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September 2012 Fine Art Sale Results

28 September 2012

Our September Fine Art Sale proved to be an outstanding sale with a number of important entries and great attendance from both UK and overseas buyers. We were pleased to reach some record prices which in many cases were well above estimated figures. Some of our notable results include:


In the metalware section Lot 43, a pair of Victorian cornucopia vases, £490, Lot 50, an 18th century Chinese bronze two handled censer of squat baluster form, £680, Lot 64, an Art Nouveau brass and mahogany comport by Fisher, 188 The Strand, London, £420, Lot 95, an early 8th century eight day longcase clock, £320, Lot 84, an Italian carved marble bust of a gentleman, £2100 and Lot 85A, a marble figure of a classical maiden carrying a wheatsheaf, £680.



 Above Left: Lot 43, pair of Victorian vases, £490. Above Right: Lot 84, Italian carved bust, £2100.


In the clocks & instruments section, longcase clocks were selling at reasonable prices but they are falling well short of those recorded two or three years ago. The instruments, however, continue to attract a lot of demand; Lot 106, a late 19th century binocular microscope, £3600 and Lot 110, a French Chevalier type horizontal universal compound microscope by Lerebours et Secretan, Paris, dating 1845 - 1855, £2900.



 Above: Lot 110, French Chevalier compound microscope, £2900.


There was some revival in the demand for treen. Lot 122, an early Victorian mahogany and walnut miniature circular tilt top pedestal table, £410, Lot 124, a mid Georgian oyster veneer lace box, £380 and Lot 127, a 20th century mahogany Georgian style smokers cabinet presented by Alfred Dunhill Ltd in 1978, £900.


 Above Left: Lot 122, early Victorian pedestal table, £410. Above Right: Lot 127, 20th century mahogany cabinet, £900.


In the small collectables Lot 153, a magnificent Anglo Indian miniature chess set, although needing some repair, £1100, Lot 159, a mid 19th century terrestrial pocket globe dated 1835, £2,500 and Lot 179, a 19th century Canton ivory letter rack, £3,900.



 Above Left: Lot 153, Anglo Indian miniature chess set, £1100. Above Right: Lot 179, 19th century ivory letter rack, £3900.

The objets d'art met a strong demand: Lot 202, a collection of six jade and nephrite carvings, £1,400 and Lot 215, a mid 19th century English pair cased verge pocket watch, £450.


 Above: Lot 215, mid 19th century English pocket watch, £450.


The rings and brooches met a lot of private demand and all of the gold entries in the gold section sold well above scrap value. Of particular note, Lot 246, a platinum old cut diamond solitaire, £700, Lot 247, a platinum and brilliant cut diamond solitaire set ring, £2600 and Lot 248, a platinum and diamond three stone set ring, £1,800.


Above Left: Lot 247, platinum and diamond solitaire set ring, £2600. Above Right: Lot 248, platinum and diamond ring, £1800.


The silver section sold well with a 99% clearance of entries.  Many items were also selling above scrap value. Lot 322, a collection of William IV Kings pattern cutlery, £1500 and Lot 333, a Regency teapot together with teapot stand, makers mark for John Emes, London, 1798/99, £620.


Above Left: Lot 322, collection of William IV Kings Patter cutlery, £1500. Above Right, Lot 333, Regency teapot with stand, £620.


There was a good attendance of buyers for the ceramics and in the Oriental section: Lot 368, a pair of Satsuma Meiji period large baluster vases and stands, £1200, Lot 369, a 19th century Chinese large underglaze blue and white jar with cover, £1320 and Lot 371, a 19th century Cantonese famille rose large vase of baluster form, £1220.


Amongst the Eurpoean ceramics there was a surprising demand for lot 379, an early 19th century Daniel part teaset which sold for £400 and Lot 390, a Royal Worcester coffee set which reached £2050. Lot 401, an 18th century Ralph Wood type toby jug also sold at a price contrary to recent demand, £430.


Above: Lot 401, 18th century Ralph Wood type toby jug, £430.


The trade for all sections of paintings remained a little spasmodic but more important and more decorative works were selling: Lot 492, Guilio Cerbi 'The Ball of Wool', signed Roma 1887 oil on canvas, framed, £4100, Lot 493, Nikolai Ivanovich Kravchenko 1867-1941 portrait of a Russian peasant lady, signed and dated 1921, oil on canvas, framed, £550, Lot 494, Nikolai Ivanovich Kravchenko 1867-1941 a Russian winterscape with a troika sledge being pulled by horses, signed, oil on canvas, framed, £1150, Lot 495, Nikolai Ivanovich Kravchenko 1867-1941, a Russian winterscape with church and buildings in a woodland setting and a sledge with passengers being pulled by a single horse in the foreground, signed, oil on canvas, framed, £1350 and Lot 505, After, and in the manner of, Sir Peter Lely, portrait of a lady in 18th century costume, unsigned, framed £2700.


Above: Lot 492, Guilio Cerbi 'The Ball of Wool' £4100.


Recently there has been little certainty in the furniture but there were signs of improvement with the following selling well: Lot 527, an early 18th century Continental walnut veneered on pine serpentine chest of three long drawers, £1220, Lot 551, a pair of fine mid Victorian figured walnut pier cabinets, £2600, Lot 560, an early 18th century oyster veneer walnut chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, £4500 and Lot 596, a 19th century mid 18th century style leather upholstered high wingback armchair, £700.


All of the prices noted are a clear indication that the market seeks the very best in any category of wears.  There are still some very good items at mid range prices but they need a good push to get things back to the levels of five years or more ago.






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