f, crossed swords mark in blue to base. European Ceramics Fine Art100120
260Two Derby figure of ladies playing lutes, both a/f, 14cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art6080
261An early 19c square based figure of a lady archer with bow, arrow and target, European Ceramics Fine Art6080
262A 19c black glazed and gilt highlighted figure of a recumbent cow, probably Scottish, a/f 14cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art5060
263A Derby figure of James Quinn as Sir John Falstaff, restored, 21cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art120160
264A Meissen white glazed figure of the Goddess Minerva seated and playing with a cherub, in the style of J J Kaendler, the Goddess wearing her war helmet, a shield at her side, base mark with cross swords and star of the Marcolini period, 22cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art10002000
265A Derby figure of a Shepherdess, being a companion to the 'Dresden Shepherd' incised no.55 to base, a/f, 22cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art80120
266A patch marked Derby figure of a lady with a basket of grapes, supported on a pierced scroll base, possibly Autumn from a set of the four seasons, slightly a/f, European Ceramics Fine Art100150
267A Bow bocage figure group with a garlanded putto reaching up to a bird amongst flowering branches, a dog bedside him, all supported on a shell and scroll footed base, anchor mark in red to base, a/f, European Ceramics Fine Art200300
268A Derby bocage figure of a shepherdess, a partner to the 'Piping Shepherd', holding a posy and with flowers in her apron and a sheep at her foot, all supported on a raised scroll base, a/f, 24cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art150200
269A Coalport vase and cover of dark blue ground, decorated with gilt flower sprays and having gilt mask handles, all supported on a square base with canter corners, a/f, 22cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art6080
270A Derby patch marked bocage figure of a shepherdess with lamb, supported on a scroll base, a/f, 22cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art70100
271A patch marked Derby bocage candlestick figure of the Piping shepherd with his dog, a/f, 27cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art120150
272Two Derby figures of the 'Garland Shepherd', both a/f, 14cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art120150
273A pair of Derby figures 'The Shepherd Bagpiper & His Lady with guitar, a/g, 15cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art120160
274A pair of Derby figures of a boy with his dog and a girl with a lamb, slightly, a/f, 14cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art120160
275A Derby figure of the Welsh Tailor riding on a goat, a/f, 14cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art6080
276A pair of Derby figures of Huntsman and Huntswoman, a/f, 17cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art120160
277A Derby figure of a lady playing a triangle (one of a pair of the Flambe Musicians), slightly a/f, 21.5cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art100150
278A Bloor Derby figure of a boy with a posy of flowers, emblematic of 'Spring' from a set of the four 'French Seasons', base with Bloor Derby mark in red and no.123, a/f, 18cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art80100
279A pair of Derby figures being a musician playing a flute and a lady dancing, each supported on gilt lined bases with crown and crossed batons mark in red, a/f, European Ceramics Fine Art180220
280A pair of late 18c Derby figures being a boy with a dog and a girl with a lamb, 13.5cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art140160
281A 19c Drabware jug applied with Bacchus masks and handle, fruiting vine and scrolls, 23.5cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art3050
282A Dutch Delft blue and white dish painted with flowers, leaves and scrolls within a geometric border, makers mark on reverse, a/f, 30.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art200300
283A pair of late 18c Delft plates painted with willow trees, flowers and rocks, possibly London, rim fritting, 23cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art8001000
284A set of fifteen 18c blue and white Delft tiles painted with Dutch scenes of rural life and pursuits, some a/f, each 13cm sq. European Ceramics Fine Art200300
285A Pearlware blue and white comport transfer printed with an Oriental scene of a lion standing in the foreground, with running figures, trees and buildings, scroll and cartouche border, 26cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art3040
286A Spode blue and white pearlware meat dish transfer printed with the 'Tower' pattern, 37cm w. European Ceramics Fine Art6080
287Three early 19c pearlware plates, transfer printed with Oriental scenes, impressed IH, probably for J Heath, one a/f, 23.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art4060
288A Leeds pottery pearlware plate transfer printed in blue and white with a Continental scene, impressed mark, 23.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art3040
289A blue and white plate transfer printed with the 'Philosopher' pattern, 25.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art3040
290A Spode blue and white plate transfer printed with the 'Castle' pattern, 25cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art3040
291A blue and white plate printed with the 'Holywell Cottage' pattern, 25.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
292A blue and white semi china plate printed with 'Italian Ruins' pattern, 25.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
293A Rogers Monopteros pattern plate, 25.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art3040
294A Blue and white plate printed with a rural scene of a family with dog and cottages, and figures and castle in background, 25cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art3040
295A Wedgwood blue and white plate transfer printed with the 'Blue Bamboo' pattern, 25cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art3040
296A blue and white plate, British Scenery Series, with cottages, castle and cows in foreground, 25cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
297A blue and white pearlware soup plate with figures and cattle in foreground and house and park in the distance, 25.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
298A Spode plate printed with the 'Tiber' pattern, 25cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
299A blue and white plate printed with a pattern showing travellers resting beside a river and a drover with cattle crossing on a bridge, 25cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
300A blue and white plate printed with the 'Philosopher' pattern, 24cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
301A Spode plate printed with the 'The Bridge of Lucano', 25cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
302A blue and white plate printed with the 'Piping Shepherd' pattern, 25.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
303A blue and white plate printed with a mounted traveller and attendant with ruined temple in the background, 21.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
304A blue and white plate printed with a scene of an Oriental garden with figures and vase in foreground, 22cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
305A blue and white plate printed with a man riding a mule beside a river and a group of people on a veranda with houses and pagoda in the background, 21.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art4060
306A semi china plate printed with the 'Italian Ruins' pattern, a/f, 22.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
307A blue and white plate printed with a Bacchanalian scene of four children and a goat within fruiting vine borders, 21.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
308A Davenport soup plate printed with a rustic scene of fisherman and companion bedside a pond in front of a watermill with a village in the far distance, 25cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art3040
309A blue and white soup plate printed with a scene of two figures in conversation beneath a tree and others on a bridge with a monastic type building and mountains in the background, 24cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
310A blue and white soup plate transfer printed with the 'Chinese Market Stall' pattern, 24cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
311A blue and white soup plate printed with the 'Chinoiserie Ruins' pattern, 24cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
312A Rogers blue and white soup plate printed with the 'Camel' pattern, 24cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
313A soup plate printed with a scene of cattle watering in a river, two cottages on one back and a ruined mansion on the other, 24cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
314A blue and white plate transfer printed with the 'Eastern Street Scene' pattern, slightly a/f, 25.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
315A blue and white plate printed with a scene of travellers and a horse resting bedside a ruined castellated building, river and mountains in the background, 25.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
316A blue and white plate with a man fetching water from a fountain or water tower, and a nursemaid and child in the foreground, 25.5cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
317A blue and white plate printed with a family and dog beside an elaborate fountain amongst trees and shrubs with buildings in the far distance, 25cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
318A Davenport blue and white plate printed with 'The Villagers' pattern, 25cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art2030
319A Rogers 'Fallow Deer' pattern plate, impressed mark, 25cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art3040
320A Continental three branch candelabra with figural stem and applied flowers and leaves, slightly a/f, 52cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art100150
321A Minton three tier cake stand, the pierced blue borders reserved with floral sprays and highlighted with gilding, impressed mark to base, 14.5in h. European Ceramics Fine Art120160
322A Minton Majolica posy vase in the form of a lady grape harvester leaning on her basket, impressed marks to base, a/f, 24cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art120140
323A Faience dish painted in blue with stylised flowers with a blue line border, a/f, 30cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art7090
324A Delft dish painted in blue with a typical Oriental scene of a house, rocks and trees within a border of stylised flowers divided by diaper cell panels, marked 180 in blue to reverse, a/f, 36cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art80120
325A Delft plate painted with figures and Oriental pagodas, the border with three groups of peonies and other flowers, 36cm diam. European Ceramics Fine Art100150
326A group of six small items of teawares being a Wedgwood Jasperware mug, a Spode mug, a miniature mug, a Chinese cup, an English saucer and a scent bottle, a/f. European Ceramics Fine Art5060
327A late 18/early 19c Derby barrel shaped cider tankard painted with flowers,a/f handle, 14cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art80120
328A late 18c/early 19c Caughley small cabbage leaf mask jug, white glazed with blue upper rim, under glazed 'S' Salopian mark to base, 15cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art60100
329A late 18c New Hall fluted milk jug with green and red leaf decoration, pattern mark 7 to base, 10cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art3050
330A late 18c New Hall ovoid milk jug with pink trellised decoration and flower painting, pattern no.296 to base, 10.5cm w. European Ceramics Fine Art3040
331A late 18c Worcester cabbage leaf mask jug with floral transfer decoration, crescent mark to base, 20cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art200250
332An 18c Worcester coffee pot with fluted mounding and underglaze blue leaf decoration, F mark to base, a/f, 19cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art70100
333A late 18c Worcester teapot and lid decorated in overglaze red and gold 'clobbered' decoration, crescent mark to base, a/f, 17.5cm w. European Ceramics Fine Art80120
334A Derby figure of a young girl seated and holding a basket of flowers, 14cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art80100
335A Swansea porcelain creamer painted with flowers and gilt leafy fronds within gilt line borders, 15cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art5070
336A pair of Italian Majolica vases and covers, the vases decorated with putti in lakeside settings, quarter lobed and with lobed domed covers with bud finials and supported on raised octagonal bases, a/f - one finial with glazed loss and signs of repair, 23.5cm h. European Ceramics Fine Art100150
337A pair of Sitzendorf porcelain figure groups of goat herders, crowned S marks to base, 16.5cm & 17cm h. European Ceramics 20c80100
338Two Lladro porcelain figurines - Japanese girl flower decorating, model no.4840, 19cm h, and a Japanese ceremonial girl, 22cm h. European Ceramics 20c80120
339Two Lladro porcelain figurines - Oriental Spring, model no.4988, and Chrysanthemum, model no.4990, each 30cm h. European Ceramics 20c5080
340Two Lladro porcelain figurines - Madame Butterfly, model no.4991 and Sayonara, model no.4989, each approx 27.5in h. European Ceramics 20c80120
341Two Lladro porcelain figures - Rumba, model no.5160 and Bongo Beats, model no.5157, each 23cm h. European Ceramics 20c80120
342A Lladro porcelain figure - Harmony, model no.5159, 34cm h. European Ceramics 20c5080
343A Lladro porcelain figurine - A Step In Time, model no.5158, 22cm h. European Ceramics 20c5080
344Two Lladro porcelain graduation figures, model no.5199 & 5198, 26cm & 28cm h. European Ceramics 20c100150
345A Lladro porcelain figurine - Madonna with flowers, model no.5171, 33cm h. European Ceramics 20c5080
346A Lladro porcelain figure - Jesus, model no.5167, 39.5cn h. European Ceramics 20c80120
347A Nao porcelain figure - Joseph, 28cm h. European Ceramics 20c3040
348A pair of Lladro porcelain figures, c.1978, Sports Lily Football player, model no.5134 and Sports Billy Football Player, model no.5135, 23cm & 23.5cm h. European Ceramics 20c80120
349A Lladro porcelain 1978 Sport Billy, Fifi world Cup Trophy, 35cm h. European Ceramics 20c250300
350A Lladro porcelain figure group - Love Boat, model no.5343, being limited edition no 16, complete with wooden stand and framed certificate, 41cm l. European Ceramics 20c200300
351An Aynsley bone china coffee service of six cups and saucers, the cups profusely gilt decorated with flowers on blue background, repeated on the saucer rim, together with six silver enamel decorated coffee spoons, Birmingham 1957/8, in presentation box, retailed by Mappin & Webb Ltd. European Ceramics 20c200250
352A Coalport yellow bats wing dessert service comprising twelve 23cm plates, comport 15cm h, pair of oval dishes 32cm w and two square dishes 28cm w. European Ceramics 20c200300
353A Wedgwood Jasperware plaque, The Fall of Phaeton, after the original by George Stubbs, being a limited edition 182, plaque gilt framed, 48cm x 28.5cm, complete with book certificate. European Ceramics 20c300400
354A Mintons Secessionists Art Nouveau period transfer printed jardiniere on stand, in stylist floral design on a cream ground in green and maroon, pressed and stamped, date code for 1905, 80cm h in total. European Ceramics 20c300500
355A large Italian Mollica Majolica two handled pedestal baluster vase, hand decorated in Renaissance style with foliate motifs on a white ground with two large classical figurative panels and with masked snake handles, factory mark to base, a/f, 93cm h. European Ceramics 20c200300
356Two Mintons WW2 comemorative white glazed character jugs - Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt, both modelled by Eric Owen, 13cm & 17cm h. European Ceramics 20c80100
357A Victorian needlework of a parrot composed of stumpwork perched within a bouquet of flowers and roses, framed and glazed, 108cm x 80cm. Needleworks250300
358By Mrs Parker nee Marriot - The Ursuline Convent, Thildonck in Belgium, c.1850, framed and glazed, watercolour and human hair, 32cm x 48cm. Needleworks200250
359An 18c antique map of Middlesex with inset a scale of miles, framed and glazed, 9cm x 12cm. Maps3040
360A late 18c/early 19c road map - London to Hollyhead, hand coloured, framed and glazed, 13.5cm x 16cm. Maps4060
361A Robert Morden map of Bedfordshire, hand coloured and with scale of miles, framed and glazed, 33cm x 41cm. Maps90120
362A Robert Morden map of Hertfordshire, hand coloured and with a scale of miles, framed and glazed, 38cm x 45cm. Maps120160
363A Robert Morden map of Chester, hand coloured and with a scale of mile, unframed, 37cm x 43cm. Maps80120
364A Robert Morden map of The Riding of Yorkshire, coloured and with scale of miles, framed and glazed, 37cm x 43cm. Maps70100
365A 17c black and white engraving depicting a castle siege with two knights with horses escaping in a boat, unframed, 21cm x 14cm. Prints Fine Art120150
366A late 15c extract from Nuremberg Chronicle, c.1493, Das Sechstalter, with hand coloured illustrations including Bonafacius the sixth, Stephanus the sixth, Romanus and Theodorus the other, Corolus the other, and Corolus III, the double sided page titled, framed and glazed, 41cm x 28cm. Prints Fine Art150200
367A 16c page print in black and white titled description of Windsor Castle portraying the condemning of Anthony Person, Marbeck, Testwood and Filmer, framed and glazed, 30cm x 38cm. Prints Fine Art70100
368Alec E Waite - An original etching of the Tower Bridge, limited edition of 250, framed and glazed, 20cm x 26cm. Prints Fine Art70100
369After Pietro Annigoni - Portrait of the Queen 193/850, with facsimile signature, framed and glazed, 39cm x 31cm. Prints 20c4060
370Bill Lesson - Saint Paul, limited edition coloured print 29/50, dated May '65, framed and glazed, 52cm x 40cm. Prints 20c5080
371Ben Maile - Thameside with St. Paul's in distance - oil canvas print, framed, 51cm x 91cm. Prints 20c100150
372Andrei Protsouk - Manhattan, limited edition of 100, Giclee on canvas, framed, 122cm x 61cm. Prints 20c150200
373Richard Johnson - Hidden Reflection, limited edition of 195, giclee on canvas, framed, 61cm x 31cm. Prints 20c100150
374C Moser '29 - mountain range, coloured print, framed and glazed, 18cm x 44.4cm. Prints 20c120150
375Fabien Perez - three giclee on prints on canvas, 'Time For a Light' 37/495, signed, framed, 49.5cm x 38cm, 'Valerie' 48/195, framed, 40cm x 56cm, and 'Cynzia de las Brujas' 14/50, A/P, signed in pencil, framed, 37cm x 46cm. Prints 20c250350
376Daniel MacLire 1806/1870 - a monkey serenading a cat, pencil and grey watercolour wash, unsigned, framed and glazed, 12cm x 8.5cm. Watercolours Fine Art90120
377Daniel MacLire 1806/1870 - Hay Diddle Diddle, unsigned, watercolour grey wash, framed and glazed, 10cm x 11cm. Watercolours Fine Art120150
378Edward Robert Smythe 1810/1899 - horses feeding in a farmyard amongst other animals and chickens, watercolour, signed, framed and glazed, 28cm x 41cm. Watercolours Fine Art150200
379A 19c unsigned - a pair, farmyard scene with two workers loading a farm wagon, and a shepherd with his flock in a village street, watercolours, framed and glazed. each 23cm x 33cm. Watercolours Fine Art120150
380I LeCostin 1918 - a river setting in a town with sail and steam, signed and dated, framed and glazed, 12cm x 27cm. Watercolours Fine Art70100
381Poutney - below London Bridge, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 16cm x 24cm. Watercolours Fine Art100140
382Unsigned 19c - Arab Souk, watercolour, framed and glazed, 26cm x 20cm. Watercolours Fine Art70100
383Unsigned - Chinese portrait of a lady seated at a table, gouache, framed and glazed, 51cm x 36cm. Watercolours Fine Art100150
384H Coleman, Roma - a white long horn bull, watercolour, signed, framed and glazed, 16cm x 22cm. Watercolours Fine Art200250
385Unsigned 19c - castle on a hilltop in a woodland setting with river, stone bridge and cattle in foreground, watercolour, framed and glazed, 12cm x 17cm. Watercolours Fine Art5080
386Unsigned 19c - a manse on a hilltop in a pastoral setting with two figures in the foreground, watercolour, framed and glazed, 9cm x 14cm. Watercolours Fine Art4060
387Walter Langley - a sunny day in Holland, signed,watercolour, framed and glazed,original label to reverse indicating that the painting was for the Artist War Fund indicating that Walter Langley lived at Westbourne Alexander Road, Penzance, 34cm x 26cm. Watercolours Fine Art400600
388In the manner of David Cox Jnr 1809/1885 - A view in Sussex, unsigned watercolour, framed and glazed, 23cm x 33cm. Watercolours Fine Art100120
389William Gear - untitled 1949, signed in pencil 'Gear 49', black ink, framed and glazed, 20.5cm x 25cm. Watercolours 20c400600
390Ian Hopton - two nuns, signed and dated 9/82 Egg Tempera, framed and glazed, 36.5cm x 19cm. Watercolours 20c100150
391Michael Kitchen-Hurle '83 - Kestrel, watercolour, signed, framed and glazed, 42cm x 32cm. Watercolours 20c100150
392Harry Sheldon - December Hush Water End, watercolour, signed, framed and glazed, 37cm x 54cm. Watercolours 20c90120
393Harry Sheldon 94- The Courthouse, Berkhamsted, signed and dated, watercolour, framed and glazed, 24cm x 17cm. Watercolours 20c5080
394Harry Sheldon 95 - The Gravel Yard, Berkhamsted School, signed and dated, watercolour, framed and glazed, 25cm x 35cm. Watercolours 20c70100
395Harry Sheldon 97 - Castle Street, Berkhamsted, signed and dated, watercolour, framed and glazed, 24cm x 34cm. Watercolours 20c6080
396Harry Sheldon - The Castle in Flood, Berkhamsted, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 27cm x 41cm. Watercolours 20c70100
397B Davis - a pair, Cornish fishing village with figures on the quayside together with old Cornish fishermen with a child, signed and dated, oil on canvas, unframed, each 64cm x 40cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art100140
398Louis Aston-Knight 1873/1948 - cottages on the bank of a river tributary, oil on panel, framed, 24.5cm x 34cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art600700
399Unsigned 19c - portrait of a Rabbi, oil on canvas, unframed, 111cm x 85cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art500600
400Granville Eliot - 19c Cornish fisherman seated on a bench outside a cottage, signed, oil on board, framed, 25cm x 15cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art100150
401Signed indistinctly - 19c boatyard, oil on board, framed, 17cm x 23cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art100140
402Unsigned 19c Continental - tavern scene, oil on metal panel, unframed, 20cm x 17cm Oil Paintings Fine Art80100
403Unsigned late 18c/early 19c - portrait of a gentleman, oil on panel, unframed, 17.5cm x 15cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art200300
404Unsigned 19c - portrait of a lady, oil on porcelain panel, unframed, 32cm x 22cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art100150
405Unsigned 19c - four musical angels on a cloud with gilt sunburst backing, unframed, 21.5cm diam. Oil Paintings Fine Art100150
406Nora Livingston - a pair, Ben Lawers and sand dunes at Gullane, signed, oil on board, framed, each 26.5cm x 37cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art200300
407Unsigned early 19c - a Venetian grand canal scene, oil on canvas, framed, 34cm x 54cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art400500
408After David Roberts - a Venetian Grand Canal scene with St. Marks, oil on canvas, framed, 24cm x 44cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art200300
409Lenard Campbell-Taylor 1874-1969 - wedding at Southwark Cathedral, signed, oil on canvas, 69cm - 80cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art600700
410A Hulk Snr - 19c coastal scene with mooring fishing boats and others sailing in coastal waters, signed, oil on canvas, framed and glazed, 29cm x 44cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art12001500
411W Barrington-Browne - A pool on the Cotswold, details to reverse, oil on canvas, framed, 20cm x 30cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art100150
412Hugh Monahan - Mallards Talkin Tarn, Cumberland, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 40cm x 50cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art200300
413A collection of four unsigned 18c/19c family portraits, of Sarah Colles of Shallcross Hall, Mary Hall, Elizabeth Lee and Alexander Hamilton-Colles who was married to Sarah Hall, three oil on canvas, one oil on board, each approx 20cm x 15cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art150200
414Unsigned 19c - a pair, George Heafield of Langley Mill 1782/1837 and Sarah Jewsbury 1782/1857 who was married to George Heafield, oil on canvas, framed, each 75cm x 62cm. Oil Paintings Fine Art300400
415Signed indistinctly 2001 - dancing on the village street, signed and dated, framed, 39cm x 49cm. Oil Paintings 20c100150
416John Trickett - two black Labradors working in the woods, signed, oil on board, framed, 49cm x 60cm. Oil Paintings 20c150200
417John Trickett - black Labrador seated and awaiting instruction, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 75cm x 100cm. Oil Paintings 20c150200
418Eric Rolfe '85 - a nude female reclining on a bed, signed and dated, oil on board, framed, 21cm x 18cm. Oil Paintings 20c90120
419Cyril Pearce - lady with illuminated face, signed, oil on board, framed, 22cm x 17cm. Oil Paintings 20c100150
420McGill - lady in red dress, unsigned, oil on board, framed, 56cm x 45cm. Oil Paintings 20c100150
421McGill - a lady shopping, unsigned, oil on board, framed, 59cm x 59cm. Oil Paintings 20c100150
422Juliette McGill - Amour Sao Paolo, signed, mixed media on canvas, 94cm x 114cm. Oil Paintings 20c300400
423In the manner of Juliette McGill - lady on a scroll end sofa, unsigned, mixed media on canvas, framed, 79cm x 99cm. Oil Paintings 20c200300
424Juliette McGill - Diva, signed, mixed media on board, framed, 137cm x 137cm. Oil Paintings 20c300400
425Viviane Cisinski - La Couleur de l'ame, signed, tempera and mixed media on canvas, framed, 120cm x 60cm. Oil Paintings 20c12001500
426Carol Mountford - London Vista, label to reverse, acrylic on canvas, framed, 61cm x 61cm. Oil Paintings 20c300400
427Carol Mountford - Going to the Vatican, signed, acrylic on canvas, framed, 61cm x 76cm. Oil Paintings 20c300400
428Alison Johnson - Open Mind, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 61cm x 61cm. Oil Paintings 20c400500
429Nick Potter - Still the Silence Glows, signed, acrylic on board, framed, 51cm x 51cm. Oil Paintings 20c300400
430Mariusz Kaldowski - Sequestered Pasture, signed, acrylic on canvas, framed, 60cm x 90cm. Oil Paintings 20c300400
431Richard Johnson - Edge of Daylight, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 61cm x 122cm. Oil Paintings 20c300400
432Otto Aguiar - Romantica, signed, giclee on canvas, framed, 110cm x 75cm. Oil Paintings 20c200250
433Unsigned - a portrait painting of Lowry, unsigned, oil on canvas on board, 29cm x 38cm. Oil Paintings 20c200300
434Jeanne Holder - English Pippins, signed, acrylic on board, framed, 40.5cm x 19cm Oil Paintings 20c5080
435Jeanne Holder 1976 - Old Oak Bury Farm, Edgware, signed and dated, acrylic on board, framed, 31cm x 28cm. Oil Paintings 20c70100
436Jeanne Holder - Summer residence, signed and dated, acrylic on board, framed, 15cm x 19cm. Oil Paintings 20c6080
437Neil Cawthorne 70 - Major R Hoare, Master of Foxhounds 1970-73, South Notts, riding with the Cottesmore 1958/1969, oil on canvas, framed, 60cm x 80cm. Oil Paintings 20c150200
438Atanasiu Ioan Delamare '98 - Bucuresti 1998, painting on glass, signed and dated, framed, 35cm x 43cm. Oil Paintings 20c150200
439John Bampfield - battalion of soldiers marching on a battle field, oil on canvas, framed, 70cm x 91cm. Oil Paintings 20c200300
440A late Georgian mahogany bow front sideboard, crossbanded and ebony line inlaid , having one central drawer over one deep drawer flanked by two short drawers and one deep bottle drawer. Supported on turned tapering legs with castors, 129cm w, 90cm h. Furniture Large150200
441A George III mahogany chest on chest, the upper section under a dentile moulded cornice, having four long graduated drawers within reeded canted corners, supported on a base with three long drawers and slide, supported on ogee bracket feet, 110cm w, 182cm h. Furniture Large400500
442A Victorian mahogany pier cabinet fitted shelves and enclosed by two glazed doors, 93cm w, 122cm h. Furniture Large150200
443A mid Georgian style mahogany cabinet on stand, the cabinet fitted shelves enclosed by astragal glazed doors under a blind fret frieze and dentil cornice with swan neck pediment with open brackets on a base fitted two drawers with straight square legs, all blind fret decorated, 115cm w , 228cm h. Furniture Large250300
444A 19c mahogany side table of rectangular form with moulded edge and rounded corners, fitted one long frieze drawer over shaped apron and supported on leaf carved slight cabriole legs with pad feet, 87cm w, 73cm h. Furniture Large250300
445A late 19c Continental marble top chest of two short and three long drawers, the drawer faces decorated with shaped relief panels, over a shaped scrolling apron and supported on short carved cabriole legs, 130cm w, 86cm h. Furniture Chests300350
446An early 19c figure mahogany chest of two short and four long graduated drawers, the rectangular top with reeded edge and supported on bracket feet, 110cm w, 108cm h. Furniture Chests250300
447A mid Victorian rectangular tilt top pedestal table, the column bold turned baluster form raised on four scrolling legs with leaf cast feet and castors, 115cm w, 77cm h. Furniture Tables150200
448A contemporary black lacquered and chinoiserie decorated twin pillar extending dining table together with eight (6+2) dining chairs decorated in a similar manner, table extended 275cm x 110cm, 77cm h. Furniture Tables8001000
449A 19c French limed ash two drawer side table of rectangular form with rounded corners, having a leather insert and supported on tapering reeded legs, 220cm w, 120cm h. Furniture Tables100150
450A 19c mahogany twin pillar dining table, the top of rectangular form with rounded corners supported on baluster carved pedestals with leaf carved tripod legs with brass mask castors, 274cm l, 135cm w. Furniture Tables300350
451A Victorian burr walnut whatnot Canterbury, the upper table top wit satin wood line inlaid and marquetry decoration, having a pierced shaped backboard and supported on twist carved supports on a three division Canterbury with a pull out base drawer and supported on bold turned bun feet with castors, 59cm w, 99cm h. Furniture Best200300
452A rare 19c ladies kidney shaped writing table by Gillow of Lancaster. The top veneered with panels of amboyna inlaid with ebony and sycamore. It has a single frieze drawer and raised on turned and tapered supports. United by a crescent shaped veneered shelf which has a panel of thuya wood, banded with ebony and sycamore enclosed by a pierced brass gallery. Decorated throughout with fancy brass mounts and beadings and supported on turned tapered and fluted legs with original castors. Stamped Gillow on edge of drawer, 108cm w, 74cm h. Furniture Best9001200
453A Victorian oak metamorphic library chair with a two rail back panel, hinged and folding to form steps, 40cm w, 90cm h overall. Furniture Best100150
454A mid Victorian mahogany bow front chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, all with turned bun handles and raised on bold baluster turned feeet, 103cm w, 112cm h. Furniture Best200250
455A George III style small proportion mahogany burr wood veneered serpentine chest with four long drawers together with slides, having brass fittings and supported on bracket feet, 71cm w, 77cm h. Furniture Best150200
456A late Georgian mahogany secretaire chest with upper tier shelf, the secretaire with fall front fitted pigeon holes and five short drawers, the fall front providing a writing surface, over three longs drawers supported on bracket feet, 69cm w, 125cm h. Furniture Best400500
457A George III small proportion mahogany bureau with fall front and fitted interior over two short and three long drawers supported on bracket feet, 76cm w, 100cm h. Furniture Best200250
458A Victorian figured walnut three tier corner whatnot with marquetry decoration, having reeded baluster turned and carved spindle supports and an open carved pediment, 68cm w, 124cm h. Furniture Best150200
459An early 19c rosewood four tier whatnot with base drawer of rectangular form with ring turned baluster supports, on castors, 47cm w,135cm h. Furniture Best150200
460An early 19c mahogany side table of slight bow front form with carved gadroon edges, having one long drawer and supported on ring turned tapering legs, 93cm w, 74cm h. Furniture Best150200
461An 18c leather twelve panelled three fold screen, oil painted with scenes of merriment and courtship in rural surroundings and being of wooden studded construction, a/f, 175cm h, 184cm w when open. Furniture Best7001000
462An early 19c figured mahogany occasional table of rectangular form with rounded corners fitted one long frieze drawer and supported on fine turned spindle legs with castors, 51cm w, 74cm h. Furniture Best150180
463A 19c Oriental marble top pot stand profusely carved with leaf and flowers and supported on four legs with circular under tier shelf, 35cm diam, 80cm h. Furniture Best150200
464A late 19c/early 20c Oriental chamfer wood chest profusely carved in relief with figures and birds in garden settings and having carved wood side carrying handles, 80cm w, 35cm h. Furniture Best150200
465A late 18c Bokhara painted and carved wood water pot stand, 52cm w, 20cm h. Furniture Best90120
466An 18c plank top circular cricket table on three ring turned splayed legs with moulded box stretcher rails and bun feet, 84cm diam, 64cm h. Furniture Oak/Country100150
467A 19c oak refectory dining table with a heavy four plank top on shaped side supports with moulded stretcher rail and supported on bold shaped platform bases, 182cm l, 79cm h. Furniture Oak/Country250300
468A Bodgers yew wood spindle back saddle seat rocking armchair with baluster ring turned legs and front and rear stretcher rails on rockers, 69cm w, 111cm h. The chair carries a plaque indicating that it was the Champion Winning Chair - Best in Show at the Association of Pole Lathe Turners Competition, May 2004. Furniture Oak/Country400600
469A 19c Welsh five panel high back pine pew with shaped side supports, 197cm w, 124cm h. Furniture Oak/Country150200
470A mid 18c oak country bureau with fall front, the interior fitted with six simple drawers with a shallow well, on a base fitted four short and one long drawer with bracket feet, 94cm w, 94cm h. Furniture Oak/Country200250
471A set of six late 18c/early 19c oak dining chairs with solid seats, square spindled backs with horizontal plain top rail and supported on square legs with box stretcher rails. Furniture Oak/Country150200
472A period oak monks bench, the face of the table top circular carved when open, supported on the box base with hinge cover, the face floral carved, 97cm w , 77cm h. Furniture Oak/Country200250
473A late 17c/early 18c oak court cupboard of simple early design with drop finials, the top fitted two cupboards enclosed by plain hinged doors flanking the central panel, over a cupboard base fitted shelf enclosed by two doors, with panelled sides, 117cm w, 145cm h. Furniture Oak/Country300400
474A late 17c/early 18c oak three panel coffer, the panels carved with stylistic flowers and supported on extended stile legs, 120cm w, 73cm h. Furniture Oak/Country200300
475A mid 18c fruitwood bureau with fall front and fitted interior with central cupboard flanked by three pigeon holes and six short drawers over base with four long drawers, on bracket feet, 84cm w, 104cm h. Furniture Oak/Country250300
476A pair of 19c oak open armchairs with Gothic arched and carved back panels, the arms with boar head terminals, having leather seats and supported on bold slightly chamfered straight square legs with simple H stretcher rails. Furniture Oak/Country250300
477A 19c oak jointed armchair with solid back panel and seat, having scrolling shaped arms and supported on X frame. Furniture Oak/Country100150
478A pair of Carolean style oak high back single chairs, the back with arched carved panel within scrollwork under crown pediments with solid seats and supported on block carved and turned rear legs and scroll carved front legs, the front rails with carved crowns, each 130cm h. Furniture Oak/Country140160
479An early 18c oak three panel mule chest fitted candle box and a shallow drawer, over base with two long drawers and supported on bracket feet, 123cm w, 74cm h. Furniture Oak/Country250300
480A 19c Windsor single chair with yew wood hooped spindle back with wheel carved splat on a shaped elm seat and supported on baluster ring turned legs with crinoline stretcher.Furniture Oak/Country70100
481A late 18c/early 19c Dutch oak extending dining table of plank form supported on bold baluster legs with shaped bases co-joined by a single moulded stretcher and having three additional leaves, extended 274cm l, 91cm w, 76cm h. Furniture Oak/Country350400
482A late 17c/early 18c oak twin flap oval dining table on baluster turned supports - for restoration, 105cm w, 74cm h. Furniture Oak/Country150200
483A late 17c oak four panel coffer with wire hinged lid, on stile legs, 160cm w, 68cm h. Furniture Oak/Country150200
484A late 17c oak coffer, 103cm w, 67cm h. Furniture Oak/Country100150
485A George III oak bureau of small proportion with fall front and fitted interior over four short and two long drawers, on bracket feet, 76cm w, 100cm h. Furniture Oak/Country150200
486A 19c stained oak Turners chair of triangular construction, 64cm w, 89cm h. Furniture Oak/Country150200
487A 19c oak Turners chair of triangular construction, 64cm w, 87cm h. Furniture Oak/Country150200
488A late 18c/early 19c English oak dresser the base fitted shelves enclosed by four panel doors, supporting an upper rack with three open shelves under a fret cut cornice flanked by two shelved cupboards enclosed by arhced panel doors, 185cm w, 205cm h. Furniture Oak/Country300400
489A pair of 19c style serpentine two seater sofas with upholstered back panels and seats within carved mahogany show frames, carved arm supports and supported on carved, slight cabriole legs with castors. Furniture Chairs500700
490Eight late 19c/early 20c limed oak single chairs with panel back and solid seats, supported on bobbin turned and carved legs and front stretcher rail and having moulded side stretchers. Furniture Chairs200300
491A mid Victorian carved walnut show frame and upholstered open armchair with scrolling front arm supports, slight cabriole leg with knurl feet on castors. Furniture Chairs200250
492A late 17c/early 18c walnut and oak armchair profusely carved with fruiting vine, leaf and flowers, having a painted and carved shield pediment, supported by two winged putto, the downswept arms leaf carved on twist carved base, the front stretcher carved with eagle and swags. Uphholstered back panel and seat, 66cm w, 138cm h. Furniture Chairs300400
493A Howard and Sons walnut open armchair with solid bar splat, shaped and moulded arms on scrolling supports with saddle seat, supported on front cabriole legs with pad feet and rear swept legs. Furniture Chairs100140
494A George III mahogany chest on chest, the upper section of two short and three long graduated drawers under a moulded cornice supported on a base with three long graduated drawers, all drawers with oval stamped brass back plates and swing handles, on bracket feet, 108cm w, 186 h. Furniture Chairs400500
495An Arts & Crafts period oak mirrorback side cabinet with upper shelved cupboard enclosed by two glazed panel doors on base with two short drawers over cupboard, enclosed by two panelled doors, 120cm w, 190cm h. Furniture 20c250300
496A late 19c Arts & Craft oak wash stand with a raised four panel gallery and lattice side supports, the base fitted with one long frieze drawer over shelved cupboard enclosed by two panel doors, over one base drawer, all with copper ring pull handles, 117cm w, 128cm h. Furniture 20c200250
497A Heal's oak compendium having four short drawers over four long graduated drawers, all with turned bun handles and supported on straight stile legs, 91cm w, 120cm h. Furniture 20c150200
498A 1950's Gordon Russell Double Helix sideboard designed by David Booth and Judith Ledeboer - exhibited at the Festival of Britain 1951, 122cm w, 84cm h. Furniture 20c300400
499A contemporary mahogany framed snooker table manufactured by Thurston, with snooker and pool balls and cues, the table 259cm w, 136cm h. Furniture 20c200400
500A Yamaha upright black lacquered piano, serial no.5625, with electronic variants, together with a piano stool. Furniture 20c8001000
501A contemporary black lacquered chinoiserie floral decorated library bookcase, the upper shelved cabinet enclosed by four glazed hinged doors, on cupboard base, this too enclosed by four doors, all with low relief coloured shell decoration, 200cm w, 206cm h. Furniture 20c500600
502A Millennium Limited Edition rocking horse to mark year 2007, being serial no.102/200, the horse 115cm w, 108cm h, stand 155cm w. Furniture 20c200300
503An Ercol Golden Dawn dining room cabinet of rectangular form fitted shelf and open deep cupboard enclosed by three doors over base with two long drawers, on castors, 130cm w, 76cm h. Furniture 20c200250
504A 1970's Beithcraft Ltd teak sideboard fitted three cupboards, one with fall front, the others enclosed by single doors and with three long drawers, and supported on moulded legs, 206cm w, 74cm h. Furniture 20c300400
505A G Plan Danish design teak low table with spindled magazine rack with original labels, the table 76cm w, 46cm h. Furniture 20c100140
506A contemporary Italian centre table with a chamfered green marble top supported on two composition stone supports in the form of a pair of females figures, on a platform base, 162cm l, 84cm h. Furniture 20c300500
507A Mark Stoddart 'A Walk on the Wildside' patinated bronze hippopotamus dining table, limited edition 11/25, with an oval glass top, signed, with certificate, 300cm l, 76cm h. Furniture 20c40005000
508A Mark Stoddart 'Friends' patinated bronze coffee table of two hippopotamuses, limited edition 14/99, with an oval glass top, signed, with certificate, 112cm l, 44cm h. Furniture 20c20003000
509A 1970's teak sideboard fitted three frieze drawers over cupboards on shaped legs, 206cm w. Furniture 20c150200
510A 1996 Edward Barnsley English walnut dining room suite comprising an extending pedestal oval dining table, 140cm w when closed, six dining chairs, a sideboard, 180cm w, and a side table 99cm w. With original plans and specifications. Awarded the Craft Guild Mark by The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers. Furniture 20c30004000
511An early 20c oak Art & Craft dressing table of oval form, fitted one long frieze drawer and a swing mirror over two short drawers, with copper fittings and supported on four square straight legs with H stretcher rail, 92cm w, 136cm h to top of mirror. Furniture 20c100150

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