February 28th – Auction #897

Lot noDescriptionImageLot descriptionEstimateResult
1Three books - The Works of Lord Byron being volumes I, II & III, published in London by John Murray 1819, leather bound.BOOKS200-300Unsold
2A book - The Architectural Gardens of Italy being number 60 of 750 copies, being a series of photogravure plates from photographs made for and selected by A. Holland Forbes, editor of architecture and being two of three parts.BOOKS100-150Unsold
3A book - Jardins de France, being volume I, A.Vincent editor 1925 (spine and boards separated).BOOKS70-100Unsold
4A book - Formal Gardens in England and Scotland their planning and arrangement, architectural and ornamental features by H Inigo Triggs, illustrated by 72 plates from drawings by the author and 53 reproduced from photographs by Charles Latham, published in London by B.T Batford.BOOKS120-150Unsold
5Three books - Clutterbuck's History and Antiquities of the County of Hertford, being volumes I,II & III, with the map of the County and other original records and embellished with views and the most curious monuments of antiquity. Published in London, printed by and for Nichols, Son, and Bentley 1815, with tooled leather spines and bound in blue and black.BOOKS300-400420
6A book - Italian Painting by P.G Konody & R.H Wilenski, published in London by T.C & E.C Jack Ltd, gilt tooled spine and front board.BOOKS50-80Unsold
7A mid 19c percussion walking stick shotgun with detachable shoulder stock, the barrel 28.8in l, with stock 45in l overall, together with a modern fitted case containing cleaning equipment, powder flask.GUNS AND MILITARIA450-550Unsold
8A 19c Zulu wooden club, the head pinned with brass studs, 24in l.GUNS AND MILITARIA150-20055
9A 19c Italian stiletto with brass fittings and game cock guard, 12in blade, 17.5in l overall with leather brass mounted scabbard (a/f).GUNS AND MILITARIA100-150100
10A late 19c/early 20c terracotta classical bust of a young man, 39in h, together with a plinth, 22in h.GARDEN STATUARY150-200230
11Two late 19c/early 20c terracotta classical female busts, each 40in h, supported on circular bases.GARDEN STATUARY200-250190
12Two Indian Sultanat period sandstone panels, floral and geometric carved, one supported ona a steel plate, 15in x 54in, the other also on a steel plate 8.5in x 47in.GARDEN STATUARY400-600310
13A collection of eleven Assyrian sandstone wall plaques sculpted with mythological winged beast and flowers, each 18.5in l, 10.5in w.GARDEN STATUARY600-800260
14A contemporary lifesize standing standing female figure of a lady 'Sadie' by Wendy Dale. The figure standing and supported on a square block, 63in h.GARDEN STATUARY1,500-2,000Unsold
15A contemporary patinated bronze garden figure 'Aphrodites', 35in h a/f.GARDEN STATUARY500-600Unsold
16An early 20c French mantel clock, the brass case in the form of a lantern with pitched rectangular roof with hanging loop. The sides have horizontal reinforcing bars and the whole case has engraved foliage decoration. The 2in square dial has a silvered chapter ring and vertical Roman numerals and the single train movement has a platform escapement. The clock stands 8in tall (handle raised).CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-15080
17A mid 19c French Comptoise wall clock signed Bericlet freres a Avallon to the 9in diam. white enamel dial,which has Roman numerals and painted flowers in the centre. It has an embossed brass surround and an embossed and pierced cresting of cornucopia and a sunburst. The movement is of posted frame construction with verge escapement and vertical rack striking on a bell. It is mounted on a later wall bracket with long back board. It is lacking its pendulum and weights, bracket 31in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS70-10050
18A late 19c German three train bracket clock by Winterhalder and Hoffmeier, the barrelled spring movement quarter chiming on four or eight gongs and hour striking on a ninth. The silvered dial has a full arch top and has subsidiary dials for chime/silent, chiming on four or eight gongs, and pendulum regulation. It is marked with retailers name Edward of Glasgow and is contained in a stained timber full arch case with glazed front door and gilt brass side frets, paw feet and flambe finials. The dial is flanked by fluted and reeded quarter columns and the case stands 18in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS300-400380
19A late 19c French mantel clock in boullework case (a/f) having an ogive shaped pedestal base on which is mounted an oval bezel and glass containing the brass chapter ring on a black felt base. Above this are two reclining gilt cherubs with cornucopia, which are flanked by gilt urns. The case has gilt paw feet and the rectangular French movement is countwheel striking on a bell. Clock stands 25.5in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-250150
20A late 19c French mantel clock in cast brass case decorated in scrollwork and foliage and having ornate bracket feet to the plinth and decorated columns to the corners of the case. The top has a flattened dome with crosshatch decoration, surmounted by a cast pineapple. The 4in diam. white enamel dial has arabic numerals with an embossed brass centre and cast bezel with a glass. The movement is countwheel striking on a bell. The clock stands 18in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200200
21A late 19c French mantel clock in gilt spelter case inset with blue porcelain panels and having a blue porcelain dial all decorated with gilt stars. The six sided base supports a pedestal on which sits the body of the clock which has four lancet shaped windows in filled with porcelain panels. It is surmounted by a two tier top with a bud finial. The 3.5in diam dial has Roman numerals and fancy gilt hands and the movement is countwheel striking on a bell. The clock stands 12.5in tall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-150140
22A mid 19c French mantel clock in boullework type case with black ebonised ground inlaid with cut brass and mother of pearl. The case has a waisted body over an ogive shaped base with wavy plinth. The 3.5in diam. white enamel dial has Roman numerals and bears Valery, Paris and has a cast and embossed bezel. The movement bears the same name and has silk pendulum suspension and countwheel striking on a bell. Clock stands 16in tall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-150170
23A late 19c French mantel clock in boullework case with cut brass and tortoiseshell front with gilt brass feet and mounts. The case is of a waisted form with cabriole feet and a knopped finial. The 3.5in diam white enamel dial has black Roman numerals and arabic outer five minute numerals with fleur de lys hands. The single train movement has Brocot's pendulum suspension and the clock stands 12.5in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-150180
24A mid 20c gilt brass mantel clock with German movement. The case has paw feet supporting a plinth base and it and the clock body are moulded with foliage. The top has leaf moulding and a ring handle. the 4in gilt brass dial has Roman numerals and the two train movement has a floating balance escapement and strikes on two bells. The clock stands 10in tall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS90-12090
25A late 19c French mantel clock in gilt spelter case with Paris porcelain blue ground dial and having a blue ground porcelain plaque to the base and a blue porcelain icon surmounting the case. The base plaque depicts a bird and foliage and the dial centre and urn are decorated with foliage. The case has paw feet and a semi circular base with two finials and the drum of the clock has ram's heads on each side. The movement is countwheel striking on a bell and the clock stands 14in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS120-160150
26A late 19c French carriage clock in glazed brass 'Corniche' style case. The rectangular white enamel dial has Roman numerals and spade hands and the movement has a lever platform escapement and is rack striking on a gong. The clock stands 7in tall (handle raised).CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-140100
27A late 19c/early 20c French Bulle electric clock, the movement supported on a brass column mounted on a 8in diam. circular timber base. The 5.5in circular diam is silvered with arabic numerals and has a cut out centre to see the movement. The silk suspended pendulum has a coil forming the bob which encircles an arched electrode. The supporting column has a compartment to house a 1.5 volt battery. The whole is covered by a circular glass dome and stands 16in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-250220
28A late 19c French mantel clock in brass rectangular case. The 5in diam two piece silvered dial has Roman numerals and a brass bezel and glass and is flanked by fluted columns. Below the dial are two panels in relief depicting charioteers and an elephant with its handler. The flat top of the clock has a galleried back and sides and the movement is rack striking on a gong. The clock stands 13in tall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200170
29A late19c French carriage clock in glazed brass case with fluted rectangular corners and horizontal ribbing above and below the dial. The 2in diam cream enamel dial has arabic numerals and moon hands and is marked for the retailer Finnigan's of Manchester and has a satin gilt mask. The two train movement strikes on a gong and has a hour repeat button and has a lever platform escapement. The clock stands 7in tall (handle raised).CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-140200
30An early 20c French mantel clock in Art Nouveau 'Tulip' shaped balloon case in mahogany with boxwood edge stringing and inlaid pendants flanking the dial. The case has a brass bezel and brass bun feet and the convex 3.5in diam. dial has Roman numerals and spade hands and it marked for the retailer Souter of Dundee. The single train movement has a lever platform escapement. The clock stands 10in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-15090
31A late 20c English skeleton clock by Elliotts of London, having pointed Gothic skeletonised plates and a single fusee movement with four spoke wheels. The 4in diam. silvered dial has Roman numerals with inner hour and outer minute bands. It has four turned pillars and anchor escapement and is mounted on a circular stained timber base with glass dome over. The clock stands 14in tall overall (including dome).CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200210
32A mid 19c French mantel clock by Jules Denand of Paris in ormolu rococo style waisted case decorated with foliage. The tarnished silvered dial has Roman numerals and moon hands and the movement has silk pendulum suspension and countwheel strike on a bell and has the makers name stamped on the back plate. The clock stands on a carved giltwood base which in turn sits on a rectangular black wooden base supporting a glass dome (a/f). The clock and dome stand 16in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-250190
33A 1980 Franklin Mint Royal Geographical Society World Clock with eight day movement indicating current time anywhere around the globe. It has a rectangular mahogany base and a silvered rotating time band indicating current time at a set location plus a porcelain globe indicating time differences from G.M.T. The clock has never been used and is still in its protective travel carton with instructions and certificate of authenticity. Clock 11.5in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS300-350310
34A late 19c German mantel clock in a porcelain case by Sitzendorf. It is of a cream colour and rococo in form and bearing three cherubs and several groups of applied flowers amidst the gilt and cream scrolls of the case. The 3.5in diam. dial is of white enamel with Roman numerals, outer five minute arabic figures and fancy gilt hands. The tow train movement is by Lenzkirch but some of the strike side is missing. The clock stands 16in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS120-150230
35A late 19c English skeleton clock, the single fusee movement having chain drive and six spoke wheels between scroll frames. The cut out dial is silvered and has Roman numerals and the frame has six turned pillars. It is mounted on a felt covered oval black timber base. Covering dome and side wheel to motion work missing. Clock is 14in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS350-400Unsold
36A late 19c mantel clock with French movement in Chinese inspired pottery case of bulbous form with dogs of Fo side handles and surmounted by a shell shaped dish. The clock sits on a stepped base with bracket feet and is predominantly glazed in blue and green grounds decorated all over with foliage. The dial has a silvered chapter ring with similarly glazed and decorated dial centre. The French movement is rack striking on a gong and stands 14in tall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS350-400Unsold
37An early 19c English bracket clock by George Yonge. The double fusee movement has anchor escapement, chain drive and strikes on a bell. The 8in diam. convex painted dial has arabic numerals and matched steel hands. It is contained in a triple pad arched top mahogany case with fishscale side frets and central carrying handle and the front has a crescent shaped sound fret above the dial and spandrel shaped frets to the bottom front corners. It has a matching wall bracket with tapered base. Clock and bracket stand 27in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS300-400600
38A late 18c eight day longcase clock, the 12in square brass dial signed John Owen and is numbered 145 to the silvered chapter ring. The corner spandrels represent the four seasons and the chapter ring has Roman numerals with outer arabic five minute markers and the clock has unmatched steel hands. The movement has anchor escapement and striking using the pinned great wheel as a countwheel. It is contained in an oak and mahogany case with swan neck pediments to the hood with a central ball and spire finial and baluster columns flanking the dial. The trunk has fluted quarter columns flanking the long wavy top door which has mahogany edge crossbanding and the base has canted corners and a central mahogany panel with three double boxwood line inlay around its scalloped. The base moulding has small bracket feet and the clock stands 83in tall overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS300-350380
39A late 19c Swiss music box containing a 77 tooth come (some a/f) movement not in running order. It is contained in an ebonised box with rosewood finished top inlaid with flowers and a triple boxwood line. The tune list is missing from the lid. Box is 20in w.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200160
40A late 19c Swiss music box containing a 77 tooth come (some a/f) movement not in running order. It has a selection of eight tunes when working and is contained in an ebonised box with rosewood finish top inlaid with musical instruments and having a triple boxwood line. The box is 19.5in w.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS120-150110
41A late 19c Admiral Fitzroy's barometer in glazed oak case with round top carved with foliage and surmounted by a spray of leaves. The case contains the barometer tube, a storm glass and a mercury Fahrenheit thermometer, The barometer has twin pointers with external adjusters and the back of the case bears Admiral Fitzroy's remarks regarding the operation of the barometer. It stands 46.5in tall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-140130
42A late 19c German Polyphon 'The Imperial', the key wound movement contained in a walnut case with boxwood lining around the perimeter and with ebonised edges. The movement has nineteen 12in metal discs with it including 'The Honeysuckle and the Bee'. The box 23.5in x 14.5in.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS90-120250
44A late 19c small German Polyphon with barrelled spring movement playing a single disc (6.5in diam.) entitled 'Sun of my Soul' and numbered '3293 made in Leipzig'. It is contained in a rosewood stained timber box, the top painted with flowers and the 'Polyphon' and has winding and stop/start levers. Box 8in x 7.5in. It has with it two others disc of 7.5in diam.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-140150
45An early 20c Edison Gem Phonograph no.322970D with National Phonograph reproducer and painted metal horn with brass bell. It is contained in a domed stained timber case with carrying handle and is complete with a supple of needles and 23 cylinders to play. Base 10in x 8in.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS150-200380
46An early 20c American Stereoscopic Viewer by Underwood and Underwood with aluminium eye piece mounted on a timber slat with adjustable frame for holding stereoscopic photographic cards and with a folding lower handle. It comes complete with three collections of cards by Underwood and Underwood housed in book shaped boxes. They are entitled 'Yosemite Valley Through the Stereoscope', 'Niagara Falls Through the Stereoscope' and 'Old Testament Travels Through the Stereoscope'.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS140-180120
47An early 20c brass astronomical telescope manufactured by Dollond, two drawer, 58in extended, with a brass tripod stand together with a foling wooden tripod.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS200-300210
48A late 19c theodolite by Troughton and Simms of London having a lacquered brass sighting scope fixed parallel to a similar sized spirit level upon which is mounted a compass with silvered dial under a glazed bezel marked out with 360 individual degrees. The underside bears a threaded mount for a tripod. It is contained in a felt lined mahogany box 10in w overall.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS100-150130
49An early 20c Le Taxiphote Stereo - Classeur. The mahogany constructed glass slide viewer is accompanied by approximately 700 glass slides, the majority of which relate to China, contained in pull out drawers enclosed in cupboard by a single panel door, 49in h.CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS700-1,0001020
50A late Georgian pierced brass and steel framed footman, 13in w, 13in h.METALWARE70-10020
51A Meiji period cloisonne dish, blue ground with an outer border decorated with three excited figures surrounding a picnic box with a floral background, 12in diam.METALWARE100-140190
52A 19c Chinese bronze censer of circular lobed form, incised with a fisherman on a boat opposed by two figures in battle, six character seal mark to base, 9in diam.METALWARE100-150170
53A bronze baluster vase decorated with a central band of flowers within outer borders of symbols and trailing leaf, made in Jerusalem and stamped 'Alfred Salzmann', 12.75in h.METALWARE150-2001250
54A pair of early 20c Japanese cloisonne baluster vases of blue ground, decorated with finches in blossom and having elephant head ring pull handles, each 9.25in h, with carved wooden stands.METALWARE90-120210
55A Japanese Meiji period bronze baluster vase decorated in low relief with a finch in blossom with opposing leaf and berry panel, 8.5in h.METALWARE100-140250
56A late 19c bronze dish stand formed by three cobra snakes, the base 15.75in w, the snakes 8.75in h.METALWARE150-200Unsold
57An early 20c pastille burner in the form of a hawk perched on a rock (the hawks beak missing the tip), 9.5in h.METALWARE70-100150
58A 19c Oriental bullock bell with five rings, 8.5in h.METALWARE60-80Unsold
59A pair of Spanish Conquistador stirrup shoes, each 9.5in l.METALWARE60-8065
60A pair of 19c bronze Marly Horses after and impressed 'Coustou', 15in h.METALWARE400-500550
61A pair of brass bear and pole candlesticks, each 8.5in h.METALWARE100-120Unsold
62An early 20c coal painted bronze kingfisher car mascot, 3.5in h.METALWARE120-150200
63A 19c porcelain brass mounted two handled vase, painted with panels of leaf and flowers within gilt highlights with ormolu fruiting vine upper rim, leaf and rococo side handles on a circular leaf form and shell base, 18in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS150-200130
64A 19c Chinese carved wood figure, red lacquered, the figure seated on a Dog of Fo and carrying a mythical beast in the form of a fish, 13.5in h.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-150100
65A pair of late 18c/early 19c Italian Pietre Dura and specimen marble panels of rectangular form, each depicting fortified houses and other residence's in village landscapes, in gilt moulded frames, each panel 5.5in x 8in.DECORATIVE ITEMS2,000-3,0001650
66A 19c black velvet and silk waistcoat profusely embroidered with gold thread.DECORATIVE ITEMS80-100Unsold
67A Georgian child's jacket and waistcoat with scrolling gold thread decoration on a gold silk background, the jacket with white lace cuffs together with a gilt wire bonnet.DECORATIVE ITEMS100-150Unsold
68A late 19c/early 20c figured walnut backgammon board with chequered surface within crossbanding, folding and opening to reveal fitted interior with playing pieces, 20.5in w.TREEN AND BOXES60-8090
69A 19c Oriental black lacquered and gilt decorated needlework box with fitted compartments in a lift out shelf and containing various carved ivory needlework accessories and fitted a base pull out drawer fitted for pen and ink with central notelet box, on gilt winged feet, 12.5in w.TREEN AND BOXES150-200210
70A laye 19c/early 20c Oriental mahjong set in a fitted rosewood box containing five pull out drawers with a full set of tiles, playing pieces and markers, with sliding panel cover with white metal panel shaped fitments and motifs, 7.5in w, 5.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES200-250220
71A 19c fruitwood miniature chest of three long drawers, crossbanded and chequer line inlaid, supported on short square tapering legs and having two side carrying handles, 18in w, 16.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES70-100Unsold
72A Victorian partridge wood veneered collectors cabinet, ebony cross banded and with ebony line, having four short drawers enclosed by two doors all ebonised and with parcel gilt decoration, having brass flush fitting handles and supported on a moulded plinth, 11in w, 13.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES100-150120
73A carved wood figure of an eagle perched on a rock, 15.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES100-15055
74A Victorian turned lignum vitae string box with step cover and cutter finial, 6in diam, 8.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES70-10085
75An Edwardian oak three bottle tantalus with compendium games box fitted three cut square decanters with stoppers, locking and with liqueur glass drawer over a fitted pull out base drawer with gaming pieces, locking and having two side handles and decorated with cut steel mounts, 30.5in w, 30.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES150-200220
76A Mouseman carved oak table lamp with a shade, the lamp 10in h, with shade 18.5in h.TREEN AND BOXES150-180250
77A 19c stripped cane walking stick with a carved bone Duke of Wellington handle, 37in l.TREEN AND BOXES100-140115
78A 19c stripped cane walking stick with an 18ct gold handle, impressed 'J C Vikery, 177-183 Regent Street', 35in l.TREEN AND BOXES150-200170
79An early 19c rosewood writing box of rectangular form having a fitted interior enclosed by two fold over pearl inlaid covers, with one short side drawer, 9.25in w.TREEN AND BOXES100-150130
80An early 20c presentation conductors baton with silver mounts, Chester 1908, in presentation box, baton 19.5in l.OBJETS D'ART90-12090
81A 19c white opalescent glass casket of rectangular form with a stepped hinged cover, locking, and supported on four cast legs, 12in w, 5.25in h.OBJETS D'ART100-140270
82An early 19c Chinese tea caddy of cylindrical form, incised with panels of exotic birds in foliate settings, with lift off cover, a/f, 7in h, 4.5in diam.OBJETS D'ART40-5070
83A late 19c Swedish pewter two bottle inkstand with lion mount on a rectangular base, makers mark for Evenkvara Cab Tenn, 10.5in w.OBJETS D'ART60-80Unsold
84A 19c gilt metal figure of a buddha seated on an oval base, 7in h.OBJETS D'ART90-120150
85A 19c Oriental patinated bronze censer of lobed form with two elephant trunk handles and lift off cover, the body with cloisonne panels and supported on three scrolling legs, 7in w.OBJETS D'ART80-100140
86A Meiji period patinated brass circular pot and cover, the cover decorated in relief with dragonflies surround by fruiting vine, 5.25in diam.OBJETS D'ART100-140160
87An Art Nouveau period single bottle inkstand with letter rack and a single cut glass ink bottle with hinged dome cover, 5in w, 5in h.OBJETS D'ART40-6040
88A 19c Oriental brass dish stand of oval boat shaped form with incised decoration and pierced circular panels, 6.25in w.OBJETS D'ART30-4022
89An Oriental Art Deco period brass cloisonne decorated cigarette box, ashtray and matchbox holder, all with white floral cloisonne decoration, the box 4.5in w, ashtray 3.5in diam, and the matchbox 2.25in.OBJETS D'ART60-80Unsold
90A 19c Japanese shrine box, black lacquered and gilt decorated, containing a carved wooden decorated figure of a Samurai Warrior standing on a defeated Shishi, on a gilt base with lion in a cave, the figure 6in h,the shrine overall 8.5in h, a/f.OBJETS D'ART70-100180
91An early 20c Chinese black lacquered two handled galleried tray together with six cups, saucers and spoons, all black lacquered and gilt decorated together with twelve bowls of similar design (one a/f), manufactured by Wong Tai Mi & Co Woochow, the tray 16.5in l, cups 2in h, saucers 4in diam and bowls 4.5in diam.OBJETS D'ART200-300150
92An early 20c Chinese graduated set of five gilt boxes and covers of globular form with black lacquered gilt speckled inside decoration, bases stamped 'Shenshao an Lang Kee Foochow, China', 6in diam. to 2.5in diam.OBJETS D'ART250-300310
93A graduated set of four Chinese early 20c gilt boxes and covers of cylindrical form, the covers decorated with pagoda and fisherman in a tree lined landscape, 4.5in diam to 2.5in diam. (two with a/f lids).OBJETS D'ART100-15080
94A late 19c/early 20c Chinese black lacquered tray of rectangular galleried form with carrying handles together with three coasters painted with scenes of travellers approaching a village setting, the tray 24in w.OBJETS D'ART70-10030
95Two early 20c Chinese table centre piece bowls, black lacquered and gilt decorated, manufactured by the Wong Thai Me & Co of Foochow, 13in diam and 11in diam, together with two accompanying red lacquered and gilt decorated fish, four frogs and two circular flower blocks.OBJETS D'ART90-120920
96Three Chinese enamelled pots and covers of globular form, two green ground with flowers and figures, the other yellow with flowers, together with two napkin rings.OBJETS D'ART60-8030
97A collection of nine Chinese ceramic horse figures, five miniature white glazed each approx 2in l, the others white, blue and red glazed, each approx. 3in l, a/f.OBJETS D'ART40-60Unsold
98Four late 19c/early 20c Chinese silk embroidered purses with draw strings, each approx. 4in l.OBJETS D'ART70-90780
99Two pairs of Chinese silk shoes, embroidered with flowers.OBJETS D'ART70-10050
100A collection of four Chinese seal stamps in bamboo box with sliding cover, six bone cocktail sticks and three forks.OBJETS D'ART30-4070
101A Japanese ivory Okimono of a gentleman carrying a rabbit accompanied by a young boy, Meiji period, signed, 5.25in h.OBJETS D'ART200-250140
102A Japanese ivory Okimono of two gentlemen kneeling and smoking pipes, Meiji period, base signed, 3.25in h, 3in w.OBJETS D'ART200-250200
103A white jade tablet of oval form, carved with two carp in rough water, 2.5in x 2in.OBJETS D'ART200-25060
104A Celedon and jade pendant carved as a dragon in the waves, 3in l, 1.5in w.OBJETS D'ART150-20060
105A late 19c/early 20c Oriental story book, scribed on bamboo stacking filets within floral trailing leaf, toads and turtle carved wood panels, 5.5in w.OBJETS D'ART100-150120
106An early 19c fellowship porters tab dated 8th October 1823 for William Brown, 7in l, 2.5in w.OBJETS D'ART70-10055
107A 19c panorama scroll, black and white engraving of Edinburgh from the Calton Hill, drawn in England by T Steuart, 5.25in w, 45in l.OBJETS D'ART100-15080
108An early 20c brown crocodile skin cigar box fitted for five, manufactured by John Pound & Co Ltd, London with a 9ct gold band, London 1924, 4.25in w, 6.25in l.OBJETS D'ART150-200260
109An early 20c Dunhill leather cased table lighter, pattern no.143752, 3.25in x 4in.OBJETS D'ART100-120Unsold
110A Dunhill Unique silver table lighter of globular form, pattern no.143752, assay marks rubbed, a/f, 1.5in diam.OBJETS D'ART100-150210
111A pair of late 19c composite white plaques depicting Dutch scenes, one a parade entering a church, the other four figures dancing and one musician playing pipes, one signed C F Becker, in easel frames, gilt stamped 'R. Charpentier, Paris', the plaques 4in x 5in.OBJETS D'ART100-12040
112An early 20c black boa fan with brown opalescent plastic sticks, in original box, the fan 16.5in l.OBJETS D'ART90-12065
113Alistair Matthews - three fishing flies separately arranged in boxed mounts, signed in pencil, watercolour, framed and glazed, 5.5in x 2.75in overall.MINIATURE PAINTINGS40-6020
114Mary McLean - surprised, signed, oil on ivorine, framed and glazed, 2.75in x 2in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS40-60Unsold
115A 19c oval black and white engraving - West Berkhamsted, published by S Crew, printed by Rock & Co London, oval copper framed, 2.5in x 4in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS40-6020
116D Miniav - oval portrait of a Beatrice Cenei wearing a turban, signed, oil on ivorine, simulated ivory framed, 2.5in x 2in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS50-8020
117Unsigned 19c - Lady Caroline Stuart 1805, oil on ivory, framed, 3in x 2.25in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS60-8040
118Hermo - Marie Antoinette, hand coloured oval portrait, signed, framed, 2.5in x 2in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS50-8025
119Shelor - circular miniature portrait of a lady with ringlets in her hair, signed, ivory panel framed, 3in diam.MINIATURE PAINTINGS60-9040
120A 19c portrait miniature on ivory with ermine cloak, framed, 2.75in x 2in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS70-10075
121T Pline - portrait of a lady wearing a bonnet with bow, miniature watercolour, signed, oval framed in brass easel frame, 4.5in x 3.25in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS140-170110
122Unsigned - portrait of an 18c gentleman, oil on ivory, oval gilt framed in a glazed case, 2.5in x 2in.MINIATURE PAINTINGS200-250140
123A 1900 Swiss keyless lever chronograph pocket watch with bi-metallic compensated balance and chronograph slide controlling the flyback hand. It has a 2in diam. white enamel dial with Roman numerals and seconds ring and is contained in a Continental silver case which in turn has a silver fronted easel display case which is hallmarked for 1901. The case 3.5in x 4in.WATCHES150-200Unsold
124A late 19c American keyless lever pocket watch by the Keystone Watch Case Co. The full plate lever movement has a bi-metallic compensated balance and a white enamel dial with Roman numerals and inset seconds ring. It is contained in a full hunter gilt base metal case with embossed foliage patterns to the front and back. The watch 2.25in diam. overall.WATCHES100-150Unsold
125An Early 20c Swiss keyless lever pocket watch with Swiss bar movement with compensated bi-metallic balance. The white enamel dial has arabic numerals and an inset seconds ring. It is contained in a gunmetal finished steel case with an applied gilt monogram to the case back. Dial glass loose. The case is 1.75in diam. overall.WATCHES70-10035
126An early 20c Swiss keyless lever pocket watch, the movement having a bi-metallic compensated valabce and an alarm facility. The inner glass back reveals an alarm setting dial set from a wheel protruding from the side of the inner bezel and the alarm beats on a coiled gong within the case. The white enamel dial has Roman numerals and has an inset seconds hand. The dial is marked 'Reveil Avertisseur' and the movement is contained in a gunmetal finished steel case 2.25in diam. overall.WATCHES150-180150
127A mid 20c Swiss chronograph wrist watch, the silvered dial having gold arabic numerals and gold hands and with a centre seconds chronograph hand with start/stop and flyback facility. One subsidiary dial indicates seconds, and the other is a minute counter up to 30 minutes for the chronograph. It is contained in an 18ct gold case (minus strap) 1.5in in diam.WATCHES200-250320
128An early 20 Swiss keyless lever pocket watch with compensated bi-metallic balance and quarer repeating movement striking on two gongs operated by a push piece on the side case. The white enamel dial has arabic numerals, gold hands and an inset seconds dial. It is contained in a gunmetal finish steel case 2in diam.WATCHES150-200200
129A Longines steel cased wrist watch with an added gilt metal bracelet.WATCHES150-2001550
130An International Watch Co.Hchaffhausen Gentlemans wrist watch movement with a plaited strap.WATCHES200-250420
131A Longines ladies 9ct gold wrist watch with a 9ct gold plaited bracelet.WATCHES350-400Unsold
132A Cartier ladies steel wrist watch and strap, the square face with Roman numerals chapter ring.WATCHES1,000-1,400Unsold
133A Piaget ladies wrist watch with a tigers eye face surrounded by an outer band of cut diamonds and with an 18ct gold plaited bracelet.WATCHES2,000-2,5002350
134A Wempe Zeitmeister chronograph, with large date, self winding with second time zone display with a stainless steel strap, together with charging box.WATCHES500-800520
135A folio of approximate 83 American bank checks dated from the 1800's through to the early 1900's, including Treasurer of the Sate of Pennsylvania, Rocky Mountain National Bank, First National Bank of Canton and Union Bank of Winchester.COINS AND MEDALS300-500Unsold
136A pair of boxed bronze medals in commemoration of the visit of HM The King of Denmark to the city of London, 8th July 1893. The box is green silk and velvet lined, the lid with interior description of the medals. The medals 3in diam.COINS AND MEDALS100-150420
137A gold braclet with a parallel band of scrollwork and flowers encasing a central band of cut sapphires.JEWELLERY350-400350
138A 12ct gold pendant necklet with five oval suspended figurative cameo pendants spaced by gold dropped floral designs.JEWELLERY200-250210
139A coral bead four row bracelet with gold clasp.JEWELLERY150-200110
140A miniature ceramic scant bottle pendant of globular form painted with the scene of a lady and gentleman, silver fittings.JEWELLERY40-5045
141A gold pendant set with seed pearl and two cut aquamarine stone with gold chain.JEWELLERY140-160180
142A gold garnet set star shaped pendant brooch.JEWELLERY200-250180
143A gold seed pearl set pendant necklet.JEWELLERY120-160400
144A diamond daisy set suspended pendant and chain.JEWELLERY180-200190
145An Italian pietra dura oval floral brooch in a gold shell, scroll and leaf mounted frame, 2.25in w.JEWELLERY500-700410
146A white gold diamond and sapphire set jewellery suite of one brooch and a pair of matching earrings.JEWELLERY1,000-1,500Unsold
147A gold leaf bouquet brooch set with six cut diamonds.JEWELLERY500-700Unsold
148A white gold diamond set geometric bow brooch.JEWELLERY700-8001200
149A pair of white gold earrings of petal form set with two diamonds, each with a pearl and diamond drop.JEWELLERY400-600380
150A pair of gold diamond and ruby set spray clip earrings.JEWELLERY300-400Unsold
151A white gold diamond and jet set bow brooch, 1.5in w.JEWELLERY300-400350
152A 9ct gold ring set with a spray of amethyst, diamond and seed pearl.JEWELLERY150-200Unsold
153A white gold emerald and diamond set ring.JEWELLERY1,000-1,500Unsold
154A gold 22ct gents ring set with rubys and multi coloured sapphires, gemologists report in office.JEWELLERY300-400250
155An Art Deco style white gold diamond solitaire ring, approx. 1.25ct.JEWELLERY1,000-1,200980
156A 9ct gold cocktail ring set with ten bands of cut diamonds.JEWELLERY700-1,000Unsold
157A 15ct gold diamond solitiare ring, approx. .75ct.JEWELLERY600-8001000
158An 18ct gold diamond solitaire set ring, approx. 1ct.JEWELLERY900-1,200Unsold
159An Art Deco style white gold ring set with a central solitaire diamond, approx. 1ct, ruby borders and diamond panels.JEWELLERY900-1,2001550
160An 18ct gold ring set with three cut sapphires, each approx. .75ct and spaced by four cut diamonds.JEWELLERY900-1,200650
161An 18ct gold ring set with five cut graduating diamonds, approx. 1.5ct total.JEWELLERY1,200-1,5001220
162A silver tea strainer and stand, 2.5oz, Birmingham 1955, 4in w.SILVER30-4075
163A silver squirrel child's rattle with two bells, mother of pearl handle, with ring, Birmingham 1926, 7in l overall.SILVER100-120Unsold
164A late Victorian bonbon dish of swirling pierced form, supported on three legs, Chester 1890, 5.5in l.SILVER50-7055
165An early 20c silver two handled trophy cup with a lift off domed cover, 6.5 oz, Birmingham 1912, 5in h.SILVER60-8060
166A pair of Charles Boyton silver cigar ashtrays of circular beaten form with coil handles, inscibed 'Charles Boyton', 3oz, London 1934, 3.75in diam.SILVER60-8060
167A set twelve Continental silver menu card holders in the form of sunflowers on circular domed bases, .800std, 1.5in h.SILVER80-100140
168A boxed set of four silver nut dishes, shaped and in the form of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades, Sheffield 1919, each approx. 4in w.SILVER120-150190
169A boxes set of six Danish silver teaspoons, makers mark CFH.SILVER40-6050
170A boxed pair of silver berry spoons with gilt embossed bowls, each 8.75in l in box.SILVER50-7065
171A silver fruit set comprising a sugar caster with an ovoid body, pierced dome cover together with two dessert spoons with pierced bowls and handle terminals, in box, Sheffield 1911, sugar caster 6in h.SILVER90-120145
172A late Victorian set of four silver table salts, embossed and chased with scroll work and flowers, each supported on four ball feet and with four salt spoons, in presentation box, Sheffield 1889.SILVER40-6085
173A 19c Indian silver bowl of circular form, embossed and chased with a band of figures in various poses within scrolling borders, 14oz, 6in diam.SILVER120-150145
174An early 20c sugar basket with swing handle and amethyst glass liner, London 1913, 4in diam, 5.25in h.SILVER150-170Unsold
175An early 20c silver fruit bowl of ovoid form with lobed pierced panels and on a flared serpentine base, 17oz, Sheffield 1928, 11.25in w.SILVER160-180230
176A George III silver circular salver with a raised beaded border, supported on three ball and claw feet, 15oz, London 1786, 9in diam.SILVER160-180170
177A William IV two handled sucrier of three quarter lobed form, the upper rim embossed and chased with leaf and flowers and having two leaf formed handles, 14.5oz, Dublin 1834, 9in w.SILVER300-350Unsold
178An early 20c serving dish of circular form with a domed cover, having pineapple finial, 42oz, London 1922, 9.5in diam.SILVER300-350300
179An early 20c silver tea kettle on stand with burner, the tea kettle and stand Birmingham 1924, 37oz, 9.75in w, 9.5in h.SILVER250-280280
180A boxed set of two silver condiments, both having mustard, salt and pepper with spoons, in a Georgian style, Birmingham 1961, boxed.SILVER90-120170
181A pair of silver gilt presentation goblets, 11.5oz, London 1970, in presentation box, each goblet 5in h.SILVER130-150Unsold
182A late 19c/early 20c claret jug, the cut glass body with incised wrythen decoration with oak leaf and acorn, the plated mount with a mask pouring spout, hinged domed cover with lion and shield finial and with fruiting vine and mask handle, 12in h.SILVERPLATE100-15095
183A 19c Bohemian bowl on stand with leaf cut rim, decorated with raised opalene glass roundels, painted with bouquets of flowers and one portrait of a female, with overall gilt leaf decoration and highlights, 12in h.GLASSWARE200-300380
184A Holmegaard Otto Brauer olive green gull vase, label attached, 16.75in h.GLASSWARE100-150150
185A 20c Bohemian blue glass baluster vase, gilded with applied jewels and cameo type plaques, 13.75in h.GLASSWARE60-8060
186A Sam Herman glass vase freeform green mottled with a textured iridescent surface, signed to base, dated 1975 with original label, 8.5in h.GLASSWARE200-300260
187Richard Golding ochre iridescent art glass vase, signed to base, dated 1989, 4.25in h.GLASSWARE30-5045
188A Lars Kjellande clear crystal vase engraved with sailing ship, signed to base, numbered 457/124, 7.75in h, a/f small chip to rim.GLASSWARE40-6018
189Three early 20c glass vases of wine glass shape, etched with floral design, from 8in to 10in h.GLASSWARE70-10030
190A pair of Edwardian glass decanters with facet sided necks, engraved flower head design with cut stoppers and star base, 11.25in h.GLASSWARE70-10045
191A limited edition Turkish Osmanli Kolekasyonu Esabi bowl, beige opal ground with gilded relief patterns, with certificate and box, 7.25in h.GLASSWARE80-120200
192A Chinese copper red glazed bottle vase of baluster form with a slender neck, six blue character marks to base, 7in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-200110
193A 19c Chinese tankard with a famille rose panel decorated with figures in conversation with four other panels within relief borders of hawks in trees and blue floral sprays, 4.75in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-150170
194A Oriental white glazed figure of a Buddha impressed marks to rear, seated on a cushion, 8in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS70-10035
195An Oriental porcelain tea bowl and saucer decorated in blue and white, with panels of figures catching butterflies, the tea bowl 2.5in diam, saucer 4in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS70-10020
196A collection of six 19c Oriental tea bowls, three blue and white decorated and three famille rose decorated.ORIENTAL CERAMICS60-8055
197A Ming Dynasty blue and white globular vase depicting two phoenixes chasing flaming pearl around the body, with scrolls near base, with rabbit mark to base, 6.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-200180
198A 19c Cantonese bowl of pink ground, painted with flowers and butterflies, seal mark to base, a/f, 8.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-400480
199A Chinese Ts'ing Dynasty Min Kuo 1821/1850 rectangular shaped bowl painted with panels of finch and flowers, end panels with script, 7in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-150170
200A 19c Chinese circular bowl with blue and white tassel and cloud decoration to the outside and painted on the interior with exotic game cock, flowers and symbols, 7.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS90-12045
201A 19c Chinese famille rose circular dish with central circular panel decorated with a famille rose vase within an outer border of leaf and flowers, six character mark to base, 9.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS70-100230
202A 19c Chinese famille rose dish of quartrefoil form decorated with flowers and fruit on a bat wing decorated base, Daoquang Dynasty, 11in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-150400
203A 19c famille verte jar and cover in typical palette, the dome cover with a Dog of Fo finial, the baluster two handled jar with a border of winged beast decoration,supported on three legs, famille verte seal mark to base, 14in h, a/f.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-150110
204A 19c Chinese famille rose jar and cover decorated with domestic utensils, 7.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS100-120160
205A pair of late 19c Chinese baluster jars with domed covers decorated with cranes, figures of gentleman meeting in a rocky enclave under trees with a Guangxu six character mark to base, 17in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS400-500150
206An 18c Oriental platter blue and white decorated with butterflies and flowers, a/f, 13.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS70-10030
207A 19c Oriental two handled platter decorated with a meeting of six artist figures, six character mark to base, 15in w.ORIENTAL CERAMICS150-20050
208A Chinese bowl of large proportion decorated in blue and white, the central panel of two harvesters with outer band of leaf and flowers and an outer edge of cloud, with a six character Ming Dynasty mark to base, 17.5in diam.ORIENTAL CERAMICS300-40050
209A 19c famille verte tall vase profusely decorated with decorative household items including jars and furniture with an upper band of butterflies and insects, 18.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS250-300800
210A 19c Oriental waisted bottle vase with stopper decorated Imari type colours and designs within floral borders, 13in h, stopper a/f.ORIENTAL CERAMICS250-30050
211A 19c Cantonese famille rose baluster vase with a lapit flared upper rim and applied gilt reptiles, the vase decorated with tigers, deer, butterflies and other animals and birds, 23.5in h.ORIENTAL CERAMICS400-5001100
212An 18c Cantonese baluster vase of large proportion decorated with typical palette with figures and flowers, a/f, 19.5in h, with a wooden stand.ORIENTAL CERAMICS200-300Unsold
213An early 19c pearlware blue and white miniature teapot and cover decorated with rural scenes of horse and carts outside a cottage, 3.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-6035
214A 19c Staffordshire figure of a zebra on an oval base with shredded clay decoration, 4.5in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS40-6070
215A Victorian Staffordshire figure of a David with a lamb, 7.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS50-6055
216A Victorian Crystal Palace Art Union circular pot pourri with removable cover, blue and white glazed and moulded with Bacchanalian masks and exotic beasts, impressed mark to base, 11in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS90-120105
217A 19c Italian pottery relief moulded oval dish with classical designs surrounding the scene of a goat being sacrificed within a rope outer border, 15in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-10040
218A 19c Moore table centre piece applied with flowering leaves on a creamy white ground, the oval base supporting two musical cherubs, a/f, 15in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200120
219A Meissen Marcolini period blue and white child's part miniature tea service , comprising six cups, each 1.5in h, and six saucers, each 2.75in diam, decorated with Oriental flower designs, cross swords and star base marks.EUROPEAN CERAMICS90-120400
220An early 19c Coalport John Rose oval dish c.1820, decorated with fruit and flowers within an outer gilt edge moulded floral border, the back stamp for Coalport Improved Felt Spar Porcelain and awarded the gold medal May 30th 1820 by the Society of Arts, 11in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-120120
221An early 19c Derby plate decorated flowers within a blue and gilt outer border and recorded as from a Rothschild's family service, 8.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-100Unsold
222A late 18c Derby plate recorded as from a Rothchild's family service with a central bouquet of flowers within an outer moulded blue and gilt border, with collectors label attached to the underside indicating that the plate was almost certainly painted by William Billingsley and gilded by Jos. Stables c.1790.EUROPEAN CERAMICS70-100Unsold
223A 19c Derby Imari two handled sauce tureen and cover with stand , with hand painted factory mark to base, tureen and cover 6.25in w, the base 7.5in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS140-160Unsold
224A 19c Derby Imari pattern two handled sucrier with cover , hand painted factory mark to base, 7.25in w.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-140Unsold
225A late 19c Continental porcelain table centre piece bowl formed as a large sea shell encrusted with flowers with two birds on the upper rims and supported by three cherubs, signs of a Sitzendorf mark to base, 17in w, 15in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200320
226A Poole pottery baluster vase shape no.660, thrown by Alan White and hand painted by J E Dowding with stylistic flowers, pattern BM, stamped and signed to base, 13in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-150140
227A Poole pottery Aegean charger by Leslie Elsden, decorated with sunset landscape, signed and stamped to base, 16in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-150Unsold
228A 1920's Shelley pomegranate comport attributed to Charlotte Rhead, stamped to base, 4.25in h, 9.25in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS300-400Unsold
229withdrawnEUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200Unsold
230A pair of late 19c French Palissy style vases, glazed in blue with applied crocodile handles, flowers, leaves and insects, 14.5in h, a/f with some minor losses.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200270
231An early 20c Emil Fischer reticulated ewer and stopper, predominantly green with lake, tree and bird panels, impressed and stamped to base, 23in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS150-200260
232A pair of late 19c Martin Brothers stoneware vases, incised with birds amongst branches and leaves, incised 538 & 539 to base and R W Martin London and Southall, 13.25in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS600-800Unsold
233A late 19c Derby Imari lobed tea tray pattern no. 383, 19in diam.EUROPEAN CERAMICS100-150Unsold
234A Royal Doulton figurine, Daffy-Down-Dilly HN1712, 7.75in h.EUROPEAN CERAMICS60-8070
235A pair of framed Rozenberg tiled sepia panels after Willem Roelofs, the panels depicting cattle in field and woodland scene, 9in x 13.75in.EUROPEAN CERAMICS200-300120
236A mid Victorian needlework sampler with verse by Sarah Bayley, December 18 1851, framed and glazed, 16in x 16in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-14040
237Cecil Aldin - a collection of nine prints, sporting and hunting scenes, all signed in pencil, five framed and glazed, 12.5in x 15in, and four framed and glazed, 17.5in x 26in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS350-400240
238Signed indistinctly in pencil - Bibliothek. a. Maienhav, black and white engraving, framed and glazed, 7in x 4.75in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS50-70110
239Holbein - six black and white engravings of 17c subjects, contained in three frames, each engraving approximately 5.25in x 3.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS60-80Unsold
240W Hollar fecit 1644/1649 - a series of twenty eight black and white engravings of ladies in 17c costume, all titled and dated, each approximately 3.75in x 2.25in, contained within four framed and glazed panels.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS300-40080
241Rembrant c.1620 - The Agony in the Garden, an etching, framed and glazed, 4.25in x 3.25.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS300-400380
242Jacob Isaacsz Van Ruisdael 1649 - The Three Oaks, black and white etching, titled and dated, framed and glazed, 4.25in x 5.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS300-400320
243A pair of Japanese woodblock prints - Japanese ladies with script, framed and glazed, each 9.25in x 6.75in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150Unsold
244After L S Lowry 1949 - The Contraption, stamped, signed in pencil, framed and glazed, 13.75in x 12.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS300-4001350
245After L S Lowry 1951 - A street scene with factory chimney in the distance, stamped, signed in pencil, framed and glazed, 11.25in x 8.25in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS250-3001650
246Paul Powis - The View, artist proof 106/295, signed in pencil, silk screen print, framed and glazed, 13.5in x 19.25in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-250Unsold
247Salvador Dali - Four dancing figures, coloured print 124/250, signed in pencil, framed and glazed, 26in x 19.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS200-300150
248Signed indistinctly - Clare?? - the glove, abstract coloured print, 54/75, framed and glazed, 25.5in x 20in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150Unsold
249MacKenzie Thorpe - Out of The Sun, 297/300, silk screen print, signed and titled in pencil, framed and glazed, 17.25in x 20.25in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS100-150100
250MacKenzie Thorpe - Large sheep with sunflowers, signed in mono, pastel, framed and glazed, 25in x 16.5in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS300-400500
251MacKenzie Thorpe - The Last Temptation, 343/850, silk screen print, signed in mono, titled in pencil, framed and glazed, 7.5in x 8in.NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, MAPS AND PRINTS50-8040
252A folio of eight pen, ink and watercolour Oriental sketches of ladies on paper, each approximately 9in x 5in.WATERCOLOURS200-250180
253A series of four Oriental paintings on silk panels featuring two ladies and two gentlemen, framed and glazed as two pairs, each panel 8in x 5in.WATERCOLOURS100-15080
254An early 20c unsigned - a jungle scene, black on white monochrome watercolour, framed, 9in x 9in.WATERCOLOURS30-40Unsold
255S Sidley 1856 - portrait of a young girl holding a pansy in her right hand, signed and dated, watercolour and chalk, oval framed and glazed, 23.5in x 19in.WATERCOLOURS100-15050
256James Price 1842/1876 - Two figures fishing in a stream watched by a figure on a wooden bridge, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 7.5in x 12.5in.WATERCOLOURS90-120Unsold
257Mono ACC 1883 - Continental street scene with fortified tower in the background, signed in mono, watercolour, framed and glazed, 19in x 13.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-140Unsold
258Del Vecchio - an open moorland setting, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 15in x 20.5in.WATERCOLOURS90-120100
259TL Rowbotham - figures on a village street in a Continental mountainous setting, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 9.75in x 16.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-14060
260A 19c Continental signed indistinctly - thatched cottage in a rural setting in a mountainous landscape, signed in pencil, dated 1839, watercolour, framed and glazed, 10.5in x 8in.WATERCOLOURS80-10085
261Alfred W Rich - Conwy Castle with viaduct bridge and cottages in the foreground, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 10.5in x 16in.WATERCOLOURS90-120Unsold
262Henry Hopley White 1862 - Coras Mill, Graveley, Herts, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 15in x 11in.WATERCOLOURS90-12040
263George Oyston - quiet river setting at sunset, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 10in x 20in.WATERCOLOURS100-140Unsold
264Mono JSG (JS Glover) - a bird's nest with three eggs, watercolour, framed and glazed, 7in diam.WATERCOLOURS50-80Unsold
265Thomas Coppin 1879 - ducks and sailing boat on a lake, signed and dated, watercolour, framed and glazed, 6.5in x 9.75in.WATERCOLOURS60-80Unsold
266EB Lait - sailing boat on a river at sunset, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 6.5in x 10.5in.WATERCOLOURS50-80Unsold
267A 19c unsigned - pedlar with his donkey outside a cottage with family and lady in blue, watercolour, framed and glazed, 5.5in x 8.5in.WATERCOLOURS70-10025
268Peter Toms - In the Offing, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 7in x 9.5in.WATERCOLOURS60-80Unsold
269W L Wyllie - Off Spitzbergen, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 5.5in x 8.5in.WATERCOLOURS400-500620
270A Hines - A sailing boat entering a harbour, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 10.5in x 7.5in.WATERCOLOURS50-70Unsold
271GS Walters - Fishing boats under sail entering a harbour, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 12.5in x 19.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-12065
272Unsigned 19c - a pair of musical angels, one with harp, the other mandolin, watercolours, in a double arched easel frame, each panel 9.5in x 4in.WATERCOLOURS100-150200
273Nep. Girotto - An old fisherman smoking a pipe, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 12.5in x 9.5in.WATERCOLOURS120-160Unsold
274T W Atkinson 1952 - A thatched cottage in the moonlight in a winter rural landscape, signed and dated, watercolour, framed and glazed, 17in x 27.5in.WATERCOLOURS200-250Unsold
275Mono WJR 99 - Cockle gathering on an expansive beach, signed in mono, watercolour, framed and glazed, 24in x 39in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
276George Frederick Arthur Belcher - two charcoal drawings. Sporting gentleman. 'When I back a horse he's scratched and when I back a dog he stops and scratches himself.' Out of New Punch library, Mr Punches Sports and pastimes, together with two ladies in conversation in a street, signed, both framed and glazed, approximately 13in x 12in. Being offered with a book - Potted Char and Other Delicacies by George Belcher, printed and published by Methuen & Co Ltd, London.WATERCOLOURS250-300Unsold
277Clifford Webb - Tractor ploughing on a hillside, signed, lithograph, framed and glazed, 14in x 19in.WATERCOLOURS200-25090
278John E. Aitken - Three sailing vessels during a misty morning at sunrise on a calm sea, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 13in x 19in.WATERCOLOURS100-150180
279Julian Noverol 1993 - Teal duck, signed and dated, watercolour, framed and glazed, 9in x 7in.WATERCOLOURS70-100Unsold
280Julian Noverol - A flight of geese, Slimbridge 4th September 1993, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 12in x 8.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
281John Beer - Army Point to Point - Rugby 1899, signed and titled, watercolour, framed and glazed, 10in x 13.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-150100
282Peter Adams - A steamer being swung for Deptford Buoys - Greenwich Reach, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 6.5in x 13.5in.WATERCOLOURS60-80Unsold
283Nichole Decaux - Two children in a French poppy field, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 9.5in x 11.5in.WATERCOLOURS50-70Unsold
284Colin Simmonds - Lynmouth Devon, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 10.5in x 15.5in.WATERCOLOURS60-80Unsold
285J MacWhirter - Midst mountain and lake, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 8in x 12in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
286Bill Bain - Baobab and bull, signed, watercolour, framed and glazed, 14.5in x 19in.WATERCOLOURS150-200Unsold
287B Eyre Walker 1950 - a mountainous landscape, signed and dated, watercolour, framed and glazed, 13in x 18.5in.WATERCOLOURS100-150Unsold
288Signed indistinctly - 19c inshore fishing boat under sail entering harbour, oil on canvas, framed, 16in x 25.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
289Margaret Murray Cookesley 1902 - portrait of a young lady carrying a bouquet of summer flowers, unframed, oil on canvas, 27in x 18in.OIL PAINTINGS500-600480
290Vaseo Lazzole - display of flowers in a jug, signed, oil on canvas, unframed, 24in x 20in.OIL PAINTINGS70-10075
291P Klaus - hound with four pups, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 17in x 23in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200110
292Signed indistinctly late 19c/early 20c - shepherd resting on the hillside with his flock under an oak tree, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 19.5in x 29in.OIL PAINTINGS100-150Unsold
293Mono GM (George Moorland?) - man, woman and child seated and resting on a rocky hillside, signed in mono, oil on board, framed, 9.25in x 13.5in.OIL PAINTINGS250-300240
294Unsigned late 19c - ferry boat crossing the harbour, oil on canvas, framed, 13in x 17in.OIL PAINTINGS100-120Unsold
295William Meadows - cattle on a pathway approaching the farm pond in 19c rural landscape, signed, oil on canvas, framed and glazed, 13in x 20in.OIL PAINTINGS120-150120
296Alfred De Breanski 1882 - two figures in a boat crossing a river from an island with church and mountains in the background, signed and dated, oil on canvas, framed, 11.5in x 23.5in.OIL PAINTINGS350-400280
297Gustave De Breanski - sailing vessel in rough seas off a rocky coastline, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 17in x 23in.OIL PAINTINGS300-350250
298Arthur Ernest Vokes - landscape with trees in foreground, signed, oil on panel, framed, 6in x 9in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200120
299Jules Charles Croquet - French farm holding, signed, oil on panel, framed, 10in x 13.5in.OIL PAINTINGS90-12050
300Unsigned late 18c/early 19c - Venetian bridge over a canal, framed, oil on panel, 6in x 4.75in.OIL PAINTINGS100-150480
301Unsigned 18c - portrait of a young gentleman cloaked and wearing a hat, oil on panel, framed, 9.5in x 7.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-250110
302Emile Van Marcke de Cummen 1827/1890 - cattle in a summer meadow, signed, oil on board, framed, 9in x 13in.OIL PAINTINGS400-600580
303W Wells - moored houseboat in a Thames setting with St Paul's in the distant, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 12.5in x 15.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
304Paul Lecomte (Hors Cencours) - Moulin de Saint Briac (Cote du Nord), signed, oil on canvas, framed, 9.5in x 15.5in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400520
305Georges Philibert Charles Maroniez 1865/1933 - red tile cottages on a cliff top, signed, oil on panel, framed, 8.25in x 10.25in.OIL PAINTINGS900-1,200650
306Paul Lecomte - L'Odet a Quimper, signed, oil on board, framed, 13in x 25in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400550
307Ermogne Miraglia 1907/1964 - Continental market day in the town square, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 15in x 19in.OIL PAINTINGS200-30090
308H Barnoin - Pardon de Lanriee, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 15in x 18in.OIL PAINTINGS800-1,2001300
309F Roman - unloading the catch in a Mediterranean setting, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 27in x 39in.OIL PAINTINGS300-400200
310T R Miles - flood tide on the reef, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 19.5in x 30in.OIL PAINTINGS400-500600
311N R Harper - still life fruit and wine, signed, oil on canvas, framed and glazed, 18in x 22in.OIL PAINTINGS150-180Unsold
312Signed indistinctly - the bullock cart, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 21in x 26in.OIL PAINTINGS100-150Unsold
313F E Jameson - Scottish loch with castle ruins and mountains, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 16in x 23.5in.OIL PAINTINGS250-300Unsold
314Eugene Demester - an autumn riverscape, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 18in x 21.5in.OIL PAINTINGS250-300Unsold
315Henri Bargin - Mediterranean fishing village, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 15in x 31in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200100
316Unsigned 19c - Mary Magdalene, oil on canvas, unframed, 34in x 25.5in.OIL PAINTINGS250-300380
317Charles Wyatt Warren - view of Snowdon, signed, oil on board, framed, 9.5in x 21in.OIL PAINTINGS200-300270
318Llettro - Italian street market, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 15in x 11in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200100
319A Salvi - parade of ladies walking a street, signed, oil on canvas, framed and glazed, 7.5in x 10.5in.OIL PAINTINGS90-12050
320F J Sang - riverscape with two figures in a boat and a distant suspension bridge, signed, oil on canvas, framed and glazed, 7in x 12in.OIL PAINTINGS70-100190
321Sam Bough - the artists dog, Tiney, mixed media, framed, 20in x 14in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200230
322Joseph Honor - horse drawn timber wagon in a rural landscape with distant village, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 32in x 48in.OIL PAINTINGS400-600Unsold
323Thomas Rose Miles - rowing in a strong sea to join their ship, oil on canvas, framed, 30in x 53in.OIL PAINTINGS800-1,000Unsold
324Charles E Leconite 1821/1900 - Oriental lady playing a tambourine, unsigned, oil on canvas, framed, 36in x 23inOIL PAINTINGS400-600320
325W E Croxford 1890 - the wooden hull of a boat resting in teh sands close to a rocky coast line, signed and dated, oil on canvas, framed, 24in x 41.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-200Unsold
326Unsigned 19c - portrait of a lady in mourning costume, oil on canvas, framed, 9.5in x 7.5in.OIL PAINTINGS100-150160
327George Cole - landscape with cattle returning to meadow with cottages beyond, signed and dated 1867 oil on canvas, framed, 24in x 28in.OIL PAINTINGS250-300240
328Stuart Armfield - Time Flies, signed, tempera on board, framed, 17.5in x 35.5in.OIL PAINTINGS350-400390
329P Powis - My Land II, signed, oil on board, framed and glazed, 10in x 30in.OIL PAINTINGS500-600Unsold
330D Pender-Davidson - Isobel Potter 1932, signed and titled, oil on canvas, framed, 30in x 24.5in.OIL PAINTINGS400-600390
331Denise Jameson 69 - a 1960's street scene, signed and dated, oil on board, framed, 11.5in x 15.5in.OIL PAINTINGS90-12060
332Denise Jameson 1969 - coastal cliff, cottages and boats, signed and dated, oil on board, framed, 11.5in x 15.5in.OIL PAINTINGS70-10070
333Signed indistinctly - coastal town, signed, oil on board, framed and glazed, 13.5in x 19.5in.OIL PAINTINGS100-15060
334Peter Cosslett - sunset over a winter landscape with farm house in the distance, signed, oil on board, framed, 11.5in x 15.5in.OIL PAINTINGS150-180310
335J Herbert Snell - red lip'd autumn, signed, oil on canvas, framed and glazed, 13in x 16in.OIL PAINTINGS90-120160
336Har. Schumacher - a Venetian canal scene, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 17.5in x 14in.OIL PAINTINGS80-10050
337Peter Cosslett - winter sunset, signed, oil on board, framed, 11.5in x 15.5in.OIL PAINTINGS100-150350
338William Crawford Crawford 1954 - Rivera coastline, signed and dated, oil on panel, framed, 13in x 17.5in.OIL PAINTINGS100-150100
339In the manner of William Crawford Crawford - cafe under the trees, unsigned, oil on panel, 13.5in x 17.5in.OIL PAINTINGS70-10080
340Stuart Somerville - view near Dunwich, signed, oil on canvas, framed, 15.5in x 23.5in.OIL PAINTINGS200-250230
341An early Victorian figure mahogany library bookcase, the upper section shelved and enclosed by arched glazed doors, under a plain cornice on a cupboard base enclosed by two arch panelled doors with turned bun feet - some restoration required, 50in w, 88in h.FURNITURE200-250Unsold
342A late Georgian figure mahogany linen press, the upper section under a dentile moulded cornice, the geometric panelled doors enclosing the linen cupboard (no shelves) on a base with six short drawers on bracket feet, 52in w, 78in h.FURNITURE300-350150
343A late Victorian walnut breakfront side cabinet profusely decorated with marquetry panels of coloured wood and white bone, having a central cupboard with mirrored panel door flanked by two side cupboards over spindle gallery base, 60in w, 42.5in h.FURNITURE350-400Unsold
344A late 19c Art Nouveau influenced mahogany side cabinet, the upper section fitted shelves enclosed by stylistic floral coloured glass doors enclosing two shelves under a broken arch pediment with stylistic floral frieze on a bow front base with cupboard enclosed by two stylistic floral panels with mother of pearl inserts and supported on front ball and claw feet and rear pad feet, 36in w, 83in h.FURNITURE250-300Unsold
345A late Georgian figure mahogany secretaire bookcase, the bookcase under a dentile moulded frieze, fitted shelves and enclosed by two astragal glazed doors on a base with pull out fitted secretaire over cupboard enclosed by panelled doors and supported on bracket feet, 48in w, 90in h.FURNITURE200-300Unsold
346A late Victorian mahogany breakfront sideboard with gilt rail and circular convex mirror back, supported on a chequer line inlaid frieze and having two central drawers flanked by two side cupboards and supported on square tapering legs with spade feet, 72in w.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
347A late Georgian mahogany bedroom cabinet, the upper cupboard enclosed by tambour fronted sliding door over base enclosed by two panelled doors on ogee bracket feet, 29in w, 30.5in h.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
348A mid Georgian style figured walnut veneered serpentine chest of four long drawers with a slide supported on bracket feet, 28in w, 28in h.FURNITURE200-25050
349An early 19c oak Military two part secretaire chest with pull out fitted secretaire over three long drawers with brass flush fitting handles and corner mounts, on bold ball feet, 42in w, 40in h.FURNITURE350-400290
350An early Victorian figured mahogany dressing chest, having one central short deep drawer flanked by four short drawers over three long graduated drawers, all with turned bun handles and on splayed bracket feet, 48in w, 46.5in h.FURNITURE300-350Unsold
351A mid 19c mahogany chest of three long deep drawers, the drawer fronts with brass rail inlay on short straight tapering legs with block feet, 56in w, 38in h.FURNITURE300-400Unsold
352An early 19c mahogany secretaire military chest of rectangular form with moulded top edge, over a fitted pull out secretaire and three long drawers being of split construction with dual side carrying handles and supported on turned bun feet, 40in w, 39.5in h.FURNITURE300-350240
353An early Victorian mahogany side table of rectangular form with crossbanded top over four short drawers flanking a kneehole with one drawer and supported on fluted tapering legs with white china castors and co-joined by under tier galleried shelf, 58in w, 31in h.FURNITURE300-350Unsold
354A late Georgian oak apprentice chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, on bracket feet, 19in w, 18in h.FURNITURE120-160150
355A 19c oak William & Mary style side table fitted one long drawer and containing a one hundred and fifteen piece canteen of silver plated cutlery.FURNITURE200-30050
356A 19c mahogany three tier stepped cake stand with brass central carrying handle and supported on three brass paw feet, 33in h.FURNITURE100-15090
357A Victorian walnut child's correction chair with oval cane seat, shaped balloon back with three lobed spindles.FURNITURE90-12090
358A 19c Venetian gilded and painted revolving dressing table stool of swirling shell design on slight cabriole legs with bold paw feet on a tripartite base, 26in h.FURNITURE400-600380
359A 19c Continental carved wooden stucco three branch wall sconce of overall leaf design, 24in diam.FURNITURE200-300Unsold
360A Victorian mahogany marble top cylindrical pot cupboard with hinged door and supported on circular moulded base, 14.5in diam, 29in h.FURNITURE100-15080
361A 19c mahogany small proportion hanging corner cupboard with chequer banding, central vase motif and satin wood lined inlay, 15in w, 24in h.FURNITURE100-14030
362A late Georgian mahogany toilet glass with swing mirror over base fitted three short drawers, 16.5in w.FURNITURE90-12045
363A mid Victorian writing table Canterbury, the table top fitted with a pull out drawer having writing slope and fitted compartments, supported by four carved and pierced panels forming the Canterbury over one pull out drawer supported on turned bun feet with castors, 24in w, 32.5in h.FURNITURE300-350200
364A pair of early Victorian mahogany hall chairs with oval carved panel backs within moulded supports on shaped seats, having lobed front legs and rear swept legs, 35in h.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
365A 19c Chinese rosewood side table with an open carved scrolling apron, straight legs co-joined by under tier shelf, 60in w, 39in h.FURNITURE700-1,000Unsold
366A 19c Italian marquetry walnut circular centre table profusely decorated with foliate designs, having deep frieze and one drawer, supported on three concave legs supporting a circular under tier shelf, 21.5in diam, 30.5in h.FURNITURE400-500Unsold
367A 19c Ashanti gilt metal cased ceremonial chair with beaded embossed decoration, back support finials with an attached paper label indicating that the chair belonged to King Plemba of Tanzania, being a replica of the Gold Chair.FURNITURE300-400Unsold
368A pair of 19c Oriental single fold screens, one painted with a domestic scene of a musician playing to a lady on a garden veranda, the other with a Japanese ceremony with vehicles and figures appearing from the clouds, both on a gilt background within ebonised brass mounted frames, each 74in w, 68in h.FURNITURE300-400270
369A 19c gilt wood and stucco green veined marble circular pedestal table with foliate decoration on a tripartite base with scrolling bold feet, 23in diam, 31in h.FURNITURE200-250Unsold
370An early Victorian burr walnut veneered fold over card table on a baluster turned and carved column raised on four carved scrolling legs, 36in w, 29in h.FURNITURE200-250Unsold
371A late Georgian mahogany demi lune side table fitted two frieze drawers, the table top with central patera motif within an outer satin wood line inlaid border, supported on square fluted tapering legs, 33in w.FURNITURE150-20050
372A pair of late Georgian Hepplewhite style mahogany open armchairs with arched back support, pierced leaf carved splat having carved scrolling arms and supports, with upholstered seat and having rear square slightly swept legs with pad feet and front fluted tapering legs.FURNITURE150-200Unsold
373A 19c mid Georgian style gilt wood and stucco wall mirror with foliate and scroll moulding, shell pediment, 33in x 24in w overall.FURNITURE100-15090
374A pair of late 18c/early 19c gilt wood and stucco two branch wall sconces with ribbon and fruit pediments - fitted for electricity, 16.5in w overall, 33in h.FURNITURE250-30090
375A late 18c/early 19c oval wall mirror with urn, foliate and scroll pediments, sphinx side mounts and drop swags, 47in w, 38.5in h overall.FURNITURE250-300420
376A late 17c/early 18c oak twin flap oval plank top dining table on baluster turned supports and stretcher rails, block carved and pad feet, 53in w, 60in open.FURNITURE200-300130
377A set of eight mid 19c ash and elm cane seat single chairs with triple spindle backs, turned straight legs and rear chamfered legs with plain moulded stretcher rails.FURNITURE300-350Unsold
378An early 18c oak open armchair with down swept arms, having solid panelled seat, the back panel profusely carved with a central leaf and flower vase design under a shaped scroll carved top rail, 23in w, 47.5in h.FURNITURE300-350200
379A 19c oak court cupboard, black stained, the central cupboard door painted with the scene of an Alchemist together with a satire seated at a table, flanked by side panels with one painted as a naked man, the other as a lady harvester, with a raised canopy supported by baluster carved supports, the canopy dentile carved with painted gillouche frieze, fitted one long drawer this too with leaf and foliate decoration over a pot board flanked by bold carved baluster legs and supported on four stile legs, 48in w, 49in h.FURNITURE500-600Unsold
380A 19c Windsor ash and elm hooped spindleback rocking armchair with a pierced vase splat, outswept carved arms supported on baluster turned spindles with a shaped seat on bold baluster turned legs with H stretcher, on rockers.FURNITURE200-300220
381A 19c Windsor ash and elm hooped spindleback open armchair with baluster turned legs and H stretcher rail.FURNITURE100-14090
382A late 17c oak court cupboard, the upper section with carved frieze bearing the date 1674 and having drop finials over cupboard enclosed by two hinged doors within lunette and chip carving, on a base with two drawers over cupboard enclosed by panel doors on short stile legs, 48in w, 63.75in h.FURNITURE200-300180
383Iberian walnut oval twin flap dining table on a gateleg frame with baluster turnings and bold circular pad feet, of pegged construction, 34in w.FURNITURE200-300Unsold
384A mid Georgian style green leather upholstered and studded wingback armchair, with loose buttoned squab cushion, rear swept legs and straight carved front legs, 30in w.FURNITURE200-250400
385A walnut framed and upholstered Carolean style wingback armchair with short rear square swept legs and bold paw carved front legs - in need of re-upholstery, 32in w, 57in h.FURNITURE200-300Unsold
386A late Victorian salon suite comprising a two seater sofa, two armchairs and four single chairs of walnut construction with bone line inlay having spindle panel backs and panels of marquetry with padded back panels and serpentine seats on baluster turned legs.FURNITURE400-500Unsold
387A pair of William IV mahogany framed open armchairs with downswept arms, having scrolling terminals and supports with upholstered backs and seats with rear swept legs and front carved cabriole legs.FURNITURE350-400Unsold
388A mid Victorian upholstered double ended conversation piece with a carved mahogany show frame, having short scroll legs on castors,78in l.FURNITURE250-300Unsold
389A 1996 Edward Barnsley English walnut dining room suite comprising an extending pedestal oval dining table 55in w when close, six dining chairs, a sideboard 71in w and a side table 39in w. With original plans and specifications. Awarded the Craft Guild Mark by the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers.FURNITURE4,000-5,000Unsold
390A Danish Ox Art teak framed tile top table, 57.25in w, 16.5in h.FURNITURE100-150130

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